tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 05

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 05


Finally it was time to address the United Nations and Rick stepped nervously up to the podium looking out at all of the faces from all of the worlds nations. He pulled out a piece of paper that had his speech on it, which he had been writing since the Teyven asked him to be their ambassador to Earth.

"Hello, I'm Rick Thomas, I'm from a small town in upstate New York here in the United States and I like to tell you about my new friends." He said gesturing toward the Teyven.

"They crashed in the woods behind my house, they were hurt and they needed help, so I did the human thing and I helped them. One of them needed more help than I could give so I went and got my girlfriend Karen to help me take care of her. After talking to Commander Derna'ala and finding out why they are here, I knew in my heart he was telling the truth. They need our help, a longtime ago Derna'ala's grandfather, the late emperor of the Teyven empire studied our world.

He was fascinated by democracy and giving the people the right to elect their own leaders. When he felt the time was right he started to implement changes in his Empire that would do just that with the end result his royal family would be popular figureheads." Rick stopped for a moment to take a drink from a pitcher of ice water provided for him.

"Unfortunately his eldest son and the enemies of his empire used this as an opportunity to overrun the Empire and seize control of it. The Emperor was killed, his trusted advisor Grand Admiral Kova'aval was able to escape with a fleet to the one place he thought he might find help.

They offer us many things in return, cures for diseases that were once incurable, ways to farm lands that were considered un farmable so that our hungry can feed themselves, pollution free power sources that can last lifetimes. They offer us the ability to make the world better for everyone, but they offer us the opportunity to explore space with them. To explore undiscovered worlds, the scientific community would learn the wonders of the universe. All they ask is our help in building a fleet, to destroy the enemies of the Teyven, if we do not we will be invaded and enslaved by them. We will in essence be fighting to protect our freedom and helping them gets their freedom back. Thank you."

Rick stepped away from the podium and was met by Karen and his new friends who hugged him and patted him on his back. The delegations from around the world applauded him and the general secretary came over to them.

"Thank you for your speech Mister Thomas, we will deliberate and the security council will deliberate, will you be available for questions if we have them?" He asked the group.

"Yes we can wait aboard the ship, and here is a communications device to contact us." The grand admiral told him while handing him the device.

"Thank you." The general secretary replied taking the device.

The small group went back outside and back aboard the dreadnought, the Grand Admiral suggested they go to the galley and see if the food service computer was online. He told everyone to sit at the largest table and he went to the wall unit to check on it. Soon he came back with a wide assortment of Teyven snacks, Bryan's eyes lit up when he saw the Teyven equivalent of cookies.

"Go ahead young Bryan, and the ones with the blue frosting are my favorite ones." Said the grand admiral.

Everyone chow ed down on the snacks and the communicator went off several times, they answered several questions from the delegations and the security council. After several hours the secretaries' general told them they will debate through the night and have an answer in the morning.

Then a signal came in from the fleet, it was from the heavy cruiser Vendetta and it was of the highest urgency.

"Grand Admiral, this is Command Erva'ova our long range sensors have picked up and incoming fleet of ships coming into the system." Announced the disembodied voice of the commander.

"Very well have the fleet go to battle ready and we will be there shortly, transmit coordinates so we can intercept." ordered the Grand Admiral.

"Yes sir transmitting now." Said the commander.

"Derna'ala if these ships are hostile, I want you to take a shuttle and deliver our friends to safety, Rick contact the United Nations let them know we have to investigate something and will return at dawn." Said the grand admiral. "Androids prepare the ship for flight."

The great ship took flight and as quickly as it came it was now leaving the Earth, the Grand Admiral led everyone to the bridge and the androids piloted it toward the incoming fleet. The sensors were now being directed toward the fleet scanning it to see if it was hostile and then the report came.

"Grand Admiral, this is Commander Tegav'orkal of the heavy cruiser Revenge they are civilian ship's repeat they are non hostile civilian ships." Said the disembodied voice of the commander of the Revenge.

"Thank Commander, our sensors are starting to confirm that as well, pull the fleet back to previous location and await my orders." Said the Grand Admiral.

"Incoming communications from a converted military frigate." Said the androids.

"On the screen." Said the Grand Admiral.

The screen came alive with the image of a beautiful woman, and her beautiful golden brown skin was almost glowing her long light green hair perfectly styled around her shoulders. Derna'ala gasped when he saw her on the screen and stepped forward on the bridge, he looked at her with tears building in his eyes.

"Derna, my husband." She said.

"Moya my wife." He replied. "You have escaped from the empire."

"Yes my love, our children are here safe on this ship, I managed to get some of our top doctors, scientists, and around ten thousand of our citizens. Also, you may notice the ships of the Teyven Terra forming Company as well." She explained. "We lost a lot of ships during our escape, we had more than five hundred ships, now we only have two hundred and sixty-four, more than twenty five-thousand people were either killed or captured."

"You are safe now my love, I will go ready a shuttle and come over to be with you shortly." He said. "By your leave Grand Admiral?"

"Yes go boy, go." He said.

"Grand Admiral is that you?" Asked Moya.

"Yes Moya my dear it is I, was your fleet followed by any of our enemies or the traitor fleet?" He asked her.

"We saw no signs of pursuit, we took different directions when we made our escape, then we rendevous and made our way to the Sol system." She explained. "Yet they are going to be coming soon, and the fleets of our enemies were assembling at the Teyven home world."

