tagNovels and NovellasA Week In The Mountains Ch. 18

A Week In The Mountains Ch. 18

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIV: A Week In The Mountains

For most of the morning, Frankie and Kay remained on the porch of the cabin Kay was buying, talking about a lot of things and learning far more about each other than they ever thought they would know.

She and Frankie covered a wide range of topics in their conversation and Kay became more and more impressed with the young man's maturity and the careful way he was planning his life. He had better plans for his future than she'd had when she was his age. Of course, he had supportive parents who could afford to finance his college education, which her parents couldn't do. "You've got your future pretty well planned, don't you, Frankie?" she commented.

Frankie shrugged and looked a little sheepish. "Sort of," he replied. "At least I thought I did. I didn't count on you being a part of it, though."

His comment took Kay by surprise. "Am I really going to be a part of his future?" she thought. "Is it realistic, or sensible, for either of us to think that could happen?" "I...I didn't either," she said softly.

"This is nice, talking like this," Frankie commented. "I mean, I really like making love with you, but this is nice, too, in a different kind of way. I...I've never talked with anyone the way you and I have been talking."

"It is nice, isn't it?" Kay replied. "I haven't had such a nice talk in ages." It surprised her to realize that there was more to their relationship than wonderful sex. She did like just being with Frankie and talking with him. He was an attentive listener and he had a wide range of interests that made conversation with him enjoyable. She couldn't remember ever feeling this comfortable talking with her husband.

And just being with him felt good. She wasn't sure she'd ever felt quite like this with Stu, even when they first started dating. By the time Stu came into her life, she was half-convinced she'd never find anyone who wanted to marry her. Had she married him out of fear? She had begun to wonder if she'd ever loved him.

Frankie turned to her, put his hand on the silken softness of her hair and pulled her face to his. When his lips covered hers her tongue slid between his lips and into his mouth and caused desire to flare inside him. He could feel her hand drop to his lap and she gently began to stroke his penis, which immediately began to grow hard.

Kay was flushed and gasping softly when the kiss ended. "Oh, Frankie, what am I going to do?" she said breathlessly. Her body was coming alive, just from the kiss. "You make me feel so wonderful when you kiss me!"

Frankie began stroking one of her breasts gently through the smooth material of her sweater and could feel the nipple grow erect. She was pressed against tightly him so he could feel her trembling. "Are you OK now, Kay?" he asked. "You're shaking."

"I'm fine, my darling. I'm shaking because of the effect you have on me. Oh, Frankie, you're always so gentle with me," she whispered. She laid her head on his shoulder. "I just can't get over how gentle you are!"

Frankie tugged down the zipper on her sweater and slid his hand inside, onto her hot, bare skin. He was happy to discover that, once again, she wasn't wearing a bra. He began toying with a rigid nipple. A shudder went through her and a soft sigh escaped from her. Her hand clutched his swelling penis.

"God, Frankie, you know that when you do that, it makes me crazy, don't you?" Kay whispered. "You're turning me on! I...I wish I had a key so we...we could go inside and make love!"

Frankie continued to fondle her breast. "I'm turned on, too," he replied. "Being with you does that to me."

Kay realized she was about to lose control again, and really didn't care. She fumbled his pants open and slid her hand inside, onto his swollen penis. "God, Frankie, I need you!" she murmured. "How...how are we going to...to..."

"What...what's the matter with making love right here?" Frankie groaned.

"He...here?" Kay gasped. She found it hard to think. His hand slid into her slacks, between her legs and he began to caress her need-damp middle. She shuddered. Hunger for him was rapidly overwhelming her. "We...we can't make love here in broad daylight! How...how can we do that?"

"Why can't we? You want me, don't you?" Frankie asked and slid his finger into her tight opening, making her squirm.

"God, yes!" Kay replied. Her hips, moving of their own volition, were thrusting her opening against his hand. "You know I do! Oh, God, darling, you're making me crazy!"

