tagGroup SexA Weekend of Surprises

A Weekend of Surprises


This is a fictional story with adult content, all persons are over the age of 18.

Pulling into his parking spot, Paul was looking forward to a quiet weekend. He knew he had the house to himself for at least a week since his son had taken his girlfriend on a trip out of state. With his son gone for a week none of his friends would be dropping by, so, yes, Paul was quite happy to have a bit of peace and quiet for a few days, starting with a relaxing do nothing weekend.

Going into his room Paul undressed and put on his robe, sitting at his desk he decided to do some web surfing before hitting the shower. First opening his email, noting nothing of importance he then opened a favorite porn site. As the site opened with a wide array of choices, Paul thought back to his teen years, how he and his friends used to dig through neighborhood trash cans to find a copy of playboy or other men's magazine, how tame those magazines where compared to what he could now find on his computer. At 57 Paul certainly no longer felt the need to hide his porn, but still he sometimes felt a little perverted at some of the things that turned him on. "Oh well," Paul thought out loud, "it's not like I'm going to ever fulfill these fantasies, these people are all actors." With that he opened his favorite category, amateur, (ya right) young girls with older men. Seeing these 18-22 year old girls going hot and heavy with older guys always fed into Paul's fantasies, sure, sometimes he felt guilty about watching this stuff, but he always got turned on by it.

Browsing through the many video clips Paul came across one that peaked his interest, the clip was titled "Youthful dreams". Watching the 4 minute clip got Paul pretty turned on, it involved an older guy whose dream of a 19 year old girl suddenly came to life one morning. Interesting premise especially since Paul had many dreams that included a 19 or 20 year old, never older than 25. After watching the clip 3 or 4 times, to get a good mental image of the girl, Paul decided to buy the full length movie and download it to his computer, already he had about 12 movies loaded, but they had to be something that would really be worth watching a few times in order to spend his money on it. Hitting the download now button, Paul waited until he saw the bar begin moving and dropped his robe on the bed to head for the shower.

Stepping into the shower Paul adjusted the water temp and the shower head to his liking and began washing his hair, then switching the control to pulse he let the water beat down on his back, letting the tensions of the day go down the drain. His thoughts returned to the new movie he had just downloaded, as he slowly started stroking his cock picturing the cute young lady in the video was kneeling before him open mouthed and waiting for his load. As Paul started to cum he let his mind feel her lips wrap tightly around his dick with her hand cradling his balls and her finger lightly playing with his asshole as he shot down her throat.

As Paul finished his shower he was anxious to get to the video, thinking he may spend a few hours downloading tonight, getting some fresh bodies in his video collection. Grabbing a towel he began to dry off, hanging the towel back on the rack Paul stepped into his bedroom and was greeted with. "Hi daddy," the unmistakable voice of 19 year old Paris, one of his son's friends from school, sitting at the computer desk. She had called him daddy since 9th grade.

"Fuck!" Paul said as he grabbed his robe from the bed to cover himself up, "you scared the crap out of me, what are you doing here?" Paul continued as he tied the robe closed. "You know Ross is gone for a few days with his girlfriend."

"I know daddy," she said, "I came over to talk to you, my boyfriend is being an ass and I was hoping you would let me unload on you for a while." Turning her eyes back to the computer screen she added, "but I see you may have other plans for the night."

"Oh shit," Paul thought, "the movie is downloading." Stammering he said, "um, well, I have all weekend to play on the computer, let's go to the living room and talk." As he reached to shut down his computer he saw that the movie had downloaded and Paris had been watching it, the scene playing at the moment was that of the older guy eating the girls young pussy.

As Paul's hand was reaching for the mouse to shut down the computer, Paris put her hand on his and said, "don't stop it, I think it's hot, I want to watch the whole movie."

The touch of her young hand on his sent shivers through Paul's body, standing next to her while she sat in the chair and watched the movie Paul could feel his body's arousal building.

As they watched the scene on the monitor unfold Paul glanced down at Paris who was intently watching the movie, as he glanced down her top he could see almost to her nipples as she leaned forward a bit engrossed in watching the girl enjoy the old guys tongue.

"So, daddy," Paris whispered, "from the files I saw, I guess you like younger girls."

"Um, ya, well," Paul stuttered, trying to find the right words, "I have fantasies I guess." he finally said.

