tagGroup SexA Weekend with a Difference

A Weekend with a Difference


Life here on the farm up in the hills of Wales can be difficult at times. Lambing time is not the least of them. It's always a balancing act to get the timing right. Easter brings the best prices for lambs at market. However, to get enough lambs to market requires planning well in advance. It brings with it many risks. If Easter is early it means lambing at what can be the coldest time of year and the risk of losing many new-born lambs to the weather. We started the lambing in January, bringing the ewes into the lambing sheds and working 24/7 for a few weeks.

It usually falls to me to do the long cold night shifts in the sheds. Some nights it can be easy, other nights it is exhausting work. The simple act of keeping warm out there through the long, often freezing nights can be very tiring alone. It's just the thought of a hot bath and lots of hot tea that keeps me going through the dark, winter nights when I can't even feel my feet anymore. At last the lambing came to an end with remarkably few losses. I was almost on my knees with tiredness. I was simply exhausted.

After the last of the hard nights I was on my old laptop chatting to a few friends and recovering from my tiredness with some social media to remind myself that there is a life and a world away from this farm. One evening I was chatting to a very dear and old friend from my college days. Marie and I go way back to when we shared student accommodation back in London. We have helped each other through some difficult times in our lives. I have confided in her about my hopeless and loveless marriage. I in return was there for her a few years ago when her marriage broke down and her husband left her with two children.

I admire her in so many ways. Yes, as her marriage broke down she did crumble. She lost her confidence. But she soon pulled herself up by her boot straps and almost re-invented herself. She began a diet and going to the gym. She lost her extra pounds, became fit and rather glamorous. Now, with her two children either working away or still at college, she has become a rather wealthy and very attractive woman.

I was telling her just how desperately tired I was after this years lambing, and how my personal life was once again in limbo. It was then that she suggested that I had a break from the farm and go to stay with her for a few days. Not the best time of year to go away as it was still very cold. But the idea of a change of scenery was very appealing. We agreed a long weekend on which I could get away. Almost straight away I was looking forward to seeing her, having a few laughs, spoiling myself a little and yes, getting a bit drunk!

Shortly before I was due to go to London to stay with Marie, the weather took a very bad turn. Extremely cold weather was coming in from the east, what the news media called "The Beast From the East". I contacted Marie and suggested that I put off my visit. She was rather insistent that we went ahead with our plans. I found myself glued to the weather forecast and was horrified to see that "The Beast" was about to clash with a storm coming up from the south west call "Storm Emma". The clash was about to take place across the south of Wales and south west England! The Met Office gave out Red Weather Warnings, meaning a risk to life. That was it, I have to cancel. Marie suggested that I just delayed leaving for 24 hours. So I did. The news was full of reports of snow drifts, road closures and mayhem. However, the motorway was still open. I took the risk, I set off in my old, trusted Land Rover. It took me a very long time to get to the motorway. I drove a speeds of less than 30 mph at times. Once on the motorway it was not so bad. The area around Cardiff was very difficult, but I got through.

Eventually, after 7 hours driving I pulled up onto her driveway in west London. My knuckles were aching from the tight grip my hands had had on the steering wheel for the whole of the drive and my shoulders were painful too. Marie's sporty Audi car made a very different sight to my old, battered Landy. As soon as I pulled up, Marie was there at the open door to welcome me with a huge hug. We sat in her massive kitchen drinking Hot Toddies. The warm whiskey very quickly revived me. She showed me to the guest room. Her house was full of the luxury that my old farmhouse lacked. The bed in the guest room was massive. Added to which it had its own bathroom. I did as she suggested and began a long hot soak in a bath that would have been big enough for a rugby team! I lay there soaking up the warmth and began to relax in the bubbles and hot water. Marie knocked on the bathroom door and asked to come in, which she did bringing with her two very large glasses of wine. Very welcome.

She sat on the toilet seat with her wine as I soaked myself. We chatted and she told me that she had booked us in for a spa day at the place she uses most weekends. The idea of a spoil myself day at the spa was just what I needed. Bless her! After a while she left me to get out of the bath and dress alone. That evening we talked, ate and drank the night away, eventually staggering off to bed around midnight. I slept like a log in that huge, comfortable bed.

