tagNovels and NovellasA Week In The Mountains Ch. 22

A Week In The Mountains Ch. 22

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIV: A Week In The Mountains

Chapter twenty-two

The next morning, Frankie got up at five, just as he promised. He and Kay decided that, since they were up, they might as well take their morning swim a little earlier than usual. Once again there were fishermen on the lake, so they weren't able to sneak in any love-making, although they did manage to touch each other enough to cause both of them problems.

"I wish your husband wasn't coming back," Frankie said while they lay on the raft after they swam in the cool lake water for a while.

"I know it's terrible for me to feel that way," Kay replied, "but that's what I was thinking, too. Are you going to drive me in for my appointment with the realtor?"

Frankie, grinning, rolled on his side. "I better, don't you think?" he said, "The way that guy looks at you, you'll probably need protection."

"I'll be so glad when this business of buying the cabin is taken care of," Kay said, "The less I have to see of that man, the better I'll like it. He gives me the creeps."

Frankie giggled. "I think I saw his picture the other day," he said.

"Oh?" Kay responded, "Where?"

"It was in the dictionary, next to the words, 'dirty old man'," Frankie replied.

"OK," Kay said, chuckling, "you got me. Come on, let's go in and get breakfast, then we'll head into town. I'm really excited about this. I can't wait until I have the papers in my hand that say the cabin is really mine." She noticed that Frankie looked a little sad. "What's the matter, darling?" she asked.

"I...well...I was kind of hoping you and I, you know, we could, you know, celebrate that the cabin's yours somehow," he murmured, "but with your husband coming up and all..."

Kay, touched, reached out and caressed the young man's face tenderly with her fingers. Then she bent and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. "You and I have already celebrated, my darling," she murmured, "and I'll never, ever forget that."

"Yeah, OK," Frankie said. It still bothered him that Kay would be sleeping in the cabin with her husband. He wished there was some way that wouldn't have to happen but he knew it would happen, and that he had no right to be jealous that it would.

"Besides, Stu's not coming up until tomorrow," Kay added. "Do you think, maybe, you and I might be able to do a little more celebrating later?"

"I sure hope we can!" Frankie said, brightening.

They got up, got in the canoe, and paddled back to the dock. Back at the house they joined Frankie's mother and Sue Ervins for breakfast.

"Frankie said he'd drive me in for my appointment with the real-estate agent," Kay said while they were eating. "I hope you don't mind, Gloria."

"Of course not, Kay," Gloria said, "I can't believe how quickly you managed to get the sale through. It took months before Glen and I were able to close on this place."

"Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, I guess," Kay replied.

After breakfast, Kay and Frankie left for town and Kay's appointment.

"I think I'm going to take a walk," Sue said. She knew she was going to see Ronny Amos again. She still felt guilty about what she was doing with the young man, and hated herself for wanting to sleep with him again. She hated it even more that she was hoping Vicky might be around, too. But the feelings of guilt weren't strong enough to keep her away from him.

"Have a good time," Gloria replied, "I've got to do some laundry, so I wouldn't be much company, anyhow. See you at lunch."

Sue, dressed in a pair of navy blue chino shorts and a red striped gingham shirt with the sleeves rolled up, walked out of the house and started up the road to Ronny Amos's cabin. The closer she got to the cabin, and the young man who lived there, the harder her heart pounded. Just thinking about what they would be doing had her turned on, and she hadn't seen him yet!

When she reached Ronny's driveway, Sue noticed that the garage door was open. She took a deep breath, then started down the driveway. When she neared the garage, she saw Ronny inside. He had the hood of his car open, and was doing something to the engine.

When Ronny saw her, he straightened up, smiled, and closed the car's hood with a bang. "Hi, there, Susie," he said.

Sue stood in the doorway, looking at the young man nervously. There was an arrogance about him that made her uneasy, yet excited her at the same time. "Ah...good morning, Ronny...I..." she stammered.

"Good morning, Susie," Ronny said. "I was just checking the oil and stuff on my car."