"Have you ever fantasized about me?" She asked, eyes glued to the sex show on the computer screen.

"Paris, I've known you for over 5 years now." I replied, trying to avoid the question.

"That was not the question daddy!" Paris stated as she paused the movie and stood to face me. "I want to know if you ever fantasize about me?" She asked again as she walked past me to the bathroom.

Sitting down at the desk chair, Paul let out a sigh as he turned to the screen, Paris had paused the movie just as the older man was about to put is hard dick into the young girls ass.

"Don't turn off that movie daddy," Paris ordered from the bathroom, "and you still have to answer my question."

Paul just stared at the monitor, the still scene of the old guys hard dick on the verge of penetrating the young girls ass was getting to him, Paul could feel his own dick springing to life. "Yes, Paris, I have fantasized about you a time or two." Paul said softly.

"Tell me what you fantasized about doing to me daddy." Paris said as she stepped back into the room, naked except her tiny panties.

"Oh my god!" Paul exclaimed as he looked toward Paris and saw her nearly naked body. His dick, already in the beginning stages of arousal sprang fully to life. Her 19 year old body was amazing, full firm breasts, beautiful curves to her body and cream colored smooth flawless skin. Paul could only stare open mouthed at what he had only dreamed of seeing.

"Do I look as good as your fantasy of me daddy?" Paris asked as she walked towards Paul, stopping directly in from of him, Paris reached down and opened his robe. "Well, I guess you approve," she said looking down at Paul's hard dick standing at full attention. Turning around she said, "take them off daddy," reaching down she took his hands and placed them on her hips.

Paul's hands trembled as he took hold of each side of her panties and began to lower them, Paris lifted first on leg, then the other so that Paul could take her panties completely off, lifting the panties to his face Paul took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of her young pussy. Looking at her naked round ass directly in front of him, Paul leaned forward, placed both hands on her ass cheeks and ran his tongue between her cheeks.

Paris took a sharp intake of breath as she felt Paul's tongue hit her tiny asshole and bent forward pushing her ass back at Paul's face. "Do you like my ass daddy?" Paris asked between breaths.

Paul answered by sticking his tongue inside her tight hole. Leaning back he said, "your body is more beautiful than any fantasy I ever had."

"So, you have had a few fantasies of me then?" Paris asked, adding, "will you tell them to me?" Standing and turning to face Paul, "Please daddy, tell me your fantasies." She said with a pout.

For the first time Paul got a look at her pussy. No way in his wildest fantasies would he have been able to imagine the beauty of it. She was trimmed to almost bare, the pussy lips begged for a tongue.

"My god Paris, you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen." Paul said lustfully, leaning forward he slid his tongue between her pink lips, "or tasted," he added.

"Oh daddy, I like that, is this one of your fantasies, eating my pussy?" Paris said in a low voice.

Turning Paris went over and lay on the bed, her knees bent and legs spread, "Come and get it," she said seductively.

Standing from his chair, Paul let his robe drop to the floor as he walk toward the bed, his eyes taking in every inch of the sexy young body spread before him. Crawling up between her legs, Paul stopped with his face inches from her pussy and look up toward her face. Paris had her head propped up on some pillows and was watching intently, with his eyes still on hers, Paul stuck out his tongue and licked between her young pussy lips, she closed her eyes lifted her hips to his mouth, Paul slid his hands under her ass and held her hips up as he let his tongue trail up and down between her moist lips.

"Mmmm daddy that feels so good," Paris moaned.

Lifting her hips a bit more, Paul stuck his tongue deep inside Paris' sweet pussy, fucking her with his tongue, Paris pushed her hips to Paul's face, taking his tongue in deeper, her hands reaching down to grab his hair. Paul took his tongue out of her pussy and found her tiny clit, letting his tongue flick back and forth over it, at this Paris started to moan loudly and buck her pussy into his face. Paul alternated his oral attack between diving into her pussy and licking on her clit, by this time Paris was grabbing the sheets and lifting her hips to his every tongue thrust, almost screaming as she pushed her pussy into Paul's face. His hands still holding her ass, Paul let his fingers caress between her cheeks, sliding his finger to wet it with her juices, Paul pushed it inside her tight asshole, as his finger entered Paris stiffened, screamed and started cumming into Paul's mouth, moaning, "oh daddy, yes, yes."

