tagGroup SexA Weekend With Sinnndy

A Weekend With Sinnndy


I was in the middle of a nice deep sleep, I had been having sex dreams all night long, and was in the middle of a really enjoyable one, it felt so real, and then as I slowly woke up, realized that it really was happening. I opened my eyes and looked behind me, Billy had worked his cock into my ass, and was sliding in an out in a spoon position, and I looked down and saw and felt Yvonne licking my pussy and teasing my clit. This is how I should wake up every morning I thought to myself while lying back with my eyes closed, enjoying the feelings of pleasure that my lovers were giving me.

Billy whispered in my ear, and I told Yvonne what he wanted. I had her lay on her back, with her feet at the head of the bed, and with Billy's cock never leaving my ass. I slowly moved my body over hers, and lowered my face into her pussy, sucking on her labia, as Billy fucked my ass in the doggie position and Yvonne and I were in a hot 69, licking each other's pussies. Billy was still fucking me slowly, going in and out at the same steady speed, while Yvonne slid two fingers in and out of my pussy, and the tip of her tongue teased my pussy. I moved my tongue away from her pussy and gave it a soft slap, causing Yvonne to moan, I slapped her pussy again and again, causing her to lick my pussy hard, sucking on my clit. Billy picked up on what was going on, and he started to fuck my ass harder and harder with an occasional slap at my ass. I would lap at her clit, and then spank her pussy, and then lick her clit again.

I then took my hand, and pinched her clit, not too hard, but hard enough to make her wince, and then buried my face in her pussy, my tongue never leaving her clit except for an occasional nip at it with my teeth. Billy was really fucking me hard, his balls swinging and slapping against my pussy, his spanks on my ass were hard and more frequent, and he now had his hand in my hair, yanking it back hard. Yvonne started screaming and moaning her legs were wrapped around my head pulling it closer to her pussy, as I lapped at her cream. Billy then started grunting, filling my ass with his cum, giving one more hard and long tug on my hair, and one last hard spank to my red ass. I was close to cumming myself, Yvonne's tongue doing its magic to my clit, when all of a sudden; she pulled it away, and slapped at my clit with her hand. She spanked my clit three times, and while it hurt like hell, it also caused my orgasm to hit me like never before, it felt like I came for a minute, as she licked my overflowing pussy clean.

Our breathing had finally slowed down, Yvonne slid out from under me, and Billy was lying on top of me, his shrinking cock sliding out of my ass with a pop, Yvonne and I eagerly lapped at his cock cleaning it completely as our tongues fought for control of my boyfriends member. We finally got up, and all three of us took a shower together, soaping and lathering each other up, Yvonne and my eyes met, and we dropped to our knees, Yvonne sucking on Billy's cockhead, with me licking his shaft up and down. Billy placed his hands on the walls of the shower stall, his eyes closed, with two babes ravishing his big thick cock. We started licking his shaft together, our tongues meeting and licking him and the same time.

We then licked down to his balls, each one of us popping a testicle into our mouths sucking on them while I stroked his shaft with a firm grip. I know that Billy loves having his balls sucked, and that they are very tender, I also knew we were driving him crazy, so we stayed there for quite a while. I motioned for Yvonne to continue licking and sucking his balls, while I moved my head up and down on his hard shaft, occasionally deep-throating him, then moving back up. Billy's eyes were closed tightly, and I could see he was trying to hold his cum in as long as possible, so I stuck my finger quickly into his asshole, and he grabbed my head, and started filling my mouth up with his cum. Usually I will gulp his cum down, but I wanted to share, and held as much cum as possible in my mouth. When Billy released my head, I gave Yvonne a creamy kiss, she licked and sucked the cum from my mouth as we kissed each other passionately.

We dried off and got dressed, I told Yvonne I would call her, and Billy offered her a ride home. I gave him a knowing wink, letting him know that I wanted details when I saw him later that night. I kissed them both good-bye, giving both of their asses tight squeezes, and headed off to work, arriving there at 11AM sharp. Tanya, the blonde I met in the locker room the day before arrived at the same time, we went to the locker room together, and got dressed, both of us eyeing the other one's body. We did a light stretch, and then I warmed up next to her on the treadmill. I asked her what did she did last night, and she told me she stayed in and watched an old movie on TV. She asked me what I did last night, and I told her she really didn't want to know. She said, "come on, it can't be that bad". I then told her that she might think differently of me if I did tell her, but she insisted, telling me she was pretty wild when she was my age.

