tagGroup SexA Warm Saturday Afternoon

A Warm Saturday Afternoon


It was a warm Saturday afternoon. My wife, Tina and I were going to a barbecue. The party was at Art's house, a friend of mine from college. When we arrived, Art's wife, Debbie, introduced us to Ron and Linda, some friends of theirs.

While the ladies prepared the condiments inside, Art, Ron and I watched the burgers by the pool. Between flipping burgers, we talked about work, sports and woman.

After eating, we went in and played some cards. After a game of spades, Ron suggested we play strip poker. The idea surprised me. We barely knew them. What surprised me even more was when my shy wife said'

"That sounds like fun."

We have joked about group sex, but never seriously considered it. I looked at my wife, then at Ron, but said nothing. I didn't know what to say, I must have looked shocked. Debbie looked at me and said,

"What's the matter Rick? Are you scared?"

Looking at me like he knew I would object, Ron said,

"Let's make it interesting, the first one naked has to give head to the one still dressed. Lowest hand every deal takes something off."

I started to object. When no one else said anything, I just leaned back and watched Ron shuffle the cards.

I looked at Debbie and started to wonder what she would look like naked. At five nine or ten she has long blond hair. Her muscular body and tan thighs looked so inviting. Her breasts seemed hidden under her loose fitting t-shirt. Thinking about her comment, are you scared had me wondering if her, Art, Ron and Linda had done this before.

As Ron started dealing, I looked over at Linda. She is five foot one or two, and very beautiful. My eyes roamed down her body. Her large breasts were round with nipples straining at her t-shirt.

Collecting my first hand, I looked at my wife. Tina is usually shy and reserved. I was surprised that she was okay with the game. Even though I have seen her naked a lot I was anxious to see her lose. At thirty eight, she is very beautiful; even though she has put on a few pounds around her stomach, thighs and butt. Tina is five foot six with long red hair. she has small to medium breasts that sag a little.

After playing a few hands, it was nice to see everyone was taking turns losing. A few more hands later, Debbie was the first to lose her shirt. Her large round breast were beautiful. her nipples were big. Picking up her next hand, she seemed to enjoy that everyone was looking at her. I was alternating looking at my hand and Debbie's tits.

A few more hands later, Ron and Debbie had just their underware on. Art and Tina were a couple of losses away from catching them. Looking at Tina's breasts and thinking about how shy she is. I was surprised that she didn't suggest we quit before she went topless. I kept stealing glances at both ladies chests.

Linda had been lucky. She only lost three hands. I had been even luckier I had one shoe on and one off. At this point I had two thoughts. First, I could win and Debbie could lose, or Debbie could lose and linda could win.

As the next hand was being dealt, my cock was getting hard. I could feel precum in my underware.

Debbie was the first one naked. All eyes were on Debbie as she took off her panties seductively. Her pussy was completely bald. Kicking her underware aside, she walked into the living room. Ron, Art and Tina were the next to lose everything.

Ron is hairy all over with a small spare tire at his waist. His cock was hard. It was big, I guessed 8 inches with a large girth. I tried not to stare. Art was muscular. I heard he worked out, it showed. His arms, chest and stomach muscles caught my eye first. His cock was a little smaller, it seemed to go crooked.

Tina was the last of the three to lose it all. when she lost, I thought for sure she would suggest we quit. She put her cards down and stripped her underware off. Her red pussy hair was damp from her juices. she sat back at the table and watched Linda and I finish.

Ron moved his chair back so he could get a better view of Debbie on the couch. I turned to see what he was looking at. Debbie was watching with her right hand between her legs.

Turning to pick up my hand, I heard Ron say,

"Hey Debbie, who do you want to win?"

Pulling her hand from her pussy, she said,

"I want Rick to win. I wouldn't know what to do with Linda"

She stopped like she was going to add something then went back to playing with her pussy.

I won the last hand. Linda stood up to take her thong off. She had her pubic mound trimmed. Moving the coffee table, Art looked at his wife and said,

"Rick, you won, time to collect on the side bet."

Art, Tina and Linda moved to the living room. Debbie moved off the couch and I met her where the coffee table used to be.

Kneeling in front of me, Debbie pulled down my boxers. My 7 inch cock sprang free. Reaching for my cock, she licked the head and trailed her tongue down the underside. She licked and sucked my balls. Licking the underside until she reached the head, she slid the head in her mouth. She started a rhythm. I was enjoying every minute.

Debbie stopped. She had me lie down. She moved to the side of me where everyone could watch. When I lied down, I turned to the couch and saw my wife playing with Ron's cock. Linda and Art were on the floor near the couch. Linda had stopped watching us and started sucking Art's cock.

I turned my attention back to Debbie who was expertly sucking my cock. I was getting close to cumming.

Hearing noises from the couch, I looked up to see Ron licking my wife's pussy. she was moaning with pleasure.

Debbie started sucking my cock faster and deeper. I could feel her throat. As I started cumming, Debbie swallowed most of it. We looked towards the couch to see Ron ramming his dick in Tina's hot pussy doggie style.

