tagNovels and NovellasA Week In The Mountains Ch. 09

A Week In The Mountains Ch. 09

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIV: A Week In The Mountains

Chapter nine

After they made love a second time in the little cabin, Frankie and Kay got dressed and headed back to the Bobar cabin.

"I forgot to tell you," Frankie told his companion as they walked through the woods. "Mom came to my room to talk about you and me after breakfast."

"A...about me...uh...us...you and me?" Kay stammered in reply. His words sent a rush of anxiety racing through her. "What...what about me?"

Frankie grinned. "Well, since your husband had to go home, and they had planned to do some things that are for couples," he said, "Mom wanted to know if I'd kind of, you know, be your date. Like for going out to dinner tonight, and going to the Mountain Theater."

Kay breathed a sigh of relief. "Frankie!" she exclaimed, "You had me worried. I thought you were going to say she'd said something to you about us."

The young man's grin got wider. "Well, it was kinda about us, wasn't it?" he replied.

Kay shook her head and gave him an exasperated look. "Well, yes, but that wasn't what I thought you meant," Kay said.

"I know, you should have seen the look on your face when I first told you," Frankie said, grinning.

"Frankie, you are a devil," Kay giggled.

"Boy, you had quite a walk, didn't you Kay?" Gloria Bobar commented when Kay and Frankie finally returned to the cabin. "Frankie must have given you the grand tour." Gloria was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on lunch. The dining room table was already set.

"Ah, yes, he did," Kay replied. "He...he showed me lots of interesting things. We...we saw a deer. A buck. And on the way back, we saw some wild turkeys, too. It was a mother with some babies. They were so cute."

"They are adorable, aren't they?" Gloria said. "They're so tiny when they're babies, but it doesn't take long for them to grow up. I'm so glad the board went along with letting the state stock the wild turkeys a few years ago, it's really been wonderful having them around."

After they ate lunch, the women spent the afternoon playing cards while Frankie's father and Mike Ervins took the canoe out on the lake and fished. Frankie fished off the dock for a while, then he put his fishing gear away, went to the woodpile behind the garage, and began splitting wood and stacking it in the woodshed attached to the side of the house near the front deck. He worked on that until his mother called him and told him it was time to get cleaned up so they could go out to dinner.

For her evening at the theater, Kay picked a navy and white striped sleeveless shirt with a collar that fit snugly around her neck, and a long white wrap-around skirt. Under it she wore a satin knit bra and matching thong bikini. She decided she didn't need pantyhose because she was wearing a long skirt.

The hostess at the restaurant where they had dinner seated them in a table located in a dimly lit corner that was a combination of booth and table and chairs. Kay and Frankie were in the corner on the bench, while Frankie's parents and the Ervins were seated in chairs around the table.

A waiter arrived, took their order for cocktails and appetizers, and left. A few minutes later, he brought their drinks and took their meal order, then left again.

Kay picked up her drink and sipped it. While she did, she let her arm fall into her lap, and then she slid it onto Frankie's leg and began to run her fingers up and down it very lightly. She felt daring making advances to him in front of the others and knew she shouldn't be doing it, but she couldn't help herself.

"So, Frankie," Mike Ervin said, "Have you ever been to a play before?"

"Ah...yeah," the young man replied. He was having more than a little trouble focussing on conversation, given what Aunt Kay was doing to him under the table. The light teasing of her fingers had him nearly hard. "I'm, ah, was in the drama club in high school. We went to New York and saw a couple of plays on Broadway. And we, uh, did the play we're going to see tonight as our senior class play."

"Really?" Mrs. Ervin asked. "What part did you play?"

"Ah, nothing big. I was in some of the crowd scenes and in the chorus," the young man said.

While Frankie carried on his conversation with the Ervins and his parents, Kay moved her hand between his legs, slid it up to his crotch, and discovered that he had an erection. "It's good he's not wearing tight pants," she thought. She also noted that he shifted his body to give her better access to him. She didn't know what had gotten into her; she'd never had the courage to do anything like this before in her life.

Although it was extremely difficult, Frankie did manage to keep up his end of the conversation he was having with the other adults about the play while, at the same time, he was stifling his responses to the feelings Aunt Kay's hand was conferring on him. What she was doing really felt good, so he decided to reciprocate. He laid his hand gently on her leg and started to caress her legs through her skirt.