I told her about me giving Billy head on the way to the restaurant, and then giving that young guy Rich his first blowjob. Going to Mia's strip club, and the lap dances that we had, and then the party at Mia's place, how I was a Domme to Yvonne, and then this morning's events. She was speechless when I finished, all she could muster was, "maybe I wasn't really wild when I was younger, did that really happen?" I told her that it was a pretty normal weekend night for me, and that I had done some crazy things in the past month. I didn't want to tell her about my Vegas trip, I think that would have really scared her.

We finished warming up, and stretched again. I led her through a nice easy workout, one set of 15 reps per body part with very light weights. She felt like she wasn't getting a good workout, because the weights were light, but I explained to her that when you first start working out, or when you come back from an injury or time off, that you should come back slowly, and take your time. I also told her that even after lifting weights, by the time we were finished she would be tired, and then by tomorrow, she would be a little bit sore.

I didn't have another client scheduled until three, and today was an off day for me as far as my workouts went, so I asked her if she wanted to grab some lunch. She said, sure, it would be nice to spend some time with someone, and that she didn't have many friends in this area. I asked her if she liked sushi, she told me she had tried it a couple of times, but didn't know what to order. I told her I would take care of that, so we hit the showers, I wanted so badly to jump her bones, but I didn't want to take a chance on getting fired, or to piss her off in case she didn't like my advances.

We went to my nearby restaurant; I ordered a spicy tuna roll, a spider roll, a california roll and two pieces of eel, along with an order of sake and two Sapporos. I know I was working, but I had a lot of time before my next client, and I wanted to see if I could loosen Tanya up a little. We ate for a while, and slammed a couple of sake shooters, she started talking more freely, asking me if I preferred men or women. I told her that I liked women a lot, and was relatively new at being bi-sexual, but that given the choice of having sex with men or women, I would choose men hands down. I asked her if she had ever fooled around with a woman, she told me that in college, one night, her roommate, who was not pretty, and overweight, took advantage of her in a drunken state. She said that it was not a pleasant experience, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to ever try it again. She was having a hard time trusting men after what her ex did to her, and that it had been over two years since she had sex of any kind. I asked her bluntly if she found me attractive, and that I thought she was hot, and I wanted to make love her, it was a bold move, but I figured what the hell, I had nothing to lose. She thought about, and I'm sure since we had just finished our third shooter was pretty loose right now. She told me that I was very hot, and if I was gentle with her, that she would like to make love to me.

We finished eating in a hurry, and headed to her condo, it was less than 5 minutes away, it was a really nice place, decorated in a contemporary style. She led me straight to her bedroom, and I told her to relax, "we have already seen each other naked, so there is nothing to hide, you have a great body, and I can't wait to taste your pussy." We took off our clothing, and I took her hand and led her to the bed. I had her lay on her back, and crawled up to her, running my fingers through her long silken hair, stroking her cheek. I bent over, and planted a soft kiss on her lips, licking her outer lips gently with my tongue, as my hands continued stroking her hair. I kissed her on her lips again, and she parted them slightly, allowing me to slither my tongue inside of her mouth, our tongues met, and slowly swirled around each other, while one hand roamed down toward her breasts, touching them lightly, gently flicking her hard pointy nipples. Our tongues now were pressing harder into each other, moving around, but never losing contact, as my hand was fondling her breasts, giving a gentle squeeze, then repeating the procedure to the other one. I moved my tongue over to her ear lobe, licking and kissing it, darting my tongue in and out of her ear, then licking my way to her neck, adding small kisses, licking all over. Her eyes were closed; she was lying back enjoying an intimate moment for the first time since she first met her ex husband.

I kissed my way down to her breasts, licking, sucking and fondling them, I could tell by her soft moans that she was relaxed and enjoying herself. I had to keep reminding myself to be gentle, not to try anything that might make her feel uncomfortable; I would save that for another time. She had perfectly symmetrical breasts, very round, with almost zero sag, nice round aureoles, and pointy nipples. She had a wonderful body too, small waist, great ass, and dancers legs that went on forever. I spent a lot of time licking and sucking her breasts; she seemed to really enjoy the slow pace I was taking, her husband was a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of guy, rarely giving her any physical enjoyment.

