tagGroup SexA Weekend With Janet & Patti

A Weekend With Janet & Patti


Scott had his girlfriend Janet up on make-out mountain, doing what every 23 year old boy would do with a hot brunette 20 year old and that's make out and try to have sex. He was running his fingers through her hair while the two were sucking face. Sliding their tongues into each other's mouths. She felt his tongue ring slide over her tongue, making her quiver with excitement.

Janet loves guys with tongue rings. Her 3-month boyfriend Scott said that with a tongue ring, a guy could do wonders for a girl's cunt.

Scott pulled Janet closer to him, wrapping his average built arms around her slim waist, feeling her C cup tits press against his built chest through their clothing. Scott moved one of his hands onto her legs, which were bare from the mini black skirt she was wearing. Sliding his hand between her now open legs and rubbing her thick thighs, causing Janet to moan in Scott's ear while he nibble and sucked on her earlobe.

Janet's nipples got hard and poked into Scott's chest. She felt his hand part her thong opening to her now wet pussy and force 2 of his fingers inside her cunt. Fingering her intensely.

"Ooooooh," moan Janet, sliding her hands onto his large bulge.

She unzipped his pants and pulled out his large dick and started stroking it with long powerful strokes.

Scott let out a series of moans, feeling her massage his balls now.

Janet leans Scott against the car door and took his large dick into her mouth. Slowly taking inch by inch by inch of his 9-inch dick. Making slurping sounds and saliva just dripping off his cock and onto his balls.

Scott reached under Janet and started to squeeze her tits through her shirt. Feeling her hard nipples against his palms. Then he started pulling and pinching on them, causing her to moan with his cock in her mouth.

Scott felt his balls boiling as she sucked faster and harder on his dick.

"Here I cum baby," shouted Scott, holding her head while it was bobbing up and down on his cock faster and faster, taking it deeper and deeper down her throat. Swirling her tongue around his thick cock, feeling the gooey pre-cum leaking out of his cock head.

Just as Scott was about to blow his load, a flashlight came through the window and it was a cop, watching over the two.

"Fuck," said Scott.

Janet quickly took his cock out of her mouth and sat up, looking at Scott.

Scott zipped his pants back up and the cop was nodding his head and told them to never come here again.

Scott drove Janet home because she had to be at home a certain time by her parents while she stays with them during her first semester in college. As Scott's car pulled up in front of the house, Janet's sister, Patti took a peak out of the large front living room window.

Scott helped Janet out of the car and walked her to the front door.

"Well I had a great time tonight even though it was ruin at that fucking cop," said Janet in an angry tone.

"It's ok baby. We can try again a different day," Scott said, kissing her forehead and giving her a tight hug.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Janet's sister Patti was standing there wearing only a long button up dress shirt and tube socks bunched up around her ankles.

Scott's dick sprang to life at the sight of Janet's sister. Patti was a bit on the nerdy side, wear glasses with a strap on the back, had freckles on her face, especially around the nose area, her hair bunched up in a bun on top of her head, and a slightly large overbite in her mouth. She was the complete opposite of her very attractive sister Janet including their chest sizes. That's what got Scott's dick growing to enormous size.

Patti was bless with huge tits the age of 13 and now being 18, They have gotten to be very big. Sloping down some to her navel like gigantic torpedoes, jutting out at him. They stuck out really far from her chest and moved with her breathing. Her longs were long and her feet were really big in her white socks. Scott was really attracted to that. Though, Janet had the looks and the popularity, Patti had the extremely oversize tits and long legs.

Janet felt his hard on like he has never gotten on before. He was never this hard around her or when they have sex. Then, Janet's parents came into the doorway and Scott immediately let Janet go from the hug and smiled at them. They smiled back in a sarcastic way.

"Well Janet. Glad to see your home," said her father. "Your mother and me are going away for the weekend and we expect you to be on your best behavior and no guys or parties while we are gone. Keep your sister company until we get back."

"Goodnight Scott," said Janet's mother eagerly.

"Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Summers," Scott replied, nodded his head at them and then walked off to his car.

When he got in, he kept his eyes on Patti and her large breasts sticking out at Janet while talking to her sister with the door still open and then he drove off.

Janet and Patti's parents said their good byes and left them a lot of emergencies numbers, just incase something happens or they want to reach their parents while they'll be gone for two straight days. As soon as they drove off, Janet ran upstairs into her room and closed the door.