As Paris began to regain her senses she lifted her head up, looking down at Paul she said, "holy shit daddy, that was fantastic."

Slowly removing his finger from her ass, Paul kissed her tight little butt hole and said, "Paris, I could spend the rest of my life licking your hot body, never in my wildest of fantasies could I have imagined the sweetness of your pussy, or the tightness of your little ass."

"Well daddy, I have a big surprise for you." Paris said in a husky voice as she sat up and put her lips to his. "Yum, daddy, you're right I do taste good."

"Paris, there could be nothing in this world that is more of a surprise then what just happened," I told her as I stood from the bed.

"Daddy, you seem to have a problem there," Paris said as she reached over to touch at my hard dick.

I watched as her hand wrapped around me, looking up to me she began to slowly stroke my shaft.

I moaned at the incredible feeling of her soft hand slowly gliding up and down my dick, closing my eyes I let my mind wander to my fantasy world, now able to update the pictures my mind held with true visions of her young body. As I let my mind roam I felt her other hand reach out and lift my balls, gently she massaging them while slowly stroking my dick. I looked back down to watch just in time to see her tongue reach out to my dick head and lick the pre cum. My hips automatically pushed forward at the touch of her tongue, lifting her eyes to look up at my she opened her mouth and swallowed my entire length in one move.

"Oh my god," I moaned at this incredible feeling and sight. Her soft lips wrapped around me, as her hand played with my balls, I felt her finger slide slowly over my asshole and groaned again as I jerked my hips.

Pulling her mouth off my dick, Paris looked at me and asked, "does daddy like?" Then she returned her mouth to my dick and began to lick and suck, watching her pretty blonde head bob on my cock I could only moan my approval.

With her mouth doing magic on my dick and my balls cupped in her hand I felt her fingers gently probe my ass, playing with the opening and slowly pushing in.

The feeling was intense, my hips rocked forward gently, I heard a low moan from her as she pushed her finger all the way into my ass. My hands grabbed her head as I felt the rush of cum begin, she slowly pumped her finger into my ass and I said, "oh god, baby, I'm going to cum."

Paris then took my dick all the way inside her mouth and pushed her finger all the way up my ass as I started to shoot my load down her throat.

Swallowing, she wiggled her finger in my ass as I held her head tightly to my groin, my breathing temporarily stopped as I filled her with my cum.

Slowly she removed her finger from my ass, and gently massaged my opening as she finished swallowing my load. Taking her mouth of my dick she bent down and lifted my balls to give my asshole a little quick kiss and lick. Paris then kissed my withering dick, then my belly and up my chest as she rose, licking first one nipple then the other she continued trailing her sweet lips up, kissing my chin and then planting her open mouth on my lips she wrapped her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I could taste myself in her mouth and grabbed her butt and pulled her close while we kissed. Her warm and wet young pussy grinding into my spent dick. I massaged the tight cheeks of her young ass as our tongues danced.

Breaking her kiss, Paris looked into my eyes with her smiling eyes and asked. "did I do good Daddy/"

"Damn girl, you are fantastic, there is no way I could have imagined doing this with you." I replied.

"So, did I live up to what you fantasized?" She asked as her hand gently brushed my dick.

As I gave her tight ass a squeeze I said, "Paris, I could never come close to fantasizing how incredibly sexy your young body is."

She smiled at this, and gave me a quick peck on the lips and said, "we still have those fantasies of yours to talk about, but now I want to pick out one of your movies and watch it with you, go sit in your chair and bring up the file."

I sat down in front of my computer and opened the file, there were now 13 movies listed with the one that I had just down loaded, all full length ranging from 90-120 minutes.

"Ok sweet one, here they are, anything you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well let me take a look Daddy," she said as she sat her naked ass on my lap and wiggled a little.

Browsing the titles she found one that caught her eye. "What is this about," she asked?

She had found one that showed a picture of two young girls kissing with a much older man jerking off.

"Well that movie is about those two girls seducing the man after they caught him staring at them in the park," I said.

"Do they do each other to," she asked.

"Yes they do," I told her.

"Good, lets watch it, is it ok that I am sitting on your lap?" She asked.

"Yes it sure is, I like this feeling." I told her and kissed her back.

