A Week to Remember Ch. 06A

byChris Cross©

"What were you watching before I interrupted..?"

I groaned inside. Bloody Star Trek of all things. But as Marie looked at the TV she broke into a wide smile.

"Oh, Star Trek? I love these old episodes. They're so cheesy now, but they're still fun!" She looked over to me "Turn the sound up, I haven't seen one of these for ages." A little taken aback by the sudden shift in the conversation, I thumbed the sound back on as Marie leaned back on the sofa and gave her full attention to the screen. We both watched for a few minutes, until one of the old clichés cropped up. Several red-shirted security guards had turned up, so their imminent deaths were inevitable. Marie turned to look at me, grinning. I grinned back and nodded, emphatically saying


Marie chuckled and looked back at the TV.

"Oh, don't go in there..." she warned a guard as he stooped to enter a (polystyrene) cave.

"You'll have your brains sucked out of your ears..." I warned, Marie interjecting with

"Or you'll get shagged to death!!!"

I frowned and chuckled, looking across at Marie to find her looking at me too, grinning.

"Never seen that happen to them before." I ventured. Eyes twinkling, Marie replied,

"I bet it happens to them all the time."

"Huh? Example?"

"Well, y'know how Captain Kirk always ends up shagging a green alien woman or some other exotic extra terrestrial hotty?" I laughed and nodded. "Well, I bet security hunks go into caves on 'Mysterious Planet X' and inside..." she suddenly stood up and lightly skipped several steps in front of where I was sat, stopping between me and the TV. I was struck by how light on her feet Marie was. Turning, she flicked her head, long hair swishing back and eyes gleaming assuredly "-there's some sexy, I mean red hot, alien woman."

I goggled openly before getting a hold of myself and finding my cool, replying

"Yeah? Well, er...what does she do?" Marie grinned and more than anything else, the look on her face (so...confident) triggered off the first hints of building pressure in my cock.

"She walks right up to the security guy," she took three steps towards me, hips swaying "and BAM!-"she stepped forwards a fourth time, planting her left onto the sofa on tip-toe, just to my right. Simultaneously, she rolled the material of her dress back up and over her left hip. Her bare legs were revealed almost all the way up to her crotch, which remained hidden by only a couple of inches of black fabric. My cock bulged as my heart began to pound harder yet, in anticipation of what could happen next. I savoured the view, looking up from her toes (nails neat and glossy) to her shapely calves and thighs when Marie continued with "she seduces him with her otherworldly charms."

It was only as she finished her sentence that I realised Marie had theatrically left a dramatic pause of a couple of seconds between thrusting her leg out at me and speaking again. In total, this little show could only have lasted for ten seconds so far. I realised Marie was looking down at me and that I had so far not been able to tear my eyes away from her legs, not to mention her barely concealed pussy. I looked up. Marie looked down- eyes sparkling; obviously enjoying herself. It struck me as being the look of someone who was seeing a plan go just how they had wanted it to. Well, who was I to throw a spanner in the works?

"So..." I paused, looking at Marie, who remained still and silent, eyes expectant and daring. I realised she wasn't going to say anything else before I did. "What happens next? I mean this security guy's got to die, right? Does she turn out to be some hideous creature who kills him horribly?" I grinned. Heh. Okay, so maybe just a small spanner.

Marie chuckled.

"Oh, no. It's all quite unintentional, really. She's seen him from her cave. She's curious about him. Fascinated. There's nobody else that interesting around on Planet X right then. She wonders what he's like? Can their two species mate? Are they compatible? Would it be good? Possibly even... stellar?" She leaned forwards suddenly. My eyes remained fixed on Marie's cleavage as her breasts came to within inches of my face. I smelt her perfume (musky and arousing, but what the hell else would you expect from this woman, eh?) and felt her left hand gently take hold of my right and place it on her knee. As she straightened, I realised Marie hadn't moved her legs at all. Her right leg had remained straight as she moved. Hm. Flexible as well as light footed. Did she dance? Was she an- omigod, who cares!? Marie had raised up the hem of her dress even further. I could see the dark shape of her vulva, the wisps of pubic hair. I slid my hand down her warm, silky shin to her foot and back up to her knee again, unashamedly transfixed by this supremely confidant display. "She'd like to find out."

