tagBDSMA Week At Papaw's Ch. 05

A Week At Papaw's Ch. 05


Thursday – Service On Command – Visitors at Home

Waking to music, classic rock, my favorite, I see I am alone. Rolling out of bed and heading into the kitchen, it is spotless, everything in it's place, with a nice bowl of fresh fruit waiting for breakfast. Leah is not around the kitchen so I move through the dining room, until I can see into the living room. Leah is dancing, really enjoying the music, dressed as instructed for inside. She is dancing and prancing around the room, doing a little dusting, but mostly just feeling the music.

Not wanting to spoil the moment, I stay back in the dining room watching this tiny vision flutter around the room. Her naked body showing how into her dance she is. She is so involved with this little dance that she doesn't see me move through the dinning room up to the opposite doorway. Standing in the middle of the arch, she finally sees me as she spins back my direction. Her eyes widen as she realizes I am there and jumps back over to try to stop the music. She drops to her knees, lowering her head and waits for me to speak.

Instead I reach down and lift her into my arms, giving her a very long kiss. Pulling back my head I say, "Morning pet, so good to see you happy."

Carrying her over to the couch and sitting with her in my lap. She looks into my eyes, smiling, replies, "Morning to you Sir, I am happy".

"About the dancing, I do not want you to feel you can't be and enjoy being yourself. I do not want you to change, to stop being you. None of this is to make that happen, it is just to make you the person you need to be, desire to become. So dance, sing, enjoy your time, the chores are done and I have given no further instructions, so dance." As I tell her this I kiss her again.

She begins to suck on my tongue with a definite hunger. I push two fingers into her, one in each hole, and my thumb pushes and rubs her clit hard. She pushes down, grinding against my fingers and thumb. Even though this isn't going anywhere right now, I do like keeping her wet and ready. Becoming a little more aggressive with her grind, I can tell she is trying to get to her release before I decide I am done, not this time. Close, but no big O.

I push her from the couch and stand up, "Going to get some of that fine juicy fruit I saw in the kitchen, but you go ahead and dance lil one."

She lands with a thud, square on her hip, she seems to know not to rub or make any indication of her discomfort. She is so ready. I can see that her first thoughts are of my reaction and not her desire, and because of that, I call back to her, "better rub that, looked like it might hurt."

She watches as I eat but does not have any, I don't know if she is waiting for me or just not hungry, but the fruit is delicious. I tell her that we have allot to do today and she will be very busy. We have company coming and everything has to be right. She looks at me with those tiny bright eyes and has the look, she is adorable when she doesn't understand something I say.

"You look as though you have something on your mind, what is it Leah?"

Still looking down she asks, "May I ask who is coming to visit? Are they friends or business?"

"They are some very good friends of mine that I have kept in touch with since the early days." I smile and look for her reaction. She does brighten up and fights to keep from looking up. "You will like Dominique, lil one, she is a very lovely person. She was a switch when I first met her, she has since become a Professional Dominatrix with her own ... uh... studio. She is very good, I have been told, but she has never shown me that side, well, except at my request for a sub that I was training, with me she was always submissive. She is bringing a couple of friends. We are gonna have a nice evening, a little music, a little drink and friends." Slapping her on the ass I wink and get up from the table.

"So we got allot to do, see you in the shower," I call back as I head to the bathroom.

As I am finishing up she walks into the bath and wipes my cock dry, Following a nice little ritual we have started with the shower she drops to her knees out side the tub and licks and sucks my balls and cock, stroking and squeezing, making him jump to life in her hands. I step back and then into the shower. The water is very hot and steamy, I reach down and lift her into the tub by her wrists and pigtails until she stands on the side of the tub. We begin today as we began this adventure, I pull her into the shower and against the wall, her feet dangling, my fingers sliding into her from behind. She gets close to cumming and this time I do not stop, giving her a reward for last night.

As the water runs down between us, she quickly builds to her orgasm and tightens, then relaxes quietly, so not to show too much pleasure. I let her move away from the wall and tell her to wash me, I have no time for this right now. She soaps me and scrubs me. Paying most of her attention to my cock and balls, she rinses away the soap, then licks around the head, teasing me and making my cock throb again. I tell her we need to get going, spraying her off with the water.

