tagBDSMA Week At Papaw's Ch. 03

A Week At Papaw's Ch. 03


Tuesday – Discipline and Denial

The day crept in through the open window and slowly I drift back to reality. Last night still playing in my mind, I notice I am alone in bed and no one on the floor. I can hear noises from the kitchen and get up to move that way. As I enter the room Leah turns, drops to her knees, lowers her head and waits. I walk close and place my hand on the crown of her head, "Good morning lil one."

She looks up from the side and smiles, adding a quiet, "Good morning Sir, if it pleases you, sit and I will bring your breakfast, then I have a bath prepared, clothes laid out," she drops her head waiting for my response.

"You have honored me lil one, I will sit, you may sit while I eat." Sitting at the oak table and waiting for the plate. She brings a plate of eggs, ham and hash brown potatoes, along with a tall glass of orange juice. I see she is dressed in nothing but the slave-wear I had placed on here, nothing else covers her tiny body. Last nights slaps to her ass have left it a slight blue, she bruises easily, I will remember that, I don't want the marks to be seen by the wrong people.

"I am glad to see you remembered the dress code, it makes me happy." I reach out and slid my fingers across her clit and lips, she is wet, should I assume it is just for me? Yes, I will. She drops her head and I hear a soft moan escape from her lips. I can feel her pussy getting even wetter from my touch, I like that, means I am taking control. "How was last night for you, you can speak to tell me, lil one?"

"It was amazing Sir," looking down as she answers, "I felt like it was my first time all over again, but more. I wanted you to control me, use me, make me do things I had never dreamed of doing." Suddenly she looks embarrassed as if she was starting to realize what she had become. My toy, My possession. She needed to be treated this way, to be owned and she was starting to know this.

"What did you like about it, and what did you dislike, and remember, this is for me to understand you, I expect complete honesty. Not that I care what you want or don't want, as always that is my prerogative, you have no choice. You will do what ever I want and if you want something you will hope I give it to you or let you do it, understand cunt?" There is no change in her expression as I tell her this.

"Yes Master, I understand completely, I am just a cunt for your pleasure. I was so turned on by you controlling me and not letting me even cum without your permission, the way you used me made me feel dirty and unimportant, except when I could see the pleasure it gave you. As far as what I didn't like, it surprised me, but there was little I didn't like, the only thing was when you left me alone, even with you just sitting in the room, you were there. When you were gone I was empty and unnecessary, that I hated every minute of."

This was a rare find, she really felt the need, the desire to be a slave, it has been years since I have seen a sub like her, most play the game, need a small amount of the abuse or desire to be controlled, she craves it, can not live without it. I smile knowing what I have found in Leah. "Thank you for being honest lil one, I am happy to have found you, you will learn this life well. Today will be another new experience, I can assure you."

I finish my breakfast and get up, Leah starts to clean up after me without a word and I move to the bathroom, as I get inside she comes to the door, asking permission to enter. I stand at the toilet and relieve myself, she gets a washcloth and waits, when I finish she looks down and asks if she can clean my cock, I smile and tell her I would like that, she drops to her knees and licks the head, this surprises me, I thought the cloth, but she used that after I was cleaned by her tongue.

She washes my cock and balls and watches them as they start to harden, when I get hard she swallows my cock into her warm wet mouth and lets my cock slide into her throat. Holding me deep her throat squeezing me as she relaxes. I quickly cum and she swallows ever drop, licks the head and finishes again with the washcloth, then sets back on her heels letting me walk to the sink. I shave the spots with no beard and slip into the bath she has ready for me.

She shifts over to the side of the tub and again asks if she can wash me. As I tell her yes, she starts with my feet and washes me, then rinses my clean legs and feet, She completes the job from my feet to my neck, gentle and lovingly washing every inch. I watch her, her pussy is throbbing as she touches me. I can see she is very wet. When she finishes with the wash I stand and step out so she can dry me.

Walking into the bedroom she begins to dress me, this is so wonderful. When I am dressed she returns to the floor on her knees and lays her head against my leg as she closes her eyes, her arms behind her as if bound at the wrists. "We have some work outside today, you need to get dressed for it," saying this I walk away and into the living room. "When you get ready come in here and we will start the day."

