tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Warm Balmy Night Ch. 01

A Warm Balmy Night Ch. 01


Chapter 1

Riddick leaned forwards on the metal railings, and inhaled the cool night air. The day had been a hot one but now, late in the evening, it was pleasantly cool. Riddick felt calm; even he needed to unwind just for a short while. The drink in his hand was the weapon of choice and the sounds drifting from the hotel’s bar told him that others were also in the mood for relaxation.

There was safety in numbers, for Riddick, and for the moment those ‘numbers’ were the revelling party-goers moving easily around him, unaware of his real identity. Dressed in plain attire, with his darkened aviator’s glasses to protect his eyes. A few people had said ‘hello’ and a few more had decided to give the big man a wide berth. So he stood, out on the balcony, alone in the darkness. He removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Yesterday he’d finally ditched the mercs that had been following him for the last few days. They used the run down spaceport, next to the hotel, as their base of operations. While Riddick had been reconnoitring the port, to see if the mercs had returned or were still following his false trail, he had noticed that the hotel conveniently overlooked the port. He’d tidied himself up and entered it .Walking swiftly through the entrance lobby, he located the stairs to the roof. Climbing them he then spent a good few hours watching the comings and goings from the port. To his knowledge they hadn’t returned.

So tomorrow had would fly off to the job. He expected it to be an easy one. Just a stalk and slash, and then one less sicko no longer living in the universe. Riddick needed the regular work, the money was good . It gave him the freedom to do as he pleased. The games with the mercs was, just that, a game. He enjoyed giving them a run for their money, sending them around in circles, hoping they’d vanish up there own arses.

The variety of mercs never ceased to amaze Riddick. This particular pair spent more time arguing and fighting than trying to catch him. He’d gotten close to them a number of times and thought they were in the wrong line of work. Certainly no serious danger. Yeah, he could’ve killed them, but to be fair every time he got close to them he couldn’t help thinking he was wasting his time. Two less bodies were two less bodies, so he let them be… deciding he was going soft.

Riddick finished his drink and set the empty glass on the table next to him; he’d get a refill in a minute. He grasped the railing and with a yawn he stretched and looked out across the grounds of the hotel. Below him was a pool of still water, reflecting the dual light of the twin moons.

[i} After all the time I’ve spent away from my home world, you think I’d be used to seeing more than one moon at a time.{/i}

Riddick had spent very little time on his home world of Earth. It only had one moon, unusual in comparison with many planets. Riddick could remember looking at it as a child, staring up at the clouds drifting across its luminescent face. Even at a very young age the night had held no fears for Riddick, he enjoyed the darkness. The shine job had just given him an extra edge.

With his enhanced vision he caught a shadowy movement, he focused on it and watched as two women walked out onto the grounds. They passed the pool and walked arm in arm out across the stone flagged courtyard, their shoes heels clattering in the darkness. One was dark haired, the other blonde, and both were dressed in short skirts made for enjoying the summer weather. Riddick watched them lazily as they walked down the steps to the lawn and out across the lawn beyond.

The blonde stopped, bringing the brunette to a halt. She bent down directly in front of Riddick. From his vantage point on the balcony he watched her skirt riding high up her thighs. He frowned wondering why, nice as it was, she had stopped. Ahhh…she was unbuckling her shoes. Riddick grinned, he’d noticed her teetering on them as the women had crossed the flag stones to the lawn.

She finally got them off; swinging her arm wildly she threw them in an extravagant fashion across the lawn. Riddick chuckled; he could never understand why women wore such stupid, tight, impractical clothing.

The second girl was giggling at her friend’s irritation; taking her friends hands, she spun her round. They collapsed in a heap, laughing after only a couple of turns and lay on the grass looking at each other. The brunette ran her fingers down her friends face and then leaned forward and kissed her. The blonde took only a second to respond before kissing her back.

Riddick arched an eyebrow. This wasn’t an exchange between two friends. His interest in the women increased a few notches. They finally broke the lingering kiss and looked at each other for a few moments, before they got to their feet. Holding hands they resumed their walk across the lawn, the brunette woman pointed to a clump of trees at the bottom of the sloping gardens.

Riddick changed his mind about getting another drink--this was an opportunity not to be missed. He turned to walk inside to the bar, putting on his darkened glasses. Riddick’s presence went unnoticed. He exited the bar and walked down a flight of stairs. He was sure there weren’t too many couples lurking outside, besides, he would scent them before he could see them.

Opening the door to the welcoming darkness, he followed the path the women had taken across the stone flags and down the steps and on to the grass. The night was still, which made tracking them even easier. He ambled down the sloping grass until he was a few feet from the copse of tress. He sniffed the air-- this was so easy. There was a hushed giggle to the right of him; he approached quietly, trying not to disturb the undergrowth. Using their scent, he closed in on them until he was twenty feet from the busy women.