Sue walked into the garage and looked around.

"I wondered if I'd see you today, Susie," Ronny said. His eyes moved over her body boldly as he spoke.

Sue saw the way the young man's eyes were travelling over her, felt warmth spreading through her, and dampness collecting in her groin. God, all he had to do was look at her and she started to get wet! She'd never been with anyone who had this kind of effect on her! "Ah, Ronny...um...I...I..." she stammered.

Before she could say anything more, the young man's strong arms went around her, he pulled her against him, and his warm lips covered hers.

Flames of desire burst alive in Sue the minute Ronny's hard body pressed against hers and his tongue slid between her lips. Uttering a passionate groan, she wrapped her arms around him, pressed against him, and began lashing his tongue with hers. She felt like she was melting. When the kiss ended, she stepped back, panting, and looked at Ronny.

Ronny grinned at her. "Wow, Susie! You musta really missed me, didn't you?" he asked the flushed, breathless woman.

"Uh...yes...I guess I...I did," Sue replied, hugging herself.

"I'm glad," Ronny said. Still grinning, he moved toward her, and reached for her again.

Sue felt the young man's arms sliding around her again. He pulled her against him and his lips covered hers once more. She felt his hands slide down her back, grip her bottom and press her against him. Having Ronny's hands on her bottom felt so good! She loved having her bottom touched and her husband never touched her there any more. She never felt like this with her husband any more! She felt Ronny's hardness pressing against her belly and her arms slid around his neck and she clung to him and shoved her tongue between his lips.

Ronny, elated by Sue's avid response, slid his hands between them, opened her shorts and pushed them, and her panties, down. He expected at least a little resistance, and was delighted when she offered none. She continued to clutch him, kept kissing him, and groaned into his mouth.

Sue couldn't believe she had allowed Ronny to take her shorts off in broad daylight in his garage! Part of her mind warned her to stop this, to tell him to take her inside, but she couldn't do that. Her body was on fire. All she could do was hang on to him and lash her tongue in his mouth while he did these wonderful things to her and made her want him more and more!

She felt his hands go to her bare bottom and then he was lifting her off the ground. He turned and, the next thing she knew, her flesh came in contact with the cool metal of the hood of his car.

After he placed Sue on his car, Ronny opened his jeans and fished out his cock. Then he stepped between her legs, pulled her to him, and shoved his cock into her sodden opening. He heard her gasp and felt her shudder. "Damn!" he thought as he began slamming into her. "She's got to be the hottest chick in the world. I wonder if her old man ever gives it to her!"

Sue was stupefied by Ronny's actions and, before she could begin to comprehend what the young man planned to do, he had her sitting on the hood of his car, naked from the waist down, and was fucking her! She moaned and gasped and shook as he slammed into her, making her feel better than she'd felt in ages!

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she whimpered as Ronny's cock stabbed into her furiously. Her capacity for lucid thought was destroyed when powerful sensations, evoked by the young man's plunging cock, swept over her.

"Unnnn! Unnnn! Unnnnnn!" Sue groaned when she came. She clung to Ronny, shaking from the force of his thrusts. Then she felt his hot cream exploding into her, bathing her insides with wet heat. "Mmmphhh! Mmmmmmphhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" her moans of joy continued while one of the most powerful orgasms she'd ever experienced overwhelmed her.

"Ah! Ahhhh!" Ronny groaned when his juices began spewing from his throbbing cock.

Sue heard Ronny's groan of pleasure while his powerfully thrusting hips slid her back and forth on the smooth metal of the car's hood. She felt his fingers digging into her bottom and his warm juices gushing into her, and after he'd finished coming, she could feel her vagina rippling around his still-hard cock.

When he finished, Ronny held the limp woman in his arms while his cock softened and slid from her. Screwing her on her car was a real trip, but he figured she wanted more, but probably wouldn't want to do it in the garage again. He sure as hell didn't want to stop fucking her yet.

