tagNovels and NovellasA Week In The Mountains Ch. 06

A Week In The Mountains Ch. 06

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIV: A Week In The Mountains

Kay lay in Frankie's bed, enveloped in the young man's embrace, while her body calmed after their second session of lovemaking. The calmer she got, the more ominous the situation she had created with her impulsive lapse in judgment became in her mind. Making love with Frankie was the most delightful thing that had happened to her in ages, but there would be serious repercussions for both her and the young man if her husband or his parents ever found out what they had done. Stu would most likely divorce her and her long friendship with Gloria Bobar would come to a horrible end. She had, she realized, put herself in a very dangerous spot.

She rolled on her side and looked at the young man lying next to her. "Frankie, I...I don't know what to do," she murmured. Even though she knew only too well what the consequences of their behavior would be if they were discovered, she couldn't help but be acutely aware of the fact that his nude body remained pressed tightly against hers. And having that body against her felt wonderful, far more wonderful than it should have. "Ah...what...what we've done is so wrong! I...I'll be in serious trouble if my...my husband and...and your parents find out what I..."

"We did it, not you," Frankie said, interrupting her. "I'm not going to tell them, Aunt Kay," he added earnestly. "I...I'll never tell anybody. No way!"

Kay looked into his face and, as she did, her mind wandered and she began to recall everything that had transpired in the time since she took her shower. Those memories, which were incredibly vivid, made it difficult for her to focus on what she was trying to say to Frankie now. "The problem is..." she continued, her voice starting to sound a little dreamy, "...you are such a wonderful lover! You satisfy me so well! I...I know we should stop this before it gets out of control, but..."

Frankie kissed her. He found it difficult to believe what Aunt Kay was saying about what a good lover he was. And, unless he wasn't hearing her right, it sounded like she wanted them to keep doing this! He sure hoped that was what she was saying.

"What am I going to do?" Kay said, continuing to think out loud after the kiss ended. "How are we going to face your folks...my husband?"

"You...you aren't going to tell your husband, are you?" Frankie asked. Suddenly he, too, realized what kind of trouble they might be in and got scared. He wasn't sure what his parents and Mr. Tobin would do if they found out what happened between Aunt Kay and him, but he was positive whatever they did wouldn't be very happy about it.

Kay shook her head. "Don't worry, darling, I'd never do that," she said. "I...I don't want them to find out about us any more than you do."

"Aunt Kay, are...are you sorry we...you know...we did what we...did?" Frankie asked.

Kay hugged him, gave him a gentle kiss, then she shook her head. "That's the crazy thing about this, my darling. I've cheated on my husband and compromised my friendship with your mother. I should be sorry, but I'm not," she said. "Not in the least. It's just that what we've done, as wonderful as it was, really is wrong. If...if Stu and your parents ever find out what we've done, we...we'll be in a lot of trouble. Do you understand that?"

Frankie nodded. "Yeah, I guess so," he replied. "I guess you're right. What...what are you...we going to do?" He dreaded her reply. What if she said she never would let him make love to her again? If she did that, he wasn't sure what he'd do. He wasn't sure he'd be able to see her every day and not be able to touch her any more.

"To...to be completely honest with you, Frankie, I...I don't know," Kay replied. "I...I'm so confused. I...I know that the right thing would be for us to stop right now." She took a deep breath. "That's what we should do. If...if we never do this again, we...there will be less risk of anyone finding out, I suppose." She saw the sad look appear on the young man's face and continued. "Oh, darling, don't look so sad," she murmured. "I'm afraid that as long as I'm around you, I won't be able to let you alone." She studied him for a second. "Does...does that upset you, darling?"

Frankie, having just heard the words he hoped to hear, grinned. "No way!" he exclaimed. "I was just thinking that it would make me nuts if you were here and I couldn't touch you." In fact, he wasn't able to have the beautiful naked woman lying against him and keep his hands to himself, so he began caressing one of her breasts.

When Frankie's fingers began stealing gently over her breast, Kay shuddered and felt her nipples begin to harden. His gentle caresses were arousing her again! "Oh, Frankie!" she murmured, "I can't get over it! You are insatiable!" She giggled then added, "And I guess I am, too." She slid her hand over his hairless chest, found his nipples, and teased them to straining, tingling points. It delighted her that he gasped and shook with pleasure while she toyed with his body. She leaned over and sucked one of his nipples into her mouth.

