tagIncest/TabooA Weekend With Aunt Peggy

A Weekend With Aunt Peggy


My dear aunt Peggy Sandford has ordered me to keep a diary of the weekend we spent together last month.

My aunt Peggy lives in the United States. I hadn´t seen her for some years, but a year ago I started exchanging e-mails on a regular basis. I soon learned that my aunt is a lady with a very nice interest in sex. She started questioning me about my sexual experiences and fantasies and offered me insight into hers.

Aunt Peggy is a woman of 47years but still looks very hot and sexy. She is the perfect picture of a lady that very well takes care of herself and can show her mature experience and her very special kind of erotic. She is of medium-size, but with longer and slender legs. Her brown hair is going down a bit over her shoulders. She still has a slender, sportive body with full and still quite firm medium-sized, beautifully formed breasts.

My name is Daniel and I´m 21 years of age. I´m a student right now. I don´t have a lot of real sexual experience, but have a lot of sexual fantasies. I´m very much in favour of mature woman.

Aunt Peggy told me that she had a business trip to Amsterdam and I could meet her there in her hotel, if I would like. I very much liked that idea. And so this is the diary of our meeting.

I had not seen Aunt Peggy in real since I was a child, but she had sent me some pictures and our e-mails had become very sexy during the last weeks. So I knew quite well what would await me; what would await me with my own aunt.

She was waiting for me in her hotel room. She let me in and then ordered me to stand still. Aunt Peggy was wearing a very short, white dress, that ended just inches below her ass. And she was wearing nothing beneath; no bra; no panties. The cleavage of the dress was deep.

Immediately my cock was hard as a rock. She slowly walked around me. When she was at my back, she suddenly wraped her arms around me and directly put both her hands at my groin. She could feel my hard-on and stroke up and down it.

"You have become a beautiful boy, my dear, Daniel. And obviously you are very horny. Why are you horny, boy? Tell your, Aunt."

My voice was shaking. I could only whisper. I was very excited. "You are so beautiful, Aunt Peggy. You are so sexy and so hot, even much hotter as on the pictures you sent me."

"Good boy, Daniel. So I only ask you once. We have talked about it in our e-mails. Do you want to spend the weekend with your Aunt Peggy, Daniel?

"Yes, Aunt Peggy," I whispered.

"Do you want to learn how to serve a lady? How to fulfill her sexual desires?"

"Yes, Aunt Peggy".

"You know that you doing something forbidden by asking for sex with your aunt, with your mothers sister? Are you asking for sex with your Aunt Peggy?"

"Yes, Aunt Peggy".

"So then. For these three days you will be my little serveboy. I will call you Serveboy. You will be under my command and you will do as I tell you."

"Yes, Aunt Peggy".

"You will keep a diary of these three days, Serveboy!"

"Yes, Aunt Peggy".

"Now get undressed. Fully naked. I want to see your cock, boy."

With shaking hands I started to get naked. I guess my face was a bit red, so excited was I. Within a minute I was standing naked in front of my 47-year old beautiful and sexy Aunt Peggy. My cock was standing rock hard. Aunt Peggy smiled as she watched me up and down and walked around me. Finally she stepped very close to me. Her hands took my hard prick and slowly started stroking it, playing with my hard balls too. I was afraid to come any second. Her lips almost touched mine as she slowly spoke.

"Do not dare to cum, before I tell you, boy. Now get down on your knees and then you can crawl under my dress and kiss my ass – and kiss it good. Show my ass, how much you love your Aunt Peggy. Then you go to the bathroom and shave your pubes. You should look like the little, unexperienced boy you are."

She let go by cock. Only seconds before I would have cum. I was in a sexual heat, I had never known that it excisted. I got to my knees and crawled to Aunt Peggys back. With shaking hands I lifted her short, white dress a bit and for the first time I saw her naked ass. I could even see a bit of her pussy. She was glistening wet. She must have showered freshly and smelled like a dream of paradise. My eager lips touched her ass-cheeks and kissed them all over; first the one than the other, finally I dared to spread her cheeks and my tongue licked up and down her valley in between. The sight of her wonderful dark anus made me even hornier. I let my tongue swirl around it and kissed it several times. I could smell my aunts lust and I even heard a moan escape her mouth, but at that moment she stepped away from me.

"You are a dirty little boy. If you are a good boy you may make me cum tonight, by licking my ass. Now go into the bath and do as I told you."

I did as I was told and shaved my pubes. It was looking strange to me. My aunt inspected it very carefully. All the time my cock was hard. Finally she handed me the cloth I should wear tonight. It was white trousers, made of a very thin fabric and a white shirt. I was not allowed to wear any underwear. When I had put it on, my hard cock pressed so hard against the fabric, anybody could see that I had a hard-on. I tried to concentrate to anything boring, but was too much aroused to get rid off my erection. Aunt Peggy smiled.