I planted soft kisses on the trail to her moist pussy, stopping at her belly button, which was an innie, licking and darting my tongue around and in and out of it. My hands were groping her fine tush, squeezing and caressing them as I kissed my way down towards her pussy, the aroma filling my nostrils with her sweet smell. I blew on her trimmed pubic hair, and lightly touched her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue, she arched her hips upward towards my tongue, but I pulled back a little bit. I wanted to tease her a little bit first to see how much she wanted it. "What do you want me to do Tanya, tell me baby?" "Lick my pussy please, please lick it, I want you sooo baaaaad", she pleaded. I said, "is this what you want baby", and slurped her whole pussy with my tongue, then pulled away waiting for her reply. "Ohhhhh yessss, that's it, please don't stop, please", she moaned. I started to lick her pussy lips, sucking them occasionally, sliding my tongue inside of her pussy, she tasted so yummy.

She ran her fingers gently in my hair, and I looked up lovingly at her. Her eyes were closed, I knew that she had never had her pussy eaten like this, and I was going to make sure she really enjoyed it. I had completely avoided her clit on purpose, my usual routine, I feel that licking pussy is like eating a great meal, and then working the clit properly leads to my tasty dessert. I started brushing her clit with the tip of my tongue, as I did, I slid two fingers into her pussy, and started rotating them around. She started bucking her hips up and down, grinding her pussy into my face, her grip on my hair tightening a little bit. Her clit was really sensitive, when I placed any kind of pressure on it, she would almost jump, so I took it easy on her, letting her get used to my tongue, and then started to work my fingers in and out of her pussy. I started licking her clit up and down, and then side to side, it seemed to have the effect I was looking for, she wouldn't last much longer I thought to myself. I was proven right, a couple of licks later, she pushed both hands on my head pushing me even closer to her pussy, and started moaning loudly, "ohhhh myyyyy godddd, what is happening? Ohhhh yessssss, ohhhhh please don't stop, ohhhhhhh myyyyy, I'm cummming, ohhhhhhhhh". Her juices started flowing out of her pussy, and I happily lapped them up, licking from her pussy all they way up to her clit, and then back down again. She must have cum for two minutes, moaning her oh my gods, her body convulsing, hands still pushing on my head.

She finally released her grip on my head, and I worked my way back upwards, giving her a passionate french kiss. "So that's an orgasm, wow, I now know I have never had one before. I love having my pussy eaten, but no one has ever made me feel that good, thank you sinnndy". That made me feel really good, I had a big smile on my face. "Can I try giving you one?" She asked. "Of course baby, that would be great, just do what felt good to you, that's all you have to do", I replied.

She gave me a deep soulful kiss, and kissed her way down to my breasts, licking them and sucking on my nipples. I knew I had to let her know when she was doing something right by saying, "yes that's it baby, that feels really good", or if she was doing something that wasn't as pleasurable I would tell her what to do. "Bite my nipples baby, not too hard, that's it, yessss, ohhh baby that feels sooo gooood". She was very attentive, and like most women, a quick learner. Most guys tend to be a little impatient, and I understand completely, their dicks get hard, and their hormones are going a million miles an hour, they just have to stick their dicks into a tight hole, which is never a problem for me. Women on the other hand, don't have cocks or balls to alter their thinking, we can take our time, working slowly, making the moment last. I'm not insulting men at all, I love men, it's just my humble opinion.

She took a deep breath, as did I, and started licking my pussy, mmmmmm that felt so good. She took notes in her head when I ate her, and sucked on my lips, and darted her tongue deep inside of my pussy, avoiding my clit like I taught her to. I stroked her long blonde hair, it felt so nice in my fingers as she lapped at my pussy, and fucked me with her fingers, she was a great student, she as teasing me with her tongue, driving me crazy. She brushed my clit with her tongue, sending shivers up and down my spine, then going back to licking my pussy, occasionally brushing my clit. "You little tease, driving me crazy like that, you are good Tanya", I said. She started working on my clit, licking in circles around it, then licking it up and down, and side to side. She kept changing directions on me, varying the speed, and the pressure from her tongue. I felt my climax coming on, and I moaned, "suck my clit in your mouth baby, please, make me cum". She put her lips over my clit, and sucked it into her mouth, licking it at the same time, and my orgasm hit me with great force, as I moaned, "yessssss baby, that's it, ohhhh baby, I'm cumming, mmmmmm". My orgasm had a positive effect on her as she lapped up my juices making loud slurping noises as I flooded her mouth with my love.

