tagIncest/TabooA Week at Grandma's House

A Week at Grandma's House


I was 20 years old and I was away at the coast for a vacation. Because accommodation is so expensive there, I asked my grandma if I could crash at her place for a few days. She was thrilled to have me, partly because it'd been over a year since I'd seen her, and partly because I think she was feeling so lonely since my grandpa died.

I got to her place late in the afternoon. I was exhausted from the drive, so I texted my friends to let them know I wasn't going to see them that night. As soon as I arrived, Grandma had the biggest grin on her face and met me with a giant hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was hit with a giant wave of nostalgia the instant I smelled her talcum powder. She still smelled like Grandma. I returned her kiss on the cheek and thanked her for letting me stay.

"It's no trouble at all, Mike, honey. Thanks so much for thinking of me, too." She paused for a second, staring intently at my face. "It's incredible," she said.

"What is, Grandma?"

"You look exactly like your grandpa. It's silly, I know, but I still miss him, even after all these years."

"That's not silly, Grandma. I miss him too."

"How sweet of you to say, Mike. Anyway, enough sad stuff... Let's get inside and let you enjoy your holiday."

I gathered up my luggage and headed inside, following my grandma. The afternoon was filled with smalltalk, which was a bit awkward at times. But I could tell Grandma was so happy to have me there, I didn't mind the lulls in conversation too much. Before too much longer, Grandma started cooking dinner. Nothing too fancy - just some packet ravioli and sauce. As we were eating, she kept looking at me with that same look from before. I could tell Grandpa was still heavily in her thoughts.

"Do you really think I look that much like him, Grandma?"

"Well, look for yourself, sweetie. That's a photo of your Grandpa on our wedding day." She pointed to a picture of Grandpa hanging on the wall of the kitchen. Jesus, it was like looking into the mirror! I looked exactly the same as he did at that age.

"Oh my God, that's crazy! No wonder you keep looking at me like that."

She looked down at her plate, suddenly very quiet and shy. "It's not just that."

"Yeah? What's up, Grandma?"

"It's, well...It's going to sound strange. But I...I have a favour to ask you, Mike."

"Sure, Grandma, anything. What is it?"

Again, she hesitated. The ticking clock on the wall was deafening in the silence. "Would you stay in my bed tonight?"

I just stared at her. I had no idea how to reply.

"I just miss him so much, and I really really miss his arms around me at night."

I really should've said no. It was such a strange request, but she was my damn grandmother! She spoiled me so much growing up, and she was still spoiling me to this day. "How can I say no? You've always been my favourite grandma." She chuckled. I knew she wasn't a fan of my dad's mother. Hell, nobody in our family was.

Nothing much really happened after that. We just finished our meals and she spent a while watching TV while I caught up on Facebook. Then she went and had a shower. At about 9:30, she let me know she was going to bed. "Sure thing, Grandma. I'll probably have a shower pretty soon, I hope that doesn't disturb you."

"No no, that's fine, honey. But I'll...see you soon?"

"Hmm? Oh, right, yeah. Sure, I'll be in right after."

So I had my shower and got ready for bed, then knocked on Grandma's bedroom door, only opening it once I'd received the all-clear. Grandma was wearing a summery button-up pyjama shirt and matching pants. She was sitting up in bed, reading one of her many, many novels. I was just wearing my sleeping boxers. She looked me up and down and once again remarked how much I looked like her husband. I shrugged and said something stupid like, "Good genes, I guess."

She laughed at that and pulled back the covers for me. "Ready for sleep?"

It was barely 10 o'clock. I don't normally go to bed until midnight at the earliest. Oh well. "Yeah, I think I'm pretty tired after my drive."

I climbed into her king-single sized bed and she soon lay down next to me, turning the bedside light off as she did so. She rolled onto her side so that I could hug her while she slept. I rolled onto the same side, and... I guess you could say I was spooning my grandmother at that point. Anyway, she sighed contentedly and held my arm gently. We both snuggled in closer together. It was actually really nice. She was being hugged like her husband had clearly done for so, so many years. And I was getting free beachside accommodation just for helping my grandma feel closer to her dear departed husband. I closed my eyes and decided I'd try to sleep.