"Ah!" Frankie moaned. He had no idea his nipples were that sensitive. What Aunt Kay was doing to him felt so wild! It felt so good that it almost hurt. He couldn't lie still.

Kay paused from her activities and looked up at the red-faced young man. "You like that, don't you Frankie, darling?" she asked. "I bet you didn't know men liked having their nipples kissed, too, did you?" She found that she wanted to make love to him, to give him as much pleasure as he'd given her.

Frankie nodded. "God, I had no idea!" he replied. "It feels awesome! Don't stop!"

Kay returned to arousing the young man. Her lips blazed a trail of fire over his quivering body. He rolled onto his back and she slid her hand down across his belly and took hold of his penis, which had begun to stiffen once again. When she wrapped her fingers around the thickening wand, she could feel the heat coming from it, the way it was swelling, and the sticky residue of their earlier lovemaking. Her kisses moved across his belly, through his damp pubic hair, to the base of the rapidly swelling pole. She sucked her husband because it was what Stu wanted and she felt obligated to please him, but she intended to do it to Frankie because she wanted to. And wanting to, she discovered, made a huge difference. She got to her knees next to the quivering young man's hips, bent over him, took his engorged shaft in her mouth, locked her lips around it, and started moving her head up and down slowly, lashing the surface of his stiffened penis with her tongue as she did. She delighted in the way it felt as her lips slid over the veined surface of his throbbing organ.

Frankie was stunned when Aunt Kay took his penis in her hand and began stroking it. It shocked him even more when she took him in her mouth and her lips began sliding up and down on his super-sensitive rod while her tongue lashed it. Even in his wildest fantasies, he'd never allowed himself to imagine that anything like this would happen with her! Her soft, silky hair tumbled over his middle and tickled him, adding immeasurably to the incredible sensations she was giving him with her lips and hands. He'd never felt anything quite like it. He found it almost impossible to believe she was really doing this to him. He raised his head and looked down at her. She was kneeling next to him, her head was moving up and down, and her breasts dangled under her, with her erect nipples pointing at the bed. He thought it was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. He stroked her back gently, then her buttocks, then her legs, then he slid his hands down her sides, under her, to her breasts. His fingers continued to trail tenderly over her the smooth skin covering her dangling globes while her lips continued to slide lovingly up and down on his throbbing shaft. "Aunt Kay! Oh, God, I...I'm so close!" he gasped, his hips rocking. "What you're doing...it...it feels too good!"

Even though she'd never done it before, Kay considered letting the young man come in her mouth, and then she decided she didn't want to let that happen this time. She now knew there would be other times they would make love; she could save that for one of those times. She lifted her mouth from his swollen shaft, swung her leg over his body, and holding his erection steady, lowered herself onto him. His engorged organ slid into her fluttering cavern, which engulfed and caressed it as she settled onto him and took him all the way into her body. After she had him inside her, she looked down at him. When she saw the look of ecstasy on his face she was jubilant. It looked as if he enjoyed what they were doing as much as she did! "You like what we're doing, don't you, Frankie?" she whispered. "You really do!"

"Oh, yes!" the young man replied ardently. "I sure do!" He lifted his hips off the bed, driving himself farther into her. "I never, ever felt anything like this! It's...it's fantastic!"

Kay pressed down against him, rocking her hips gently. Once more, she was thrilled by the exquisite sensations being delivered into her by his swollen wand as it moved around inside her. "Oh, Frankie!" she whimpered. "Oh, my darling!" She pushed herself erect and began to rock her hips more urgently, causing the lad's erection to whip around inside her, creating heavenly bedlam in her super-aroused body. She couldn't believe she was this aroused again, but she was. Her hips moved faster and faster, her, as her motions became more and more frenzied. "Oh, Frankie! This is so lovely! This...Ah! This is incredible!" she groaned.

Frankie looked up at the gorgeous woman riding him. Her face was flushed with passion and her breasts danced delightfully as she rode him. What he saw, along with the intense, delectable friction of their coupled sex organs, drove him rapidly toward his peak. "Aunt Kay! I...I'm gonna come!" he cried. "Oh, God!" He'd no sooner gotten the words out when his hot juices boiled inside him, then they bubbled up, rushed through his penis, and flooding her, filling her to overflowing.