Patti was curious and decided to follow, walking up the stair, causing her mammoth tits to bounce with her steps. She knocked on Janet's door.

"Come in Patti," Janet shouted.

Patti open the door and saw Janet, looking at herself, topless in the mirror with only her pink thong on, really showing off her heart shaped ass.

"Wow sis. You got back," Patti said amazed.

"Well yeah. Wish I had front too. Seems like you took both me and mom's chest and put it all into your own," said Janet, admiring her tits some more.

"Your boobs are fine Janet. A nice C cup. You don't want big boobs. They're not everything. Don't forget about my back problems because of these things. It's not worth any guy's attention," said Patti, holding her arms behind her back.

"Yeah well, you may not like having their attention but you get it anyways with those huge knockers you have. I still wish mine were a little bit bigger but not oversized like yours on your small frame sis. No offend but damn, you'll probably need 4 pairs of hands to hold a tit," Janet said jokingly.

"Well that's all the guys want from me are my boobs. You know I'm not very pretty. These puppies are the only thing I got going for me," Patti said, slightly shaking her huge tits.

Janet saw in the mirror and watched Patti's tits sway back and forth under her long shirt. She knew Patti didn't have her bra on.

"What size are you now Patti?" Asked Janet curious.

"I'm about 42GG, close to an H cup probably," Patti guessed.

"Goddamn," said Janet. "No wonder Scott had a big hard on before he left. I never felt him that big since he first saw you in the doorway. I wish he would grow that huge for me. Do you see what big boobs can do for me," Janet said, then turning around to look at Patti.

Janet got in Patti's face and reached out and grabs hold of both of Patti's huge tits and started to knead them.

"Hmmm Patti," moan softly. "It feels good to have someone else's hands on my breast now and then."

Janet proceeded to grope her massive tits harder and trying to fill as much of her tits into her small hands.

"God sis. These feel incredible. They're so soft and heavy and very round," Janet moaned, now bouncing the huge tits in her hands, watching them move up and down inside her shirt, smacking together making thunderous slaps.

"Oh god. Scott would die if he fill these. I just know it," said Janet, releasing Patti's heavy hooters.

Patti was disappointed that the boob play was over. She really liked to have someone else play with her mammoth jugs and felt very wet between the legs.

"Patti?" Asked Janet.

"Yes," Patti responded quickly.

"Are you willing to help me out with Scott tonight?" Asked Janet, turning her big hazel eyes into puppy dog eyes.

"Now you know mom and dad said no boys Janet," Patti said.

"But what they won't know won't hurt them Patti. Come on. It will be fun. When was the last time you had sex?" Asked Janet.

"Not recently," Patti answered. "So it's been a long time."

"So please help me out. You'll love the feel of a big dick in you once again Patti. I know you well," begged Janet.

Patti gave it some thought and gave into her sister's plea.

"Thank you Patti. So much. I want to make this night and weekend memorable for the both of us and my boyfriend," Janet said, giving her sister a huge hug, feeling her medium size tits get totally smashed by Patti's bigger ones.

"Ok Patti, I'm going to let you know when you can come out and play. You'll be my secret weapon with your secret weapons," giggled Janet.

Janet quickly threw on a large shirt and wore just that and her pink thong as she jumps on her bed and called Scott immediately. She told him to come over as soon as he could and 15 minutes later; Scott pulled up in front of the house.

He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door open and Janet was there to greet him. He was in awe at what she was wearing. She immediately started to kiss him and he moved his hands to feel her big ass. Squeezing each cheek and then spanking them lightly, feeling them jiggle on his palm.

"Hmmm baby. You have the world's greatest ass," Scott moans in between kisses.

Janet pulled him in by the hand and took him upstairs to her room. She closes the door and push Scott on her bed. She placed one knee between his legs and started to rub her knee on his hard on.

"Oooooh baby. Quit teasing and start pleasing," Scott moans.

"I well baby. In a second. Lets get you out of those clothes first," Janet said eagerly.

She helped Scott take off his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and Janet unzipped his jeans and pulled them all the way off his legs and tossed them by the closet where Patti happen to be in, watching the whole thing through a small crack in the closet door.

Scott was holding himself up on his elbows in nothing but his boxers and socks with a large bulge trying to escape his boxers.