Getting out of the shower and heading into the bedroom, Leah follows with a towel. Meeting me in the bedroom, she stops and drys me off. Even this attention brings back the life to my cock, I am again standing ready. Not wanting to waste the chance, I pick her up and toss her on her on the bed. Kneeling between her legs, I almost attack her pussy, sucking and licking, not giving her a moment to rest. My fingers pushed inside both holes with just her constant wetness to smooth the way. She jumps and grabs my hair tight, I pull away and slap her across the inside of her legs.

I yell at her, "Did I tell you to grab me, USE A LITTLE FUCKIN CONTROL CUNT," again I slap her thighs, this time finishing with a good strong spanking of her clit. As she stiffens and controls her actions, I grab a handful of cock and start to cock whip her clit and pussy.

I do not enter her but keep the use of her pussy going as hard and strong as I can. Keeping her on the edge, not letting her take the fall over and cum. Sliding my cock across her pussy as I tease and finger her closer and closer. I stop just as she drops her head back and stand up, not letting her finish, not ceasing the fires burning her up inside. I can see the expression on her face as it fades to disbelief that I had stopped and left her needing. I wipe the wet from my cock on her belly and turn away. Standing and waiting for her to dress me. Slowly she comes over to me and slides my shirt on and starts to button it. She has learned that no response is best when I make a decision. After I am dressed she brings me a chair to sit so she can put on my shoes. When they are tied she sits back on her heels and waits for me to tell her what to wear.

I want to see you sexy and frilly, not knowing your clothes I will leave the details to you. You know my likes and what I want, so show me you understand. We will be shopping in public, so remember that, no need for trouble from the law.

"Be ready in 30 minutes, not 31," and out the door I go.

When I tell her it is time to go, she meets me at the car. She is wearing a very tiny lacy white micro – mini skirt that barely covers her crotch when she is standing up right, any movement just shows more. Her top is a powder blue camisole with a tiny flower pattern. She is wearing a pair of denim ankle boots with frilly white bobby socks. Her hair is in pigtails and just a tiny touch of make-up. She certainly does know me. When she stops and does a little twirl I tell her, "You are just adorable, my pet."

Slipping into the car, she snuggles up against me. Dropping her hand into my lap. Not doing anything, just so she is resting on my cock. We spent the day shopping and just walking around town. I felt like a kid myself, she was fluttering around and teasing me now and then, I let her go, she is having so much fun just being free and open with me. I could see that she must have a "little" inside, wishing there would be time to explore that with her. But it is just a week.

When ever we have a few moments alone I play wither her pussy, teasing her ass and clit keeping her right on the edge. Her panties are ready to start dripping from my attention, and each time she pushes harder against me.

We slip into a lingerie shop and pick out a few things to try on, Then we disappear into the dressing room. Only the clerk is in the store besides us and she is busy with what looks like an inventory. Leah takes in a few skirts, shorts and tops in to try on. She drops her skirt and starts to try on the first on, a little black number slit up the side. I lift her up on the shelf in there, happy she is so small. When she is up there I pull the leg of her panties over and reaching into my pocket, pull out a set of Ben Wa balls. I push them in deep, her pussy grabs them and makes room for them inside, a nice tight fit.

These are a very special pair, I have a remote in the other pocket. I pull it out and turn it on, smiling I raise the strength until she is uncomfortable sitting still. Letting her down, I tell her to continue with the clothes.

She finishes trying on the sexy undies, we purchase some and leave. I keep the vibrations at a nice low rate. Yet I can see it is affecting everything she does, she is having trouble concentrating, moving from shop to shop, and even standing still. Every time she talks to a clerk, salesperson or even the other shoppers I give it a boost, as high as I feel she can take. Watching her closely, I see her have a huge orgasm as she talked to a very pretty salesgirl. She cums as they talk and this time it is a gush, the insides of her legs get drenched and there is a puddle on the floor. She looks at me and motions to the floor. I am amazed, she is asking if I want her to clean up her mess! That is usually licking it clean from the floor. I shake my head no, but, I will remember the offer.

