A Weekend in Appalachia


After getting over the initial shock, Julie settled a bit more into the water, well at least she knew who this was and his reputation preceded him. Generally thought of as a nice guy in most circles if a bit on the environmental side not that it was far from her own viewpoints. She'd gone to protests before and usually tried to make a couple of trail cleanups a year to help out with all the garbage people tended to leave behind. It always astounded her that people could talk about loving the outdoors for being so pristine and then litter the heck out of the same areas they said they loved. "Well I guess since you're obviously not a newbie you could answer this question. What the hell is with that pack you have? I've never seen it before."

Of all the questions she could ask that one really caught him off guard, he looked at her stunned for a few moments and smiled. "That? It's probably not likely to ever make it to production, at least if I have something to say about it. It's a prototype that well, doesn't exactly make the grade if you know what I mean. Part of the gig, get to be sent off to some cool locations also means having to deal with testing out gear whether it's really ready or not. That particular model has issues with the suspension so I don't foresee it going much further." It was about then he noticed her eyes, a deep emerald green. They were watching him as he talked, yet he didn't feel like it was fan worship but more like respect. He especially appreciated how she was keeping the conversation off of him.

They chatted until a chill ran down his spine and he noticed that the sun was setting, a light breeze having caused the chill. He motioned his chin towards the sun and turned to climb out, shedding off as much of the water as was possible. The temperature was dropping pretty quickly as the sun made it's slow descent past the mountains. At least, he figured, he didn't have to worry about something showing off too much, it was a little too chilly for that. Her on the other hand, he could see the outline of her nipples quite plainly through her sports bra. When they got over to the tent he offered to let her get changed first.

Julie shook her head, "We're both adults, I'm sure you've seen a nude woman before. It would be better if we just got changed at the same time, don't need you coming down with something just to be chivalrous." With that she peeled the sports bra off, exposing a pair of the most pert breasts he'd ever seen before. They were on the smaller side but her well toned chest muscles made them stand firm and tall.

He sighed at the sight, and it seemed that she made it a point to show them off for him before ducking into the tent with her pack. A shrug, when in Rome he figured and shucked his boxer briefs to put them on the tent and ducked inside. The fit was, well a bit tight considering the size of the tent and the first thing to greet him was a view of her rear. There was no helping it, by now he was fully erect but Bryce tried to ignore it and moved to the side in order to get dressed. The sound of a giggle caused him to look over at her.

She couldn't help but giggle a little at his embarrassment, Julie didn't mean to but it just came out. It was one of those situations where life just seemed odd and yet perfect at the same time. Her eyes took their time to admire his shaft, he was rather well endowed but it was the shade that the blood turned the skin that caught her eyes, "Well I must say, that is the prettiest cock I've seen in quite some time." With that she turned back to pulling out the rest of a set of clothes and slipping into them.

Tease...he thought but fairly enjoyed, it had been a long time since he'd been this turned on and it was a nice change of pace. Of course, fitting that member back into a pair of underwear wasn't much fun but it was worth having seen the hungry look on her face. There was just something about her though, the way they talked, about how it just felt personal between the two of them. It all really had a nice allure to it. He finished putting on a shirt and stepped out of the tent, glancing around for her and finding that she was in the midst of pulling out a tent. "Hey ummm, you know it's already getting dark. As you pointed out we're both adults, why don't you just sleep in my tent tonight? We can worry about your tent in the morning."

Julie paused to think about this, there was a small thought in the back of her head about how it might be crossing a line to actually sleep in the same tent. Then of course there was the thought that tents really weren't much of a barrier anyways and since the night was already promising to be rather chilly sharing a tent would combine their body heat within that tent. Of course, she realized she would have to fight temptation but the offer made perfect logical sense. Oh but spending time with him was really quite enjoyable and maybe she'd get to see that pretty cock of his again, perhaps even cop a feel of it the next time. Ah but she was enjoying that game of teasing back and forth, he'd gotten her rather damp and she wondered if he'd caught a whiff of her scent yet. Either way her mind seemed already made up, "Sure, that does make the best sense, but only if I cook dinner!" A laugh, she was willing to bet they had the same thing and all that it would require was boiling water.

Sure enough, when he went to his pack he pulled out a dehydrated meal. She grinned at that and found her Kelly Kettle, a few small branches, and set about to boil some water. Her face beamed when she saw the approval at the Kelly Kettle. She set about lighting a fire in the bottom chamber and fed it a few small twigs. She loved that it relied on so little fuel to get a good boil going and that she didn't have to lug around any sort of fuel canister with it. By the look on Bryce's face, she was guessing he was of the same mindset. When the water came to a boil she filled both bags, hers was some chicken dish and his a stew of some sort. She laughed a little before proclaiming, "Dinner's ready! Now eat up cause you know I worked hard on this!"

He grinned, it was such a bad joke that it was hilarious. Actually he found the grin was pretty permanent around her, she was just so full of life. The problem with dehydrated food is it tended to get a bit on the bland side, so he pulled out a bottle of hot sauce and liberally doused his food with it then offered the bottle over to her. Over dinner they chatted, and as dinner wrapped up out came mugs and a couple of packets of hot cocoa she had packed away. Graciously he accepted the offered beverage and settled up against a rock to look over the night sky.

