tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 20

A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 20

byRob in AZ©


It was a Monday holiday, so there was no hurry when we woke up and gathered for breakfast at the poolside canteen. All ten of us managed to get there together. We talked about how much fun we had the night before and celebrated our friendship. It had been a night of firsts for Dawn and Tom and Amy. And we were still all in awe at what Teri, Amy, Tracy and Tammi had shown us about their ability to handle Tom's monster cock. Tom was especially excited because, as he told us, no one had ever been able to do that for him before. Now he had four teenagers, including his own daughter, who would be willing to suck him almost anytime he wanted!

We discussed the plans for everyone for the rest of the week.

I had an appointment on Tuesday in Phoenix to have a new set of golf clubs fitted. Trish, Dawn and Rhonda were all going to stay down as well to do some shopping. Trish had already reserved a suite for the four of us in Scottsdale. We would stay until Friday morning and then head home. We all agreed that a cook out and party at our house on Friday night would be a good way to finish the week and begin the next weekend.

Tracy and Tammi and Joe would take the car that Trish drove down and go back to Sedona, where Tracy would spend the week with Tammi and Joe. Tom would take Teri and Amy back to his house for the week. The plans were all set and so after breakfast, we lounged around the pool area until it was time to pack up the cars and go our separate ways.

Putting on our clothes was the defining moment that brought the weekend to a close. We all stood in the parking area hugging and saying our good byes. I was impressed with how grown up and socialized the youngsters were. It was as if we were all one big happy family, and there were no longer any age barriers, just various levels of experience that didn't necessarily correspond to age.

We had all grown and evolved this weekend. And our friendships that had just been planted as seeds over the past few weeks were now growing and blossoming. Clearly, the best was yet to come.

I put the top down on the Jag as I loaded the car and helped the three ladies get in. As Rhonda sat down in the rear seat behind Trish, I realized that she was wearing the same dress that she wore when we drove down on Saturday, and that she had also dressed without underwear. She laughed when she caught me looking up her skirt and said, 'I guess I need to put panties on my shopping list for this week!'

I had to pinch myself as I drove out of the resort with my three lovely ladies. And a half-hour later, I had to pinch myself again as we pulled up to the valet at the Phonecian Hotel. The young man held the door as Trish and Rhonda got out of the car. I'm sure that he got a good look up Rhonda's skirt as she climbed out of the back seat. I held my hand out for Dawn as she stepped out. It was only then that I realized that she was also dressed without panties and her short skirt afforded me a quick look at her bare pussy as she exited the car. It seemed funny to think that such a quick peek could be so exciting after spending an entire weekend naked with these beauties. I looked forward to being in the privacy of our suite with them all.

While I checked in at the desk, the girls looked around the lobby and oriented themselves. They talked to the concierge about spa bookings and local shopping options. I encouraged them to make appointments for spa services for the next day. That way, I could be around to share the shopping with them. I must admit, for a guy, I do enjoy shopping. And the thought of shopping with these three showoffs was too good to miss. They took the spa menu with them as we went to find our room. The valet had already parked the car, and was following us with our bags.

Inside the room we unpacked the few things we had brought. It was mostly toiletries and just one change of clothes. And of course, some swim suits. Trish had brought a supply for them all to share. We decided that a trip to the pool was in order. Trish said that if they put on their bikinis under their dresses, then we could go down to the lobby shop and get some more appropriate cover-ups. So that's what we did.

In the store in the lobby we found some sheer tops that worked perfectly over the tiny bikinis that the girls wore. They bought three colors and walked out through the lobby and away to the pool area with heads turning all the way, gazing at three fine asses in string thongs visible through the sheer mesh tops they were wearing. I was in heaven, and I know I was the object of every man's envy as we made our way on to the pool deck.

I found four lounge chairs and we settled in. The girls all made a big deal out of having me apply sun tan oil on their bare bodies. They all had a glow from the sunning that we did all weekend, but the application process made for quite a show at the poolside. I relished the opportunity to rub the aromatic coconut oil into their skin…and there was plenty of skin! I glanced around the pool through my dark glasses and noticed several other attractive couples and a few single ladies. They were all watching us, but diverted their eyes when they thought that I was looking their way.

As I finished oiling each body, the girls gave me a kiss. I'm sure it was impossible to tell if I was attached to any one of the girls, but rather it seemed that they all were making a claim for my services. I loved it!

