A Week to Remember Ch. 06A

byChris Cross©

In a screwy way, sinking my cock deep into Marie's pussy was like losing my virginity again. A whole new set of sensations; wetter, hotter, just... I don't know. More. I gasped as my balls nudged against her buttocks. God, all the sex earlier this week, it had felt good, of course it had. But it hadn't felt like this! In that instant I never wanted to have to use a condom again. I'd known that it was supposed to feel better without one; that the condom supposedly deadened some of the feelings, but with them being so thin, I didn't think there could be much difference. Man, was I wrong! I'd knelt behind Marie and rucked my cock right into her, holding onto her hips. Despite her cool, she must have been getting turned on too, as she was slick and wet. I'd glided straight in easily and I'd never felt such a wet pussy.

I'd never felt so much from being in a woman before. The heat, the sensation of flesh rubbing against flesh. I was kind of overwhelmed and just stayed like that, balls deep in her, not thrusting. Marie had gasped as I entered her, lowering her head and clawing at the quilt with her fingers. In retrospect, I guess she must have been puzzled at that moment. What the hell is he doing? I think she must have realised though. Her pussy suddenly squeezed me. I gasped and clutched at her hips.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"Fuck, yeah!" I blurted, instantly regretting using such harsh language. But it didn't seem to matter. Hidden muscles squeezed me again and Marie growled into the quilt.

"Then give it to me, Steve." So I did.

I took her from behind, enjoying slapping against her bum and admiring the view. By leaning back a little I could see my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and watch the delicate skin there contract and stretch. Marie pushed back hard against me in silence, no moans or gasps. Blindly, she reached back behind. Her questing hands found my arms and gripping them. With a soft grunt she pulled back, lifting her torso up off the mattress. I slid my hands around to her juddering breasts and cupped them my groin now slapping hard against her smooth buttocks. The friction felt just amazing. I worried I might cum far too soon, but no sign of another orgasm appeared. Yet after several minutes of almost silent shagging, I'd begun to wonder if Marie was actually enjoying herself. I pulled out of her body and gently tugged at her hips. Marie released my arms and took her weight on her own. Pushing back off the bed she turned to face me. Although she'd been quiet, her face bore the heavy, slightly slack look of someone enjoying a good fuck.

"You okay?" I asked. Marie smiled and nodded emphatically.

"Oh, yeah."

"You're so quiet." She grinned, her whole face suddenly brightening; and replied.

"Don't want our housemates to know what we're up to, do we?"

This was fair enough. I was thinking of what to say next when Marie sat on the edge of the bed. As I looked down at her she lay back, lifting her knees (the skin there was reddening from resting on the carpet) and parting her thighs for me. As I stood and gazed down at her parted, glistening, swollen lips I was suddenly conscious of the lack of shadows on the bed. In fact, my curtains weren't drawn and the light would soon be fading outside. I glanced over my shoulder for a moment and Marie caught me looking, quietly saying

"Leave the curtains. If anyone across the road sees in, it'll give 'em a thrill."

There was a chance that someone in the row of terraced houses on the opposite side of the road would see in from their upstairs windows (the road sloped slightly up in that direction, making the houses opposite a bit higher up than this one), but only a slight one. And if we left the lights off, we wouldn't be easily seen anyway.

"Thought you didn't want people to know what we were up to."

"Only our housemates. Don't have to live with folk from across the way. Now c'mon," she chided "I was enjoying myself."

Marie's arms reached up behind her, fingers wedging down between the mattress and the wall. Her legs remained raised as I moved between her thighs and took hold of them for support; burying my cock deep in her again.

I broke into the same kind of hard and fast rhythm that had previously made Belle, Sheila and Adele writhe in pleasure. Marie remained silent, eyes closed, mouth ever so slightly open. Her breasts shuddered, her head nodding slightly in time with my thrusts. I could make out the muscle tone in her arms as they arched behind her. After going hammer and nails for a minute, I pressed down on her thighs to part them even more. My stomach was beginning to ache, but as I acknowledged this Marie made a sudden 'h'mmm' noise and sucked at her bottom lip, turning her face slightly to one side. Next came a pained face and a long sigh. This was the most reaction I'd got from her yet. Encouraged, I ignored my stomach and determinedly continued thrusting hard and fast. Marie's eyebrows suddenly knitted, her eyes opening slightly to become glittering green slits as an


of pleasure escaped her lips. I moaned out loud in return.

Oddly, it was as if some hitherto unrecognised barrier between us had suddenly gone. Marie began to breathe harder, gasping and moaning a little. I realised that I hadn't really been making much noise myself up to that point. We locked eyes, both obviously happy to be sharing our passion audibly. As Marie made quiet, strained noises, I wanted to get her more fully under me, yet couldn't whilst still stood up. My stomach was aching more noticeably now, so I slowed the pace right down, reaching forward and taking Marie's hands from between the mattress and wall. Holding her hips again, I turned her to lay more along the bed than across it. In scant moments both of us were laying on the bed, my tongue in her mouth, arms wrapped around her back and fingers gripping her shoulders. Her arms were clasping me to her, feet warm on the backs of my calves as we resumed a slower pace, with me now grinding my crotch against hers.

After a minute of this, Marie began to push her hips back up more firmly, humping at me. The sudden return to deeper penetration increased the feeling of friction around the tip of my cock and several thrusts later, I recognised the signs that I was about to cum. Marie met my gaze and seemed to recognise whatever expression was on my face, as she whispered

"Go on, yes, go on." and gave me another squeeze with her pussy. That tore it and I began to pant, managing five more thrusts before surrendering to the exquisite fire, allowing it to consume me. I stifled my moans of pleasure as best I could as Marie firmly clutched at my bum to better feel me cum inside her. As the spasms of pleasure passed, I sagged down against her and Marie stroked the back of my head and neck.

