tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Warm Backyard Night

A Warm Backyard Night


One night my wife and I were sitting together on the couch watching TV. Our two young boys were upstairs asleep and the big window air conditioning unit in the upstairs hall was running. It had been a very hot day and had not cooled down much in the late evening. We were downstairs in the family room. My wife was dressed for bed in only an extra long t-shirt that covered her hips and ass, and no underwear. After having two kids, she still had a fantastic sexy body. She is about 5-6 with cute, short light brown hair, petite hands and feet, luscious legs and ass, nice tits and a pussy to die for. And warm summer nights always made me horny because we were married and had our honeymoon in a hot July. I was dressed in only in a t-shirt and gym shorts. I was still in pretty good shape, slim legs and chest and at 6-6 only a slight belly. I was casually stroking her leg while we watched TV, getting hornier and hornier. She was starting to get interested as well and gently rubbed my thigh and the front of my shorts.

I had been thinking for a quite a while about trying to get her into the back yard for some outdoor sex on a summer night. We had neighbors on all three sides. The house behind us was set to the left, with an open side yard directly behind us. I had checked it out at night all around, to see what could be seen in our yard. I was convinced there was little chance of being casually observed, unless somebody was intentionally spying from the perimeter. Around our back yard there was an old 4-ft high wire mesh fence with wooden posts on the back and right sides, and abutting the neighbor to the left was a wooden stockade privacy fence. From the street behind us, one could barely see into our yard even during the day, because of the trees and bushes. When our back light was off, it was virtually dark at night. While we were mostly screened from the back, it could be possible to see into the yard from the next door neighbor's yard on our right, or their upstairs windows, but I knew they were away on vacation. The neighbor on the left could not see us because of the wood fence, and I had never known her to even be out at night. It was a very warm, humid night, and most people would be inside with their AC running. The hum of our upstairs window unit would drown out any noise we might make. I was confident we could do some things in the back yard without being detected.

So I said to her, "Let's go out in the back yard and have some fun."

She got the drift of my idea, and in an excited voice said, "Ron! Someone might see us."

I was ready for her concerns. "Honey, there's very little chance. Here's why...." I went over all the reasons.

She was not quite convinced. "Okay, but I want to see for myself, and I'll leave my shirt on." That was fine with me, I figured I could get it off in due time. Then she added, "But you have to lose your shorts first -- not fair if I only have a shirt on." I readily agreed, even though my shirt only came to my waist. I pulled down my shorts, stood up and stepped out of them. "Whoa!" she said, "That looks nice." I was already sporting a semi-hard erection, growing harder in anticipation.

Hand in hand, I led her through the downstairs to the back, and quietly opened the wooden door, then the screen door. So far it was good -- a dark night, no moon. We quietly slipped out, easing the screen door shut without a sound. We had an old brick patio that was mostly grown over with grass, a set of white enameled wire mesh chairs with straight legs, and a patio table. The night was quiet except for the hum of the air conditioner unit. I could smell the grass and the trees in the humid night air. She looked around and whispered, "You're right, it's pretty dark out here, but what about the Walsh's?"

I reminded her they were away and put my arms around her. "Nothing to worry about."

My wife is relatively petite, about a foot shorter than me. She looked up at me and pulled my head down to hers. I thought she was going to kiss me, but she turned her head to my ear and in an urgent whisper asked, "Okay, how're we going to do this?"

Both of us were wearing only a t-shirt, and mine left me exposed from the waist down. The warm, humid night air felt erotic on my exposed cock and ass. I was excited knowing she was feeling sexy in just her shirt. I guided her to sit in one of the chairs at the patio table. Once she was seated I went behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. She was tense, and I wanted her more at ease. She always liked to be massaged on her shoulders and neck and it really did relax her. After a while I gradually moved around in front of her, between her and the table, still rubbing her shoulders and upper arms. My hands worked down the sides of her body, rubbing her lower back, waist and hips through her shirt. I knelt in front of her and massaged her thighs and calves. She was really starting to relax now. I repositioned so that I could scoot my legs and bare ass under the chair and between her legs. The cool grass felt nice on my ass, balls and legs. I said, "Lift your legs and put your feet on the edge of the table."

As she did that, I pulled the bottom of her t-shirt up and exposed her hips. She gasped. I was sitting on the ground, directly facing her hot pussy. She was already moist and aromatic. My wife loved to be eaten, and she was eager and ready tonight. She put her hands behind my head to caress my neck, and gently pulled me in. While I continued rubbing her hips and thighs with my hands, I used my mouth to caress her mound and outer labia. My wife kept herself trimmed, but not completely shaved, and there was not very much hair in the way. I worked all around and then started concentrating on her clit. She was getting very moist and juicy. A fine dewy sweat was starting to form on her skin, and her breathing was getting louder and faster.