The salesgirl sees her problem, leads her into a dressing room and grabs a towel. When they get inside the girl lifts her dress and starts to wipe her legs and pussy. I can see the dressing room doors but not inside, so I wait a few minutes and start the vibrations up again even stronger. She tells me later, that as soon as I raised the vibrations, she gushed all over the floor of the dressing room. The salesgirl cleaned her up again and helped her get a new pair of undies. My pet confesses as to what was going on with me outside waiting with the remote and she was wearing the toy. Leah said that the salesgirl, who just happened to be named Joy, gave her a kiss and squeezed her pussy, telling her to call, she would love to play too.

We finish the days shopping, with the big gush for Joy the only real relief she had from me and the toy. She squirms in the seat all the way home, even with a sulk on her face, I can tell it was a thrilling shopping trip for her. We get back to the house and put things away, then start to prepare for company. Just a nice clean up for the house and a good clean up for the dungeon room. The preparations are in place and the evening treats are ready and out on the table. I tell Leah she needs to get ready, to go and prepare for the evening, remembering the house rules about her dress inside my home.

When they arrive, I greet them at the door, first in is Lili, Dominique's slave. She is a tiny asian girl with long jet black hair and deep brown eyes. Next is Chase, he is Dominique's switch and keeps her studio and other subs in line and ready for her. She loves to watch a man controlling other women, as she controls him. Then of course there was Dominique, I have known her for a very long time, She was one of my last trainees, she took to it even faster than Leah. She is a Nubian princess, black silky skin, dark brown eyes. Her hair short cropped, she has a smile that makes the sun jealous. Her mom was from Japan and her father was a Bahamian, from Nassau. She has a wonderful British accent, she calls me Papa, back in that life my subs and trainees were like my kids. When she looks up and says, "Please Papa," I melt.

With Chase mixing and Lili serving, the night started with us all in the living room, drinking, relaxing and listening to music. After a nice bit of conversation, we share a round or two of Absinthe. I had two 1913 pre-ban bottles of Pernod Fils from France and this felt like the perfect time to present it. It has become very relaxed in the living room as Dominique is laying across the couch and in my lap, she is laying there slowly stroking me, occasionally a bit of kissing and licking to make him jump a bit. I tell Dominique that it's time to present my secret. With that I motion to Chase to open the door to the dungeon and out steps my new pet. She is dressed in only her slave wear. Three gifts she earned, a piece of rope and a choker chain, nothing else. Her hair in pigtails and her pussy freshly shaven and powder soft.

"This is Leah, she has chosen to learn from us, to submit to me and accept her training. She is a slutty little thing that knows how to be used and loves the experience. Tonight she is about to give all of herself over to me and in turn I will give her to you, to do with as I please, and as I direct."

After her introduction she moves in front of us, lowers to her knees. Then drops her head to the floor, arms extended above. I tell her to rise to her knees and leave her hands at her side. When she first sees my cock in the small black hands of our guest, there was a look of confusion on her face. That left quickly and her shy smile returned. Her lovely breasts are in view and the nipples could cut glass. I wish I could hear her heart, I am sure it is about to jump from inside. I can see the gleam in her eye and I know this is just what she needed.

"Leah, this beautiful princess is Dominique, when she is with me, her word is my word. You will do as she commands. Leah nods in agreement, and I tell her, "You are not bound to be told to speak tonight, I want to hear your pleasure, so you may talk and express it.

When I say this, she says, in a faint distant voice, "Yes Sir, I bow to My Lady, she is you and to be obeyed." She again lowers down to bow on the floor.

Dominique slides around on the couch and sits, telling my little slut, "Hello my pretty, you are so adorable. Show me what my true Master loves about you, let us see that pussy."

Leah turns on her knees and again drops her head, but this time she raises her ass as she faces away. He pussy is glistening, with a few droplets of her wet lust running down the inside of her thighs. Seeing the line of pleasure rolling down her flesh Dominique adds, "Mmmmmmm, that is a lovely little kitty you have there, so wet and wanting."

Dominique slides off the couch and over to slip in behind Leah, teases, fingers and licks her wet drippy pussy, driving Leah wild. This pleasure is only there for a few moments and Dominique moves away from Leah, back to the couch with me. Offering her wet fingers to me to taste and stroking my cock with the other hand, also very wet from my pet. Looking back at Leah, she tells Chase and Lili to get Leah ready in the dungeon. Showing no mercy they each grab an arm and drag her to the playroom. As they work on Leah in the playroom, Dominique and I return to the absinthe, sharing another aperitif. While we wait Dominique continues to stroke my cock. I slide a few fingers into her wet pink pussy, she is so very wet.