I surely couldn't have pumped much bodily fluid into her after the amount of cum Marie had coaxed from me earlier, but her pussy still felt incredibly slick around my softening cock. Getting my breath back, I whispered into her ear

"I feel bad that I... didn't make you cum."

"Oh, no... don't." She kissed the side of my neck. "It doesn't happen very often. It's hard enough... with my Rampant Rabbit... (I thought back to Wednesday night and smiled to myself) so don't beat yourself up about it." I raised myself up a little onto my forearms, so I could look into her eyes. What a fantastic shade of green. Well defined by dark eyeliner and with laughter lines just beginning to crease their outer edges. With a wry smile, Marie carried on. "I still enjoyed myself - you've got a nice cock and... you know what to do with it. And you never know, you might get another stab at it."

"Thanks." I replied and kissed her.

"You're welcome." She sucked in a deep breath and blew it out through her mouth, wriggling contentedly under me.

I could just make out that faint scent of sex that carries on a woman's breath around the time she gets really turned on (or is that just my imagination?). "It's good to know this ol' 'alien woman' still hasn't lost the ability to pull a fella." I rolled my eyes and prodded her playfully.

"Spock himself would have wanted you. Now enough with the bad Trek puns, eh?" She grinned

"Phasers to orgasm?"


"Fuck me up, Scotty?"

"I mean it. And, eewww..."

"Heh. Not a good image, thinking about it."

I withdrew from her (the sucking feeling as I did so made me gasp) and rolled onto my back. We both lay side by side for a few moments, each with our own private thoughts. I'd just finished replaying that last orgasm when Marie propped herself up on one elbow, head resting in the palm of one hand.

"Hey, I just thought. Did that feel different for you?" she asked

"Without a condom?"


"Oh, yeah. Very different. Much better, just... I could feel a lot more, y'know?" Marie smiled and wound a finger into her dark hair.

"Good, I'm glad it was good for you, too. I hate condoms, myself. Bloody fiddly things. They give me a rash too. All red n' itchy. Not sexy." Her eyes seemed to drift for a moment, as if something had occurred to her. "Say that means that this'll be your first cream pie too, huh?" She grinned wickedly.

"First wha'- oh." The penny dropped. "Yeah"

"Let's have a look then."

To my surprise, Marie lifted up her knees, spreading her legs and pulling them up towards her, tilting her pelvis up whilst craning her neck for a better look at her pussy.

"Oops. Unless you want messy sheets, you'd better pass me a tissue or something." Pearly, viscous fluid was oozing from Marie's pussy, coating her labia in a glossy sheen and trailing slowly down past her anus and towards the bed. I looked on for a moment or three in quiet fascination. My first proper wet patch. Marie intercepted the flow with a forefinger and looked up at me questioningly. I shook myself free from my reverie and hopped off the bed to grab the ever useful box of tissues. I made a mental note I'd need to buy a new box tomorrow, (I'd gone through loads this week-lucky me) and passed some to Marie. After a quick mop up, I lay on my side between Marie and the wall, with my right arm around her and my left stroking her soft stomach.

Outside, the light was beginning to fade. Marie looked at the window and then back at me. I was feeling horny as hell and was keen for the 'second stab' she'd mentioned earlier. Marie didn't seem to be in a rush to go anywhere either, so things looked to be promising.

"It'll be dark soon. Should be a clear night, we'll be able to see the stars." I hadn't expected her to talk about the fading light, so I blinked, thought for a second and then grinned at her.

"What, space; the final frontier?" She chuckled and prodded me with her elbow.

"Hypocrite. That was all a spur of the moment thing. Honestly? I guess the couple of glasses of wine I had at lunch helped, but I thought, when I get back in, I'll call round and see Steve. I know I look pretty good in this dress, so I thought I'd call round and be a flirt. Maybe set things up for making a pass at you over the weekend. But I just... well, decided to go for it. You can thank the 'Dutch courage' effect. And, you didn't exactly run off screaming in horror at what I did, so... here we are." Indeed. I didn't quite know what to say to follow on from this. I decided to ask after something I'd noticed earlier.

"Yeah, and I'm glad we are." Marie smiled. "Y'know, you move well! Do you go to dance classes or something?" Marie looked a little surprised that I'd picked up on anything and happily replied


""Ah, that makes sense."

"H'mm. Anyway, what I was going to say was..." she shuffled and propped herself up on one elbow to face me "...it's given me an idea."

"Sorry? What has?"

"The stars coming out."

I was puzzled, but eager to se what had made the corners of Marie's mouth raise into this naughty smile."

"Go on."

"Ever had sex out under the stars?" I smiled back.


"Well, I know we said we'd stay in, but with a short drive we can be out of the city and should be able to find somewhere nice and quiet..." The idea appealed to me. Not only because it'd mean more sex with Marie, but I'd never done it in a car before, or under the stars. The thought of the journey there (wherever 'there' was), the knowledge there was more sex to come, the anticipation building towards the first touch... what a great way to spend a Friday night!

"Sounds good to me." I leaned closer to her. "Is there plenty of room in the back of your car?" Marie's naughty grin widened.

"Oh yes. But I've an even better idea than the back seat."

"Go on."

"You'll have to wait and see." She teased, before kissing me again.

(To Be Continued)


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