tagBDSMA Week At Papaw's Ch. 02

A Week At Papaw's Ch. 02


Monday -- Training Begins – Obedience

It hasn't happened in some time but today I was up with the sun, getting veggies from my garden and some fresh mushrooms from the cellar and set about making a couple of omelets for us, we had a lot to get started today. I have the table set, and a tablet next to her plate, I even baked some cinnamon buns. Always the Chef, guess I wanted it to be nice. As I am finishing up the eggs, she kinda plods into the kitchen, looking like she had just crawled back to life. I turn back to the eggs, smiling I say, over my shoulder, "Sit, get some coffee, grab a bun, the eggs are almost done."

Turning around to the table and dropping one omelet on her plate, "fruit's in the fridge." I have had a rush of energy since I got up so I must be bouncing off the walls. "That pad next to your plate is our agreement, that is, the plans for the week and the rules as such, I wrote it up last night and this morning. Read it over so we can talk about it a bit." Cleaning up after myself, knowing it will be the last time for at least a week.

Leah picks up the tablet and starts to read, as she does I sit and finish my breakfast. "What's this first part for?" she gestures to the first paragraph.

" It's, well, kind of a protection for both of us. Just something saying you are a willing participant and aware of what you are getting into," hoping it didn't sound too cold and self-serving. She smiles and signs without hesitation.

" The rest is just to let you know what's coming, and finally your rules, before we start you should be very familiar with them. This morning is a sort of free time, you read, and remember what is on that notepad, having to remind you what is there will have consequences, so remember it well. It may seem rather basic, but I don't know how much you know about the life. After you read, clean up in here, leave the notepad on the table and come in to the living room." I get up and walk to the living room, turning on the stereo and sitting in my big over-stuffed chair.

Leah eats her omelet and continues reading the following.

The training will be divided by the days we have, which are few. Each successful day will bring a reward, with Friday being the graduation. You will be taught Obedience, Discipline and Denial, Punishment and Humiliation, Service, and finally Unconditional Submission. Each day will have a lesson to accept before you can continue. There will be both reward and punishment.


1. Pick a safe word for your protection, this will be a stopper to ANY action, Master will then decide if punishment is warranted for stopping the session.

2. Dress Code: In the house, NUDE, adding only slave wear (collar, wrist and ankle straps) when instructed. Outside on my property, only thong and sandals, with slave wear. Off property, as instructed.

3. Obedience is a must and even hesitation will be corrected.

4. You will speak only when permitted.

5. You will only make eye contact when made to or told to.

6. Your body is here for my service and pleasure.

7. Your pleasure is only at my discretion, you will NEVER orgasm without my permission, even when fucked you will ask permission to cum.

8. You will ask for bathroom privileges and hold your bowels and bladder until permission is given to release them.

9. Punishment for any offense is at the Dom's discretion in both intensity and length.

10. NOTHING is to be denied your Master.

11. You will refer to Me as Sir or Master in session or out.

12. Your body is MINE, you will refer to it as such, you will say your pussy, your tits, your ass, to show you believe they are mine.

The list wasn't long, but she studied until she knew it. Leah comes into the living room, it has been some time and I am occupied with listening to my favorite tunes. She waits, turns her head to catch my eye, then holding out the notepad, " I am ready, I agree."

Slowly turning my look her way, "Really, everything understood, all in agreement? Interesting that you say that, I can think of 3 rules and a direct instruction that you have already ignored. You made eye contact, you spoke with out permission, you brought the notepad in here and didn't leave it on the table, and" ............ leaning forward and pulling her to her knees by her hair, "YOU ARE STILL DRESSED!!"

I let go of her hair and sit back. She stands and lowers her eyes, then removed her clothes. After, she returned the notepad back to the kitchen table, then turned to come back to me. As she steps into the room, she drops to her knees and crawls to the side of my chair, head down.

Taking her hair in my hand and pulling up her head, "Is something on your mind?"