When I was finished, I began to apply oil to myself. Seeing me, Rhonda got up and offered to help. I laid on my belly and she sat on my butt as she rubbed the oil into my back and shoulders. Then she patted me and told me to roll over. I did so as she lifted herself just enough to allow me the freedom to move. Then she sat right down on my cock. Feeling my bulge right in her crotch, she wiggled her ass to get it into a comfortable spot for us both. That move did not go unnoticed!

I looked down my stomach at her pussy that was barely covered by the tiny patch of green lycra. It had already crept up between her lips exposing most of her hot cunt to my view. If I hadn't been wearing my own trunks, my cock would have been inside her.

I let her sit there and rock away. I'm sure it must have looked very blatant to anyone who was watching. So much so, that I didn't dare to look around. I grinned at Rhonda and then closed my eyes to enjoy it all.

Finally, she stopped, and I opened my eyes to see her dismounting. As she swung her leg over me I was looking right into her crotch. The only part that was hidden was her clit, because the fabric had worked its way well into her crack. What a sight it was! And as she walked around and sat back down on her own chaise, she made no effort to straighten it out. She might as well have been nude, and she knew it!

A waiter came by and we ordered drinks. He took plenty of time to admire the girls. And they made no effort to conceal themselves, especially Rhonda. But I found it exciting to be there as they all made no pretense about showing off for him. He came back in a hurry with our drinks and once again, stayed for as long as he could without seeming too obvious. Trish engaged him in a conversation about where he came from, what nightclubs he recommended in town, what his work schedule was, etc. He was glad to keep talking and I grinned as my fiancée flirted with him. I'm sure he noticed the big rock on her finger, but he didn't seem too concerned about who she might be attached to.

After he excused himself and went back to the bar, we all giggled and accused Trish of being a tease. She couldn't argue.

'Hey,' she said, 'I'm just glad that I can still get them going at my age!'

'Are you kidding?' Dawn asked. 'You've got to be the sexiest woman that I know…at any age! And I expect that between the three of us, we'll probably turn a few more heads in the next few days! I'm looking forward to this.'

'So what do you all want to do for dinner tonight?' I asked.

'If we could count on that waiter to bring it to us, I'd order from room service.' Rhonda said.

I could tell that the girl's minds were working as I saw them look at each other.

'Well we really don't have anything to wear to go out,' said Trish, 'so maybe would should just all dine in. That way we don't have to get dressed at all.'

She had a devilish grin. I knew that they were cooking up a show. Who was I to argue? I was ready for whatever they wanted to do.

I glanced at my watch. It was almost four o'clock.

'You know ladies, it's getting late in the afternoon. This sun is only going to get hotter and we've been outside almost all day long.'

'You're right.' said Rhonda. 'But I don't want to go back to the room. Can't we go somewhere? Can we do some 'warm up' shopping?'

Dawn giggled. 'Where can we go dressed in our thongs and cover-ups?'

'I know.' said Trish. 'Let's go to the adult boutique! They'll let us shop there dressed as we are. We can find some toys to play with, and maybe we can find some sexy things to wear for dinner in the room tonight. And there's always a few dirty old men that we can tease in the store. And there's usually some other sexy couples too. We can have fun!'

Rhonda sat right up. 'That sounds like a plan to me! Let's do it!'

I looked at Dawn. She wasn't saying anything at first. Then she spoke. 'I've never been to one of those places before. Aren't they kind of sleazy?'

'Not like they used to be.' Trish answered. 'They've cleaned them up a lot so folks like us will shop there. C'mon. I know where one is not too far from here.'

While the girls were getting up and putting on their cover-ups, I walked over to the bar and signed the tab. Then I asked the waiter to call the valet and have our car brought up. We didn't even have to go back to the room. We walked out of the pool area and around the outside of the building to the covered entry and the car was waiting. I thanked the valet, but I don't think he even heard me. He was so busy helping Dawn and Rhonda get in the back seat and then Trish in the front. Trish gave me directions as we pulled out onto Camelback Road.

