tagGroup SexA Weekend of Perversion

A Weekend of Perversion


This story is based on a fantasy of my partner. Maybe one day it will come true for him or the two of us.


I crossed off the last job on the list. I was finished. I looked at the clock, still only 10.30 in the morning. Everything was done and I was ahead of time. The house was clean, the bedding had been changed, food was prepared, and I had time for a quick bath before I had to leave to pick up David from the airport. I ran a bath, stripped off and jumped in. It felt good. It was still early but the temperature outside was already close to eighty degrees. I had been running around for a couple of hours; I needed to relax for half an hour.

A little about David, and me I'm Sarah- I'm in my very early forties. I'm 5ft 7, I like to look after myself and still have a body that I'm proud of. I work part-time within the legal industry and have done for many years. David, my husband, is the same age, just over six feet, and as with me, he keeps his body in trim. He works in the oil industry, which means he is away from home for long periods; however, his job rewards him well financially. We have a good lifestyle though not always conventional -- a lovely, quite large country house set in the Oxford shire countryside. Some would say it's isolated, but for us it's perfect. It is about two hundred years old but has been modernised; we even have a separate annex built by the previous owners as a "granny" flat. We have complete privacy, no nosey neighbours, the only noise in the countryside maybe the odd tractor now and then.

Time's up, so I get out of the bath. What should I wear? Something nice, something David would like. We hadn't seen each other all week. I decided on a summer floral dress. Sandals on, bag, car keys, phone - yes that's everything time to go.

I checked the flight arrivals. Well, he was on time: as long as there wasn't too much traffic I should be on time. I got a call from David to say he had landed and was outside of the pick up point, this was great I was close and it did mean I wouldn't have to park. I drove into the arrivals pick up point, and there was David waiting. I looked at him after all the years we have been together; he still sends a tingle down my back.

"Hello my darling! You look as lovely as you always look! God, I've missed you. Sexy dress -- do the buttons on the front undo?"

I laughed and gave him a slap on the hand before he had a chance to check a quick kiss and we left for home.

"Have you had a good trip?" I asked.

"Yes all went well, but going to have to go out there again soon. Most of the work is done, but still a few strings to tie up. Come with me next time?"

"I'll try, it depends on my work load." I try to go with him when he's going somewhere nice; we usually tack on a small holiday when business is finished.

"Is everything ready?" He inquired, knowing it would be.

"Yes, the annex is all cleaned, stocked up, and ready to go." We would be spending this weekend in the annex not the main house.

"I had a text when I landed from Christine, they are on their way and will call when they are close." Paul said with a large smile on his face.

"Good! Hopefully they will get here early. I'm so looking forward to spending the whole weekend with them."

This weekend we were entertaining friends; we were both excited about the prospect, we hadn't seen them for a month or so. "What are the plans for the weekend?"

"You know not to ask! All will be revealed later!" That truly was an exciting thought; I didn't know what the plans were but knew it would be a weekend to remember.

I should tell you about Christine and Alan. We met them several years ago through the Internet. Both in their mid fifties. Alan is a very successful businessman these days mostly retired, only working one day a week. Christine is a lovely woman, very caring, and very loving always being there for Alan. The two were made for each other their love was unbroken.

"I've bought you a little present. You can have it when we get home!" He said with a smile on his face.

"Is it that Cartier bracelet?" I asked, hoping against hope.

"Sorry no, still need that arm and leg!" One day he would say yes. It was a bracelet I had seen last year in Tiffany. It was lovely but the price even made me blush!

We soon made it home; David pressed the button on his key fob and the gates opened. I drove up the drive and parked in the garage. This weekend was to be private, we had told friends and family that we would be away, and for this weekend we desired privacy.

David looked at his watch, it was 3.00pm hopeful Christine and Alan would miss the Friday rush hour.

In the house, David gave me a big hug and kiss, we both wanted more, but that would have to wait, time was getting on. "I'm going to have a shower, I'll unpack but not now." With that David went up stairs. Leaving me to wonder what my present would be? I wanted it; I was curious but knew I would have to wait until he thought the time was right.

David's phone rang about 5.00pm, he answered "Hi where are you? That's brilliant you should be here very soon. Everything's ready. Yes, just buzz when you're at the gate and I'll let you in. Yes love you too, bye."

