tagRomanceA Week with Him

A Week with Him


It has been two months since we last saw each other on my 18th birthday party. The two months have dragged and I am wet now just thinking about what you are going to do with me when that door closes behind us. It's a long drive up to Scotland, and all the way up I have been crossing and uncrossing my leg uncomfortably, trying to avoid the dampness pooling in my pants.

We have spoken nearly everyday on the phone. You didn't want to distract me from exams but the truth is all I have thought about since that night on my sofa is your cock pounding my pussy. I want you so bad. I have never felt a yearning like this before.

I walk to the door and knock. You open it and I fling myself into your arms. You are ready and your lips immediately cover mine, telling me something that doesn't need words.

I am already wet. In the car on the way up I have imagined this scenario over and over. You kiss my neck and nip it gently, and it sends a shiver all down my spine, and warmth to my core. I want you.

You are fumbling for the bottom of my shirt but I push your hands away. I want to see you first. You break the kiss and quickly take your shirt off. I admire your body, wondering how you made me feel this way. I take your nipple in my mouth, swirl my tongue around it and suck it, then allow you to remove my top, before I undo your belt.

You swear as you look at me and I know you are aroused. I let my fingertips dance over your stomach and across the waistband of your jeans. You moan and breathe in sharply in as I pull your jeans down. You step out of them. Your pants cannot control your erection.

I pull my jeans off and kneel before you, easing your pants down. You step out of them. Finally I can see your cock and its beautiful hardness. I am shaking slightly as I stroke it gently. My tongue darts out over the end, licks the slit at the top.

Then you are in my mouth , my saliva dribbling down you. My cheeks are filled and my tongue moves over and around you. I open my eyes and look up at you as my head bobs up and down. I twist slightly and move my hand to circle your cock. It isn't long before you tell me to stop before you cum.

I stand up and you take off my bra and pants tenderly, breathing on my neck as you look down at me. You trace your hands down my body while kissing me deeply. Your hands cup my breasts and you move your thumbs over my nipples. Then your hands continue down, skittering across my belly and making me arch my back with wanting. Finally your fingers move down between my legs and you slide them inside me easily.

You bend your knees but this is no time for politeness, I want you inside me for the first time, want your cock to be the first to stretch me. I stand against you and kiss you and you know I am ready.

You ease your cock inside my wetness. You are so hard and big, and you stretch me so entirely. I bite on your neck a little, and you stop for a second. I push my hips onto you, and you are filling me and I'm on the edge of pain and pleasure.

You begin to move, and it feels like we are one. I wrap my legs around your waist. 'Harder' I say and you move to the door, pushing my back against it so your cock can go deeper. You are driving your cock into me and I am moaning. I open my eyes to see you watching me and close them again. You are swearing quietly. I kiss you and our tongues meet hungrily.

You move faster, thrusting your hard dick deep into me. You are shaking and I know you are near to orgasm. You whisper 'I'm coming' and as you push up again my body shakes violently and I moan loudly and yell yes. I orgasm, and feel you orgasm, your cum filling me.

We open our eyes then, and you grin, and I giggle slightly, and we kiss, as we think of the week ahead...

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