Aunt Peggy then took my hand and we went out of the hotel. I was ashame of my erection and tried to hide all the time.

Aunt Peggy from time to time touched my arse and even my hard-on, stroking me a bit through the thin fabric, so I had no chance to cool down. She especially liked it, when people watched. She like to show that a beautiful 47-year old woman, could easily have a 21-year old serveboy.

Aunt Peggy led me to the red-light district of Amsterdam. We watched the hookers walking around and sitting behind the windows showing off all their sexy assets to get some customers. We watched the windows off sex-shops and we went to a sex-museum. I was horny as hell all the time. My Aunt clearly enjoyed seeing me in such a state of arousal.

Finally we went to a dance club. They were playing slow music. The audience was very special. There were dommes, men and women, in leather-cloth with slaves, men and women, on a leash, there were lesbians kissing and fumbling each other while dancing, there were table-dancers stripping down. I had never been in such a club before. Now my cock was not only visibly hard but the first drops of pre-cum had soaked through the thin fabric and the wet spot could clearly be seen.

"I see that you are a little voyeur, my serveboy," Aunt Peggy smiled and let her hand glide along my cock. "So you like watching dommes and slaves and I see you get horny by watching these lesbians. I like girls, too. I like to lick pussy and get my pussy licked by a little servegirl. Would you love to see me how I would lick and suck another girl? There will be no time this weekend. But I will tell you about my sexual fantasies and about my sexual experiences, if you like."

I could only nod a "yes".

Aunt Peggy then led me to some seats at a table. She was very close to me all the time. Her hands gently stroke my thighs up and down, touched my hard prick or even played with my balls through the thin fabric. From time to time her lips touched mine and her experienced tongue licked a long my lips or even slid into my mouth french-kissing me for a short time. I was almost crazy by all her seductive arousing games she played with me. And all the time she told me about her forbidden sexual fantasy. Even about a fantasy she had about her son and his best friend and ordered me to include that fantasy into the diary. So she told me:

Now that my son, your cousin, is eighteen and he is playing with himself (yes, I have caught him several times...), I love teasing him with innocent views of my braless tits and my hairy "mom's" pussy. He looks, as I am sure you would. When he brings his cute friends over to watch sports on our big screen tv, they now battle for who's going to get the pillows on the floor rather than the leather couch, which is far more comfortable... for, as I serve refreshments with my t-shirt with no bra and my short shorts or wrap around skirts, they always position themselves to where they can get a peek! I love it, and I love watching their cocks get hard in their pants. I see them looking at each other and giving little signs and smiles after they get a good pussy peek. I'm always showing them something and pretending as if I don't have a clue as to what is going on. I'd love to strip off naked and have them circle around me, and take turns sucking on their horny cocks and then let each one of them fuck me!" So my aunt told me.

When after a while she finally led me out to the dance-floor, I barely was able to think anymore. My brain was all sex. I would have done anything to be allowed to cum. My Aunt was leading the dance and she held me thight. "Put your hands under my dress now, serveboy and then you start massaging my ass and you can touch my wet pussy from behind, boy." Without a second of hesitation, I did as I was told. Eagerly my hands massaged and caressed her wonderful ass and I let my fingers slide down her crack and to her wet pussy. For the first time I touched my aunts hot cunt. It felt incedible good; so soft and so wet; so sexy. While I caressed her naked ass and her pussy, she started kissing me passionately. She was kissing me in a sexy, passionate way, I never had thought that kissing could be so incredible wonderful. And I felt her breasts against my chest. I could even feel my aunt´s hard nipples through my shirt. Her hips were rubbing against my groin; against my hard-on.

I finally really could not think anymore. I was lost in sex and arousal. Feeling the wonderful body of my aunt pressed against me, my hands exploring her hot ass and pussy, our lips sealed in the most sexual kiss I ever experienced. I knew other people were watching our sex-dance. I finally couldn´t hold it any longer. I moaned into my aunt´s mouth and my cock exploded. My whole body shivered as I came and all my semen shot out and into my trousers. My knees were week now.

Aunt Peggy broke the kiss and smiled to me. "I have not told you to cum yet, serveboy. Tonight you will not be allowed to cum again. You will have to lick my ass and my pussy till I cum and you will lie in bed with a hard-on. I think we go now."

Aunt Peggy led me out of the club. A big wet spot was visible for everybody at the front of my trousers; and within minutes my cock was hard again. People in the club, on the streets and in the hotel stared at me. I was glad when we finally reached our hotel room.

