tagLoving WivesA Weakness for Shoes Ch. 02

A Weakness for Shoes Ch. 02


This story can be read on it's own, but it will make more sense if you have read Part 1 first. It contains details of wife sharing/swapping/slut wife, so please don't read it if that bothers you.

* * * * * *

"Kim they're gorgeous. Beautiful quality and so classy. It's not fair; how do you do it?"

Kim smiled. Carole was her best friend and she valued her opinion, so having her enthuse about her latest captures was very gratifying.

"But how much did you pay for them? They're expensive brands; they must have been over two hundred pounds each. Robert would have a fit if I spent that sort of money on shoes."

"Nothing like that much," says Kim. She was tempted to lie, but Carole is her most trusted friend and she feels a strong urge to tell her the truth, even though it involves some very intimate details. They say confession is good for the soul, well at this moment Kim feels the need to confess, to share her secret with someone else. After all it is the most exciting thing that has happened in her marriage. She pauses for a moment and then takes the plunge.

"The blue pair cost fifty pounds, the red ones were free."

"You're joking! Fifty pounds...and free! How?"

"The first pair I flirted with the assistant a bit. The second pair I went further."

Carole looks at her. Those details are a bit cryptic and it's obvious there's a story attached to these shoes.

"Go on," she says.

"Well," says Kim. "To get the first pair I accidentally on purpose flashed my knickers at the assistant, you know the one we've mentioned before -- the good looking one with the dark hair. Then I went back, but this time I let him see my pussy. And then things went further."

"What do you mean by further? Don't leave it hanging there -- tell me what happened." Carole is engrossed and leans forward in her chair, keen to know more.

"We went into the back of the shop and he took my skirt off and then...well you can guess what happened next."

"Oh God," says Carole putting her hand to her mouth. This is completely unexpected. Kim is quieter and less extrovert than her and the last person she would have expected to do something like this. It was no secret that her own marriage to Robert had had it's fair share of bumpy moments, but she'd always been faithful despite a few tempting offers. She'd thought Kim's marriage to Paul was stable; certainly Kim was the last person she would have expected to have an affair.

"What if Paul finds out?"

Kim looks down and to the side, avoiding eye contact.

"He knows."


"He knows. I told him about the first time and it was his idea that I went back, and he insisted that this time I left my knickers off. I'm sorry, I had to tell someone -- do you think I'm a slut?"

Carole pauses and thinks hard before answering.

"No, if he suggested it then it's a joint thing. I must admit I'm very surprised, it's not what I expected, but I don't think you're a slut."

As the shock wears off it's replaced by a feeling of excitement. Somewhat to her surprise Carole realises that her love juices are in full flow. She's not the only one because telling those few details has left Kim with some very damp knickers.

Kim swears Carole to secrecy and trusts her completely. But perhaps a dose of confession is contagious because a few days later a combination of some wine and a particularly exciting lovemaking session led to Carole letting slip about Kim's adventures. It certainly has its effect on her husband Robert because he cums immediately.

"She did what?"

"I've told you -- she went into a rear room with the assistant. He took her skirt off, bent her over the table and fucked her from behind."

Even though he's just cum Robert feels his prick stiffening again.

"Did he cum inside her?"

"Yes he did."

"And you say that Paul knows."


Robert is almost fully erect again, so he pushes Carole onto her back and parts her legs. His prick slides between her cunt lips and he fucks her with relentless vigour until they both climax noisily.

Nothing is said afterwards, but they both know that talking about Kim's adventure has been remarkably arousing. Carole feels Robert's cum trickling out of her and reaches for a tissue. What, she wonders, did it feel like for Kim to have the assistant's cum fired into her pussy; he's a good-looking young man and Carole can't deny a low-level feeling of jealousy.

For his part Robert is wondering whether he'll ever be able to see Kim in the same light again. An image comes into his mind of her bent over a table, gasping and groaning as a young man with his trousers round his ankles thrusts his prick in and out of her very wet cunt. Robert's cock twitches and stirs.

* * * * * *

The plane banks to the left and the morning sun streams through the cabin. Carole and Kim are sat in one row and Robert and Paul are in the row behind. They are there on their way to Florence courtesy of Paul's credit card company. Because of the number of points he had racked up on his card they had offered him a short break in Florence and they had the option for friends to go with them at a nominal cost so they had invited Robert and Carole.

The deal was too good to miss and they'd jumped at the opportunity to leave behind the cool, showery weather so typical of England in April and head for a bit of Mediterranean sun.

By the time they got to their hotel it was already mid-afternoon, so they'd taken a walk round the local area and then gone for something to eat.

Saturday morning found them doing a few touristy things and then taking a late lunch at one of the cafes. The women said they wanted to do a bit of shopping in the afternoon. Robert looked at Paul.

"Shall we miss out on that? I don't think they really want us tagging along."