"Sit on my lap," he told her.

Kay got up, pushed down her slacks and panties, and stepped out of them. Then she straddled his legs. While she was doing that, Frankie pushed his pants down and, when she was in position, he pulled her down onto him.

"Oh!" Kay groaned, shuddering with delight, as his engorged cock slid into her. "I can't believe we're making love out in the open in broad daylight like this!" Her arms locked around his neck, she pressed her lips against his, and her overheated body began the rhythmic motions of love-making.

Both of them found it thrilling to be making love on the porch, out in the open air in broad daylight. Their need for each other took over and, frantically, their joined bodies strained together. There was some danger of discovery, but there were few other people at the lake and the spot they were in was hidden from the road behind the cabins, so it was unlikely they'd be interrupted.

"I can't believe it! Oh, God! Oh! Oh, Frankie! Oh, darling! Oh! Oh!" Kay cried. Her body began to jolt and jerk wildly when an orgasm exploded through it. "Oh! Yes! Yes!"

"Yeah! Oh, God! Yeah!" Frankie cried as he exploded a gusher of his seed into Kay.

Spent, Kay remained sitting on Frankie's lap. Her arms were around his neck and her head was lying on his shoulder. He remained buried in her, still hard. Gently, his hand stroked her hair. As she clung to him, she could feel his penis begin to soften. After a few seconds, his diminishing organ left her body. She giggled. "Oh!" she murmured and squirmed on his lap. "That tickled." She kissed him and hugged him. "I can't believe what we just did!" she exclaimed. "What if someone had come along?"

"They'd have gotten quite an eyeful, wouldn't they?" Frankie said, smiling.

Kay lifted herself off the young man, wiped herself off with some tissue she had in her pocket and put her panties and slacks back on.

Frankie stood up and pulled up his jeans. "I guess, maybe we ought to go back to our place, huh?" he said.

Kay put her hand in his and leaned against him, her head on his shoulder as they walked back to the cabin.

When they got back to the Bobar cabin, they found it empty.

"Gee, I wonder where Sue is?" Kay commented facetiously.

Frankie smiled at her. "You think if we found Ronny, we'd find Mrs. Ervins?" he asked.

"I wonder," Kay replied, grinning.

Frankie walked over to Kay and put his arms around her. "It's just noon," he said. "You think we have time for another quickie before Mom and Mrs. Ervins get back?"

"Ah...Frankie I...I don't know," Kay replied. She wanted to make love with him again, but she wasn't sure that they should. What if his mother came home earlier than she said she would? Or what if Sue returned and caught them? They'd escaped detection once, was it wise to put themselves at risk again?

"Come on," Frankie insisted, tugging her toward the wing of the house where their bedrooms were.

"Oh, Frankie, I...I don't know..." Kay murmured, but she did go along with him.

Frankie stopped outside his bedroom door, smiled, pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his.

The minute the young man's lips pressed against hers, Kay knew she couldn't help herself. She had to have him again! She pressed against him and her tongue forced its way into his mouth. Heat rushed through her as his body pressed against hers. Excitement blossomed in her while their tongues lashed.

"Come on," Frankie said when the kiss ended. He led her into his room and to his bed.

Kay followed, her legs rubbery. He sat down on the bed and pulled he onto his lap. Her firm bottom pressed against his swollen shaft and she squirmed against his erection when he pulled her face to his and joined their lips in another torrid kiss. She could feel Frankie's swollen organ pressing against her bottom and a shudder of anticipation raced through her. She knew they were taking a big risk, but she didn't want to stop. She groaned, pressed tighter against him, and stabbed her tongue deep into his mouth.

Frankie tugged down the zipper on Kay's sweater, spread the garment open, and his hands began exploring her hot skin, bringing gasps of delight from her. Her hands caressed his face and slid through his hair while her lips and tongue roamed his face.

"We...we really shouldn't be doing this Frankie!" Kay murmured. "We...we're taking a big chance. What...what if...if your mother...comes...home and...and catches us?"