David puts the phone down "They'll be here in about twenty minutes, I've packed a weekend bag so we're ready. Now you can have your present."

David gave me a smallish box, as always, immaculately wrapped. " Go upstairs and open it, I'll get the keys and we can lock up here."

Upstairs to our bedroom I sat on the bed; I wanted to rip it open, it was the secret of this weekend, I kept my control unwrapping it slowly and carefully to reveal a black box. I opened it, inside there was a red dog collar decorated with gold studs and diamonds. Attached to the collar by a ring was a small gold nameplate, engraved "Bitch." I now knew what the weekend would be. I stripped; I wouldn't be wearing any clothes this weekend, naked I attached the collar around my neck.

As I said earlier we don't always have a conventional lifestyle, David is my master I his sub his toy his slut his whore his to do with me as he desired. It was our fantasy the darker exhilarating private side of our life.

We got into this lifestyle a few years back we both enjoyed it. We joined a few websites looking for similar couples, which is where we found Christine and Alan. They had a similar lifestyle to us only this in their case Christine was the mistress, Alan the submissive.

David whistled, I dropped everything and went downstairs, David was waiting in the kitchen "Come on Bitch, follow me we're off for the weekend." He attached a leash to the collar and gave it a pull. "We don't want you running off do we?" I followed him out he locked the door and walked to the annex me ensuring I walked just behind him.

"Christine will be here in a few minutes, she's bought Fuka with her." For this weekend Alan was Christine's dog. "If you're a good bitch we may let Fuka fuck you, you'll like that." I replied yes, I was a dog and dogs don't talk, I would only be able to use simple words like yes, please thank you, no. Alan or Fuka as he was now would be in the same position as me. If we used any inappropriate talk punishment would be swift and hard.

We got inside the annex; David wrapped the leash around the door with me still attached to the other end clicking his fingers I sat where he pointed. "Stay Bitch." He left me and went to unpack his clothes.

There was a buzz on the intercom, David answered, "Great you're here, drive up and park around the back."

Two minutes later there was a shout "Hi honey I'm here." Christine walked through the door. David came in and gave her a big hug and kisses. David and Christine were now husband and wife.

"Did you have a good drive down?" David inquired.

"Yes it wasn't bad, wanted to get here as soon as possible to see my darling husband."

She gave him another kiss. "Ooh it looks like you bought Bitch a new collar, looks lovely. Come here Bitch let me see your new collar." I walked over to Christine and stood in front of her. She admired the collar. "Down." She said sternly. This meant I had to be on all fours. Up meant we could walk, down meant we up to be on all fours.

I went down on all fours and started to sniff Christine's crotch. It's what dogs do.

"Be careful of Bitch, she's on heat." David gave me a light slap on my arse.

"I'll just check to see." I turned around and Christine put her hand between my thighs, roughly she rubbed my pussy with her fingers. I was on heat, Christine's hand wet with my pussy juice on her fingers. Christine licked her fingers then her hand went to my face. "Bitch clean my hand now." I did as I was told licking her fingers clean.

"She certainly is on heat, we better watch them this weekend, keep them in control. Fuka is on heat, but then he always is. Fuka, Fuka, come on in boy come and say hello." Alan walked through the door, like me he was naked except for a dog collar around his neck and a choke chain around his balls. "Look at Fuka, look at the state he's in, his cock is all erect."

Alan's cock was certainly hard, not only was it hard it was big, he was graced with a very large cock, you hear the stories about 10 inches, and he wasn't far off.

"Naughty Fuka, you shouldn't walk around like that" she slapped his cock and pulled on the choker. Alan winced. "It's so rude of you, naughty dog." She slapped his cock once more, harder than before. You could see that it had hurt him.

"Don't worry we'll sort him out later. Would you like a coffee my darling?" David asked Christine.

"That would be lovely, you put the kettle on I need to visit the bathroom, it's been a long drive." Christine unhooked my leash. "C'mon Bitch with me."