I sat still, unsure if it was now my turn to move the narrative along or if I was supposed to let Marie continue.

"But you say he gets shagged to death?" Marie bent forwards again, slowly this time and took hold of both my hands with hers. Straightening, she tugged. I shifted my butt forwards and stood up as she straightened. We were stood less than an inch apart. It could have been my imagination, but I swear I could feel heat radiating off of her- almost as if Marie was glowing with anticipation and desire. She looked up mischievously.

"Her kind could be hard to satisfy. They might sexually exhaust a man. Take him to the edge and beyond and yet still want more. A man might expire right under her whilst she's grinding away on top of him" I cocked an eyebrow at her, smirking. She returned the smirk with a steady gaze. Enough of this. I was being offered sex giftwrapped and on a silver platter and all I'd done so far was sit and ask coy questions. Time to do something more. After one final coy question that given the circumstances, I simply could not resist.

"Sounds like a helluva way to go. To 'boldy go', huh? Marie chuckled, keeping her eyes on mine whilst quietly replying

"Perhaps not quite where no man has gone before, though." and then gave me a look so demure that I just wanted to eat her up whole. Which is exactly why I moved away from her.

Away, around and behind. My hands came round and up to cup her breasts. I felt their soft heaviness fill my palms.

"Thank God for that." I replied to her last statement, before nuzzling her ear, breathing in the clean scent of her hair. Marie sighed and pressed her bum against me, finding my erection and pushing against it. My fingers moved from the fabric of her dress to the naked skin above it. I scratched my nails out to either side, along her collar bone to her shoulders and then cupped her breasts again. My cock pounded. God, I wanted her. My fingertips sought and easily located her nipples and I gave each protruding bud a measured tweak before following the material of her dress upwards to the thin straps over her shoulders. Marie's fingers joined mine there as I began to ease them out and down, tugging her dress gently downwards. Looking over her shoulder as I licked the skin behind her ear I saw Marie's breasts bounce into view; full and rounded, with slightly oval shaped areola and nipples standing erect. Once they were both free of black fabric I luxuriated in the feel of them in my hands. Their heat and volume, texture and motion. Marie laughed happily, raising her right arm up and behind her to ruffle the hair at the back of my head, enjoying the feel of my hands on her body.

She suddenly paused. With a humorous, soft snort she broke away from me and bent to grab the remote control from the sofa. Turning, she flicked the TV off, casually tossed the remote back onto the sofa (it bounced off the cushion onto the floor, but I couldn't have cared less) and bent forwards (her heavy breasts swung momentarily) to seize the hem of her dress. Eyes flashing at mine to check that she had my attention; Marie tugged it upwards and off to land in a crumpled little heap. My first impression of Marie had not been mistaken. A good figure all right. Probably a little wider in the waist and hips than in her youth, but her skin was smooth and soft and all her curves were most definitely in the right places Marie looked after herself, all right. Seemingly happy with the response her disrobing had returned Marie gave me a look that plainly spoke 'your turn'. I had my t shirt off in seconds and held it out briefly in front of me.

"Well whaddya know? This shirt's not red. Maybe I'll survive after all." I dropped the white t shirt and after pausing to consider my upper body, eyes hooded with lust, Marie stepped forwards. Wrapping her arms around me, warm breasts flattening against my chest she breathed

"Well, thank God for that." Before kissing me long and hard. I was about to slip my tongue in to join hers when she pulled back, smacked her lips once against mine then dropped from sight. I felt the metal button on my fly come undone and heard the drawn out rasp as my zip was carefully lowered. There was a firm tug as my jeans came down from my waist to my thighs, partly taking my pants with them. Looking down, Marie was eying the purple head of my cock as if she might devour it. Strands of her raven hair played across her face and I saw them move back and forth, tugged and pushed by her increasingly heavy breathing. A sharp tug saw my jeans and pants bunched around my ankles and my cock standing proud. Marie wrapped one hand around its girth, looked up at me with those daring green eyes, then tilted her head back; brought her mouth towards my cock and rasped her tongue up its smooth underbelly. I groaned aloud. God, it'd been ages since I'd had a blow job. The girlfriend before Sam, well over a year ago. Ohhh, yes!