The women just shrugged; there was no point denying it, shopping was easier when you didn't have a reluctant husband waiting impatiently. So the women headed off in search of clothes while the men decided to linger over coffee.

In truth they lingered a bit longer than they might otherwise have done because the roadside café was an ideal vantage point to survey a succession of attractive Italian women wandering past. A few remarks were made and Robert did wonder about mentioning Kim's adventure. He was really curious and would have loved to quiz Paul about it, but couldn't see an easy or safe way to raise the subject.

At thirty-six he was four years younger than Paul and although they didn't have a huge amount in common they did get on reasonably well.

They wandered off down the street with nothing particularly in mind. They hadn't been going long when the TV in the window of an electrical shop caught their eye.

* * * * * *

Kim's phone buzzes. She flips it open and reads the text message.

"Hav gone bak 2 the hotel. Milan derby is live on TV. Can u get a taxi bak and meet us later? Luv. Paul"

She shows the message to Carole.

"Milan derby -- what's that -- is it a race?"

"No, it's a soccer match."

"Soccer! They've come all this way to sit in the hotel watching soccer"

"I know, aren't men useless. Still it doesn't really matter, it leaves us free to concentrate on the shopping."

They're wandering down the Via degli Speziali and it seems to be a street specialising in shoe shops. They browse in several windows doing some hasty euro to pound calculations.

They're particularly taken with one shop; not surprisingly it's also the most expensive, but the window display is tempting. They haven't been stood there very long when they realise that it is staffed by two young men who are looking at them appraisingly.

Without saying anything they each know what the other is thinking -- it is so reminiscent of that shoe shop back home. Neither of them can deny that it's also surprisingly stimulating and both of them are aware of a definite moist sensation between their legs.

They continue browsing in the window until Kim turns to Carole with just the merest hint of amusement in her eyes.

"Shall we see if they have any special offers?"

Carole stands upright and tugs at the sides of her dress as if she's straightening it; it also has the effect of pulling the front lower and emphasising her cleavage.

"Why not."

* * * * * *

Paul turns away from his phone and the text message he's just received.

"It's from the girls. They're in a taxi on the way back. I'll tell them we're both in this room."

Five minutes later there's a knock on the door and Paul lets them in. Kim notices that the TV is switched off.

"Was the soccer any good?"

"Not really, it was a goalless draw, nobody scored. How've you got on?"

Kim holds up a bag.

"We scored."

"Let me guess -- shoes. And how much did they cost?" he asks with a wry smile.

There's a silence and suddenly he's aware of a certain tension in the air. Carole catches his eye.


Paul looks dumfounded and turns to Kim.

"It's alright," she says. "Carole and Robert know about what happened with my shoes."

"They know...and you got these free..."

"Yes. We've been fucked." Kim sits on the edge of one of the beds. "Do you want me to show you?"

Paul nods and Kim swings both legs onto the bed and leans back against the headboard. She parts her legs to display white knickers, but with an obvious damp stain between the legs. Less than an hour ago a young man pumped his sperm into her welcoming cunt.

"Take your knickers off".

Kim hesitates for a moment, then hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers, raises her bottom off the bed and slides her knickers down and off. Her pubic hairs are damp and matted and her pussy lips pout wetly. Paul starts to unbutton his shirt.

"I think you ought to go on the other bed," Robert says to Carole. She reaches under her dress, removes a pair of lacy pink panties and climbs on the bed.

By this time Paul is removing his last item of clothing. He climbs on the bed and kneels between Kim's legs. There are no preliminaries, no foreplay -- Kim cries out as with one thrust he is deep inside her. He reaches up, grabs the buttons on the front of her dress, pulls fiercely and her tits spill out.

An almost identical scene is played out in the adjacent bed. Carole gasps as she is penetrated. There are no buttons on the front of her dress, but Robert pulls the shoulder straps down exposing her tits. Now it's fierce animal sex, not lovemaking, two couples fucking intensely.

The afternoon sun streams in through the window illuminating a striking scene. In the hotel opposite a Belgian tourist stares out of his bedroom window.

"Justine, Justine. Come here quickly. Look at this!"

But of course the excitement is too much and in seconds both husbands are groaning and pumping sperm into their wives cunts. They lie motionless for a while; the room is absolutely silent. Finally Paul levers himself up and kneels on the bed. Kim keeps her legs open and sperm runs out of her pussy. He glances across at Carole. Robert is kneeling and the sun catches Carole's gingery bush and turns it a fiery colour. Sperm trickles from her cunt. Kim asks for a tissue, but Paul takes hold of his prick and starts to stroke it, feeling it stiffen and swell

"No. Why don't you both undress properly."

Kim looks at Carole and she shrugs. They stand up and remove their dresses.

"You look fantastic. Would you please go back on the beds, but on all fours."

Neither of them says anything and so they are soon back on the beds on their hands and knees.

