tagRomanceA Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 3

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 3


This is for you my dear... *kiss*

From Part 2

I look over at the mirror, and see us, I sigh, softly, as I feel your arms wrap around me once more. What an evening this has been and so much more to look forward to this weekend.

Part 3:

I don't remember falling asleep but when I woke, you had moved to my side, curled up with your back towards me. I watched you sleep for a time, the steady and rhythmic movement of your breathing, the little smile I could see reflected in the mirror. You looked content and satisfied, peaceful in your state of rest.

The fire downstairs was hot enough that, as the warm air moved up to the loft, neither one of us had moved to take a cover and pull it over us. The oil lamp on the side table was still burning so as my eyes adjusted I can see you in the mirror, the slight curve of your stomach, those wonderfully large, dark nipples and of course your beautiful face. What were you dreaming about that was causing you to smile?

I know just how I want to wake you this morning. I roll slowly onto my back, not wanting to disturb you, reach into the drawer of the other table next to the bed and take out one of the scarves that I had put there. It's silk and smells faintly of you as I pass it under my nose and breathe in your scent.

Taking it gently in one hand, I move to my knees beside you and slowly begin to slide the tip of up from your ankle, past your knee, across the side of your thigh, barely touching you as it drops down to the bed only to continue over your stomach just missing the underside of your breasts. I begin again at your feet and by the third trip of the scarf over your body you finally begin to stir. The only way I know is because of the sigh that escapes your lips. I know that sound well lover.

Are you awake yet?

I start back up your leg and this time I let more of the scarf drape over your skin while following the same slow path. I watch as you roll over, onto your back, the leg closest to me remaining bent, your arms move up over your head. The silk is so soft that I imagine it feels something like a feather as it passes over your skin, not quite between your legs but not missing the valley in between your breasts, under your chin and across your shoulders before I start from your feet again.

I open the scarf fully this time and watch the little shudders as the scarf covers and moves slowly up your legs, coming together between your legs and then covering your stomach and breasts before moving over your face. There is nothing quiet about the moan that I hear and I know that I have succeeded in waking you.

"Leave your hands where they are, lover, and don't open your eyes" I say and I watch your mouth move into a smile.

You know that you can trust me but, at the same time, you have no idea what I have in mind for you. I know you can feel the bed moving as I change my position to move in between your legs.

The tip of the scarf returns to your stomach, tracing slow circles over your skin. Every so often it finds its way across your breasts and I smile as I watch your nipples begin to harden. I bend my head to your breasts and suck the right nipple into my mouth, kneading it with my lips just like you have shown me you prefer, not too hard but enough that it causes you to squirm beneath me.

I feel your hips rub against my leg and I move quickly back a few inches, foiling you for the moment. Instead, I drape the scarf across your right leg and slowly move it up so that almost the whole length of it slides in between your lips and over your clit. A split second after the tip has left contact with you, my tongue takes its place

The tip of my tongue traces the length of your lips, circling around your clit. Each time I lick you, more of my tongue makes contact with you. God, lover, you are already so wet. I taste you, and I taste me from earlier tonight. I can't help but become more aggressive in my licking, my head moving faster from bottom to top.

"Yes, yes, that's it lover, faster, I'm so close" you cry out.

Your hands are suddenly holding my head tightly to you and I finally suck your clit in between my lips.

"Oh Gooooodddddddddddddddd" you cry out, "yesssssssssssssssssss, don't stop". "Suck it lover," you moan as I feel your legs tighten around me.

I hear you cry out again as the next climax falls quickly on top of the first one. I'm holding my head still, letting you finish. Your next one is going to come with me buried deep inside of you.

You sense my desire and pull my head to yours, your tongue moving all over my lips and chin, tasting and drinking in your cum from my face. I feel your tongue forcing its way into my mouth, reaching deep inside. At the same time, your hand reaches down to guide me inside you.

It's hard to enter you at first, because your contractions have made you so tight inside. I feel you relax for just a second and you seem to suck me inside of you, taking in my whole length in one stroke. Your hips slam up against me and I barely have to move as you rock up and down on the bed. I can feel you pulsing around me and when you explode this time there are no words to describe how it feels or what you sounded like. You simply let go and came all around me, screaming as you did.

"Hold still for just a minute" you moan.

I do, but just for a minute before I move my hips back until just the head of my shaft is left inside of you. I stroke back in very slowly and continue this for a few minutes. Your hands have moved back up over your head again and you let me lead this dance, for a while at least. My strokes become shorter but not any faster and as I slide in I start rolling my hips. I can feel you pick up on this subtle change in motion and move your hips in time with mine to maximize the contact with your clit each time I stroke in.

Inside I can feel you tightening up again and when your hands move to my ass and start pulling me tight to you I have no desire to tease you any longer. Your hands are directing the pace and intensity of my movements.

"I want to feel you cum, lover, and I don't want to wait" you say.

Your hands are more insistent and your mouth is kissing and nibbling on my chest as I continue to stroke faster into you.

"I'm close," I moan.

"Let it out lover, now, I want it now" you reply.

A few more strokes and I feel that wonderful tingle starting from my balls, moving up. The head of my shaft expands and that first pulse from deep inside of me sends me over the edge. I cry out as I drive in deeper, 3, 4 quick thrusts before I push in completely and let the climax wash over me.

I love how you roll your hips when I'm cumming lover. Each time you do drives me crazy with the sensation as you slide around the head, your muscles squeezing and milking me, drawing every last drop from inside of me.

I come down off my hands to rest on my elbows, my head moving beside yours and I feel your lips on the side of my face. I smile and kiss your eyes, then the tip of your nose before laying my head down once more.

It takes a few minutes for me to catch my breath and I hear you whisper "rest lover, it will be my turn to wake you later this morning." I don't remember but I think I smiled before drifting off, your arms still around me, my head beside yours, still deep, very deep inside of you.

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