"Oh, yeah, right there, keep doing that" she said softly. I concentrated on her clit with my tongue and alternated with sucking motions using my lips. Sitting under her chair gave me close up and complete access to her pussy. An added advantage was the leverage it gave me as I used my left hand to grip the back of the chair. With my right hand, I gently stroked her inner lips and lightly probed with my index finger. Sometimes she doesn't like me to finger her as I lick her, but that night I sensed her increased excitement. I continued stroking and probing while I concentrated on her clit with my lips and tongue. My finger was slick with her juices, and it went in and out easily. I pushed in all the way while keeping up the pressure on her clit with my mouth. I could tell she was close to cumming when she pushed my face into her.

With a low, gentle moan, she tensed and gushed all over my mouth and chin. When my wife cums, there is usually a lot of liquid, and I love it. I lapped up as much as I could but the moisture went all over my chest, soaking the front of my t-shirt. I don't mind getting soaked when she cums, and she knows that. Sometimes, as she did on this night, when she cums she lets go and pisses. Her breathing slowed as I eased out my finger and continued gentle licks and kisses all around her pussy lips. It felt so lewd and exciting to be outside with my face in my wife's freshly cum pussy. I was still rock hard and ready for more.

She whispered, "That was intense! I hope no one heard that." Then she added, "I don't want you to have that wet shirt on. Let me help you." I wasn't going to object to getting naked. She put her feet down, leaned forward, reached around me and pulled my shirt up. I raised my arms and she pulled it over my head. As she threw it on the ground she said, "There." Now I was completely nude. I got out from under the chair, stood and felt the warm night air all over my body.

"But now that's not fair to me -- you still have clothes on," I said. "Let me take off your shirt, that way we're even. It's okay, there's no one around. Stand up."

She looked around as she slowly stood. The bottom of her t-shirt shifted back down and covered her hips and ass again, so she wasn't exposed. Getting nude outside was something we seldom did together. We had been to a nude beach, and spent some time nude at a secluded campground. But this was right in our own yard, where neighbors that knew us might see. I wanted to prolong the excitement. I slowly lifted her shirt, gradually baring her hips and belly, and asked softly, "How does that feel?" Without answering, she raised her arms. That was my signal to proceed. I took my time raising the shirt higher, until her luscious breasts were exposed. Her breaths were faster and louder again. I lifted the shirt completely over her arms and head, and now she was standing nude right in front of me. I was rigid and throbbing, and we were both moist with sweat.

I put my arms around her and stroked her dewy back and ass cheeks. She grabbed my cock gently with one hand and put her other hand around my neck. She whispered urgently, "I want you to fuck me..... Now! But I am not going to lie in that grass."

I already had a plan. I had thought this through, and realized the chair would work. I guided her to sit back down, and I knelt again between her and the table, saying, "We can do this. But I need you to spread your legs and put your feet up on the table again." With her legs in this position she was again totally exposed. The height of the chair bottom off the ground was the perfect height -- my cock was pointed directly at her pussy. She was moist and ready, and she used one hand to guide me in as I held onto the arms of the chair and eased myself forward. I was in. I could smell her musky scent and feel her slippery juices on my cock.

"Ahhh..." she moaned. "Fuck me." I had already been close to cumming when I was licking her, and I knew it wouldn't take long for me. With her feet up on the table, she was leaned back, but still able to reach around my waist with both hands and grab my bare ass cheeks. She pulled me in as I thrust, wrapped her legs around my back, and we were in a rhythm.

"This is sexy, isn't it? Do you like to fuck your wife in the back yard at night?", she asked coyly.

After a few more pushes I was deep within her. I leaned forward, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. Our tongues and sweaty bodies intertwined, and I couldn't hold back any longer. With a loud moan I gushed my load inside of her, squirting several times in a powerful orgasm. She put her hands around my neck. We continued to kiss and embrace. I whispered, "That was amazing....."

Just then my wife tensed and whispered, "Quiet! Did you hear that?" I was still coming down from my orgasm and wasn't paying attention to anything else. I listened, but could hear nothing other than the steady hum of the upstairs AC unit running. Then I heard it -- a rustling in the bushes in the yard behind us, then a snap sound like twigs breaking. Someone was back there, and we were being watched. "We need to get inside," she whispered urgently.

We were still entwined. She unwrapped her legs and put her feet on the ground. I let go of her and leaned back. My cock slipped out with a squishy sensation. My semen and her juices oozed from her pussy. I would have liked to rub her pussy again till she came, but the mood was broken. I said, "Let's go; we'll get our clothes later." I stood and helped her up. We quickly made it to the screen door and let ourselves in.

I closed the back door behind us and locked it. We spontaneously grabbed each other in a sweaty hug, relieved to be back inside. She said, "That was fun! But who do you suppose that was? Do you think they saw us?"

I replied, "As dark as it is back there, they couldn't have seen much, but they might have heard us." I speculated, "Maybe some neighborhood kids wandering around. I doubt it was anyone who knows us. Well, at least we gave them a thrill, and had one ourselves!"

After that, as long as we lived in that house, I never could get my wife into the back yard again for nude sex at night. But the evening served its purpose, and still adds spice to our sex life. If we are making love and I mention it -- "Remember the night I ate your pussy and we fucked in the back yard" -- it doubles her excitement and she cums hard just thinking about that night. And so do I!

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