I followed Christine into the bathroom. She undid her trousers and pulled them down, followed by her knickers, sat on the toilet and started to pee. "Ah that feels so much better." She finished, stood up and said "C'mon Bitch, you're a clever girl, you know what to do, now down." I went down and walked over to her, she opened her legs a little wider I used my tongue to wipe. I could taste her pee, as I wiped her. Salty but nice "Good Bitch." She patted me on the head. Christine never wiped herself when there was someone else to do it normally that person was Alan.

"Coffee is ready when you are Christine."

"Ah lovely, I feel I'm back home already."

"Would Fuka like a cup?"

"I'm sure he would." Christine replied. David made two more cups of coffee, then opened the cupboard door and pulled out two bowls, one cup was poured into each bowl and placed on the floor.

"Go on dogs, have a lovely drink." As we both came over David added a severe "Down!" We both went down and started to drink our coffee. Not easy but we managed our best.

"We'll take ours into the lounge. Let me give you a massage, help you unwind from that drive." David followed Christine to the lounge. I looked at Alan, he smiled, and I smiled back.

"Fuka, Bitch, come her now, don't want you getting up to any mischief." We obeyed Christine's call and walked into the lounge, Christine's blouse was off showing her large tits held back by her black lacy bra. David was massaging her back and shoulders. We went in and sat on the rug next to the fireplace and watched.

"It will be a lot easier with this taken off." Without waiting for an answer David removed Christine's bra.

"Look at Bitch, she's looking at my tits. Do you like my tits Bitch?"

"Yes" was all I could reply

"If you're a good dog then you can suck them later." David's hands worked further down Christine's back.

"I think these trousers should come off easier to massage your lower back." Christine stood up, undid her trousers then kicked them away. Next were her knickers, off they came and she threw them to Alan. Alan sniffed and rubbed his nose in the knickers.

"Look at Fuka, he does love to sniff me."

"He's a lucky dog." David replied. "How would my darling like an internal massage?"

"Perfect, let's get those clothes off and we can have a real homecoming" David stripped off his clothes naked his cock hard; he joined Christine on the sofa. They started slowly a kiss here a nibble there. It didn't take them long to get more involved. David was sucking her nipples one hand playing with her pussy the other groping her arse, Christine was gently stroking David's hard cock, playing and squeezing his balls. Her mouth went down on his cock, David moaned, he was enjoying it. I sat on the rug looking in envy I felt so wet I wanted to play with myself I wanted Alan to come and stick that monster cock inside me. I slid one hand down to my pussy gently rubbing enjoying the sensation of my fingers the vision of David and Christine fucking in front of me.

"Bitch, NO, stop that right now!" I had been seen by David, he saw me playing with myself, that wasn't allowed. I quickly pulled my hand away but too late.

"Naughty Dogs, all we want to do is have some time with each other but it looks like you won't allow it." We were being scolded.

"I know what we'll have to do." Christine got up and went to a draw she pulled out two pairs of handcuffs, not the normal play handcuffs, these were real police issue.

She went over to Alan, slapped his cock hard. "Naughty boy." Christine put his hands behind his back and attached the handcuffs. She walked over to me "Bitch I would expect much more from you, you're a dirty dirty dog for doing what you did." She slapped my tits, I jumped with pain, her hand had caught my erect nipple, and as with Alan I was handcuffed at the back.

"Now you two sit there and behave, we want to fuck and we don't want you to spoil it."

Christine went back over to David, lowered her mouth back onto his cock. David was moaning, grabbing her head pushing it down on his cock. Christine had moved one hand between her legs and was now abusing her pussy with delight. My pussy was aching for some attention, whatever I tried I couldn't get any relief I tried rubbing it on the rug it didn't help I tried rubbing my thighs again no help. I looked over to Alan he was in the same state as me; I swear his cock had grown even bigger. I looked over to David and Christine as she was lowering her pussy onto his cock it slid in with a moan of delight she rode David's cock.. They were moving together Christine's tits bouncing; David put his hands on her tits, playing abusing her nipples.

"David fuck my cunt, fuck it now yes that's it my tits squeeze my nipples." Christine was in heaven David's cock filling her pussy I loved watching them I wanted to be fucked I wanted my pussy filled, filled with anything to give me pleasure. My pussy was so wet but there was nothing I could do. I looked at them again. Christine moved around, now facing David. I could see David's cock sliding inside her. Christine was moaning with pleasure, whatever David was doing with her tits was making her moan with delight. She tried to push down harder on David's cock, I could see his balls bouncing into her arse. I wished it were my pussy he was using, I so want something inside me but all I could do is sit and watch. I looked at Alan, he winked at me, I winked back, and we were both loving and hating the situation at the same time,

"David fuck me harder, hurt me use my cunt fuck I'm going to cum." Christine was shouting through her screams of pleasure.