The next morning we drove to the spa. I was so amazed at her car. So sleek and sporty, very much like Marie herself. The spa was almost deserted. Many women had cancelled due to the weather. It was so nice to lay there in the sauna and the steam room, quietly talking in hushed voices. We were to have a massage later, and my body was looking forward to that as much as my head.

"So, how are things with you two, still the same?" she asked me, meaning my husband and I.

"Yes, still the same, no sex, no communication, no affection." I informed her. She knew all about my marriage, and indeed she also knew about the little flings I had had from time-to-time. She was the sort of friend I could talk to about that side of my life, knowing that she understood.

"What about you then, any new man in your life?" I asked her.

"Good heavens, no! Well no one permanent anyway." She replied.

"But you look fantastic! You seem to have everything, you telling me that you don't have a man? So why all the spa treatments? Why the hair do every week? You're not telling me that the men of London are not beating a path to your door, and your bed!"

"I didn't say I don't have fun, I just said that there was no permanent man around."

"Well, go on, tell me!"

Marie told me that some time ago she had joined a dating site. She had been on several dates. She was no longer on the site, but she had stayed in touch with several of the men she had met there. I was not exactly shocked, more surprised. She had been a bit of a wild thing back at college, but then we all were. I asked her to expand, giving her a playful nudge.

"Oh it's quite simple, when I want some sex I just phone or text whoever I fancy sleeping with at the time and mostly I get what I want."

"You have sex on speed dial? You lucky sod! You just ring up and get a man!"

"Yes. It works for us both. I get good sex from a variety of men, and they get what they want too."

"I understand the attraction of that, believe me I do, and I am more than a bit envious I can tell you! Just being able to summon up a man at the touch of a button ... lucky, lucky LUCKY you!"

"So, Tess, how long since you last had an orgasm, and I mean one that someone else gave you?"

"Oh God! Months, months and months! I can't just phone for a man!"

"Darling, let me tell you something. Sometimes it's men! Plural!" she said with the broadest smile I have ever seen cross her face.


"Oh yes darling, sometimes, just sometimes I like to indulge myself in that way. You never tried it?"

"No! I know I had two boyfriends on the go once, but never did anything like that!"

It was then that we were called through for our massage. As I lay there on the table, talented hands glided over my body, easing away the aches and pains my body had in abundance. As I lay there enjoying the sensations I could not help but think about how well Marie had got things sorted in her life. Of course having lots of money helps, but over and above that she had a great deal of ... of what? Courage? Determination? Cheek? Whatever she had, bloody good luck to her!

After the massage we had a manicure and our hair done. By the end of our spa day I felt like a million dollars. Then we drove back to her house. As we pulled up on her driveway it occurred to me that her house here in west London was probably worth two or three times more than my farm.

Again we sat in her kitchen, drinking and half heartedly preparing some food. The wine was as good as the company, and I sat there in the after glow of the pampering I had had. Marie said that we should dress up for diner in honour of our great looks. I thought that it was a really nice idea. We both went upstairs to change. When I returned to the kitchen Marie was already there putting the finishing touches to our healthy chicken salad. I noted that the wine glasses were once again filled.

"Wow! Look at you! That's not the same woman who fell out of her Land Rover here yesterday! You look fantastic!"

I know I blushed, but the compliment was very welcome. I had seen myself in the mirror in my room. Hard not to really as it covered the whole of the front of the very big wardrobe. I too was amazed at what a transformation a few hours of pampering could bring to my tired old body.

"Oh let me get a picture!" she said grabbing here phone.

We sat talking and drinking, laughing and remembering old times. We ate our salads and yes, drank some more of her very nice wine.

"So then Tess, my darling. Tell me why you are not getting plenty of good sex. You are still attractive, and I know you love sex as much as I do, so what's stopping you? Why no regular lover to see you right?"

"You know what it's like, small community, rural area. Not many single men around of my age, and too many wagging tongues to have a fling with a married man. The single men are all way too young to be interested in me."

"Rubish! There are plenty of young men out there who are gagging to bed an older, attractive woman! You should try it! AND I know you have not exactly been faithful to what's his name!"