Janet got on her knees and lifted Scott's left foot up and slowly removed his sock. Then started licking the bottom of his foot. Scott was very arouse by the foot licking. Then Janet started inserting his toes in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around each toe and then savoring the big toe in her mouth.

"Oooooh," moan Scott.

Janet took the right sock off and did the same to that foot. Then she placed both of his large feet in her face and started licking back and forth between them. Tasting the sweat on his feet and smelling his stinky feet aroma, which got her very, turned on.

She put his saliva covered feet down and stood up and pulled off her long shirt, standing before him, topless and in her pink thong. Her C cup tits jutted out proudly from her chest topped with huge big nipples that were hard.

Scott sat up and started kissing her stomach. She embraced his head close to her stomach and his hands cupped her heart shape ass. Squeezing them hard. He looked up and kissed the bottoms of her breasts. Sliding his tongue under each tit, then sucking on the bottoms. Watching her nipples grow extremely enormous now. Her aureoles were puffing out and Scott moved one of his hands up to her tits and pulled on her right nipple. Twisting it between his fingers.

Janet let out a series of moans.

Patti kept her eyes close on Scott's large bulge. Their foreplay was making Patti really hot. Her pussy was really damp and her nipples were extremely rock hard and poking from her shirt at least an inch. She unbuttons her shirt a little bit, showing massive amount of cleavage. Her massive double G's were ready to spill out of her shirt.

"Wait Scott," said Janet as he was sucking on her enlarge brown nipples and squeezing her big ass.

"What is it baby? Something wrong?" He asked.

"No. I just have another surprise for you," Janet said with a grin.

She waved for Patti to come out and she walked out of the closet with her shirt-hanging opening and enormous amount of tit flesh was revealed.

"Oh my god," said Scott with excitement as his cock grew a few more inches from staring at Patti's sexy cleavage.

"We thought you would like," Janet said, kissing him on the lips.

Patti walked slowly to Scott and her sister and kneel on the bed next to Scott. His face was leveled with her mammoth breasts, trying to spill out of her shirt. Patti grab Scott's head and started to kiss him deeply on the lips. Then started to suck on his tongue and felt his tongue ring moves up and down her mouth. Patti let out small and soft moans while he was fucking her mouth with his tongue. Pushing it in and out of her mouth. Sucking on her tongue now and lashing his tongue across hers.

Janet's eyes couldn't believe the enormous bulge from her boyfriend's boxers. She got back on he knees between his legs and pulled his boxers down, releasing his mega hard cock. It stood up on it's own and released half way up his stomach.

"It's so beautiful," Janet said, glazing at his cock.

She grips the massive dick in her hands and starts to stroke it. Then rub it up and down going from the base back up to the head. She felt his squishy but large balls against the back of her hand while she rub his dick down. Then she proceeded to suck at his balls. Taking one and then the other into her starving wet mouth. Giving his balls a good bath by taking both into her mouth, while her hands were still grip at his cock.

Patti looked down and saw his huge dick and grabs it too with her free left hand. Stroking it and thumbing the head of his cock. Without notice, Patti's mammoth left tit fell free out of the shirt and was dangling out with her stroking movements.

Scott's eyes see the enormous mound and its hard small nipples, surrounded by a small pancake size aureole. He moved his head towards it and suckle the nipple into his mouth. Patti felt his warm mouth take her nipple in.

"Hmmm Scott. Suck my tit. Suck it hard," moan Patti.

Scott was no dummy and did what he was told. He grabs a good amount of the huge soft tit in his hand and feasted on it. Smoothing his face with it while the nipple was in his mouth. His tongue cold metal tongue ring beat against the nipple sending quivers up and down Patti's body. Scott took a good mouthful of tit into his mouth and suck on it, stretching it from her chest by pulling it with his mouth. He let go and watch the wet tit bounce and smack around on her chest.

Patti let out long moans and shook her shoulders, her shirt fall onto the floor. Now both gargantuan tits were in Scott's view.

"There 42GG's," muster Janet, taking his huge cock into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down it slowly. Tracing his shaft with her tongue.

Scott thought he had died and went to heaven. Now using both hands, Scott held Patti's gigantic tits up and started sucking. Switching between the two huge spongy tits. Giving her nipples a good work out with his tongue and teeth.