"On your elbows please." There's a moments hesitation and both women lower themselves into position. As far as Paul is concerned the scene is just perfect. Two women bent over in a submissive pose with their most intimate places fully exposed. He moves from his position behind the bed Kim is on and stands behind the other bed. The others see what he has done and fully understand. Robert moves behind Kim.

Paul kneels behind Carole. He never thought he would end up fucking his wife's best friend, but it's about to happen. And he's never fucked a redhead before so there's a certain novelty there. He places his prick against her cunt lips, grips her hips and slides gently into her.

He glances across at the other bed. His wife is crouched there, sperm dripping from her cunt. Kim realises he is watching her, their eyes lock, then she gasps as Robert leans in to her.

In the room opposite Arnoud hurriedly pulls Justine's knickers down. He tells her to lean forward on the window sill, then pushes his cock into a very wet cunt. Christ he thinks staring across at the room opposite, look at the tits move on that redhead, I'd love to fuck her doggie fashion.

In a moment his view of Carole's tits is partly obscured as Paul reaches forward and takes hold of them. They're ripe and firm with the nipples fully erect. Carole sometimes wears low cut dresses, so Paul has often admired her ample cleavage, but never imagined a situation where he would be squeezing them whilst ramming his prick into her from behind.

Suddenly Kim starts a series of frantic gasps and Paul realises his wife is about to orgasm. He speeds up to try and match her and then the room is full of climactic groans, cries and gasps. Kim shudders and Robert grips her hair as his prick jerks and he pumps jet after jet of sperm into her lustful cunt.

That is too much for Paul and Carole. Paul gives a final brutal thrust, Carole pushes back against him and then he is emptying his balls deep inside her as she shudders her way through a massive orgasm.

* * * * * *

"So, you haven't told us exactly what happened in that shop."

It's three hours later and Kim and Carole look round the restaurant. They've just opened a bottle of wine and ordered some food, now they're relaxing after a pretty momentous day.

"There's no-one near, we won't be overheard. Put us out of our misery -- tell us what happened," says Paul looking at Kim. She glances at Carole who nods.

"OK, we were looking in the window of this stylish shoe shop and we realised the two young men inside were aware of us. So we went inside and there was a definite atmosphere. They weren't hitting on us, but there was a flirty playfulness in the air. We tried on some shoes and they were paying us compliments."

"And to be fair we didn't do anything to discourage them," adds Carole with a smile at Kim.

"No, that's true. Though only one of them, Marcello, spoke English. It was all harmless fun, until Carole leaned forward which emphasised her bust and Francesco made some remarks in Italian. We asked Marcello to translate and he said that Francesco thought Carole was a beautiful woman. Well it was obvious he'd said something more than that, so we told him to tell us what Francesco really said."

"And what did Francesco really say?" Robert asks with a smile.

"Marcello's English failed him," said Carole. *He said that Francesco would like to kiss my lovely... and then he used sign language to indicate my tits."

"And what did you say?" Robert asks quietly.

"I didn't say anything. He was knelt at my feet touching my ankles and his hand strayed a bit higher. So I parted my legs; it was only slightly, I'm sure he couldn't see anything, but his hand went up to my knee."

"Then this other woman came in," Kim says with a laugh. "The men just ignored her, they were totally focused on us and she soon took the hint and left."

"So Francesco started touching my legs again and I must admit I was pretty hyped up, so I just did it -- I parted my legs and let him see my knickers. He stared for a while and then he said something to Marcello. And Marcello said that they had more stock in the room at the back and would we like to go through there. So we stood up, they put up a closed sign in the window and we went through into the back."

"There was no pretence of looking at shoes," says Kim taking up the story. "As soon as we were in the back room Marcello started kissing me and his hands were all over me. He squeezed my tits and arse, then he slid his hand up my dress and I parted my legs to make it easier for him. My knickers were wet through and he slid his hand inside and started fingering my cunt. So of course I unfastened his trousers and took his cock out. It was lovely, he was big and hard, and he made it clear he wanted me to go down on him, so I knelt on the floor and took his cock into my mouth."

"Francesco saw that and was impressed, so I did the same," said Carole. "But I think I got him too excited because he made me stop. Then he bent me over the table, pulled my knickers to one side and slid his cock into me. I think he was desperate to get inside me because it was all very quick, but very exciting. He thrust into me with a really fast action and then he was groaning and pumping his sperm into me."

"And what about you young lady?" says Paul looking at Kim.

"Marcello copied them. He bent me over the table, pulled my knickers to one side and gave me a really good fucking. It was nice, very nice. I quite like being fucked with my knickers pulled to one side instead of off; I wouldn't like it all the time, but it's a nice change. So I bent over the table while my Italian stallion rammed his big cock in and out of me. Then he came and his prick seemed to jerk and jerk inside of me for ages and there was that lovely warm wet feeling as he flooded me with sperm. When he'd finished he pulled my knickers back into place, we left and headed straight back here. So I came back with my lovers sperm deep inside my sweet married cunt."

"You bad girl," Paul says with a smile on his lips.

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