Using the shadows to hide himself he leant casually against a tree. Riddick peered through the branches. He could see them sitting on a small patch of grass amongst the trees. The setting looked a little magical, with shafts of moonlight piercing the gloom, reflecting off the silver bark and casting exotic shapes on the woodland floor. The two women appeared to be the centrepiece of some erotic night time fairytale.

They were sitting close together, legs curled under them. The blonde was brushing the long, tangled hair off the face of the brunette. Her lips were moving but her voice was too low to hear. Her tender actions, however, betrayed her, she was clearly lusting after the person sitting in front of her.

The brunette was responding in kind to the woman’s caresses, kissing her hand and rubbing her outstretched arms. They were completely absorbed with each other; they shuffled closer together and began kissing. Riddick didn’t think of himself as a voyeur, more an opportunist. If they were good he might want to join in. The fact they might not want him did not occur to him. The brunette stretched out on her side pulling her partner with her. She undid the straps of her blonde friends top and pulled it off over her head. The light from the twins moon’s making the blondes skin appear to glow.

“Hmmmm…” Riddick licked his lips. “Beautiful.”

Riddick could scent their desire from his vantage point. They began to take turns exploring each others bodies. The brunette would lead and try something and then the blonde followed. First she caressed her friend’s breasts and began suckling a nipple. Then she began kissing the blondes stomach and thighs. The blonde caught on fast and followed her teacher’s moves until eventually she was the instigator, pushing the other woman onto her back, taking the initiative and bending her head to her task. Riddick watched as she began to explore the brunette’s body with her tongue, her hands constantly massaging and teasing the aroused body under her.

Without thinking Riddick’s hand slid down the front of his pants. He rubbed himself a couple of times before becoming aware of his actions. The thought of easing his own ache was tempting but it would be all the sweeter if the women did it for him. He placed both hands on the trunk of the tree and bit his bottom lip, concentrating on the rough uneven bark under his hands. The brunette’s face came clearly into view as she lifted her head, a thin sheen of perspiration was clearly visible in the moonlight; she arched her back and began to moan. Riddick smiled, listening to her.

She was now panting hard and writhing in the grass with the blonde licking and suckling her clit. Now Riddick knew why they had come down here, the writhing woman was incredibly noisy. Riddick grinned, he always liked a girl that showed her appreciation and the brunette was doing just that for the woman now pressed against her. He took advantage of her moaning to hide any noise he might make moving a little closer. He was now about ten feet from them and had a delicious view of the excited woman reaching her climax. The blonde was fucking her for all she was worth. She was moving with her partner’s body; pinching, rubbing and fingering whilst her mouth roamed across her. The brunette cried out, a totally indecipherable phrase, her voice echoing around the trees. The blonde wrapped her arms around the trembling woman and laid her face on her friend’s stomach, holding her through her final moments.

Riddick realised he was breathing hard starting to get a little too aroused. They were much too good for just watching--this was the time to make his move. He crouched low. He slipped silently from his hiding place. The women lay, eyes closed, wrapped in each other, recovering. He crept up to them, pressing his shiv gently into the skin beneath the blonde’s ear. She gasped but couldn’t move as Riddick used his weight to push her down and on top of her partner to stop any sort of attack.

“Now, you don’t really want to move from that position, do you?” Riddick’s tone was smooth and inviting and held no discernible threat. “You both looked like you were having so much fun I wanted to join you.”

The women had been caught completely off guard. They looked at each other, their eyes wide. Riddick felt that they were no threat to him. He carefully reduced his weight on the blonde’s back, allowing her to sit up and relieve the pressure on her friend.

Riddick sank down on his haunches, so close he could feel the heat from their bodies. He looked from one to the other.
”Now do I need this…?” motioning to his shiv,” or are you both going to play nice?”

The women looked at each other again. Fearlessly the brunette said, “You look like a reasonable fella, if you don’t hurt us, we won’t hurt you!”

Riddick chuckled and smiled, “I don’t [i] want[/i] to hurt either of you”. He flipped the shiv in the air and with alarming speed it disappeared into his jacket. He had made his point. He slipped the jacket off to show that his intentions were good and tossed it aside, following it with his shirt. Both the women had remained where they were, watching Riddick strip; the blonde girl involuntarily licking her lips.

Riddick decided to stop at his pants but unbuttoned them for good measure. His need for them could be clearly seen through the tight leather. He knelt down next to them and started to run his hands over their bodies, one woman to each hand.

“Now, introductions, I’m Rick…what are your names?” He arched his eyebrows, a small smile appearing on his face. He was enjoying the game.

Riddick didn’t really expect a reply to the partly rhetorical question. He bent down to the blonde very slowly; keeping his eyes on her face, his mouth was moving towards her breasts. He didn’t think that they would try and fight him but he was always careful. If she let him do this he was home and dry. He reached her nipple and flicked it with his tongue, then began to suck hungrily.

A voice behind him said,” I’m Lucy and this is Clara.”

Riddick sat up on his heels. He kissed Clara, the taste of Lucy was still in her mouth. Turning to Lucy he looked into her eyes and kissed her too.

“I’m very pleased to meet you both.”

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