"I hope they do a good job with this play," Mike Ervins said. "Sometimes these amateur companies do a crappy job."

"I heard they have professional actors working at Mountain Theater," Kay commented. When Frankie's fingers began trailing over her legs, she leaned back in the booth. The delightful sensations resulting from the young man's surreptitious caresses were causing her to become powerfully aroused. And the fact that he was giving them to her under such risky circumstances only served to add to the thrills she felt.

"Actually, we've been to a lot of plays at the Mountain Playhouse over the years and they've always been quite good," Gloria Bobar commented. "In fact, Frankie talked about trying out for the theater's company this summer."

"Really, Frankie?" Sue Ervins responded. "That sounds like it might have been an exciting experience. What made you decide not to do it?"

Frankie nodded and took a deep breath before he answered. Aunt Kay was making him nuts, doing what she was doing to him. "I, ah, I did think about it," he replied, "I even had an interview with the manager. But when I found out how much time it was going to take, I decided not to. I wouldn't have had any time to do fun stuff." "Like what I'm doing right now," he thought wryly.

"But wouldn't it have given you a chance to meet girls?" Sue asked. "I mean, there are a lot of girls your age in the company, aren't there?"

"Yeah, maybe," Frankie replied. He shrugged. "I...I don't do real well with girls, though."

"You're doing just fine with me!" Kay thought as a soft shudder raced through her. "God!"

While Frankie talked with his parents and the Ervins, he slid his hand to the inside of Kay's thigh and caressed it through her skirt. She parted her legs and hoped fervently that none of the other people in their party could see what she and the young man were doing to each other under the table. She found the situation, though dicey, incredibly erotic and exciting. Everyone else was talking and nobody appeared to notice that anything untoward was happening across the table from them. It was growing more and more difficult for her to conceal the excitement growing inside her as Frankie's caresses continued.

When she felt Frankie's hand move onto her bare flesh and had to stifle a gasp. He had managed to slide it inside the slit at the side of her wrap-around skirt and onto her bare thigh. His fingers began to trail lightly over her inner thigh while waves of pleasure continued to radiate through her.

While Kay sat there silently, nearly overwhelmed by the feelings sweeping through her, Frankie continued his conversation with the others at the table as if nothing unusual was happening. He, like Kay, was getting a big kick out of what they were doing.

Kay, stunned but electrified, felt the young man's hand slide farther and farther up between her legs, moving nearer and nearer to her vagina. She could feel herself growing wet with the effluent of arousal and was glad she decided to wear panties. A shudder raced through her as his fingers traced lightly over her tingling opening through the damp crotch of her panties. She glanced over at Frankie and couldn't believe how cool he looked. He was sitting there, calmly carrying on a conversation, while under the table, his finger was moving up and down, caressing her moist fissure, making her want to cry out in joy.

Frankie had her as aroused as she believed it was possible to be without coming. In fact, she was sure he'd make her come any second and didn't know how she'd explain that away once it happened. Then, suddenly, his hand left her. Some of the passion she had been experiencing ebbed a tiny bit, but all of it and more returned when his hand slipped back between her legs, his fingers hooked aside the leg of her panties, and one finger slid into her.

"Kay, are you all right?" Gloria Bobar asked. "You look flushed. Are you sure you're over whatever was bothering you yesterday? This hasn't been a very good vacation for you, has it?"

Kay forced a calm look on her face and a smile on her lips. She shook her head. "I...I'm, ah, I'm fine, Gloria," she replied. "I...I guess my drink was a little...um stronger than I expected. I...I don't drink that much and...well, don't worry, I...I'm fine. I...I really am." She took a deep breath and added, "I...I'm having a wonderful time, don't worry about that." "God, you'd have a fit if you know what a wonderful time I'm really having...and why," she mused.

When the waiter arrived and began placing their food on the table, Frankie finally took his hand from Kay's leg, giving it a final squeeze as he did. He calmly picked up his fork and began to eat his meal.

Kay managed to calm herself down enough to eat. The meal was excellent and she wound up eating everything on her plate. She even ordered a very rich dessert, something she seldom did. After the meal was over they sat and talked over cups of coffee for a while, then they got up and headed for the theater.

