tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 04

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 04


The next morning everything from the previous night was cleaned up and the crew was preparing the shuttle for take off. The Grand Admiral ordered the fighters to return to the flagship, seeing how they would not need an escort.

"Well are you ready to go into space and meet your neighbors?" Asked Derna'ala.

"Is it going to be safe?" Asked Karen.

"Trust us Karen's it will be very safe, this is going to be a glorious opportunity for you." The Grand Admiral said from the doorway. "Now get the boy and your fine man so we can get going."

Karen found Rick in the living room, he was helping Bryan tie his sneakers, she watched in silence as Rick fathered to the young boy. Then he mussed up his hair and the two of them turned around to see Karen standing in the foyer waiting for them.

"Mommy!" Shouted the young boy running to his mother.

"Are you ready to meet the Gomtu?" She asked.

"Sure are." He replied. "I dreamed about them last night, there are only three of them left and they talk inside our heads and they are very old and very wise. :

"Everything the Grand Admiral told him last night." Laughed Rick walking over to take Karen into his arms to kiss her.

"I love you" She said giving him one last peck.

"I love you too." He said to hold her hand out the door and to the large shuttle craft.

With everyone on board the shuttle took off from the planet and was now on its way to Europa. The trip only took the shuttle thirty five minutes, and the pilots even made it scenic taking them by breathtaking views of Mars. When they finally arrived, they saw a large ship sitting on the surface of Europa.

"Science shuttle One Nine X this is shuttle Kova'aval one prepares for the link up on aft hatches." Said Derna'ala over the radio.

"Prepared for link up on aft hatch, Science officer Kre'alam welcomes the Grand Admiral." Said a disembodied voice.

"Acknowledged, link up in five, four, three, two, one." A loud thud stopped the countdown. "Link up completed, pressurization normal."

"All right the rest of you stay here, Derna, Rick, Karen, Bryan will accompany me to the science shuttle, when we are aboard unlink and establish an orbit." Ordered the Grand Admiral.

They walked through the hatchway and into the science shuttle, a short stout man greeted them at the door. He ran a device that looked similar to the medical scanner that they used to treat Iza'ell.

"Kre'alam, you will stop scanning the humans this instance." Boomed the Grand Admiral.

"Yes sorry, sir, I was just curious." He said shutting off the device.

"Signal my shuttle to separate we will be on the bridge waiting for you." Said the Grand Admiral.

"At once sir." Said the scientist.

They arrived to the bridge where all they could see on the main view screen was a dark layer of ice. The crew of the shuttle was too busy to acknowledge the five newcomers on the bridge, the science officer finally got there.

"Begin melting" Ordered Kre'alam. "We should be through the ice in about five minutes."

The ride through the ice was bumpy, the shuttle was shaking with every layer they went through. Then just as Kre'alam had said they were through the ice in five minutes and plunged into a world of darkness.

"Exterior lights, full intensity." Ordered Kre'alam.

They could now see the dreadnought, Rick remembered seeing the Intrepid with his Grandfather when he was a kid. This thing was the size of ten Intrepid's as they approached it slowly, the Grand Admiral walked up to screen as if he saw a ghost.

"Three large objects moving in between us and the dreadnought." Announced a voice from in the back of the ship.

"Gomtu" Whispered the Grand Admiral.

"You remember us." Said a voice in every ones heads.

"Yes Ovik, I remember you and Tevik and Korvik. How long has it been my old friends?" Asked the Grand Admiral.

"Too long, you brought barbarians from the primitive world known as Earth, yet I sense goodness in them. Have they evolved enough to grace the presence of the Gomtu, we know you still kill the intelligent creatures of your seas back on Earth?" Said Ovik in every ones minds.

"We need their help, as well as your's." Said Derna'ala.

"You are familiar, yet we do not know you." Said Ovik. "Are you kin to Dewar'ala?"

"Yes, I'm his grandson, he is dead, his empire in ruins, we need the dreadnought to reclaim it, we need the help of the Earth as well." Pleaded Derna'ala.

"Yes, I see, the dreadnought is yours, the androids are still taking care of it." Said Ovik.

