A Warrior's Tail


Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any Intellectual Property or otherwise copyrighted materials that is owned by Games Workshop.

Everything written below that Games workshop owns is shamelessly ripped off.

This is a story based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

It was Limdour's first time in the aspect shrines and he was nervous. He was here to finally become the warrior he promised his father he would be on his death bed.

He walked through the hall, It's huge walls swallowed the sound of his footsteps as he tried to decide which warrior aspect he would devote himself too:

Was it to be the Dire Avengers, The highly trained backbone to any Swordwind.

Or should he become a Dark Reaper, The ultimate in long ranged warfare...

It was to be none of those. As soon as he saw them walking gracefully about their shrine he knew he had to join the ranks of the Howling Banshee's.

Limdour walked up the imposing steps to the shrine. He watched the Banshee's lithe forms go about their business.

"I am going to enjoy it here." He quietly spoke to himself. For an Eldar Limdour was extraordinarily lustful.

"It should be fun seducing my way through here ."

He came to the top of the steps and was greeted by a beautiful woman in a ceremonial robe, It was thin to allow freedom of movement while the wearer trained for combat which she quite clearly had. Sweat dripped from her forehead and neck down to her exposed cleavage.

"Greetings fellow Eldar." She said with a chirpy voice "What brings you to our shrine?"

"I wish to join the Howling Banshee path."

"Glorious, We don't get many men joining the path of the Banshee. Follow me."

He watched her perfect arse bob up and down as she walked ahead. It was to expected though as this was a warrior's path and they needed to be in shape to fight and defend the Craftworld.

"Where are you taking me? Whatever your name is?"

"To see our Exarch. She will be the one to initiate you in a private ceremony in the inner shrine. And my name is Bae Cain"

He was led to a largish door which Bae pushed open effortlessly, Limdour looked over Bae's shoulder and saw the Exarch sparing with a training drone naked and his jaw dropped.

She was perfect, Her arse was full, firm and just the right size. Her tit's were plump and perky. Her skin was milk white all over her body. But the cherry on top was her face, It looked like it had been carved by the gods themselves. It awoke a feeling of lust that Limdour had never felt before. He was resolved that before this day was done he would fuck that face and ass and her perfect pussy.

"Bae . Who is this man?"

"I am Limdour. I am here to join the path of the Howling Banshee."

"Bae. Leave us."

"As you wish Exarch." Bae left the inner shrine and closed the door's behind her with a mischievous smile.

"Well Limdour if you feel you are ready follow me to the armoury."

She put on some robes and walked down the steps to the armoury and Limdour followed. The steps went down in a spiral and soon they opened out into a large chamber filled with rack upon racks of suits of armour, All of them female.

"How do I fit in these. Unless you have a male suit stashed away for me." He gave a sly smile bu she did not smile back.

"As a Howling Banshee you must give up your male identity and take on an identity given to you by your armour." She picked a soul stone of a nearby suit and gave it to Limdour.

"This stone belongs to Gaudete. That is who you must become."

Limdour was well aware of how soul stones worked. The Exarch directed him to an ornate booth in the corner.

Limdour knew he was being directed to walk into but he didn't know why. Slowly he walked into the booth and the doors snapped shut behind him and he felt himself fall into a deep sleep like trance, Limdour felt strange poking sensations all over his body and after a few moments he was in his correct state of mind, at least he thought he was. His chest felt heavy, his thighs felt puffy and his waist felt smaller almost constricted. He looked down and saw he was a woman, Almost.

He still felt the familiar weight of his cock between his legs. He reached down just to make sure when he heard the Exarch's voice.

"The device will never make you a woman fully. It refuses." She smiled as Gaudete's masculine clothes fell off her now thin, feminine shoulders.

"Why did you do this?" Limdour blustered.

"So you would fit in your armour better." She explained. The Exarch handed "Gaudete" a piece of clothing which she quickly put on to cover up her nakedness. It was a thin tight fitting one piece which exposed her cleavage like Bae Cain's had. Surprisingly it concealed his manhood very well.

" I would recommend going out and having a relaxing evening because tomorrow you begin training in the shrine and you will never be allowed to leave except for battle."

Limdour (now known as Gaudete) walked into his/her home and sat on the bed.

"I guess I'll never bed any of them now." He thought. "Though these tit's are really nice."

He rubbed his new breasts and felt the warm glow of pleasure run down his body.

"I can see why women love this so much." He moaned. He ran his hands all over his sexy feminine body till he found his cock and began to pump it hard. It wasn't long till he came and shot huge spurts of cum all over his floor.

"God I need to get laid now."

Gaudete walked into the bar with a confident stride and walked up to the nearest girl. She was mid height with curves in all the right places with a face you could fuck all night.

"Hey girl can I buy you a drink?" It was then Gaudete realised his voice had taken on a feminine quality.

"Sorry but I'm not a lesbian." She said and walked off to join some friends who giggled quietly.

Gaudete realised it was going to be nearly impossible for him to pull now. He was just to womanly now.

It was a couple of hours later when Caedr walked into the bar. It had been a hard day maintaining the skyrail carts and he needed to "blow off some steam". He looked around and immediately noticed a beautiful woman sitting at the bar with a forlorn look on her face.

He walked over and sat down next to her "Why the long face baby?"

"I just can't seem to pull." She spoke with a soft lyrical voice that matched her perfect body.

"I find that hard to believe. If your desperate we could cut the chat and hop back to my place for the night?"

she looked at him and mischievous smile broke out on her face. "I would like that. Lets go."

It was back at Caedr's home that they finally gave in to their lust and kissed passionately on his bed.

She unbuttoned his shirt kissed down his chest to his crotch. He gasped as she took his cock into her mouth and felt her tongue probe his cock head, Soon he was holding onto her head and fucking her mouth hard. He came and sent cum down her throat as she milked his cock for all it was worth.

He was in a daze as she flipped him over onto all fours and began to lick deep into his anus. Barely a minute later he was hard again and moaning in pleasure. She stopped and he looked behind him to see her pulling down the zip on her clothes seeing her huge breasts freed was almost enough to send him over the edge again. She pushed his head forward before he could see her pussy.

"You know I've never had my arse licked before. It was better than I imagined." He said trying to spark a conversation.

"You've never had this either."

His confusion was short lived as he felt what was obviously a cock head push against his anal sphincter.

"No please." His plea went unheard as the head of "her" cock entered his arse with a pop. He admitted it felt good but he still wanted it to stop. But she pinned him down with her whole body and superior strength.

She pushed harder and more of her cock entered him and the pleasure he felt grew to new heights. She pushed again and he finally felt the tickle of her pubes. He new he was fully "occupied" now.

He felt her pull out slightly and push in again and again in a growing rhythm.

"No... p-please don't." He moaned in ecstasy as his body betrayed him to her.

She whispered into his ear "But you don't want me to stop." He nodded and she began to increase her speed.

"P-please don't, Stop." She smiled and began to fuck him properly. He was bucking as waves of pleasure streamed down his whole body.

"Please don't stop." He screamed as she pounded his behind with all her strength.

She turned him over and put his legs over her shoulders and pounded him like a woman as he screamed for more like a cheap slut. He came all over his belly but she did not stop until he had come several more times over the course of an hour during which she never relented or slowed down. Caedr began to wonder if she ever would climax and soon she did. She pulled out and pushed his face onto her waiting cock and sent huge streams of cum into his mouth which he gobbled greedily but he could not keep up and soon it spilled down his chin onto his chest.

"That was so good." She moaned. "See you around maybe."

She put on her clothes and walked out the door and Caedr never saw or heard from her again.

This is only the first chapter. stay tuned for more!

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