She requests in a whisper, eyes down. "Sir, may I speak?"

Laying my head back against the chair, " If you must, be quick about it."

" Sir, please forgive your slut for her mistakes, I will do better from now on. I am yours to do with as you please."

From her actions I assume she had read quite a lot of my journals and had a working knowledge of some simple commands and terms.

"Then present yourself for punishment." Leah stands and moves to my front, facing away and bending at the waist, her head down, hands on her knees. I lean forward and slap her across one cheek and then the other, leaving solid red hand prints. Leah jumps with each blow, and after another round I slide my finger along her labia, opening her lips and watching as the moisture starts to build and flow. Pinching the pussy and searching out her clit, flicking it and pulling it back to me.

Then I continue with the spanking, after about ten for each cheek, I again inspect her. At this point, her legs shaking, pussy dripping wet, I run my thumb across her clit and push against her. Before I pull away completely, I slap her clit with the back of my fingers several times, followed by a small gush from her pussy, "You'd better hope my little pussy didn't just cum!"

Forcing my fingers back into her pussy I can feel she is still on the edge and trying hard to hold back. I sit back and watch her reactions, she shivers and shakes a few minutes but she is able to hold back. Slipping a finger inside her wet pussy and wiggling it a bit to tease. "Get back down where you belong."

She again drops to her knees without hesitating and crawls to her spot. I can tell by her breathing that the short session had quite an effect on her, she is panting like a kitten on a hot day. Her heart pounding it's own hot rhythm, her eyes slightly glassy. Her pussy is so wet there is a small puddle under where she is sitting. "You made a mess on my floor cunt, clean it up."

As she starts to stand I grab her by the hair and pull her to the floor, Placing my knee in her back, I lean forward and tell her, "Lick it up slut!" Then sitting back. She looks at the floor, then up at me, I see the hesitation, then, as if shaken awake drops my gaze and then her head to lick up her drippings. When she finishes I lean over and stroke her hair. Reaching into the drawer of a small table next to my chair I remove a choker chain and leash, placing the leash on the tabletop and pulling her over to slip the chain around her neck.

" This is your collar for now, if you are successful in this journey then it will be replaced with My collar." She nods slowly, I pull four small sections of rope from the drawer and tie them around her wrists and ankles, "These are your restraint cuffs and will be replaced as you progress, understand?"

Looking up, but submissive to my stare, she shows me with her eyes she understands. That is the scenario for the rest of the day, orders, a little pain, some pleasure with no happy ending and her responses get better each time, these short sessions have her swollen, red and dripping wet. Never letting her have a release to the torment I was giving her. She cleaned, cooked lunch, cleaned again, then ran through the other chores she was given for the day.

I stayed away from her for a majority of the time, leaving her alone, naked, and wanting me. To keep up the wanting part, the times I do see her or end up in the same room as she does, I stop her and have her present to me, inspecting her, teasing her and keeping her wet through out the entire day, keeping her ass on fire with my hand or even a small cane, concentrating on a small area of her ass, just across the bottom of each cheek, and keeping the heat running through her clit with fingers, my tongue, and of course the cane, never giving any release of her building lust.

The teasing and occasional fucking keep Leah on the edge for the rest of the day. Using her when I felt like it, yet never sharing even a slight conversation, showing her she was just my toy, for my amusement, it was my pussy she carried. As we had dinner, me at the table and her sitting on the floor at my feet eating from a bowl I had picked up at the Pets-mart, even had the name "lil fica" on the food and water dishes, she is my "lil pussy" after all.

I told her the night was about to come to an end, when I sent her to bed it was to be on the floor beside my bed. Finishing the wonderful meal she had prepared for me I told her, when she was finished with the dishes to report to me in my living room. I turned to her, took her face in my hand, kissed her nose, stood and left the dining room. When she had finished she came into the room with me, as always she drops to her knees and crawls to my chair, stops at my feet and stays head down. When she turns her head to look at me through her bangs I ask, " Is something on your mind pet? Speak to me."