Sue was so exhausted she could barely move. She leaned against Ronny, her naked bottom on the car, her legs on either side of his, while their juices seeped out of her and dribbled onto the hood of the car. Her head was lying on his shoulder and her arms were still draped around his neck. She'd never had better fucking! Finally, she lifted her head and looked at him.

"Man, you sure did want it bad this morning, didn't you, Susie?" Ronny said, smiling.

"I...I didn't know how much," Sue replied weakly. She found it hard to believe she'd let this young man, who she'd only met a few days earlier, fuck her on the hood of her car, in his garage! With the garage door open, yet! But it had been a wild and wonderful experience!

Ronny lifted Sue off the car and lowered her to her feet. Then he bent and picked up her shorts. "Why don't we go in the house?" he suggested. "My bed's a helluva lot more comfortable than the car."

"Ah...I...I guess so," Sue replied. Feeling terribly wanton, she walked ahead of him, out of the garage, toward the door of his cabin. She should have put her shorts back on. What if someone went by on the road behind the cabin. She couldn't believe she was being so shameless, walking half-naked in broad daylight!

Ronny watched Sue's delightful bottom move as she preceded him into his cabin. There was no doubt about it, she might be old enough to be his mother, and she did have a little bit of cellulite, but she was one of the finest pieces of ass he'd ever bumped into! He wished he'd known she was around earlier in the week!

When they were inside the cabin, Ronny scooped Sue up in his arms and carried her down the hallway. Her bottom was warm and slick with the juices of their outdoor coupling. Her head fell against his shoulder, her hair tickled his cheek.

Sue trembled as Ronny carried her to his bedroom. She had a hard time comprehending what had taken place since she'd arrived at his house and was desperately trying to get herself under control. This was wild, and it felt wonderful, but being out of control was frightening, too.

Ronny laid her on the bed, sat down next to her, and began unbuttoning her blouse. Sue watched him, her eyes wide. When the blouse was undone, he slid his hands under her and unhooked her bra, then he removed the two garments.

Ronny studied Sue for a second. She had fairly good body for an old chick. Her breasts, which were a bit small for his taste, flattened a little when she was laying on her back, but her nipples, which were once more beginning to emerge from her areolas, were large and thick. Her legs were strong and well-formed. Her middle was covered by a luxuriant mass of tightly-curled black hair which showed traces of gray. Ronny bent and sucked one of her nipples between his lips.

Sue was delighted by the way Ronny stared at her, his eyes hot, devouring her body! When he sucked her nipple into his mouth, she groaned and pressed herself against him while feelings of bliss rocketed through her. She'd do anything he wanted her to! Anything!

Ronny's hands and lips moved over Sue's trembling body, exploring, teasing, evoking continual moans of bliss. Her head rolled from side to side on the pillow and her hips rocked insistently.

"Yes!" Sue cried when Ronny's hand slid between her legs he started toying with her clit. She couldn't believe she was this hot already! Especially since she'd just had an unbelievable orgasm out in the garage!

She never got turned on like this when she and her husband made love any more. Mike always rolled over and went to sleep after he finished making love to her. She didn't think he'd ever made love to her more than once a day since the day they were married. And she wasn't sure how she'd survive without this kind of fucking when she went home. "Maybe I can find someone like Ronny to keep me happy at home," she thought as passion swept through her.

"Mmmnnn!" she groaned when Ronny began kissing her belly! She knew what the young man planned to do, and couldn't remember the last time Mike had done that to her. Her young lover's tongue slid through her pubic mat and she shuddered with exaltation.

Ronny slid his hands up and down Sue's legs while his mouth moved across her belly and the dark mass of her pubic hair. He felt tremors going through her, heard her moans of bliss, and continued doing what he was doing. His tongue flicked her clit from side to side.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Sue whimpered while Ronny's tongue lashed delight into her. Her hips rocked frantically and her hands clutched and squeezed her breasts. She couldn't believe how wonderful this felt!

Ronny slid his hand between Sue's legs and shoved two fingers into her quivering vagina. She groaned and squeezed her legs together, trapping his hand in her middle. He pressed his face against her and his tongue speared between her legs and continued to lash her clit.