Pulling my foreskin back with her hand she sank her open mouth down onto my cock. Her lips closed around it and I felt her hot, wet tongue go to work. She sucked hard, cheeks hollowing; and worked her head back and forth, eyes closed peacefully. I gasped and put my fingers into her soft, black hair to guide her head back and forth. Marie knew what she was doing. Her pace slowly quickened and her right hand worked my shaft, her left cradling my balls and softly stroking them. With a smacking noise, she let my cock slip from her mouth and tugged the foreskin back tightly, blowing on my helmet. Her breath chilled the saliva there and I clenched my butt in pleasure, making my cock bulge even more in her firm grip. Her hand quickly worked back and forth, gliding smoothly around my cock as she looked up at me challengingly. I moaned again and her tongue snaked forth, its tip tickling around the bulge of my helmet, licking at the precum now oozing from its tip. As if French kissing, she worked her tongue in circles around the tip of my cock, before taking me deeply into her mouth again. I watched, fascinated as almost my full length vanished and then closed my eyes and groaned in pleasure as with noisy smacks and slurps; her head began to work back and forth more quickly. Both of Marie's hands clasped my shaft, so she could work more vigorously.

Her pace was relentless. I panted and massaged her scalp with my fingertips. This was the best and most enthusiastic blow job I'd ever had in my life. After another minute, my cock plopped out of Marie's mouth again and a thin trail of saliva stretched from my cock to her lips, slowly lengthening to eventually snap and drop down against her chin. Eyes fixed on my cock, her right hand wrapped tightly around it again and she proceeded to wank me at a steady pace, licking at the tip and grazing it with her teeth. I threw my head back and moaned,

"M'mm, Marie!"

Mouth open and head lolling I looked down at her again. Encouraged by the reaction she'd just got, her hand continued to speed up, becoming a blur. Her mouth was open, jaw thrust slightly forwards with a look of lust in her eyes as they flicked up to mine and then focussed back on my cock.

"That's it, c'mon." she whispered. I felt like I was going to oblige very soon. Suddenly, her hand stopped and I was back in her hot mouth. The feeling that I was about to cum died down as the sensations changed. Then, as her cheeks hollowed, lips pressed and tongue worked; they started up again.

I forced my eyes open, gazing down at her. Marie's eyes were closed, eyebrows drawn in concentration as she worked. I felt I needed to warn her I was about to cum in her face.

"Marie! I'm gonna, awwrhh..." She made an urgent 'mmnn' noise in acknowledgement and started to snort through her noise as her head worked even more quickly, not far off the speed of her hand seconds ago. Then I felt her tongue rubbing against the underneath of my helmet again and my balls tightened as I lost it. Feeling my body tense, Marie slipped her mouth from my cock, grabbing it in one hand as the first gout of cum surged thickly into her open mouth, onto her protruding tongue. My eyes squeezed shut as my orgasm boiled forth, gasping and panting as gout after gout of cum pulsed out of me and onto her.

As the most intense sensations passed and my frozen muscles relaxed a little, I looked down; expecting to see cum dripping from her face and streaking her long hair. Instead, Marie had managed to neatly take every drop in her mouth. Her tongue was coated in cum, which was now oozing over its sides onto her lower lip. Green eyes boring into mine, Marie worked the last gobbet from my cock, a final pearly blob splurging onto her tongue, which now looked as if it had been iced in cum. She withdrew her tongue into her mouth, closing it and smacking her lips, before swallowing and blinking languidly. Taking my softening cock in hand, she licked the oozing remnants of my orgasm from its tip; then satisfied that there was no more to be had, licked her lips a final time, smacked them together and then swallowed once more. She sighed through her mouth and stood up, knees popping.

A single fingernail traced its way up from my groin to my chest as she looked at me challengingly again.

"Man enough to give a woman a kiss after she's done that to you?" I was caught off guard by the question and no, I didn't really want to risk having my own cum in my mouth. But her lips looked clean and Marie did have a point. I took the back of her head in one hand and pulled her face to mine, kissing her full on the lips. Marie responded, wriggling up tight against me and kissing first my lips, then my face and neck.