Again they got caught up in conversation and it would be past midnight before one of them realized the time. Julie glanced at her watched, blinked, and muttered "Well that would explain why I feel so worn out. I think it's well past my bedtime." She put a hand behind her back and slowly pushed upwards, waiting for him to do the same. To the tent they went, laying out their respective sleeping bags and chuckling as both muttered about whoever made up the idea of it being a two person tent. She decided to forgo stripping any clothes off due to the temps and snuggled herself down into the sleeping bag. Just as she was getting ready to drift off, she felt his lips press against hers and him whisper a good night to her. Eyes flew open, just to see if he was that close and when she realized she hadn't dreamed it a smile crossed her lips and she leaned up to return the kiss. "Goodnight, sweet dreams.." Eyes drifted closed and off to sleep she faded.

As the sunlight woke her up, it took Julie a moment to remember where she was at and what all had gone on the previous night. She looked over and smiled as her eyes laid upon Bryce still passed out in his sleeping bag. Her hand drifted down, undid the top button of her pants and slipped within to find herself still damp. It didn't take much to turn the dampness into a soaping wetness as her fingers began to play upon her swollen clit. Her mind was focused on seeing his cock standing erect before her and the willpower he'd displayed in being able to just put it away without expectations. Next time, she promised herself, the next time he would get to sheathe that member within her as he deserved, not back into a fabric prison. Teeth bit down hard into her lower lip as her body shuddered with an orgasm. Fingers were withdrawn from her pants, she would only chance one orgasm for now. Besides, the poor boy probably had a massive case of blue balls thanks to her.

Out the tent she slid, strolling over to the pool to dip her hands in and wash off the bit of girly cum that was stuck to her fingers. The time alone was nice, it gave her the chance to really think about what was happening. Julie had never been one to believe in love at first sight or whirlwind romances and yet, she'd also never met anyone like Bryce. She loved the way he treated her as an equal even though when it came to many of the subjects they discussed he had to be the one with superior knowledge. He was a generally happy fellow and she just liked being around him. But the question was, if it was just lust or if she really did care for him more than that. The answer seemed rather elusive and yet not, it was just feeling more like she had to take the time to accept things as they were going not as she was used to them being.

Once her hands were washed, she set about boiling more water and pulled out a packet of instant coffee to brew herself a cup. With a little giggle shortly afterwards she heard rustling in the tent and hummed to herself the Folgers theme song.

Shortly afterwards his head popped out of the tent, "Is that coffee by any chance?" Oh good, she was a fellow coffee drinker! At least he wouldn't be the only one to indulge in that luxury. Out of the tent he scrambled under the pretense of not letting the water get any colder before he could mix himself up a cup of joe. Taking a seat beside Julie he caught a faint smell of something but couldn't quite place it. Either way he was more focused on just enjoying the morning and being able to share it with this lovely lady.

Originally he'd intended to only stay into the morning and then move on to the next location but upon finding out that Julie was staying the weekend here well, that was just a temptation too great to resist and so his plans changed to stay as well. At first she had debated putting up her tent, but after a little discussion they decided she might as well leave it packed away, the first night had gone well enough. He focused on setting out their clothes from the day before to dry in the sun while she got breakfast going and they debated what to do for the day. Spending time in the water was a given, but both agreed to do a little exploring of the area while they had the chance.

Exploring, she found out, turned more into a jog along the trails with him. A little gleefully, she found out how out of shape he'd allowed himself to get over the winter and set the pace for their run, making sure to be in front of him whenever possible. As they reached the camp, she turned and jogged backwards just to tease him that she was in better shape. Once back at camp, they set to stretching back out and cooling off their bodies. It was only a matter of time before they'd be back to the pool and that was about when she planned to make her move.

Oh what a tease, what a tease she had been the entire run. His lack of conditioning from winter had shown and not only that but he'd had to run most of that trail with a raging hard on from following and watching her ass. Politely he took it though, partially because he was still trying to catch his breath when she began to strip off her sweaty clothes and grab the sports bra and shorts she'd worn in the stream the previous day. Once he felt most of his breath returned, off came his shirt and the rest of his clothes to be thrown with hers over the line and into the tent he crawled, only looking up when he was all the way in.

She smiled at the look of shock on his face when he realized she was laid out in the middle of the tent floor, legs spread wide with nothing but a smile on her face. Her pussy was drenched and she could see the effect the run had on him, the head swollen almost lavender in color from blood flow. Her fingers came up to cup his chin and she guided him forwards till he was positioned over her. Head lifted up to allow her lips to embrace his while her free hand wrapped its fingers around his shaft, guiding the head to rub against her pussy lips. A soft whisper escaped her lips as she broke the kiss, "Fuck me lover, pound my poor pussy with all your frustrations."