Kay felt her young lover's urgent thrusts and, when his molten juices inundated her, she could stand no more. Explosions of bliss began detonating inside her once again and her body and mind once again were filled with ecstasy. "Come, Frankie, darling! Yes! Come for me, Frankie!" she urged ardently, "Fill me! It feels so good! Oh....Oh! Frankie! Oh, Frankie! Yes! Ah! Yes! Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes!"

Kay rode the bucking young man, experiencing another staggering orgasm. When the explosions of bliss finally began waning, she remained sitting atop him, enjoying the small sweet after-shocks of joy that followed their frantic union. He felt his penis soften and slide from her, tickling as it left her. Then she felt his juices begin dribbling out of her. She lowered herself onto his chest and felt his arms slide around her. Then his lips covered hers. This was so wonderful! Finally, she slid off him and rolled on her side, facing him. "We...we've been at this a long time," she said. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Frankie glanced at his watch. "It's almost noon," he said.

"Oh," Kay replied. For some reason, she thought it was later than that.

"Ah...uh...Aunt Kay, do...do you think...maybe we, could get something to eat?" Frankie asked. "I'm getting kind of hungry."

Kay giggled. "I think that's a terrific idea," she replied. She leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss. "I'm famished, too."

Frankie kissed her again, got off the bed, and slipped on his shorts and T-shirt. Kay got up, got her bathrobe and slipped it on. Then she and Frankie went out to the kitchen.

When Kay walked out of Frankie's bedroom and started down the hall toward the kitchen, she began putting some distance between herself and what they'd done and feelings of recrimination once again began to fill her mind. What she was doing was horribly wrong. She should never have allowed it to happen. "What am I doing?" she asked herself while she followed the young man down the hall. "What on earth has gotten into me? I know better than to act like this, don't I?" But then she thought about how wonderful what she'd shared with the young man had been, and warmth filled her once more. She hugged herself. Sex with Frankie was intoxicating and she wasn't sure she could stand being without it.

They got some sodas, made themselves sandwiches and sat down at the kitchen table to eat.

Frankie gazing adoringly across the table at his companion while they ate. "You know, Aunt Kay, you're really beautiful," he commented. "I...I think you're the prettiest woman I ever saw. I...I guess I always have."

Kay felt herself blushing. "It's really sweet of you to say that, Frankie," she replied softly. "I think you're a very good-looking young man. I'm surprised you don't have all kinds of girls chasing after you."

Frankie's face got red. "You...you're just about the only woman I know who thinks I'm good-looking," he replied. "Most of the girls in school with won't go out with me. The other kids think I'm a nerd because I get good grades and don't play sports."

Kay reached across the table and laid her hand on Frankie's. "They're foolish if that's true," she said. "Sometimes kids can be really cruel. It was like that when I was your age, too."

Frankie looked surprised. "You mean you didn't have a lot of guys wanting to take you out when you were my age?" he asked. "How come? You must have been pretty then, too. I bet you were a knockout."

Kay shook her head. "I...I wasn't one of the 'in crowd' when I was in school," she explained. "My folks didn't have a lot of money, and I was kind of shy. I guess a lot of the other kids thought I was stuck up or something."

They finished eating and put their dishes in the dishwasher. When that was done, they stood at the sink, looking at each other. Then Kay, who had been seriously considering getting dressed, sitting down, and having a serious talk with Frankie about how wrong what they were doing was, felt herself being swept into his arms. Their lips fused in a passionate kiss and, while the kiss went on, she felt his hands slide inside her robe and move over her body, then he cupped her bare buttocks in his hands and pulled her against him.

Kay pressed against the young man and returned his kiss and when she did, she felt something prodding her belly. A tremor went through her. "I don't believe this!" she thought, "He can't be hard again! Not after all we did this morning." But, in fact, the young man was aroused and incontrovertible proof of that was nudging against her belly.

Clutching the stunned woman, Frankie backed to one of the kitchen chairs and sat down on it. Then he turned her so she was straddling his legs.

"Frankie! What...what do...do you think you...you're doing?" Kay gasped. She was still a little unnerved by the emotions his kiss had evoked in her.

Frankie untied the sash around the waist of her robe and spread the garment open. "You...you'll see in a...a second," he murmured. He pulled her down onto his lap.

Kay let Frankie pull her down and, when she did, she felt his swollen shaft sliding into her. She couldn't believe it! He was making love to her in the kitchen! This was crazy! But it was wonderful, too. "Oh! Frankie! That feels so good! Yes!" she groaned, while passion once again flared alive in her.

