tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 09

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 09


The small light cruiser made its approach to the Sol's system ignoring the patrolling warships outside the system. Now they were in hot pursuit and they had communicated a warning ahead for the rest of the fleet that a rogue ship was approaching.

"It is heading straight for the dreadnought." Said the voice of one unidentified ship commander.

"Intercept, intercept it now!" Screamed the voice of Kata'tal

"Time to intercept is three minutes, but we won't make it." Said another commander.

"Grand Admirals, you have an unidentified rogue vessel approaching, please take evasive action." Commodore Kata'tal signaled the mighty dreadnought.

"That won't be necessary Commodore, I know the vessel and have requested its presence, I suggest your wing practice high speed intercepts, your commanders and helmsman must be getting a little lax in tactics." He said not happily that they were not able to stop the light cruiser.

"Yes Grand Admiral, Kata out." Said the dejected Commodore.

The androids gave the light cruiser to dock and it came along the port airlock, the docking connection was complete and the airlock opened. Out stepped a young man with long dark green hair, his golden skin marred by a few scars, he kept his right hand on the butt of a laser pistol.

The security androids had already had weapons drawn on him, but it would be suicide for him to draw against the high tech machines. Then out stepped his a beautiful woman, older than the young man, her face with a small scar on the left cheek, she was unarmed and gave the young man a disapproving look. He removed his hand from the butt of the laser pistol and stood with his hands on his hips.

The doors to the compartment swished open and in walked the Grand Admiral of the Teyven fleet Kova'aval. The large man towered over the younger man, he looked down at him and smiled, then he and the beautiful woman hugged, for it had been years since they had last seen each other.

"Kova'alta this here is your name sake and my old friend the Grand Admiral of the Teyven fleet Kova'aval." She introducing him to the grand admiral.

"You mean the man who killed my father." He spat.

"Yes but your father did hit him with a laser shot that took off half of his nose." She laughed.

"Boy, you and your mother have lived a pirate's life, your father knew the dangers of being a pirate and your mother warned him several times of making an enemy of me." Explained the Grand Admiral letting her go.

"He's right Kova and if it wasn't for him sparing me, I would have given birth to you on some hell hole of a penal planet. I owe him my life and my loyalty, as my son I expect you to give him the same respect." She said sternly to her son.

"If he is so great, how come he let the Empire gets overrun with our enemies and traitors?" He asked sarcastically.

"Kova!" His mother said in a raised voice.

"No, no Hela I deserve that, maybe I'm at fault, I grew to comfortable being at peace that I forgot what war was like. I promise you boy when we do take the fight to traitors, I will regain the Empire and do what our late Emperor wanted, ushering in a new era of democracy for the people." He said with guilt in his voice.

"So you have a mission for me?" Asked Hela.

"Yes my dear follow me to the briefing room." He said

They followed him through the corridors until they got to the briefing room, it was a large room with a big table and a giant view screen in it. On the tables were pitchers of water, juice and a drink the grand admirals had grown fond of since coming to Earth, root beer. Also there were several different pastries which he had shuttled in from Earth, another Earth item he had grown fond of as well, the jelly donut.

"Please sit and help yourselves, you will find that the Earth has many delicacies to offer." Said the Grand Admiral.

The nervously smelled and examined everything, Hela settled on a glass of water and a bear claw, while Kova poured a glass of root beer and two glazed donuts. Then the Grand Admiral turned on the giant view screen and the image of Colonel Maxwell Hunter appeared.

"This is Colonel Maxwell Hunter of the planet Earth, his world is split up into many country states, his is one of the most powerful called the United States of America. They want him to be our military attache so to speak, but I do not trust him and feel he needs to be watched on a constant basis. Hela this is where you come in, I feel you are the one person who can both get him to let his guard down and see if he is plotting against us and our alliance with the Earth." He explained.

"Our all Earthers this untrustworthy?" Asked Kova.

"No, as a matter of fact in a few minutes you will meet one of the people of Earth, that even our crown prince would trust with his life and the life of his family. He is also our ambassador to the Earth, his name is Rick Thomas and he is a good man." The Grand Admiral beamed with pride while talking about Rick.

"So when do you want me to start?" Asked Hela.

"Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Colonel Hunter, and I'm reinstating you into the fleet at the rank of Commander. I will tell Colonel Hunter as part of our security procedures that you will be the one who will be our liaison officer. So get you will have to get to the quartermaster and draw uniforms, as for you Kova, I will give you coordinates to our ambassadors' farm." Explained the Grand Admiral.

"Farm?" Asked the young pirate.

"Well it used to be a farm, now it's his home and he runs a garage out of it where he fixes Earth vehicles. Anyway my personnel security detail is guarding the farm, but I cannot spare any engineers to set up the security system, the shield generators and the robot laser defense cannons. Your mother has sent me letters letting me know how you have a knack for engineering and I think you will enjoy it. Also Prince Derna's wife has brought several children will be staying there, including her own and my grandchildren." Explained the Grand Admiral.

"I guess I could do it for a price of one million Teyven credits." He said laughing.