"That felt sooo good..." I murmured to the side of her head as Marie nuzzled my neck and began to nibble at my earlobe.

"I'm glad," she murmured back lazily. "And you should last longer for when you get it back up." I felt a brief pang of nerves. God, what if I couldn't? I pushed the thought aside. By now, I knew damn well that the more you want to get it up, the less likely you are to succeed.

Her hot tongue was licking my ear, her breath quietly roaring in it like waves hitting a distant beach. I responded by reaching up and finding her breasts, gently rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I started to wonder at how all of this had just suddenly happened, but cast my thoughts aside as Marie purred

"Mmmm. Nice hands." One of hers dropped down to my groin, rubbing against my balls before sliding its way back up and around to my lower back. There were no more words as we kissed and nuzzled. At one point I took hold of her shoulders and pushed her back slightly, dropping my face down to her breasts and licking and sucking at them, teasing her nipples further as I ran my fingers through her hair. This made Marie draw in her breath sharply and moan just a little. They were the first signs of, I dunno, vulnerability that she had shown. Up to now she'd been totally confident and taking the lead, so it felt good to be able to provoke such a response from her.

When I thought both of her breasts had had enough attention, I dropped to my knees, kissing slowly down her stomach. Reaching her belly button (a definite 'inny' that reminded me crazily of a baked bean in a hole) I probed with my tongue and licked and kissed the flesh between there and her pubic hair, kneading her buttocks. I wanted to go down on her, but couldn't reach from this angle. Marie shuffled her feet slightly and with a quick movement, was suddenly kneeling on the floor with me. It was only as she reached around me to take hold of my jeans that I remembered I was still (technically speaking) wearing both them and my pants. I stood a little awkwardly and Marie freed me from my clothing. As I'd been scruffing around my bedsit on a reasonably warm early evening when she'd called, I was barefoot, so as she helped me step out of my pants, I was now naked too. Marie remained on her knees, putting her hands on my thighs and scratching down them with her nails. It felt good and as her nails went on to drag down the back of my legs and over the sensitive skin at the back of my knees, I felt a reaction in my cock. Perhaps Marie saw the slight motion too, as her hands gently seized my cock at its root The nails on the thumb and two forefingers of one hand raked gently down my length, pinching at the helmet, before gripping my girth, sliding back up and repeating the whole move over again.

As this motion was repeated I realised I could feel the sensations more and more strongly with each stroke and felt the familiar stiffening begin as my cock started to grow hard. Marie smiled up at me and stood, kissing me again whilst working back and forth with her right hand. In less than a minute I had another full boner, my cock erect and throbbing hard. Then I remembered. I didn't have any bloody condoms left!! My stomach lurched. No, I couldn't not. Not now! I had to know what it was like to be inside her. I smacked my lips against Marie's and put a hand either side of her face. She looked at me expectantly. Aw, crap, this was going to ruin everything.

"Marie, I haven't got any condoms." She blinked once and I expected to see frustration and disappointment etch themselves onto her face. Shit, this was it. It had all just gone tits up. How could I - eh? Marie was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"I was married for five years Steve. Condoms are a pain. I use the pill." What? She didn't use... I could shag her without...?I felt a moment of quiet unease and excitement as I contemplated sex without protection. I guess Marie picked up on this, as she guided my hands down to her breasts and said in a cheery voice "So then, have you got any diseases I need to know about?"

"No..." I replied, taken aback by her directness.

"Great. Well I don't either."

"It's just that I've er, never not used a condom." Marie smiled kindly as she took this in.

"Well, I guess we've not got anything to worry about. And there's a first time for everything." Her smile broadened into a grin again and she turned, taking a few quick steps over to my bed and surprising me by kneeling down facing it, rather than getting on it. She turned to look over her shoulder, pushing her bum up in the air, a hand on each buttock pulling at them to better show me her enticing pinkness. Both arms then stretched out in front of her, hands together and resting on the quilt. She turned her head away to look at the wall. "Come and get me."

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