With cum still on her chin Debbie and I looked at her husband and Linda. Linda was on her side with her leg in the air. Art had a hole of her leg while fucking her deep. they were both moaning.

Turning to look at me Debbie leaned in to kiss me, spreading my cum all over both of us. I looked towards the couch. From Tina's moans, I could tell she was about to cum. Suddenly Ron pulled out. He shot his cum all over my wife's back, butt and thighs.

The four of us watched Art and Linda finishing. they were both sweaty and covered in sex juices.

In the next three days Tina and I talked about every aspect of the evening. we were invited to a pool party at Art's on Saturday afternoon. We were both excited and anxious for Saturday to come.

On Saturday we arrived at Art's around two. It was hot. Art and Ron were in the pool hitting a volley ball over a net. Debbie and Linda came out of the house. They were both topless. I stared at Debbie's large breasts, as they approached the pool. Linda was wearing a small thong bathing suit.

Being short made Linda's breast look even bigger. Tina looked at the girls and unbuttoned her blouse. Being shy about being a little over weight didn't seem to matter any more. She took off her top and set the chips we brought on the table.

After playing several games of naked volleyball, the party moved into the house. Once in the house, Art started drying off Tina. He leaned in and started sucking her left breast. They lied down. Parting the folds of her pussy, he started licking her pussy. Watching his tongue around her red pussy hairs was so sensual.

She grabbed his ears and the back of his head, and started to moan. She moaned and said,

"oh eat me! Oh god your tongue feels so good. I'm going to cum!"

Ron laid Debbie next to them almost like a contest and started licking her bald pussy. Linda and I stood there watching. Debbie was moving her hips toward Ron. Moaning every time he moved his tongue.

Linda got on her knees. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock. She sucked harder and harder then letting it slide out of her mouth she went down to suck and lick my balls. Grabbing my butt cheeks, she started sucking and deep throating my cock. she had such energy, it didn't take long before I was cumming all over her cheeks and neck.

She lied down and I started licking her pussy. I stopped long enough to look up and see my wife on her back with Art fucking her. Her ankles were high in the air as she met his every stroke. I went back to licking Linda's pussy. She was squirming and moaning.

Across the room Ron was on his back while Debbie was riding him like a bronco. Ron and Debbie were clasping hands for better control as she would go up and down on his cock. Debbie started to scream with pleasure> I could tell she was cumming. Ron moved faster as he started cumming. They laid down next to each other and watched as I finished licking Linda's pussy.

We spent the next couple of hours in the pool and relaxing in the warm Florida evening. It was nice watching the sunset naked in Art's backyard.

Sitting on the side of the pool, Art asked his wife,

"What would you have done last week if Linda had won instead of Rick?"

Debbie looked at Linda then Tina and said,

"I don't know I've never done anything with a woman before."

Linda was sitting a couple of feet away on the steps. She was in the water from her breasts down. Debbie kneeled next to Linda and started to lick Linda's right breast. reaching under the water she started to touch her thigh. Continuing to suck her breast, Debbie pulled her hand out of the water and started squeezing Linda's left breast.

Ron leaned towards his wife on the other side of Debbie. Kissing her cheek, he asked,

"Shall we continue this inside?"

Before anyone could answer we all started walking inside. Grabbing some towels we went into Art and Debbie's bedroom. They had a king size bed. Linda and Debbie moved to the head of the bed. Debbie continued what she started outside. She paid a lot of attention to her tits. She was sucking squeezing both breasts. They were both moaning in ecstasy.

Moving down to lick her fist pussy, Debbie started to slowly move her tongue. She looked a little timid. She moved her fingers to Linda's pussy. she was using both her tongue and her fingers. Linda was moaning with pleasure. Getting more excited, Linda moved to where they were in a sixty nine position. It was exciting watching the two girls going at. Standing behind my wife I started rubbing my wife's round hips. We watched the girls going at it until they both came several times.

With Linda's juices still glistening on her chin, Debbie looked across the bedroom at Ron. She said, with a tone of curiosity,

"You were the second one naked. What would you have done if you lost and Rick or Art would have won?"

Ron looked around as if looking for something to say. Before he could say anything his wife said,

"Come on Ron Let's see if you can handle it."

Ron moved to the chair where Art was sitting. Kneeling in front of him, Ron timidly started to play with Ron's growing cock. He leaned down and started to open his mouth. Sliding over Art's cock, Ron started to suck and lick it.

Not believing what I was seeing, I leaned back on the bed. Tina joined me. Debbie took a seat in a chair next to Ron and Art. All of my attention was on Ron and Art that I didn't notice Linda reach over and start to squeeze and fondle my wife's left breast.

I moved to give them more room. From my vantage point I could see Ron sucking Art's cock. Art was moaning and rubbing the back of Ron's head. It seemed like no time Art started cumming. Ron moved as Art shot his cum all over the Ron's cheek.

Tina and Linda laid next to each other cuddling as Ron and Art cleaned up.

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