A few minutes later she enters the living room wearing a thong and sandals to complement her slave-wear. Again the instructions do not escape her. I walk out and she quickly follows. We are in the yard cutting grass and raking, her doing the work mostly with me showing her what she is to do and then we head over to the large garden. I want her to see what is required to be mine, the garden needs tended daily and I expect the yard work kept up without my input. It has been sometime since my yard was taken care of by a slave. In the garden she finally sees that we are being watched, there are neighbors at the fence watching her work, it has been awhile since they had a good show on my property and they respectfully stand and watch with no comment to ruin their chances of this show continuing.

With the sun glaring down, Leah continues to work and the sweat is pouring down her skin mixing with the dust and dirt of the garden, yet she never complains. Even as I sit in the shade and sip my iced tea, she never slows her work. When I can tell she is tiring I call her over and tell her to sit at my feet on the ground, offering her some tea. "This is your life now, if you chose it to be. You have made me proud that the starring eyes have not swayed you from the tasks you were given. They will watch you, but will never come onto the property without permission, whether I am here or not, you should know you are safe. But you are a show for their amusement. Only if I give direct permission would they ever touch you, and that will happen soon enough, when I am ready, understand lil one?"

She nods as she sips, looking at the men and boys over by the fence. I can see that the idea is playing around in her head as she thinks of the possibilities of me giving her to them for their pleasure. She returns to the garden and continues her chores as I go back into the house. The neighbors watch and change places, some leave, some come out through out the remainder of the day. Occasionally I watch from the window, she teases the men watching but does not flirt. I can tell she is really enjoying the attention she is getting.

Later that afternoon, after a good long day of work in the yard and garden I again walk out and sit in the shade to watch her work. When she has finished and the chores for the day are done, she closes the shed door and picks up the basket of vegetables she has picked and comes over to where I am sitting. Placing the basket beside my chair she returns to the position on her knees at my feet. "There is one last chore for you my sweet," with that said I grab her by the hair and pull her face to my lap, not missing a beat she unzips my shorts and starts to pull my cock out, stroking it as she licks and sucks the base and my balls, she begins to give me head, sucking and clobbering me as she does.

When I am good and wet I push her away, tell her to turn and offer me her tiny ass. She turns and lowers her head, tits now on the grass and her ass in the air, "pull those panties out of the way of My pussy and finger her till I am ready to fuck you." She does as asked and starts to tease and play with her clit and pussy, juices flowing down her legs as she does.

When she is drenched from her leaking pussy I stand behind her, grabbing her by the hair and telling her to grab her wrists behind her back as if cuffed. She does this and I pull her to her feet, taking the chain from the birdhouse post in front of her and attaching it to her dog collar. Then I pull the thong from the crack of her ass and open the cheeks to show me the tiny puckered hole in front of me.

Pulling her back til the chain pulls tight I rub my cock against the tiny hole, getting it wet from her pussy juice and the slobber left on my cock. As I yank back on her hair and pull her wrists up off her back I thrust my cock in deep, her ass opening with the thrust. The head popping inside as she jumps and lets out a little yelp, when she does I slap her ass for the reaction I was given and then pull out, rubbing the cock through the wet pussy lips again then pushing back into her ass even deeper.

When I have buried my cock deep in her ass I start to fuck her, forcing my wet cock in and out as she stands pulling her against the chair that is tightening around her throat every time I pull my cock back out. She is moaning loud and trying to push back against me, as I push in deep. The spectators jockey to get the best view as I slam my cock into her. Most are silent with just a few cheers and jibes. I can feel my balls tighten as I am about to cum, I pull out and let the spray cover her back and ass. Letting her wrists go I tell her to tear her clit up, rubbing and spanking until she is squirting for me. It takes just a few strokes and she is spraying her cum backward onto the ground, letting out a loud scream as she does. Then the cheers and claps start from the fence.