"We've got plenty of time," Frankie replied. He bent and took one of her nipples between his lips.

"Oh! Oh, God!" Kay groaned when the young man's lips began affording delectable attention to her bare breasts. He suckled one of her turgid nipples, then the other, while his hands massaged and squeezed her breasts gently, raising her level of passion rapidly. She peeled down her slacks, then she began stripping Frankie's clothes from him. He helped and it wasn't long before they were both naked. The young man's hands continued to roam over her body while hers explored his.

"Do you like it when I do this?" Frankie asked. He slid two fingers into Kay's soaking wet pussy, and began caressing her clit with his thumb.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, Frankie! Yes!" Kay moaned in response. Her body began writhing. Much as she loved what Frankie was doing, she was also aware that they likely didn't have much time. "Please, Frankie! I...I need you! Take me!"

They laid down and Frankie arranged them so they were lying on the bed spoon-fashion, with him behind her. He pulled her leg up and managed to slide his erection into her warm, snug opening from the rear. They'd never made love in this position before, but he found out it was pretty nice because he could suck Kay's breasts at the same time he was plunging his erection into her.

"Oh, Frankie! You always make me feel so wonderful!" Kay groaned when the young man's engorged shaft began sliding in and out of her. The fact that he was sucking on her nipple at the same time felt so incredibly good, it was making her crazy! "You...you...Oh, Frankie!" she groaned, barely able to speak.

Frankie was enjoying what he was doing to the pretty woman and the very visible effect his actions were having on her. She shook every time he slammed into her and all she seemed to be able to do was moan and gurgle with delight.

"Oh, Frankie I...I can't wait! Oh! Oh! Frankie! I can't wait!" Kay groaned. Her body stiffened, then began to quake and she began to wail with joy. "Gaaahhhhhh!!!! I...I...I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes"

Even though Kay was coming, Frankie didn't. Steadily, inexorably, he continued to slide his erection in and out of her.

"Frankie you...you...didn't...come!" Kay exclaimed once her orgasm had passed and she had calmed a little. The fact that the young man hadn't come frightened her. What if that meant the magic was gone, that he was growing tired of her? "What..."

"Don't worry, Kay," Frankie said. "I'm just not ready to stop yet." He pulled out of her, rolled her onto her back, then slid atop her, and jabbed his erection back into her.

Kay experienced another rush of thrills and felt her body rise to meet his. "Yes! Oh, Frankie! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" she moaned. Her fingers dug into his buttocks, pulling him against her. He was hammering into her like a pile-driver! She hoped he'd never stop! Never!

Looking down into Kay's passion-inflamed face aroused Frankie immensely. She was so beautiful, and her body was moving against his so urgently! "Kay! Oh, God, Kay, I'm gonna come!" he cried, feeling his insides begin to unleash, knowing his explosion was near. "Oh, Kay! Oh, Kay! I'm coming! Yeah! Yeah!" The young man's insides uncoiled and gusher after gusher of his hot, sticky cream jetted into his lover.

"Yes! Oh, Frankie, yes! Take me! Take me!" Kay cried, pulling at him, her body trembling with ecstasy. "Oh! More! More! Oh, Frankie! Oh, Frankie! Ah! Ohhhh!" Her rocking body strained against his.

"Wow!" Frankie said breathlessly after their intense need for each other had finally abated and they lay wrapped in each other's arms. "That was really intense!"

Kay kissed him. "It certainly was! You are such an incredible lover!" she exclaimed.

"I'm glad you think so," Frankie said, "I want to be good for you."

"Oh, God! Are you ever!" Kay replied and kissed him again. "You can't imagine how good you are for me, or in how many ways!" "What are you doing?" her conscience asked. "It sounds like you're falling for him. If you are, you're really being foolish." She found the thought disturbing. Was it possible she was falling in love with the young man? For some reason, the possibility that could be true frightened her.

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