tagIncest/TabooA Warm and Wet Surprise

A Warm and Wet Surprise


"Mmm yeah" I softly moaned to myself as I gently rubbed my hand up and down my hard cock. I am in my room on my bed masturbating, thinking of my sister's best friend who happened to be currently sleeping in the room next door, with my sister. I haven't stopped thinking about her ever since she arrived here this morning to spend some time with my sister...and my cock.

Kate and I have been fucking each other ever since the time she walked in on me watching porn. That was about a year ago now, and every time she sleeps over here we continue our tradition of fucking all night while my sister is asleep. Usually she comes into my room after my sister has fallen asleep, but the last couple of times she has played hard-to-get and made me come next door and find her there, with my sister only a few metres away on the other bed.

I got up and walked out into the hallway, naked, and slowly opened my sister's door. I glanced in, and smiled to myself when I found Kate asleep in her silky nightdress. Making sure my sister was sound asleep, I climbed onto Kate's bed and as slowly as I could, took away her blanket. Knowing she didn't have any panties or bra on, as was the tradition, I slid my hand up the inside of her left thigh, under the nightdress, and found her pussy.

I softly and slowly rubbed my hand up and down her pussy as I heard her softly moan in her sleep. I rested my other hand over her right breast and felt her nipple harden against my palm through the fabric as I slid a finger into her wet pussy. I then bent down and lifted her nightdress above her waist, exposing her to the night.

I slid my finger out of her pussy as I traced my tongue up her thigh until it found her pussy with it. With my fingers I spread her pussy lips open as I licked up and down her wet slit, pushing my tongue into her opening.

"Oh fuck that's good" I heard her moan. Looking up, I smiled at her as she licked her lips while she pulled the top of her dress down, so her breasts were also exposed. She looked great in her bunched up nightdress, which now only covered her stomach.

"Mmm fuck me." She said softly as I moved myself up on her body, so my cock head rested against her soft pussy.

"Is she still asleep?" I asked Kate. My sister's bed was behind me, so I thought I'd check with Kate, as she could see my sister. As kinky as it was, fucking my sister's best friend while she slept a few metres away, I'd rather not get her involved.

"Yes." She replied with a devilish grin. With that, I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and slowly pushed my cock into her, until it was as deep as it would go. Kate let out a loud moan as I held my cock deep in her, getting used to her tight pussy squeezing my hard cock.

I placed each of my hands down on the bed, at either side of her head as I lent down and kissed her passionately. Sliding my tongue around inside of her mouth quickly, feeling her tongue replying with its own embracing of mine. I began to pull my hips away from her body, sliding my cock nearly all the way out of her pussy before pushing my weight back down into her.

As I pushed in and out of her wet pussy, I slid one of my hands down her nightdress and found her clit with two of my fingers. I started to stroke up and down on it as my cock rubbed the inside of her tight pussy. I opened my eyes and watched her moan with ecstasy as her whole body trembled violently under mine.

Looking into her eyes as she calmed down from her orgasm, I smiled "Enjoy that?"

"Oh yes, very much so" She replied. "Now. To make you cum" She giggled.

With that, I slid my cock out of her pussy and climbed off her. She told me to lie down on my back and close my legs. I did as she said and watched her as she spread her legs and sat on my stomach. I could feel the juices from her pussy sliding onto my skin as she pressed herself down into me.

She started sliding her body up and down on my stomach, rubbing her pussy back and forth along my stomach and chest. Soon my body was soaked in her dripping pussy as she came closer and closer to cumming again. I reached up and started rubbing her breasts as she moaned loudly and leant down and kissed me.

As we were kissing, I suddenly felt something warm, wet, and smooth close around the head of my cock, which was standing up behind Kate's ass. I moaned into Kate's mouth as I felt a soft tongue sliding up and down the length of my cock. I broke away from Kate and looked around her body. I saw my sister on her hands and knees, naked, with her mouth closed around the throbbing head of my cock as she rubbed herself between her legs.

I looked up at Kate, "You knew she was awake, didn't you?"

"Yes baby. I did. She looked so hot when she was rubbing herself, watching us. Sorry"

"It's okay. As long as you slide up here and sit on my face"

She smiled and did exactly that. Turning around so she could watch my sister and sat on my face. I started licking her pussy quickly, pressing my tongue into her pussy lips as my nose rested against her clit. I felt my sister's mouth come away from my cock as I closing my eyes, putting all of my concentration into twirling my tongue around the opening of the pussy above me.

That concentration was broken when I felt a wet and tight pussy stretching around my saliva-soaked cock. I moaned up into Kate's pussy as I felt my sister start to ride up and down on my cock. I started going crazy with my tongue at the wet flesh above me, flicking and pressing it against her dripping pussy.

I felt a hand against my tongue and realised my sister was rubbing Kate's clit as I lapped up her pussy. I then felt a finger against my cock, and realised Kate was rubbing my sisters clit. The thought got me very excited and I began to raise my hips up into my sister, pushing my cock deep into her pussy.

I felt Kate's thighs clenching around her head as she started to cum for the second time. Her pussy contracted and tightened around my tongue as I continued licking her, also feeling my sister's hand slide back and forth along her clit. Kate slid off my face and laid down next to me, so her head was inches away from where my sister and I connected. I watched her lean in and softly lick my sister's clit once quickly, which sent of my sister's orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum!" I moaned loudly as I felt my sister's pussy squeezing my cock. I felt Kate's hand close around the base of my cock and yank it quickly out of my sister's contracting pussy. The first stream of cum exploded in a line from the top of my sister's pussy, up to the bottom of her breasts right before Kate pushed her mouth down around it, taking the rest of my cum deep in her throat.

"Fuck that was good." I breathed as my sister slid of my waist and laid down on her back next to me. Kate slid her tongue up my sister's stomach, licking up the wet cum that laid on her soft skin before she too sat down next to me, on my other side. They both rested their heads on my chest before falling asleep soon afterwards.

I smiled to myself, knowing there would be many more nights like these in the future, before I fell asleep also.


(Hey people. Please don't be afraid to comment, I would love as much feedback as possible. Thanks.)

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