The grand admiral who had always looked at him in a kind and friendly way since they arrived changed suddenly. He now looked at the young pirate in a fierce and menacing look, one that made the young man shivers and cowers in his chair.

"Apologize now Kova." His mother demanded.

"I'm sorry sir, and I meant no offense." He said looking to see if the man calmed down.

"You dare insult me by asking for such an outrageous amount of money, you were asked to do a service to protect the children of the empire, members of the royal family and the family of our ambassador." He said to the boy, the fierce look was going away, but he still looked menacing.

"Sorry sir I forgot my place." The boy said sitting up in his chair again.

"I'm sorry Grand Admiral for my son, and he has not lived any other life other than that of a pirate, an outlaw and a mercenary." Hela said softly patting his arm.

"It's okay, I forget my temper from time to time still, however if you decide to do this your payment will be a full pardon from any crimes you have committed, entrance into the Teyven Military Academy, when we win the war. I agree with your mother I think you could do very well in the fleet, so what do you say Kova?" The grand admiral asked returning to a more friendly tone.

"I guess I could do what you ask, my father must be rolling over in his grave right about now." He sighed.

"Kova you never knew your father, not the way I did, yes he was handsome and somewhat of a rogue, but he was also cold and cruel. He murdered a pleasure yacht full of young academy graduates on vacation before they were to join the fleet. I never told you this, but I helped the Grand Admiral lay the trap, that led to your father's death." Hela explained to her son.

"Why mother, why would you do such a thing?" He asked tearing up.

"Why, because I did not want you to grow up and become the same cold, cruel person your father was." She said. "I did it for you, so you would have a chance to live and hope someday for an opportunity like this to serve the empire again, together.

"Shuttle docking." Announced an android.

"Ah, Rick is here, come let's get down to the flight deck." Said the Grand Admiral.

He led the mother and son out of the briefing room and down to the flight deck, as the shuttle was making final shut down procedures. The doors to the flight deck opened and the three people entered the large flight deck as the shuttle doors opened.

This was going to be there first looks of someone from Earth so they were not sure what to expect from them. Then they were relieved when Rick, Karen and Bryan had walked down the ramp, other than skin color and no green hair they were just like the Teyven.

"Rick good to see you again." Said the Grand Admiral then he bowed and kissed Karen on the cheek. "Karen my dear, you are absolutely radiant."

"Yes pregnancy definitely agrees with her." Rick beamed at his new wife.

"Bryan!" Yelled the old man swooping the boy up. "Would you like to meet my old friend Hela'alta?"

"Yes Grand Admiral." He said kissing him on the cheek.

"Hela, Kova, this is Rick Thomas our ambassador to Earth and our friend, this is his wife Karen, they just got married and they going to have a child." Said the Grand Admiral making introductions.

"Who is this handsome young child?" Hela said to Bryan.

"This here is Bryan, he is Karen's son and he has a special gift, the Gomtu calls him the Beacon of Peace." The Grand Admiral said proudly.

"You're beautiful." The boy said to Hela.

"Why thank you Bryan and you I'm sure will grow to be a handsome young man." Hela complimented him right back. "The Gomtu is still in existence, I thought they were creatures of legend."

"They are legends." Said Bryan. "They are as old as time and they are going to help us defeat the bad guys."

"Oh Grand Admiral the reason for our visit is one of bringing you gifts." Karen said as she elbowed Rick in the stomach.

"I noticed in one of my encyclopedia's several pages of different dog breeds were earmarked, I asked all of the Teyven who did it and everyone said it was you." Said Rick.

"I'm sorry Rick, and I did not mean to do any damage to your books." The Grand Admiral said putting Bryan back down.

"No, thanks to you earmarking those pages, we knew what to get you for your upcoming birthday." Said Rick who took out a dog whistle and blew it.

Six puppies of various sizes come running out of the shuttle and the Grand Admiral looked as if he was going to cry. He grew fond of Rick's dogs while on Earth and every chance he got he read about them. Then he found several breeds of dogs that he would like to own himself, so when Rick found the six earmarked pages he bought him the six puppies.

First was a golden retriever puppy, next came great dane puppy, then a border collie, then a German shepherd, then a French bulldog and last but not least a Saint Bernard puppy. The crew of the shuttle began to unload pallets of puppy food and a crate of dogs supplies he would need.

"Here is a book too, which will help you learn to care for the pups." Said Karen handing him the book.

"Yes I will read it and program my androids to care for them." He said to pet them along with Hela and Kova.

"They've had all of their shots and when they are old enough we will have a vet comes up and do all of the spaying and neutering." Rick said.

"A vet?" Asked Kova.

"A doctor for animals." Said Karen politely.

"Thank you Rick, I love them all, it gets a little lonely on a ship full of androids, I constantly have the fleet channel playing just so I can hear the constant chatter of voices." He said to wipe his eyes.

Rick and family stayed for a few hours, Kova programmed a few of the maintenance droids to clean up after the dogs. After they left and Hela left to get settled in, the Grand Admiral had his best birthday ever.

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