It was true as she knew only too well, I had not stayed faithful to "What's his name" as she called my husband. I abandoned my faithfulness when he stopped making love to me several years ago. I admitted that it was only opportunity that held me back, not a lack of willingness.

Just then her phone that was on the table in front of her lit up and buzzed. Marie picked up the phone and read the text message that had come through. Putting it back down she looked at me and gave me a big grin.

"Well, that's our entertainment for tonight sorted then!"

"What? What have you done?" I asked, although a part of me already knew the answer.

"Remember I told you that sometimes I liked to be "entertained" by two guys? Well, they are both free and are coming over."

"Marie!! You are kidding me! No! What the hell ..."

"It's OK, it's fine! They are coming over for a drink and maybe ... a bit more!"

"Arrrrgh! Marie! No!"

"Relax, nothing will happen, nothing that you are not happy with anyway. You never know, you might get laid!"

"Marie, what if I'm not ... you know ... fancied?"

"Sweetie, chill out, you are fancied! What do you think the photograph was for?" she said with a very cheeky smile.

I can't remember a time I was so scared. I just couldn't believe that she had done this. I swiftly drank another glass of wine. Marie told me about the two men who were on their way here. They were both soldiers, in their mid 20's, and as she put it ... rather talented.

Shortly after, as we were sat in the living room, the doorbell rang. Marie got up and went to answer the door. I heard her welcome her guests and after taking their coats, showed them into the room. I was almost shaking. Was it with fear or was it with anticipation? I didn't know.

"Come on through guys, there is someone I'd love you to meet. This is Tessa, one of my oldest friends. Tessa, this is Matt and George."

The two men came in smiling, and one at a time gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. What on Earth was I getting into here?

"So you have driven here from Wales in this weather?" Matt asked as Marie went off to get drinks.

"Yes, I got here yesterday, not an easy drive."

"Wow! Respect! Not many would have done that!" said the other man, George.

Matt and I sat on one sofa and George sat across from us on the other. When Marie returned with the drinks she sat with George. Kicking off her shoes she sat with her legs stretched out on the sofa in a very relaxed way, her feet on George's lap.

"Cheers everyone." She said.

We all drank and talked. Matt sitting at my side. I looked over at Marie who was using her foot to massage George's thigh. He I noticed had his hand resting on her shin. I met Marie's gaze, she smiled and gave me a slight nod and raised her eyebrows. It was by way of asking me if I was OK. How should I respond? It was time to make a decision, if I gave her a shake of my head, excuses would be made and the men would be leaving. I simply just returned her nod. She smiled broadly and continued to rub George's thigh with her foot.

I noticed that Matt had placed his arm along the back of the sofa behind my shoulders. We sat there drinking, the men explaining to me their life in the army. They were very trim and even through their clothes I could tell that they were fit and used to physical exercise. I noticed that George's hand was now resting just above Marie's knee. She then sat up, and turning around lay down again on her back with her head resting on his lap. We carried on talking and drinking. As we talked I felt Matt inch a bit closer to me, his leg now pressing against mine. His hand now on my shoulder.

I could see that George was stroking Marie's tummy through her blouse, and she was giggling at something he had said to her very quietly. She nodded her head as she laughed at whatever had been said next. Slowly George was pulling her blouse free from the waistband of her skirt. I could see her bare tummy as he eased his fingers a tiny bit down under the waistband.

Matt on the other hand was asking me about the farm and my journey. I could feel his hand on my shoulder, then using the tips of his fingers he softly stroked my shoulder through my blouse. I turned my head to face him. He smiled at me as I looked into his very blue eyes. His short light hair the same colour as his eyelashes. Did he want to take me to bed, or was he only being polite to Marie? I realised at that point that I was hoping it was the former.

"Oh! What's this behind my head? George, are you getting a bit excited or has someone put a roll of carpet in your trousers?" They both laughed.

Marie stood up and taking George by the hand said "Do excuse us for a moment, I need George to give me a hand with something." They both left the room, leaving Matt and myself on the sofa.

Matt leaned forward and softly kissed my mouth, he ran his tongue across my lips. I gasped. He put his hand around my hip as he kissed me more firmly.

"You're a very attractive woman, Tessa. Would you like me to show you just how attractive I think you are?"