Kay and Frankie had to share the back seat of the car with Sue Ervins, so they couldn't do anything on the ride from the restaurant to the theater, a fact that disappointed both of them.

When they arrived at the theater, Frankie's parents went to get the tickets while Frankie and Kay stood on the porch of the converted barn where the theater was housed, talking with Sue and Mike Ervins. After a few moments, the young man's parents returned, looking unhappy.

"I don't believe this!" Frankie's father grumbled. "Dammit! We called early enough, if they didn't have the tickets I wanted, they should have told me then."

"What's the matter?" Sue Ervins asked. "Didn't they have enough tickets for us?"

"They had enough tickets, but the ticket clerk said they didn't have six seats together," Frankie's mother replied. "All they had was four seats together downstairs, and two up in the balcony."

"That's OK, Gloria," Kay replied. "Frankie and I can sit in balcony, the four of you can sit together. I don't mind. Do you, Frankie?"

"No, I don't mind," Frankie replied, stifling a grin.

"Are you sure, Kay?" Gloria replied. "You really don't mind?"

Kay shook her head. "It isn't a problem, really," she said. "I'm sure Frankie and I will be able to see the play just fine from the balcony."

Frankie was anything but disappointed. This unexpected development didn't disappoint him at all. It meant he'd get to be alone with Aunt Kay and, quite possibly, offered them an unanticipated opportunity to have some fun. "It doesn't matter to me where I sit," he said. "Don't be so upset, Dad."

"Well, as long as you don't mind, Kay," Gloria said. "Here are your tickets." She handed them to her friend and Frankie and Kay turned and walked up the stairs to the balcony, which was located in what once had been the barn's hay loft.

The balcony seats Frankie and Kay had were at the end of a row, and were separated from the rest of the balcony seats by a large pillar. That meant no one else would be sitting close to them. Not long after they took their seats, the theater lights dimmed and the play began.

"Isn't it neat the way this worked out?" Frankie commented. He leaned over and gave Kay a kiss on the cheek.

Kay looked around nervously. It looked as if the closest people were watching the play intently, so she relaxed. "Ah...Frankie, remember what I was telling you earlier today?" she said, "About how we need to be careful?"

Frankie nodded. "Yeah, I remember," he replied. "Were you being careful back in the restaurant?"

Kay felt herself blushing and shook her head. "Ah...I...I guess I wasn't, was I?" she admitted. "Do...do you have any idea how turned on you had me?"

"Were you really turned on?" Frankie asked, grinning.

Kay nodded. "I was sure you were going to make me come any second," she said softly.

Frankie laid his jacket over the arm of the chair, so it was covering her lap, then his hand slid under the jacket and onto her leg and he began to caress her again. "Well, then," he said softly, "maybe I ought to do it some more. I mean, I don't want to let you hanging, do I?"

Thrills began sweeping through Kay again as the young man's fingers slid inside her skirt and plunged between her legs. "Frankie...I...I don't think you were listening to what I...I said any...any more than...I...was...earlier," she murmured.

"Yeah, I was," Frankie replied. "I am being careful. It's dark in here. Nobody can see what I'm doing."

"Oh!!!" Kay moaned softly when his hand slid up between her bare thighs. "You dickens!" She parted her legs, knowing that in the dimly lit theater, with them sitting where they were, nobody could see what he was doing to her.

Frankie's continued to run his fingers lightly up and down her bare leg. "Does this feel good, Aunt Kay?" he asked. He didn't need to ask. He could tell from the look on her face that she liked what he was doing to her.

"Mmmmmmnnnn!!!" Kay murmured when his fingers once again swept over her damp, panty-covered opening. She found herself temporarily unable to form coherent speech. He slid his hands down her inner thigh, then they reversed course and began moving toward her vagina again. She could feel her nipples growing hard. This was so naughty! And so exciting! "Frankie, you're awful," she whispered, grateful to be able to speak again. She clutched the young man's arm as wild emotions infiltrated her. This was so crazy and so exciting!

"Want me to stop?" the young man asked. His hand stopped moving.

Kay was so turned on that was the last thing she wanted him to do. "No! Please!" she whispered. She pushed at his hand. "No...nobody can see us. You don't have to stop. Oh, darling, that feels so good!"