My aunt ordered me to undress and wait on by back on her bed. She then tied my hands to the bed.

"Now you can show how much you love my ass, serveboy. You will make me cum by licking my ass and if you are a good serveboy I will let you eat my wet pussy. As you have been a bad boy, I will not undress and you will have to wait to see my naked body."

With these words she knelt above my face, still wearing her sexy white dress. She lowered her ass onto my face and I eagerly started licking her ass. I licked, kissed and sucked up and down the valley between her cheeks, my tongue danced around her anus. I had never before licked somebody´s ass but my aunt obviously liked it. She started to moan and her hips moved her ass back and forth, hard against my face. I had to take care to get enough air. Finally Aunt Peggy let out a cry and she came.

"You have really earned your reward," aunt peggy said after she had recovered. She turned around and now I had her wet pussy on my face. I loved the smell of her sex and I even more loved to taste my mature, experienced aunts wonderful sex-juices. Her pussy was pressed hard against my mouth, as I started to lick her. She was very wet and her juices were flowing freely. I tried to get every drop into my mouth. My tongue went up and down, danced around her hard clit and tried to fuck into her cunt, till my aunt came to a climax a second time that night.

Finally Aunt Peggy cuddled against me, using my chest as her pillow, one hand softly playing with my hard balls. "Tommorow I will fuck you my little serveboy."

She fell asleep. I could not move my hands and I could not get to relieve my hard cock. But I was very eager and horny for tommorow. I now was obsessed with my wonderful, mature Aunt Peggy, 26 years older than myself.

The next two days were filled with sex and obeying my aunts desires. When my aunt awoke next morning I had to lick her pussy again before she let me free. During the day we went to some sex-shops and Aunt Peggy selected some toys for tonight. In the afternoon I was tied to the bed again. Then she turned on the adult-pay-tv and left the room. I was lying there for more than two hours, watching porn movies with an aching hard-on, without beeing able to pleasure myself.

When she finally came back to me she was completely naked. Aunt Peggy really has a wonderful body – not only for a woman of 47. She still has firm, round breasts and a flat belly and wonderful long legs. I was in complete heat seeing her naked. In her hand she carried a strap-on. She sat onto my thighs and spread her legs. Then she started to masturbate herself and I could watch. She first was fingering her pussy and finally she started to fuck herself with the strap-on. Just before she reached her climax, she stopped. She let me free and then she put the strap-on on. She stood in front of me and ordered me to kneel. Then I had to do a blow-job on her strap-on – cock, that was covered with her delicious pussy-juice. It was a strange feeling to put a plastic-cock in my mouth, but of course I followed my aunts command and I loved to taste her pussy again; even if it was only indirectly.

Finally she ordered me to go on all fourth, presenting my ass to her. I was a bit afraid, guessing what would come. "Now you will learn how it is to be fucked. You will have to learn that lesson before I can let you stick your little penis into my pussy, serveboy," she told me. She used her fingers to get some more pussyjuices out of her wet cunt and used it on my anus, before she started to insert her strap-on into my ass. At the same time her hands took my own hard cock and slowly started stroking it. First the strap-on hurt but soon I was feeling lust and pleasure. She fucked my ass and masturbated my cock till I came and shot my load onto the floor. The night ended in our bed, with my face between my hot aunts legs, serving her pussy.

On our final day we started with a long bath and shower. I washed my aunt. She then told me her plan for the day. We would stay in the hotel room the whole day and I would have to do the "magnificent seven" on her. She told me what the magnicficent seven is: I had to make her cum seven times this day. I had to start with her tits, licking and sucking and caressing them till she reached her first climax, then I had to move to her pussy and make her cum by only using my fingers, third I would lick her ass, then her pussy. The fifth task would be to fuck her ass, without cumming myself and the sixth task would be to fuck her pussy and by doing that I finally would be allowed to cum myself. Seventh and finally if I had performed well I would bring her to a total-sex climax, by first cleaning her pussy, by licking out my own cum and teasing her clit, then caressing her tits with my hands and mouth, while fucking her to her last orgasm again.

I did as I was told by Aunt Peggy and I took my time in whoreshipping her sexy, mature body and performing one task after the other. It was a day of unbelievable sexual heat and arousal. We were both totally exhausted but my aunts special reward for the performance of her serveboy was a blow-job and swallowing all my cum.

In the morning before she left I had to lick her wet and delicious pussy once again. "You will never have any woman, that is younger than me, Daniel. You are a perfect serveboy now to elder ladies and in two month you will come to visit me. You will tell me about your experiences as an obeying serveboy and you will serve me again."

She gave me a long and passionate kiss, masturbating my cock, and left before I came, without another word.

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