When the young man began to rock his hips and drive his erection deep into her, Kay was again thrilled by the amount of pleasure his thrusting wand gave her. "Frankie, you...Uh! ...you are unbelievable!" she groaned. She clung to his shoulders as they bounced up and down on the protesting, rocking kitchen chair.

Frankie was delighted to find that having Aunt Kay on his lap, facing him placed her breasts right in front of his face. He captured one of her nipples with his lips and lashed it eagerly with his tongue.

"Oh, Frankie!" Kay moaned. Elation began to rip through her once more. It never changed; making love with him was always stupendous! "So...good! Oh, God, Frankie! Oh, God! Yes!"

Frankie kept rocking his hips, shoving his hard shaft deep into her. His hands, clamped on her hips, hauled her down onto his spearing wand.

Frankie's feverish movements, plus the delectable feelings caused by what he was doing to her breasts with his lips and tongue had Kay aflame with need and racing pell-mell toward release. "Frankie, I...I'm going to...to come!" she cried. She was startled by how rapidly she had reached the point of explosion. "Frankie! Frankie! Oh, Frankie! I'm coming! Darling, oh, my God! More! Oh, God, Frankie! More! Yes! Yes!"

"Yeah!" Frankie groaned when he exploded into her. "Oh, God, yeah!"

On the chair in the middle of the kitchen, they clung to each other desperately as their passion for each other spent itself one more time.

When Kay finally had strength enough to move, she kissed her young lover. "My God, Frankie that was fantastic!" she gasped. "But...but we took an awful chance making love here in the kitchen. I...I think we better go back to your room." She lifted herself off him. "It wouldn't be good if someone were to come in and find us like this, would it?" she asked. When she stood up, she discovered that her legs were still a little weak. As she stood in front of the young man, Kay could feel his juices trickling down her legs. Before today she found that part of lovemaking distasteful, but for some reason, after making love with Frankie, it added to the joy she felt.

"Ah...yeah, I guess you're right," Frankie gasped. He stood up and, with their arms around each other; they walked back to his bedroom and got back in bed. They moved into each other's arms and kissed each other deeply.

"How soon do you think your folks...and the others...will be back?" Kay asked.

Frankie shrugged. "Mom really likes shopping. I'd be surprised if she and Mrs. Ervins get home much before five," he said. "And Dad and the guys probably won't be home much earlier than that if they play thirty-six holes of golf." He chuckled. "Especially not if Dad isn't winning. He'll keep the other guys there all night if he has to do that to win."

Kay smiled. "That means we have at least four more hours, doesn't it?" she noted.

Frankie returned her smile and nodded. "Yeah, it does," he said.

While they gazed into each other's eyes with deep feeling, their hands began roaming over each other's warm flesh.

"Ah, you know, when...when we...when we started making love earlier, I...I was scared," Frankie stammered.

His comment surprised Kay. "Scared, my darling," she said. "Why on earth were you scared?"

"Ah...well..." he replied hesitantly. "I...I wanted to be good for you and I was scared I wouldn't, you know, be very good. I mean, I don't know all that much about...well...you know..."

Kay hugged him. "Oh, God, Frankie, you have no idea what a wonderful lover are!" she exclaimed. "You are fabulous!" She took his face in her hands and kissed him.

"God, you're beautiful, Aunt Kay!" Frankie exclaimed after the kiss ended. Then he lowered his face and lips to the lovely globes adorning her chest and began kissing them softly.

Shock waves of delight swept through Kay while the young man suckled her nipples. She loved the way he played with her breasts, and how much he seemed to adore them. His touch was so light, so soft, she feared she would come again from having her breasts and nipples kissed. His caresses were so delightful! "Oh! God!" she moaned. "Oh, Frankie, that's lovely! That's so incredibly lovely!" His lips traveled to her other nipple and thrills continued to ripple through her.

After a while, moving slowly, tantalizing her, the young man's lips left her breasts and moved onto her belly. "Oh, darling!" Kay crooned, "You really do know exactly what to do to make me feel wonderful!" She couldn't believe how powerfully he aroused her! They'd only been making love for a few seconds and already her body was quaking with need. His caresses and kisses were softer and gentler than any she'd ever experienced. She had to have him again! "Take me!! Oh, Frankie, darling, I need you again, please take me!" she moaned.

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