"Ovik, the child, the one from our dreams." Said Tevik.

"What, how do you know my child." Said Karen with alarm.

"He is a child of great destiny, we can look into his future, he will someday unite the Earth and the Teyven to form a mighty alliance for centuries. He will usher in a time of peace and knowledge that will benefit the universe immensely. Yet getting to that time all of you will face many trials and tribulations, yet without any of you he will not become what he is destined to be." Tevik said

"Bryan will become what is known in the ancient histories as the Beacon of Peace, please do not be alarmed Karen, it is because of you and Rick, Derna and others that he will fulfill and reach his destiny." Korvik explained.

"As time passes you will understand what we are telling you now." Said Ovik. "We will leave to rest ourselves, and Grand Admiral comes alone when you are ready to make plans for your impending battle." Ovik said as he turned his massive body swiftly away making the shuttle shake.

In a few moments the large massive whale like creatures were gone and the shuttle was now on its way to the dreadnought. They linked up to it and the Grand Admiral entered the command codes and the door opened.

At the door they were greeted by three androids, they all wore black jumpsuits and they had silver heads. They had sensors for eyes, sensors for ears and their mouths were nothing but a speaker.

"What is your first order?" They asked the simultaneously.

"Ready the ship for flight" Ordered the Grand Admiral.

"As you wish." They replied together and walked away.

The Grand Admiral explained that theirs were more than five hundred androids on board, some were for engineering, some for combat, some were medical, some were for maintenance. He explained how the emperor the androids designed and built specifically for the dreadnought. He had them programmed that above all else they were to care for the dreadnought. The loyalty to the dreadnought was all that was expected out of him, the final piece of programming was that the only two people they could take orders from were the emperor and the Grand Admiral.

"The ship is ready for flight." Announced the androids.

"Excellent, lay in a course for the Earth, as we leave Europa, contact my shuttle for updated navigational information." He ordered.

The large ship broke through the ice easily and was on its way toward the Earth, the androids receive the information from the shuttle. The ship now had its new heading the United Nations in New York City. They did not even activate the stealth technology when they entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Dozens of fighter jets swooped by and around the large ship as it made its descent toward the building. None of them fired or made a hostile move, they were waiting to the alien intruder to make the first move.

"Set us down in the water" Ordered the Grand Admiral.

The ship landed in the water and they watched on the view screens as dozens of police cars surrounded the scene. News vans also arrived and were filming this event for all the worlds to see, the Grand Admiral ordered the ramp to be lowered.

He was the first to step out, followed by Derna, then Rick, Karen and Bryan, they walked down the ramp. A police officer, Rick recognized his rank insignia to be that of captain nervously walked up to greet them.

"Let me do the talking." Rick whispered to the Grand Admiral.

"Hello, officer I'm Rick Thomas, this is my girlfriend Karen and her son Bryan, these are our friends from the Teyven Empire. They come in peace and they want the help of the Earth, they wish to address the United Nations." Explained Rick.

"Unfucking believable." Said the police captain. "Those are your demands."

"Those were not demands, and it was a request in the interest of peace and friendship." Said Rick.

"Let me go talk to someone, in the meantime don't move, just stay right here." He said and ran into the building.

"So now what do we do?" Asked Derna'ala.

"We wait" Said Rick.

"I hope they don't have itchy trigger fingers" Said Karen.

"I hope so too, if the androids sense anything happening to me they would destroy this city, perhaps even the earth." Said the Grand Admiral.

The police captain came running back out and he had news that he was to escort them into the general assembly chamber. They followed him inside, the androids pulled the ramp up and closed the door to the dreadnought. No one will be able to get on board with the Grand Admiral away from the ship.

The doors opened to the assembly and they were greeted by oo's and ah's, as well as whispers as they watched the motley group walk to the front podium. They were met by the UN president, he explained that the members of the security council have requested they wait. He also said they needed to get the media set up to broadcast what was going to be said around the world.

"More waiting" Bryan sighed.

Next chapter addressing the UN, a ship full of refugees, Derna'ala is reunited with his wife and family.

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