Then something happened. At first, I thought Grandma had fallen asleep and was just stirring in her sleep - she rubbed against me a few times. That's fine, we all shift as we sleep. But she just didn't stop. She kept moving; rubbing her body against mine while I spooned her. I had no idea what to do. Grandma was grinding her butt against me! And goddamn it, my dick started to respond. I silently begged with it, pleading my dick not to get hard. Not now; not while I was spooning my Grandma! But she kept grinding against me and I kept getting harder and harder. Sure, it'd been far too long since I'd had sex, but I'd jacked off just this morning. So it wasn't like I was that horny.

Needless to say, I didn't want my Grandma to feel my erection, so I started to roll onto my back. As I started rolling away, she grabbed my arm. Uh-huh. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere at that point. Did that mean Grandma was...awake? That she knew she was getting me hard and wanted it? Holy shit, of course not! That's insane. Maybe she was just dreaming about Grandpa or something. Women have sex dreams, too, right? Especially since I looked so much like him when he was young. Yeah, that was it. Because he was on her mind, she was having a sex dream about him and she thought I was him.

So at this point I had two choices: I could wake her up, or I could let her dry hump me until she either stopped, or she made me cum. I, of course chose option A.

"Grandma..." I whispered.

She immediately responded. "Ssshhhh..." Then she tightened her grip on my arm. Okay, so she was awake and this was all intentional? Grandma wanted me?

Because I'm most likely insane, I thought I'd try to find out exactly what was going on. I gently moved the arm she was holding so tightly, and I don't know why - maybe I was trying to call her bluff? - I grabbed her breast. I squeezed. I felt her soft, warm flesh give way to my fingers. And my dick twitched excitedly. I... I wanted this too?

Grandma kept grinding her soft, warm ass against my now rock-hard cock and I kept squeezing her breast. Fuck, this was so wrong! It was amazing. She started moaning softly when I'd squeeze her tit. Without even thinking, I started kissing her neck. She smelled like Grandma, but now instead of nostalgia, her scent filled me with lust. I started grinding back, thrusting my cock against her ass. Now we were dry humping each other, our breathing steadily increasing as we got more and more aroused by our taboo actions. If we went much further, we would be committing incest. I'd always thought that incest was disgusting and that only freaks did it. So why was I enjoying this so fucking much? And why was Grandma, for that matter? By this point, I was far too horny to care.

Now convinced she'd seduced me past the point of no turning back, Grandma let go of my arm and I obediently continued massaging her tit through her pyjama shirt. She reached her hand back and rubbed my hip for a few seconds, then slid her hand under the waistband of my boxer shorts, slid around and grabbed my dick. Decades of experience taught her exactly how to hold it, squeeze it and jerk it. I moaned in her ear, relishing the touch of my elderly grandmother's warm, soft hand.

I soon followed my bold Grandma's lead and slipped my hand under her pyjama top and caressed her bare breasts, playing with her nipples and quickly getting them erect. I kissed her neck once again, licking her and tasting her delicious, fragile skin. She responded by moaning louder and jacking my dick faster.

Either her hand got tired, or she could tell I was getting close to cumming because she stopped playing with my cock soon after that. Then she rolled over towards me and in the dark, her mouth found mine. She kissed me deeply and passionately, and I responded in kind. As I made out with my incredibly sexy, horny Grandma, she pulled her pyjama pants off and started unbuttoning her shirt. Once they were free, I immediately broke our kiss and started sucking on her tits. The thought that they were the same breasts that had fed my mother and my aunts and uncles just made me suck even harder, flicking my tongue across her hard nipples while she moaned in pleasure. I moved from one breast to the other and back while she tenderly stroked my head. Then she slid her shirt fully off and then my grandmother was completely naked before me.

I quickly followed Grandma's lead and took my boxer shorts off, then fumbled around and found the lightswitch. The sight of my elderly grandmother lying completely naked in front of me did nothing but make me want her more. I didn't care about her wrinkles, her stretch marks or her sagging skin. All I cared about was giving my Grandma exactly what she wanted. And at that moment, she wanted me and my dick.

I looked deep into her eyes as I lay down beside her again and resumed our intense making out. I held her close to me, and she held me just as tight. My hand explored her naked back with curiosity and lust, caressing her bare ass cheeks. Likewise, she ran her hand down my back and squeezed my tight cheeks. I parted my lips and she slid her warm, wet tongue into my eager mouth. I tasted her tongue with mine and moaned softly with an intense lust I'd never felt before. Who cares if it was my Grandma? It was the most I'd ever been turned on. Holy fuck, I wanted to give it to her so fucking hard.