He didn't need another invite and thrust his hips forwards, feeling her slick walls begin to envelope his shaft. It was like a wave of relief just to feel her wrapped around him and as he pushed his cock within her, he paused just to savor the feeling. She was tight, he'd kind of expected that from her build, but it felt just perfect like a velvety smooth vice wrapped around his shaft. Bryce leaned forwards onto his forearms and buried his face within the side of her neck, breathing in her scent as his hips began the slow rise and fall. His tongue gently caressed her skin, not caring about the sweat covering it but more about the sweet sound of the moans escaping her lips.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked them at the ankle over his back, her arms coming around his upper torso to hold tight while her hips rose to meet his with each stroke. Damn she needed this, her body craved it. The feel of his cock was just about right, maybe a little too big for her but that was just pleasure in itself. His tongue seemed to know where each of her nerves was and sent goose bumps up and down her skin. It touched just the right spot and her body began to shudder as an orgasm ripped through her and clamped her pussy down on his cock.

As she shuddered into orgasm, he continued to thrust but when she gripped his shaft it became just too much for his poor, teased body. Several days worth of buildup was released at once, his cock driving as deep as it would go before twitching and releasing stream after stream within her. Bryce held her close to him as they both rode the wave of orgasm through, and then collapsed still entwined. His fingers reached up to slip through her hair and a soft kiss was given to her forehead.

She smiled to him as she felt the warmth within her signify that he too had cum. When Bryce settled down beside her she naturally curled up in his arms, feeling like everything was quite right with the world at that moment. It was a feeling she'd craved for a very long time now and having finally found it would be hard pressed to ever let it go. The feeling just warmed her whole being, enough so that she succumbed to post orgasm sleep and drifted off.

When she awoke though, she found herself alone, one of the sleeping bags was unzipped and placed over her like a blanket. In a bit of a panic, she bolted up and out of the tent looking around for him. Ah, over in the pool would be where she found him and a sigh of relief slipped from her lips. She was about to come straight over when he reminded her that perhaps at least bringing clothes would be advisable as you never knew if someone would show up. This brought a little giggle to her lips, had it only been a day she mused.

Into the pool she slid, leaving her clothes along the side since there really wasn't a point anymore and it was obviously to someone's delight. Once she'd gotten the chance to rinse off a few kicks of muscular legs propelled her body over towards where Bryce was settled in. She twisted her body with the last stroke and landed her rear into his lap, settling herself against his form with a sigh of content. As she laid her head upon his shoulder it just felt right, like she belonged there.

As she sat there, something under her rear began to feel stiffer and longer than it had been. With a little grin of glee, Julie slipped underneath of the water. Her lips pressed up against the head of his member and parted along the skin, taking him in while trying to avoid letting much water into her mouth. Softly she suckled the head while the tip of her tongue worked along the shaft until she couldn't resist the urge to breathe anymore and surfaced with a grin. "If you want me to continue I'd suggest climbing up where I can breathe."

He hadn't needed her to even say that, as she let go of his member Bryce had already started climbing out to take a seat upon the edge of the water. While there was a little chill in the air it wasn't long before her warm mouth was heating the one area that mattered. A moan slipped from his lips as she worked her way down till her lips pressed to the root of his cock. Her tongue never ceased caressing the underside of his shaft, not as she was taking him in nor as she began to slowly bob her head upon him. As his cock became lubricated her fingers wrapped around it and began to pump him in rhythm. All the while her eyes were locked on his, watching each breath, each moan, each groan.

She liked giving head, it wasn't her favorite but there was a time and a place when sucking a cock was the best thing. She figured it was most likely due to the feeling of control over a man's pleasure and knowing she could play him to cum just about when she wanted so long as she hit all the right notes. Him being on the larger side made this more difficult but it was a challenge she had readily accepted knowing her reward would be a full mouth of creamy goodness. The thought of the incentive hurried her bobbing, craving to feel him fill her mouth with cum.

Bryce wasn't going to be able to hold out for very long, he hadn't cum much in the few days before meeting her and had been on edge since meeting her. The sight of her eyes locked onto his while her lips rolled up and down his shaft was just too much. He noted a small nod and took that as his permission to let go, still he let a whisper come out, "Gonna...cum..."

It felt like only a second or two after the words were whispered, just enough time to get only the head to be in her mouth before her tongue was coated by the first spurt of cum. She quickly swallowed, trying to get as much down as she could but still a little leaked out of the corners of her lips. Once she felt he was finished releasing her throat muscles swallowed down the last of the cum in her mouth and she released his cock. Her tongue went to work cleaning up the last traces of it, being sure to get every last succulent drop. As she finished her hand went to his torso and gently pushed him onto his back. Once he'd laid down, Julie climbed out of the water and curled up against him, retaking that comfortable spot. "I could really get used to this..."


Had it only been six months, she wondered. Julie's hand rested on the swelling of her once taut stomach and sighed, there was going to have to be a lot of trail running and time at the gym to get back her figure. Of course, she'd been checking out new backpacks to carry her little one on her, no their, adventures. She felt a presence behind her and sunk back against Bryce's body with a little grin, well at least he'd finally lost that winter flab and somehow was fighting through the damned sympathy pains. She caught a glint of light off to her left and watched as his hand opened to reveal a small box with a ring seated within. Lips curled into a soft smile and she pushed up to press her lips to his, "Of course I will."

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