We lay in bed together for a little while, I told her I had to get back to work, and I hoped that she would hire me as her trainer, and that we could continue seeing each other. She said that she wanted me to train her, and to teach her more about loving women, and thanked me again for her first real orgasm. I gave her a big kiss, got dressed, and headed back to the club.

I got back to the club, Joe looked at me funny and asked me where I had been, I told him that I decided to take a long lunch. He then said that he saw me walk out with that hot blonde, and I told him that's who I had lunch with. "Is lunch all you had", he inquired? "Maybe, why does that bother you" I asked. "You like women too?" he asked back. "I'm a people person, I just love sex, why do you have a problem with that? I said. He told me that it was fine with him, but that he had me read all wrong before the events of this weekend. He thought I was this innocent, but horny little girl, and that he thought he could teach me new things, but now realized that I was really the teacher. He also told me that I was the first bi-sexual woman he had ever met, and wanted me even more than before. I had to remind him that I was with Billy, and that all we could do was play every now and then, he agreed, but told me if I ever left Billy, that he would love to be my boyfriend. I told him to take a number, laughed, and went to train my next client.

My 3 PM client was my last for the day, and so when I was done, I drove home to take a nap. Mia was home, and told me that two bachelor parties were willing to pay some extra cash if Mia brought along another girl for a lesbian scene. I told her that I had plans with Billy, but I would call him to see if I could cancel our plans and see him later that night. I called him up and he had a great idea, he would just tag along, that way we could all be together, and he loves bachelor parties and gets off watching me and Mia get it on. Mia was all for it, her bouncer/bodyguard would be with us, but it wouldn't hurt having another strong man with in case trouble started. She had three parties planned for that evening, the first at about 7:30, a solo job, we were to meet her at her second stop at about 9, and she filled me in on what she wanted us to do. I was excited; I love showing off in front of rowdy men. I gave Mia a long slow kiss, and went to bed for my nap.

I woke up refreshed, ready for another wild evening of sexual fun, Mia was in the kitchen naked, leaning against a table, talking on the phone to one of her future clients. She had her back to me with her legs far apart, and I crept up close to her very quietly, and lashed my tongue out just barely touching her pussy. She jumped, but kept her composure, giving her rates to the man on the phone, she turned back, and gave me a "get away, not now" glare, but I just smiled and waved to her, and started licking her pussy. She remained cool and calm, her voice remaining professional, until my tongue hit its mark, her clit. I started lapping at her clit, her voice cracked a little bit, and her eyes closed. She was now having trouble concentrating, as I continued my assault on her clit, and she started pushing her ass back and forth, thankfully for her, she was just finishing up the deal with her client, and pressed the end button on her cell phone.

"You horny little bitch, you nearly fucked up that deal, you are going to pay for that. With that, she pushed me down on the floor, and started wrestling with me, a big mistake, I dated some wrestlers in high school, and they taught me some moves, and although Mia takes great care of her body, I am much stronger than she is. I let her get on top of me, letting her think she was in control, I then did a bridge on my head, and turned the table on her, putting her in a reverse cradle. I held her there for a while, then I released her, put in a half nelson, and then went into a grapevine. I spent a lot of Saturday's at wrestling tournaments when I was a sophomore, so I knew the terminology well. A grapevine is what the guys told me, the ultimate pinning combination, when done correctly; the person being pinned is unable to move at all. I wrapped my arms under hers, and placed both of my legs around hers, locking my ankles around hers, pinning her. I asked her if she gave up, and she said yes, please let me go, then telling her if I was to let her go, she would have to do whatever I said, she would not agree, so I tightened my grip on her, squeezing my arms and legs. "Ok ok, I give, I will do as you say", she said in great difficulty. "Call me Mistress slut, or I will squeeze the life out of you", I commanded. "Ok, Mistress, please release me, and I will be yours", she said half-heartedly. I eased up a little bit, and then squeezed even harder. "That wasn't very convincing slave", I said. "I'm sorry Mistress, please, please, I will do as you say, just let me go", she said. "That's better slut", I said, and released my grip.

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