I guided Grandma onto her back and climbed between her legs. She spread her legs, revealing her hairy pussy to me. I slid my dick into her, surprised at just how wet she was, then amazed at how tight she was too. We both moaned as I entered her, feeling my cock head part her lips and penetrate Grandma's tight pussy for the first time in over a decade. She moved her hips back and forth; her warm, wet pussy enveloping more and more of my shaft. I started thrusting gently, matching Grandma's rhythm, slowly building faster as we began fucking in earnest. I couldn't believe I was fucking the same pussy that Grandpa had fucked; the same pussy that had birthed mum, my aunts and my uncles. My Grandma and I were committing intergenerational incest and holy fuck, it was so wrong it became hot again.

I held her thighs and started fucking her faster, watching with insatiable lust at her tits bounce, her mouth wide open and moaning, and my dick pounding into her hairy pussy. She started fucking me back just as fast, then started rubbing her clit while we fucked. I felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter the more we fucked. I held her free hand and stared deep into her eyes while she built herself closer and closer to orgasm. It was the weirdest, most intense sex I'd ever had. My rational mind was trying to tell me that everything we were doing was so wrong but every other fibre of my being was reveling in how it all felt so natural, so beautiful and sensual and just plain incredible. Nothing was going to stop me from helping my Grandma cum with my dick inside her. I fucked her harder and faster the more she rubbed her clit.

Soon, she was panting and tensing up, a delicate layer of sweat building on her forehead and chest. Then, suddenly, she came. Her pussy tightened and she shuddered and moaned, her body swimming in orgasmic pleasure. I kept fucking her gorgeous pussy, marvelling at Grandma's stamina, hunger for my dick, and her timeless sexiness. When her orgasm had subsided, she pulled me down, wrapped her legs around me, and kissed me again. I kissed back with gusto, and she placed one hand on my head and her other on my ass, digging her fingernails into my asscheek. I opened her mouth with my tongue and we fucked hard while our tongues danced.

Amazed at how I'd lasted more than 10 minutes so far, eventually my dick couldn't take much more and I knew I was about to cum. I briefly thought about moaning "I'm cumming, Grandma," but reconsidered and decided to let my body language do the talking for me. The closer I got, the more I moaned and grunted, and the faster we fucked. Soon, my face was buried in Grandma's pillow beside her head and I grunted one final, drawn-out "Uuuhhh" and felt my cock explode in a torrent of white hot cum, spurting load after load into my Grandma's vagina while I shuddered uncontrollably. When I'd finished cumming, I turned to face Grandma, who was smiling just as much as I was. We kissed again, but more gingerly this time. The raging, animalistic lust for one another's flesh was fading, but only temporarily. Instead, we kissed with nothing but love. We held each other close as we kissed with an incestuous blend of familial affection and the kind of love that only exists between two lovers.

"Thank you, Mike..." she whispered. It was the first thing she'd said since I'd lay down with her.

"Oh my god, are you kidding?" I replied. "Grandma, you were incredible. Thank you!"

We lay in silence after that, drunk on post-orgasm bliss and the contented feeling you can only get from family. I think I fell asleep still inside my Grandma's pussy, our limbs still tangled from our intercourse.

In the end, I only saw my friends a few times during that week. Most of the time, I was busy "helping Grandma with her special needs" and working out the logistics of transferring my job to the city where she lived.

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My Fat & Hairy Grandma

In my fantasy, my Grandmother is heavy set and has a VERY hairy pussy. SO hairy that I get lost in it when I'm licking and sucking on her HUGE clit. She adores it when I eat her and she gets loud as shemore...

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I loved this story.

Good God, old folks love sex too. Maybe not all of them but... Sexual trysts with like aged folks are few and far between due to Male ED. But oral sex with digital manipulation works just as well. more...

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As the ant crawls-

I would have crawled on my aunts, but the time is gone; maybe not, her daughter, my cousin wants to visit! 😳

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Sexy Mike

Imagine 20-year old Mike with a dusting of sexy chest hair -- what a turn on for grandma that would be!

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by Pilbaraman111103/15/18

Grandma is hot

A beautiful sexy hot story, loved it.

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