Starting the movie Paris leaned back and lifted my arms to her breasts, "Rub them Daddy." She told me.

As we sat there watching the movie I continued to massage her beautiful breasts, she would moan and sway every now and then. About 20 minutes into the movie the two girls had the older man in their bedroom, one was sucking the man the other was licking her friends pussy. Paris sighed and reached her hand down to touch her own pussy, she then brought her hand to her mouth and sucked her finger. Returning her hand to her pussy she began rubbing while watching the movie. Her pussy was feeling very warm on my lap, and I could feel her wetness. Just as the man in the girl being eaten in the movie started to climax into her friends mouth Paris also began to climax, I could feel her wetness soaking my dick, which was stirring once more. Paris let out a gasp as she reached her orgasm, reaching down she grabbed my dick and began rubbing it all over her wet pussy lips causing me to shudder at the feeling of her warm wet pussy and soft hand. She continued to cum while pushing my dick head up and down the inner folds of her pussy. She calmed a bit and brought her hand to my mouth so I could lick the juices from her hand. As I sucked her fingers she returned her attention to the screen, at this point the girl who had been sucking the man was now being eaten by her girlfriend who was on her knees with her ass to the man as he was getting ready to shove his hard dick into her.

"Mmmm, she's gonna get now," Paris said. Watching as the man positioned his dick at the young girls pussy. He rubbed up and down her lips for a bit coating his dick with her juices. At that moment the camera panned in close as the old guy held his dick and brought it up to her tiny little asshole. Placing his head against her little hole he pushed forward. Paris had stopped moving and was watching this scene intently. She wiggled a bit more on my lap as she felt my hardness touching her still wet pussy. As the man in the movie slowly entered the young girls ass Paris gasped and pushed her hips down on my dick. She reached down and guided my dick back between her pussy lips, and lifting her hips slightly guided my dick to her opening, she then lowered herself down letting my dick slide deep inside as we both moaned at the feeling.

"Oh daddy, that feels good," Paris sighed, as she slowly pumped her hips up and down.

The feeling was so incredible I could not speak but only grunt as I felt the tightness of her young pussy envelope my cock.

Continuing her slow movements she would lift and lower her hips, her head leaned back onto my chest. We continued to fuck lick tis for about 10 minutes and I felt my balls tighten.

"Baby, I am going to cum," I warned her.

"Shoot in me Daddy, cum in my little pussy, I want to feel it." Paris sighed.

With that I began shooting and pumping my own hips, our pace quickened and I unloaded deep in her pussy.

Turning her face to mine we kissed, deeply and passionately, grunting into each other's mouths as I finished cumming inside of her.

The movie had ended, Paris looked to the screen, "can we watch another on?" she asked.

"How about I fix us some dinner first," I said, "it's almost 7pm aren't you hungry?"

"Daddy, I have been hungry for this for a few years," she said looking at me, "I have tried to get you to take me for a long time, haven't you noticed how much I flirt with you?"

"And just what do you think started my fantasies?" I asked her, "seeing your sexy body is why I have these movies."

Kissing me again, she asked, "Daddy, I want to stay with you all weekend, I want us to share our fantasies, can I please?"

"Baby girl, you can stay with me for as long as you want." I said.

Paris smiled and stood up from my lap, bending down she gave my dick a kiss and lick, and said, "I'm going to take a shower, will you wash my back for me?" With that she headed to the bathroom, I gazed at the beauty of her ass as she walked, as she got to the door she turned and said, "I love you Daddy."

I heard her start the shower as I just sat ther with my mind in a fog, thinking is this really happening, am I really living my fantasies with this beauty of a young girl?

"Daddy, are you coming?" Paris called from the shower.

After our shower we headed to the bedroom, I grabbed my robe and Paris grabbed a dress shirt from my closet, seeing her in just the shirt, still unbuttoned I told her, "Hun, you are one sexy little girl, now let's go eat something."

As we sat and ate dinner I could not take my eyes off of her body. She teased while we ate, letting her breast peek out of the shirt and winking at me. After dinner we went back to the bed room, by now it was nearly 9pm, I sat on the bed, Paris dropped to her knees in front of me, opening my robe she took my dick into her mouth. "Baby," I said, "I don't think I can go for a third time tonight."

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