I just nodded and gasped out the word "Yes."

I felt him take my hand and guide it to his crotch. I could feel his erection through his trousers.

"There, that's how attractive I find you. Would you like me to please you, please you in bed?"

Again all I could do was to nod my head, unwilling to remove my hand from the bulge that was throbbing and straining for release from his pants.

He stood up and taking my hand pulled me close to him and kissed me with such a passion.

"Want to show me the way to your room?"

We went up the stairs, I was aware that I was quickening my pace as we got nearer to my bedroom. I opened the door with haste as we both almost ran into the room. He spun me around and taking me in his arms pulled me to him and began to kiss my neck, giving me little bites. He was about six feet tall and very broad shouldered. I began to pull his shirt from his trousers, wanting to get my hands on what I knew would be a strong, firm chest.

"Wait!" he ordered me. "Just take it slowly."

Still kissing me he walked me backwards further into the room. He spun me around again, so I was facing away from him and facing the huge mirror on the wardrobe. He looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled whispering "Gorgeous woman!"

He slowly began to undo the buttons of my blouse. He took it off and let it fall to the floor. I could see myself in the mirror, my breasts heaving in their bra as the excitement and passion grew inside me. He then unhooked and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor also. He was now kissing my shoulders and neck as his hands glided over my body. He again looked into the reflection of my eyes and smiled. He began to massage my breasts through my bra, giving my nipples a gentle squeeze as he ran his large hands over my small breasts. Before I knew it my bra had joined my other clothes on the floor. As he massaged my breast with one hand I felt the other hand on the small of my back. He then eased his hand down into the back of my panties. He softly squeezed my buttocks and then ran his fingers down and under my crotch, his fingertips finding my wetness.

"Mmmmmm, Tessa, you are smooth, I so love a smooth woman!" he whispered as he began to tease my clit. He then withdrew his hand from my panties and again looking at me in the mirror slowly licked his fingertips. My legs were by now starting to tremble with the delight he had given me so far.

Taking me by the hand he walked over to the bed. He kissed me once again and sat me down on the edge of the bed. He took a step backwards. He then began to undo the buttons of his shirt. As it fell open the firm strong chest I had imagined was confirmed. I reached out to touch his tummy but he took my hands and said "Wait."

I sat there on the bed, watching him kick off his shoes and taking off his socks. I could see the bulge in the front of his trousers. I reached out to touch it only to have him pull away. I watched as he teasingly undid his belt, the button and his zipper. He let his trousers fall to his feet. Stepping out of them I could see the shape of his hardness through the tight briefs he was still wearing. Oh God! He was driving me crazy, I wanted him naked and already on top of me.

Still in his briefs he knelt in front of me and began to again massage my breasts. Then he began to take one of my nipples into his mouth. As he sucked my nipple and massaged my breasts waves of shear delight began to grow and fill me.

After a few minutes he lay me on my back, my legs still over the edge of the bed. I felt him open my legs a little more as he planted a row of kisses down my tummy.

"Let me see your smoothness." He said as he rubbed my very wet pussy through my even wetter panties. I could feel his warm breath on me. Slowly he rolled my panties down over my thighs just enough for him to see my smooth pubic mound and the tops of my labia. Planting a kiss on me he said "Mmmmmmm wonderfully smooth."

He eased my panties down over my thighs, over my knees and took them off of me. I lay there, naked and shivering with the excitement. I felt him kiss my inner thighs, getting higher and higher. He put his hands at the top of my thighs and softly began to brush the edges of my labia with the tips of his thumbs. He eased my labia apart exposing my hooded clit. I felt him drag his tongue over my now throbbing clit. His warm breath on my wetness. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through me as he swirled his tongue around. I then felt him place his mouth over it and slowly begin to suck. This was heaven. He used his hands to spread my legs wider apart, getting his mouth fully over my clit. The waves of pleasure grew and grew as I felt him ease his finger inside my willing pussy. I so love a man to finger me in that way. I could feel his finger inside me as he slid it in and out of my wetness. I then felt him ease a second finger in me, stretching the walls of my tight pussy apart as he buried them fully in my aching pussy. He carried on sucking my clit and fingering me. I felt my breathing getting faster as I lay there letting him pleasure me.

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