" I am finished with the kitchen Sir," lowering her head.

" Then it is time for the last session of the day isn't it?" I ask leaning closer to her. "Go to the basement, there is a padded bench in the center of the room, I want you on it on your hands and knees waiting for me," slapping her ass, "Understand cunt?"

She flashes a smile as if anticipation has made her giddy, she assumes this will be her time of release, I put on some programmed music, my favorites, something to play too, my system loads the program and I go to the basement door, looking down the stairs I can see the shadow of Leah on all fours against the wall, a smile crosses my face. Stepping off the final step I can see her, bathed in the candle light of the basement, perched on the bench as instructed.

I walk around the bench and take her in, this is really the first time I have just looked at her. I pick up some rope that I had left near each leg of the bench. I tie the rope through her cuffs and then around the legs of the bench, tying her to the top at the corners on her knees, unable to move her arms and legs. While I complete this binding I start to arouse her again, a sharp hand across her ass, my fingers teasing her pussy and nipples, she holds herself high, and takes my teasing and taunting.

I remain clothed as I walk around her, "So far today has been a very good day, you are learning obedience very nicely, corrections were few and well received. Tonight is for my pleasure not yours, remember not to let my pussy cum until I give permission," slapping her across the ass HARD.

" I will use you as I please and if you deserve it I will allow you to finish." I remove an anal plug from my pocket, hold it in front of her, tell her to get it wet, which she does readily and then I force it into her ass. She flinches and whimpers but remains still. Pushing the plug in her puckered hole and holding I whisper, "Don't let this slip out lil one." I walk around running my hands along her body, touching and teasing as I move to the front of her.

Grabbing her by the hair and pulling her head up, "You're not going to disappoint me are you?" She slowly shakes her head no, there is trust in her eyes. Dropping her head I continue to walk around her, caress her, tease her, then leaving a large deep red hand print on her ass, legs and arms. Stopping to line up across from her ass, her looking the other way,

" You have made me very happy cunt, I was surprised you didn't watch me walking around you, but you starred straight ahead. Good girl," then I start to spank her ass, first one then the other cheek, one after another, not letting up, not time between the strikes, getting harder with each slap.

Her ass is glowing red, I can hear her whimper with each blow but never crying out, after one last HARD slap, I rub my hands around her cheeks. They are hot, almost on fire, I can feel the heat from her cheeks. Then sliding my hand into her wet lips, the heat is intense, my touch makes her jump. She responds to my hand on her pussy by rocking her hips against my fingers, I slap her clit with my knuckles and yell, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!! DID I TELL YOU TO MOVE?" Slapping her again, making her jump hard against the ropes. Then forcing three fingers inside, opening her and driving her closer to the edge.

Again walking around her and teasing her, moving in front of her and unzipping my jeans, "Look up lil one," as she does I grab the back of her head and force my rock hard cock into her mouth and down her throat, as she starts to gag I hold her tight against me, "Relax, breath around my cock, don't let yourself gag." After a few seconds I let her back away, another slight gag and I am back down her throat, "Get used to this, it's my favorite place to be."

Holding her as I start to move in and out, getting deeper with each thrust. She closes her eyes and starts to enjoy the invasion. This is my sign to move on, pulling out I slap the hard wet cock against her face.

" Nice throat cunt, I'm gonna have fun with that." walking around again until I reach the other side of the bench, her ass in the air, pussy red and dripping. My cock almost put her over the hump, but she held off. Several slaps across her red ass with some flicking of her swollen clit.

Getting on my knees behind her I start to lick and suck her wet pussy. Sliding my tongue slowly along her throbbing lips, each lick across her slit sending jolts up her spine. Following each lick and suck with a slap, keeping her swollen and overheated. She quickly gets to that line she is not to cross, I remind her, "If you cum you'll be sorry, I WILL punish you, UNDERSTAND CUNT?"