"Yes cum my darling, cum please cum. I'm going to fill your cunt up"

Christine screamed, she was cumming, David rammed her hard, he was close I could see, I knew him he thrust deep within her. He moaned he was cumming, I was watching my husband cumming inside this beautiful lady. I wanted to cum all it would need is a slight brush on my pussy and I would. Oh fuck I so want to cum with them with Alan's cock buried within me.

They slowed down, both hot, sweaty, breathing deeply, the aroma of their sex filling the room filling my nose I breathed on it was a sweet smell. Christine fell into David enjoying every last sensation running through her body, she felt David's cock slacken slowly Christine climbed off. "Thank you my darling that was amazing, I do love your cock and what you do with it inside me. So much better than Fuka."

They had finished, I wanted to finish but couldn't my pussy was in agony, crying out for attention; perhaps now they have finished I can be fucked. Please someone fuck me I thought.

"David looked over to Alan and me. "The dogs were watching us, do you think they were enjoying it?"

"I think so, look at them both squirming. My pussy feels full from you, and your cock is covered in my juice and your cum."

" Bitch, Fuka come over here now!" David shouted. We both tried to move to David sliding on our knees, our hands were still cuffed we couldn't walk normally.

"Fuka turn around." Alan did as he was told and David released him from his cuffs. "Bitch you to, come here." Again I was released from my cuffs, perhaps now I could have some fulfillment.

Christine stepped in "Fuka and Bitch we are in a mess and need to be cleaned, you are dogs you will clean us. Bitch come here and clean your mistress, you will clean my pussy of your master's cum." She moved to the edge of her chair and spread her legs wide. I put my face between her thighs and used my tongue to clean her I could taste the cocktail of their sex I lapped loving every drop, my tongue tracing her lips her clitoris then pushing as deep as it could into her pussy my whole face buried in her sex.

"That's it, you're a good Bitch, clean my cunt. Lap all that mess out of me" I did as I was told I was lapping away taking as much out of her as I could, trying to push my tongue deeper inside her pussy. "I don't want any mess on the furniture make sure you swallow every drop." I did as I was told. I lifted my head a little and could see Alan was cleaning David, holding his cock Alan was running his tongue down David's cock and licking around his balls.

"Hurry up Fuka." David demanded. Alan took David's cock into his mouth and sucked him dry.

"This feels nice, Bitch knows how to clean pussy. Bitch now suck my clit, I want to feel your rough tongue on it now." I did as I was told Christine was enjoying the attention I was giving her, I was enjoying pleasuring her, if I could make her happy then she would reward me. I carried on, it was working Christine was starting to wriggle.

"Best Bitch, you keep going, you're going to make your mistress cum." I kept working on her pussy with my tongue sucking her lips, nibbling her clit; it didn't take long "Fuck yes." She shouted. She pushed my face into her pussy, my whole face covered with her. "Bitch make me cum now!" I did all I could, Christine cried out; I was making my mistress cum. She screamed louder then fell back. My job was completed I had made my mistress cum.

I lifted my head and looked over, David had enjoyed watching me make Christine cum. His cock was hard again inside Alan's mouth; Alan was doing all to please his master.

"Are you going to cum in Fuka's mouth?" Christine called to David

"It feels lovely, he's doing a good job, but I would prefer your arse."

"Christine looked over. "I would love you in my arse but I let Fuka in there the other day and it still feels a little sore. What about a different arse to fuck?"

"That sounds good to me but who will it be? Fuka or Bitch." David asked.

"Why not Fuka, it's down to him that you can't fuck mine so fuck him."

"Excellent idea" David smiled.

"Fuka, come here to your mistress." Alan did as he was told. Christine went over to the cupboard and brought out some gel. "Now Fuka on your knees, your master is going to fuck your tight arse." Alan did as he was told; Christine spread the gel around his arse then on David's cock.

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