I lean over and tell her that her release was for me, to let the audience see how much my fucking her ass made her cum. But I am gonna leave now and before she is allowed to come inside she will spend some time out here waiting for me to want her inside with me. Rather that unhook the chain from her collar I get a pair of cuffs from my pocket, always prepared, and fasten her hands behind her. Then a piece of rope is tied to the chain of the cuffs and tied up on a branch of the tree behind her, leaving her on her knees with her arms pulled back and up. Then I am off to the house.

I watch her from my chair in the living room. She sits outside the house and waits for me to return. The audience at the fence slowly one by one disappears and she is finally left alone. She sits on her heels quietly and without a fight, waiting for me to return and release her. As the sun starts to dip behind the horizon I decide it is time to go bring her inside. I go out and untie the rope to her cuffs, then unhook the chain from her collar, still leaving the cuffs in place. "How was you day been so far my pet?" she looks down and a tear forms in her eye. I tell her she has my permission to speak and tell me.

"As I said about last night, the day with you outside was wonderful, when you left I was very sad." I then remove the cuffs and tell her to get the basket and take the vegetables she had gathered inside. As she walks in front of me I can see how dirty her day outside has left her. Sweat, dirt, grass and cum cover her tiny body as she approaches the house. I quickly decide that I don't want her tracking in the dirt she is covered with and tell her to stop at the back door. Taking this chance to again show her that she is property I take the basket from her and place it inside the door and return to her.

I then pick up the hose coiled next to the back door and begin spraying her off, telling her to turn so I can get it all. Knowing the water will be very cold as the hose sits in the shade of the house and not the sun. She yelps and jumps, but stands her ground as I spray off the grim and dirt she has collected. Turning, the water cleans her and when I stop I can see that she is cold. I then tell her to turn so I can see that she is clean and then get her a towel from the back porch. Tossing it to her I go inside, leaving with "Don't forget the basket when you finish," over my shoulder as I enter the house.

When she enters I tell her to put the basket of vegetables away and come in to me in the living room. When she has finished with that task she comes in, again naked with only her slave-wear on and takes her place at my feet. "Since you have been such a good lil girl today, sit with me and watch some TV," slowly rising she sits next to me on the couch and instinctively lays her head in my lap. We spend the evening watching TV, after I send her in to fix me a sandwich and her getting something for herself. She sits on the floor as I eat and waits til I finish before eating her meal, when finished she cleans my plate, takes it into the kitchen and the returns to sitting beside me with her head in my lap. The rest of the night is spent like this watching TV and listening to music.

When I am ready to go to bed I push her to the floor and tell her that I need my cock sucked before I get some sleep, she quickly is on her knees between my thighs and pulling out my cock. Using her hands she strokes my cock and massages my balls until I am almost hard and slides her mouth down around me, sucking and licking as she does. Once I am hard she removes her hands and continues to suck and bob on my cock with no hands, my favorite type of head. She forces my cock as deep in her throat as possible, using the muscles to squeeze me and pull at my shaft, as she does I pinch and pull on her nipples, being almost brutal. She doesn't slow her work on me as I do, I can see her pussy getting wetter as she bobs and uses my shins to rub her clit against.

She gets me closer with each push into her tight throat, I can feel the wetness of her pussy running down my legs. As I get to the point of no return I grab her hair and pull up her head, cumming all over her face and tits, pushing her back I lower myself to the floor and start to lick and suck her wet cunt, spanking her clitty as I do, she thrashes and jumps as I slap her clit and lick her pussy and as she gets just to the edge, when she is about to let go I stop, slapping her across the face and get up. "Clean up the kitchen then yourself, I am heading to bed. See you in the morning," I tell her as I walk away. "Don't forget where you sleep and breakfast should be about 9 again, see ya in the morning cunt, and remember. I gave no permission for your release. Told you, outside was for me, tonight is for training, so I guess no present for you tonight. Goodnight lil one."

I get into bed as I can hear her working in the kitchen, before I drop off to sleep, she comes into the bedroom and finds her spot beside my bed on the floor, curls up and goes to sleep. I think, tomorrow will be a nice day for punishment, and learning her place. Then I also drift off to sleep.

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