Her eyes find mine and without a word I know she understands, then she drops her eyes, a smile growing on her face. I bury my face back into her wet folds, sucking and teasing her pussy. Standing I take my still hard cock and push it into the outer lips and against her opening, then teasing her clit by rubbing the hot head around her button. Popping the knob inside her pussy and only leaving it in about 2 inches, just inside, and holding still. Starting again to smack each cheek, she drops her head and tightens, trying to pull me in deeper with her inner muscles, but not moving.

When I can tell she is about to lose it I thrust in deep and yank back on the choker collar to lift her head, cutting off the air as I do. She gets right against the wall but will not allow herself the relief as I fuck her pussy hard and deep. "Oh Shit baby you are so tight, I love fucking your wet little pussy!!"

Sweat running off her back as I slap her left cheek with my open hand. The site of her bound and being used by me is taking me up and over the edge fast, as I pull out cumming all over her ass and back, I know she needs to cum but choose to not let her achieve that need. I step back away and walk to the front of the bench, "Lick my cock and balls clean, get your nasty juice off me."

She licks me, leaving my cock wet but clean, then I tuck myself back into my jeans. Grabbing her by the hair again I pull her head until her eyes hit my stare, " You were a great little slut, and I know your pussy needs to cum, but I think you need to be punished for the mistakes you made today, and don't deserve to cum, don't you agree?"

She nods her head and drops her eyes, "So I think you can stay here in the dark until I think you have learned about obedience. If I look and you are not in this position I will not release you, I will punish you."

When I finished I popped out the butt plug, smiling that she had held it for the entire session, I walk to the bar and get an ice cube, return to the bench and push the ice into her wet hot pussy, then following it with the plug, "Now hold this, I need a drink, maybe a snack, might even go for a nap, I'll be back .

Kissing her ass cheek I turn to leave, blowing out the candles on my way to the stairs and waiting. I watch her as she stays still, her muscles flexing and shaking as she strains to remain upright. It has been so long since I have seen this kind of submission, I am rejuvenated by her desire. After what seemed like only minutes, actually it was almost an hour, I turned the light on and walked toward her. Walking around to the front I see the tears that streak her face, yet she never showed this pain. I kneel in front of her and give her a kiss.

Then moving around behind her again I return to playing with her dripping pussy, fingers, tongue and teeth, teasing and taunting her closer to the release she needed, "little pet, you may cum if you desire", giving the permission she needed. As I pushed her past the point of no return, she exploded, squirting like a garden hose and drenching the table and floor behind her, bucking and moaning she lets out a scream as her orgasm takes her to a place she had only dreamed of.

When the spasms of her explosion subside I tell her, "You were allowed to cum because I desired to see you finish. That will always be my decision alone, remember that. I am going to let you free now, you will clean up this play area, then yourself, take a shower. Then you will return to my room and find your place for the night, I want my breakfast at 9:00 am." I untie the restraints and help her to sit on the bench. Making sure she is steady I get up and leave, going upstairs and to my stereo to listen to some tunes before I sleep.

When I get up to go to bed I check the playroom, already clean, and then into my room. She is laying on the floor, naked, at the side of my bed, I sit and watch her sleep for a few minutes, she looks small and helpless. I reach over and wake her, pulling her to sit beside me on my bed, I reach into the drawer of my bed table and pull out a small strap. Taking off the rope around her left wrist I show her the strap. "This is for today, your first cuff, the left one, closest to your heart," I wrap the strap around her wrist, it is braided leather with a ring on one side, the other side, a small padlock and clasp. "This is the key." showing her a small chain around my neck, "you are on your way."

I kiss her and turn off the light, pulling her into the bed and wrapping my arms around her, it felt so nice to have another heartbeat to sleep to. "Remember, breakfast, nine am, I like everything fresh, goodnight." Then the silence fills the night as we drift off to sleep.

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