"OK, if you're sure that's what you want," Frankie said and resumed what he was doing.

The fantastic feelings returned and Kay felt his hand resume its journey toward her vagina. She was still wet from what he'd done to her in the restaurant and stiffened in anticipation of the wonderful feelings she'd experience when he touched her middle. He began stroking her through the shiny, damp material of her panties with his fingers, once more reducing her to a panting, squirming bundle of need. Up and down between her need-moistened labia the young man's finger moved, causing her hips to begin involuntary movements in response. Then his finger hit her clit and a powerful burst of rapture raced through her.

"Frankie, darling, you...Ah! ...are driving me...Ah!...wild!" Kay gasped while his finger continued to rub back and forth over the wonderfully sensitive part of her anatomy. The fact that this was happening in a public place made the thrills she was experiencing even more intense. Her head lay on his shoulder and her fingers dug into his arm while her body trembled uncontrollably and she gasped for breath.

It wasn't long before Frankie had Kay right on the verge of coming. She was sure he'd make her come any second and didn't know how she'd be able to stop herself. Then his caresses stopped and she began to calm down. He only gave her a short break, however. After a few seconds, his hand again slid between her legs. He hooked aside the center panel of her panties and slid his finger into her.

"Frankie! Oh!" Kay whispered when she felt the young man's finger enter her. Rapturous fireworks began to explode behind her tightly closed eyes, and she felt her insides churning even more wildly. His finger thrust in and out while his thumb moved rapidly over her clit and she felt what little control she had fleeing. She fought the overwhelming feelings sweeping through her, but it seemed the harder she tried to get control, the less control she had. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she was sure if she opened her mouth, her frantic moans of ecstasy would come out.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm coming! I'm coming! Ah! Ah!" Kay thought when, at last, release swept through her. She clamped her mouth shut and bit her tongue while Frankie's caresses continued, gorging her with intense sensations of bliss. She tried keep what was happening from showing, but wasn't able to conceal her explosion perfectly. Her hips rocked fervently in the theater seat and she gasped for breath.

Frankie heard Aunt Kay making what were almost panting sounds and felt her shaking. He knew she was coming and was delighted. He sat there, watching her, as she worked her way through the explosion of pleasure. She looked so wild when she was coming! When her orgasm eventually ended he slid his hand out of her skirt and wiped it on his seat.

Kay's head was still lying on the young man's shoulder, her heart was still racing, and she continued to gasp for breath. "Oh, Frankie!" she whispered, "I...I can't believe I let you do that to me."

"You mad at me 'cause I did?" Frankie asked.

Kay felt herself blushing and shook her head. "No, I guess not," she admitted. "God! That was so intense!"

They actually watched the remainder of the first act of the play, and then they joined the rest of their group for refreshments during intermission. "I'd have to say spending a week in the mountains has been good for you, Kay," Gloria Bobar commented while they drank their sodas. "For the last couple of days you've been positively glowing."

"Ah...I...I do feel better than I have in quite a while," Kay replied. She felt her face growing warm. "It certainly has been a wonderful vacation so far."

The theater lights blinked, signaling the end of intermission and they returned to their seats and finished watching the play. There was no more sex play. After the play, they stopped at a little coffeehouse and had coffee and dessert.

Kay and Frankie were silent while the others discussed how wonderful the play was. They couldn't join in a lot of the conversation since they'd only seen the second act. Then they went home. The adults stayed up and kept talking about the play, but Frankie went to bed.

He had hoped everyone would go to bed when he did, and that Aunt Kay would come to his room. But, as he lay in his bed looking at his watch, he started to get discouraged. It was a little after two A.M. They'd been home for over two hours. It looked as if Aunt Kay wasn't going to be paying him a visit tonight. He pulled the covers over himself, rolled on his side and fell asleep.

He hadn't been asleep long when he woke with a start. Somebody, a naked somebody, a naked female somebody, was lying next to him in his bed!

"I didn't think the rest of them would ever go to bed," Kay whispered. "God, the last thing I wanted to do was stay up all night talking about that damn play." Her hand slid over the young man's belly and wrapped around his swollen penis, which had begun to stiffen the minute he realized she was in bed with him. "Oh, Frankie darling!" she purred, "I like the way this feels! Were you dreaming about me, my darling?"

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