Lili appears at the door, head down, arms behind her, waiting to be acknowledged. After a short time Dominique looks at her and says, "What do you need, worm? Speak to me, slut."

"Ma'am, the new one is ready for you and Sir, at your request." She again waits for her Mistress's reply.

"Then we shall be in shortly, you may go." As she answered, Dominique turns to me and slides up til she is sitting in my lap.

"I always loved you inside me, may I Sir, may I slide down your cock for old times sake?" Leaning forward she snuggles my neck and I hear, "Please Papa."

I slide my hands under her so strong and tiny ass, smooth as silk and as hot as fire. I lift her so she can slip the head inside. She is so wet and ready, when I relax my hold and let her down, she slides till I am buried deep inside. She stops with a low moan and start a slow grind against my lap. Slowly rocking her hips back and forth I can feel her pussy sucking at me, pulling me in. she is holding me tight and I know it is her getting ready to cum so I slip a finger into her ass. She jumps and start to cum, I feel her flood my lap with her juices. As her shaking slows down, she slide off and licks us both off my cock. She stands and takes my hand to lead me into the playroom.

Lili is standing at the door waiting for us. I said she is asian, I believe Laotian, she was a soldiers daughter that was killed, I know we were never in Laos, right. She lost her mom just before she came over to the states and was sent to her grandparents. They were not thrilled with this little girl and she ...... well, fell into a bad crowd. Dominique rescued her from the street and gave her a home and helped her see who she really was. Now she belongs and is happy. She is very tiny, small round breasts and a lovely tight little ass. She is smooth and has her clit and labia both pierced, and a ring in each nipple. Her dress is as simple as Leah's, naked and in slave gear, her bands and collar are pink silk. She has a slave chain that is connected to her nipples and those chains wrap around her and connect to a single chain attached to her clit ring and following her ass crack like a thong. There is a ring just above her ass that connects them all to an easy to grab place.

Lili leads us in and over to my overstuffed chair. I sit and Dominique slides onto my lap, her wet pussy slipping across my skin. Once we are comfortable, Lili drops her head and backs away. This opens the room to our view, there are candles and scented oil lamps lighting the center and leaving the outer edges in a darkened haze. Dominique whispers in my ear.

"Master I have brought you a gift, to show you how much I care. I know your playroom needs a few new things, so I brought one you might not think to get." kissing my chest. She returns to stroking me and keeping me as hard as ever.

Chase is behind Lili, dressed in a pair of leather chaps, nothing else, except his slave wear and collar of black leather. He is a big man, young, blonde and ripped. He was found in a male bondage club and kidnapped by Dominique. He is now her slave and enforcer, he is the muscle that makes her trainees keep their place. Chase is also a rope master and if you wanted him to, can suspend a damn truck from the ceiling.

Behind Chase is the gift from Dominique, a wooden pony. I can see Leah, straddling the wooden pony with her legs spread and tied to floor rings. Her legs are pulled straight and she is barely able to stay on her toes . This helps keep her clit just above the peak, most of the time anyway. Leaning forward with her arms bound behind her. From her wrists to above her elbows, drawing them together, it is a tight braid. At the top, between the elbows, there is a rope that has her suspended just enough so her clit is barely in contact with the peak. Another chain is connected to her choker keeping it taut. Then to top it all off, I see she has an anal hook as part of her suspension and is wearing a ball gag. Even the slightest movement on her part scrapes and rubs her clit across the point of the pony if she lowers from her toes. She looks wild hanging there. She can see us as well and the look in her eyes reassures me she is ok. The sides of the pony are already soaked from her.

Then I realize that she has been like that since before Lili came in to get us, and we didn't exactly hurry. I ask my pet, "lil slut, are you enjoying the ride?" I grab a handful of Dominique's pussy and she jumps and then lets it start to build. I want Leah to see me with her, to know this is ownership, not a relationship. She need to understand the difference. As the princess begins to cum, her slave, without any sign from her mistress, drops to her knees and licks her pussy clean. When she has gotten all of Dominique's cum I grab her by the hair and pull her to my cock, almost immediately she opens her mouth and lets my cock slide into her throat.

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