Patti helped hold her tits for Scott's sucking pleasure. While he wasn't sucking a tit, he grabs it by its nipple and pulled it from her chest. Watching the long massive to tit wobble and tremble like ocean waves. Squeezing it into her chest and just mauling them like his life depended on it.

Janet was now deep-throating Scott's growing cock. Taking a good 7-inches down her throat and making slurping noises, which got Scott and Patti, really bother and hot.

Scott let go of Patti's monstrous hooters to hold onto Janet's head and help her bob her mouth faster on his now gooey and saliva covered cock.

Patti held as much of her tits in her hands and beat Scott's face with them. Dragging her hard nipples over his cheeks and then lips. Letting Scott get a good minute of sucking each nipple. Her giant tits were now glistering and wet from Scott's mouth being all over them.

Janet took the cock out of her mouth and mention for her sister to come next to her. Patti got off the bed and stood between Scott's legs with Janet. Janet pulled Patti's panties down, revealing her wet juicy pussy, which hasn't had a dick in months.

"Oooooh," moan Scott, holding his throbbing dick in both hands.

"Fuck my sister," Janet order Scott.

Patti straddled herself onto Scott's big dick, facing him, pressing her titanic swaying tits against his bare chest, which practically covered his whole chest and some of this stomach.

Scott leans down on the bed and grabs hold of Patti's nice bubble ass and started to move her up and down his cock.

"Oooooo. Feels so gooood," moan Patti, moving her body against Scott's. Her gigantic tits smashed on his chest, sliding up and down and were bulging out from her sides.

Janet sat on the ground, watching Scott's dick pound Patti's pussy and his big balls smacking violently against her ass. Janet lifted Scott's legs on her shoulders and started sucking his smacking balls. Then moves her tongue up and down his cock while it push in and out of Patti's cunt. Janet even started to lick Patti's cunt as it was being stuffed by Scott's hard dick. Drilling harder and faster inside her pussy.

Her pussy got really tight around his cock. Engulfing his cock deep within it. His balls beat at the entrance of her pussy.

Patti was moaning loud and sweating furiously as she wrapped her arms around Scott's back, embracing the impact of his cock slamming her pussy hard.

Scott's hands had spread Patti's ass open and Janet stuck her finger inside and started fingering Patti's asshole.

"Oooooooh fuck. Harderrrrrrrr," moan Patti, letting orgasm after orgasm out, feeling both of her holes being fucked.

Janet stuck her face into Patti's bouncing ass, eating it out and sliding her tongue up and down the cracks. Scott's balls hit Janet's chin while she ate her sister's ass. Patti has never felt someone eating her ass before. Feeling her sister's thick tongue push deep into her anus. Gripping both ass cheeks into her hands and smoothed her face with them while eating her ass out.

After a few minutes of the intense fucking her holes, Patti give in and came all over Scott's cock. Dripping her cum down his balls. Janet started to lick Patti's cunt and suck up the juices and then sucked on Scott's balls, cleaning them off.

Scott was ready to cum so Patti got off of his cock and got in a 69 position with Scott, pressing her huge tits against his stomach while his cock was inserted in her mouth. She bobs her head up and down the cock. Sucking it hard and long into her mouth.

Janet started sucking his balls. Beating them with her tongue and then stuck them under her tongue, sliding her tongue back and forth over them.

Scott was moaning loud in Patti's creamy cunt. Eating her pussy out. Sucking on her pussy lips. Nibbling the lips. His tongue found her clit and started to lick at it. Rubbing her clit furiously against his tongue ring. That send chills in Patti's body. Scott was eating her pussy like a pro. Sucking on her clit and bathing it in his mouth, gripping her ass hard and thrusting her cunt into his face.

"I'm going toooooo cummmmmmmm," shouted out Scott.

His big dick busted mountains of cum in Patti's mouth and on her face. Some splashed on Janet's face and inside her mouth. But Patti's face was soak in cum. Her glasses, which she still had on, were covered in cum and she couldn't see anything. Some cum got inside her nose and on it. Cum just oozed down Patti's face and Janet started to lick and suck on her sister's face. Cleaning the cum off with her tongue. Then kissing Patti on the lips to fill her mouth with more of Scott's creamy hot cum. The cum was moving between their lips as they kissed.

"Oh god, that was very...extreme," said Patti, sitting up on the bed and using her shirt to wipe the cum off her glasses.

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