Sue wasn't sure how much more of this she could stand! The sensations Ronny was giving her were entirely too exciting! If he kept it up much longer, she was going to... "Uh! Uh! Ah! Ah! Uh! Uhh! Uhhhh!" she sobbed, her hips rocking wildly, her body quivering, her insides fluttering, as another wild orgasm swept over her.

Ronny felt Sue's second orgasm start and kept doing what he was doing to her while her body stiffened, then she exploded into frantic action and cries of joy poured from her. He kept it up until she lay still.

Ronny wasn't finished, not by a long shot. His cock was rock-hard again. He slid on top of Sue, placing his legs between hers, pushing them apart.

Dazed, Sue felt Ronny move on top of her, then she felt his cock pressing against her belly. He wanted to make love to her again! She didn't think she could! Not again! She started to tell him that, but before she could utter a word, his massive pole slid between her dripping labia and began entering her. "Oh, God!" she moaned when she felt herself being filled with the young man's swollen cock once more.

Ronny, using a steady pace, stroked into Sue, watching her carefully as subtle alterations, brought on by her growing need, showed on her face.

Sue no longer feared what would happen. Ronny had already pleased her more than she'd been pleased in a long time and now he was doing it to her again! Her body was responding rapidly to his insistent invasion. Her arms slid around him and she pulled him against her. Her mouth sought his.

Ronny crushed his mouth against Sue's and shoved his tongue into her mouth. Her snug channel rippled along his cock and her hips rocked, meeting his thrusts. He continued plunging his cock into her, maintaining his steady rhythm. This was nice!

Sue didn't ever want it to stop! The steady plunging of Ronny's cock was delightful. Every part of her was a-tingle and passion was spreading through her once more. She had heard of long, slow fucking, but never experienced it. Until now! And she found that it was wonderful!

Ronny pressed his cock all the way into Sue and twisted his hips. She moaned with delight. Her arms tightened around him and the motions of her tongue in his mouth grew move avid. He grinned and kept doing it. He was getting to her again!

Sue felt her body start to quiver more and more powerfully and the sensations of intense pleasure she was experiencing began to grow unbearable. She knew the young man was going to make her come again! She'd never come as much as she did with Ronny! Her body pressed against the young man's, seeking more of the electrifying feelings he was giving her. She moaned into his mouth and lashed her tongue against his.

Ronny, his control starting to face, allowed his movements to become more and more urgent. He couldn't wait much longer. He straightened his arms, lifting himself off her, allowing him to increase the power of his thrusts. He looked down at the woman impaled on his cock. Every time he thrust into her, she groaned with delight and her breasts jiggled wildly.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! Oh, yes! Yes! Take me! Yes! Take me, Ronny!" Sue shrieked, and her body began writhing when she exploded into a wild fit of ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah! Yeah! Oh, yeah!" Ronny roared when his cream began gushing into Sue's clasping pussy. He ground his pelvis against her until he had nothing left to give her, then he fell to the bed next to her.

Sue, unable to move, lay there, spent, her legs spread, feeling their blended juices dripping from her.

Finally Ronny rolled over, smiled at her and said, "You glad you came over today, Susie?"

Sue turned bright red and nodded. "I...I guess I am," she responded. "That...what we did...it was wonderful!" She felt their mixed juices dribbling from her. "I...I have to go to the bathroom," she stammered. She slipped out of bed and dashed down the hall to the bathroom.

Ronny watched her go. Then he sat up and dropped his legs over the edge of the bed. He wondered if she'd want to go some more when she got back from the bathroom. Then he heard the bathroom door open.

Seconds later, Sue walked back into Ronny's bedroom. "It's...it's only ten o'clock," she said softly while she walked across the room toward him. "Gloria said she had laundry to do, so she probably won't miss me for a while yet..."

Ronny was stunned by what happened next. Dumbfounded, he watched the woman sink to her knees in front of him. "Oh, yeah!" he moaned when she took his cock in her mouth and began moving her head up and down.

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