"Hopefully we will be ready for them." He said "I will contact Admiral Seva'niral and have her coordinate the refugee fleet."

"Grand Admiral, one more thing I would like to report, I have your great grandchildren on board with me, your grandchildren decided to stay behind to organize the resistance." She said.

A large smile grew across his face when he heard the news he sat down with a large plop into the command chair. Both Karen and Bryan ran over to hug the great large man as he sobbed tears of joy and relief.

"See you soon, Moya out." Said Derna's wife turning off communications.

"You here that girl they are still alive, when I contact Admiral Seva, I will also tell her to give that young Iza'ell a promotion." Said the grand admiral hugging little Bryan.

Derna'ala's shuttle landed on the converted frigate, he remembered the day he bought it cheap at a military surplus yard. He worked on it off and on with his sons', they had it disarmed and it was given a civilian ship license. When got off of his shuttle he found his wife, his sons and his daughters waiting for him.

The children ran over and hugged their father, then they let go and Derna grabbed his wife, the two of them engaged in a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. Another shuttle arrived with Dela'ol and Iza'ell on board, it, they exchanged pleasantries with Moya.

"The Grand Admiral sent us to pick up his great grandchildren." Said Dela.

"Yes of course, Deva'ala would go retrieve the grand admirals' great grandchildren for Dela?" asked Moya'ala.

"Yes mother." Replied her son. "C'mon let us leave our parents so they can catch up with each other."

The kids ran off and several minutes later the three great grandchildren of the Grand Admirals came into the shuttle bay. Dela and Iza took them onto the shuttle, but Dela came back outside to speak to Derna again.

"Communications traffic is extremely busy, tell your crews to look for a shuttle from the battle fleet. , It will use visual signals to instruct your ship on where to park." Said Dela'ol

"Thanks Dela." The couple said in unison.

"Deva'ala, you have the bridge watch, you need to get to the bridge and watch for a shuttle, it will use visual signals to tell us where we are to park our ship." His mother said into a communications unit.

"Yes mother, and I'm on my way." Said their oldest son.

"He has a bridge watch?" His father said in surprise.

"Yes, he helped his father restore this old vessel, and he knows this ship better than anyone, so it is only fair he should get a bridge watch." Explained Moya.

The two of them walked through the corridors to the families private quarters, and they had a quiet dinner as a family. Then they put the two youngest children to bed, after they were to bed Derna went back out to the main living area. His wife went into the bedroom, when she came back out she came back out wearing a white transparent night dress. He could see her large swollen breast pushing against the fabric, her nipples fully erect, he could see the dark green neatly trimmed tufts of her pubic hair.

She strode seductively toward her husband who was standing in the center of the room, they embraced and kissed. Her skin felt as if it was on fire as they stood together kissing, he then swept her up into his arms and carried her to their bedroom. He laid her on the bed gently and began to remove his uniform, his wife reached up and undid his belt allowing his holstered gun drop to the floor. She undid his uniform pants and slid them down his legs, his erect penis was now bobbing in front of her. She looked up at her husband with fire in her eyes and took his penis into her erect hands, stoking it up and down. Then she engulfed it into her mouth, Derna shuddered at the incredible sensation his wife was giving him. He missed his wife, but he missed the physical intimacy even more, he allowed her to suck gently on his cock for several long moments. Then he reached down and pushed her back on the bed, he finished removing his pants and then climbed on top of her.

He pulled the night dress open and began to suckle on her nipples, then he kissed his way down her stomach, he was now between her spread legs. Derna ran his tongue through her pubic hair until he found her lips, his tongue spread the folds apart as he licked his wife's wet nectar.

He continued until he brought his wife to orgasm, then he slid his body up on top of hers and the two of them made love all through the night.

Meanwhile, on the dreadnought, Karen and Rick had put Bryan to sleep after playing with the Grand Admirals great grandchildren. They put him into bed and Rick announced that he was exhausted and was going to take a hot shower then goes to bed himself. He got undressed and got into the shower, a few moments later Karen joined him in the shower as well.

"I could use a shower too." She said in an innocent little voice.

"Well you came to the right place." Rick said picking up the alien soap.

He lathered it up in his hands and began to wash Karen's body seductively, Karen moaned softly as his lathered hands slid slowly over the sensitive parts of her body. Then he turned her under the hot water and rinsed her off, she turned back around to him and they kissed. Rick picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him, he slid his cock into her eager pussy. He gently eased himself into her and the two of them made love in the shower. When Rick was done, he had planted his seed into her garden, something wonderful was going to come from this moment.

The two of the dried off and they quickly got into the Teyven bed, they too made love throughout the night. Over and over again the professed their love for each other, eventually they fell asleep in each others arm.

Meanwhile back on Earth the United Nations deliberated throughout the night, watching the deliberations was Vice President Martin Haynes. A man who was looking at this as an opportunity to gain power through any means possible. He too throughout the night called in every political favor with every politician in the United States. Then he contacted every foreign leader he knew as well, wanting to make sure that everyone wanted to help the Teyven.

He had a lot of planning to do if he was going to be able to use the aliens to gain power for himself. He also knew several people around the world that sought power as well, with their help he would be able to use the aliens, defeat their enemies and build an Earth empire that would not be just a planet, but would be among the stars.

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