A few minutes later we were in the parking lot at the Castle Adult Boutique. There was a man walking out the door and heading for his car. When he saw us going inside, he turned around and followed us back in. It's a big store and well lighted. Rhonda was immediately attracted to a wall display with various vibrators and dildos. I followed her. Dawn stayed close to Trish as she wandered over to a large display area with lingerie. They began to sort through the teddies and bra and panty sets. I looked around at the other customers in the store. There were probably about fifteen other people. They all checked us out as we came in. A couple of single guys started to wander over closer to Trish and Dawn. Trish started taking hangers off the rack. She looked around and spotted a changing room. It was just a little cubby with a curtain hanging on a rod. There was a mirror inside, but outside was a three way angled mirror.

'C'mon Dawn, let's try some of these on. She pulled Dawn into the dressing room with her and loosely drew the curtain. Two of the men moved closer so they could see in the side that was gaping open.

'But Trish, those guys are watching us!'

We could all hear them from behind the drape.

'So? They're just lechers. They'll watch us and then go jack off in a video booth.'

'Really? How crude!'

Hearing that, the men looked away and started to move backward. I could see Trish taking off her bikini and putting on a little purple nighty. It had matching panties that were totally sheer. She put them on and stepped out to the three-way mirror. She left the curtain open. Dawn was standing inside with nothing on. She looked out at the men with disdain. Then she saw me and smiled. She relaxed and put on a hot pink panty and bra set that might as well have been made of cellophane. I motioned for her to come out and she came out and stood next to Trish in the mirror.

'Oh yes! These are hot. We'll take these.' Trish said. 'Rhonda we have to find something for you. What have you got there?'

Rhonda came over with an armful of toys. She had a big long double dildo like Trish's, a small butt plug and a strap on dildo. I couldn't see what else she was holding.

'I want something that's crotchless.' She said with a grin. She looked at the rack and found a set that had crotchless panties and an open cup bra. 'This looks like what I want. Do you think it's my size?'

She looked at the two lechers and then took off her shirt and bikini in the middle of the store. She put on the panty and bra set and made a few adjustments. The female clerk had now wandered over to assist us.

'Are you finding what you want?' she asked. 'Mmm, that looks great on you.' She complimented Rhonda.

Trish spoke up from outside the dressing room. 'Yes, we'll take these.' She took off the nighty and panties and stood there naked. She looked at the guys who were staring at her. 'Like what you see?' They stood there dumfounded.

Dawn stepped back behind the drape and took off her panty set. She handed it to Trish who then gave it to the clerk. Trish reached for her bikini and got dressed again. Dawn did the same.

Even as they walked out from behind the drape the men were still staring. One of them was rubbing his pants. Rhonda was standing naked again trying to figure out what string needed to go where as she put her thong back on.

At the check out desk, I grabbed a bottle of scented massage oil. It was certainly inferior to everything that I had at home, but for the next few days, it would do. I paid for everything with cash and the sales lady thanked us all as we left the store. I thought that some of the customers were going to applaud us, but they held back. But they were all watching!

We laughed in the car, all the way back to the resort. When we pulled up, the valet was there in a flash and anxious to help the girls. We went inside and Trish stopped at the concierge desk. She and Dawn and Rhonda all booked appointments for the next morning for facials and massages. We decided that we could meet again in the afternoon and do some shopping and go out to dinner.

So with our plans made and our packages from the adult store, we went off to the room to relax. I'm not a drinking man, but I ordered a bottle of champagne for the ladies, to be delivered to the room. Once inside, I announced that I was going to shower to get the oil off of my body. Rhonda asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes.

Inside the shower, we were lathering each other and enjoying the chance to rub our soapy hands all over our bodies. Trish called from the doorway.

'Hey, is it crowded in there?'

I answered. 'No. As a matter of fact, this shower is huge! There's enough room for us all in here.'

Moments later, we were joined by Trish and Dawn. Indeed there was plenty of room. So it became a four-way soap fest. It was hard to know whose hands were which in the frenzy of the moment. I found myself in the center, surrounded by all three girls. I couldn't resist the opportunity to squat down to waist level and admire the three pussies that were in need of my soapy hands. I stroked them all and the girls pressed in closer. As the water washed down their bodies and rinsed the soap away, I kissed and licked each one. The water was dripping down my face and I closed my eyes and just sensed my way from slit to slit.

'That's right Rob, lick my pussy clean.' I heard Trish's voice.

As I moved to the next one Dawn sighed, 'Oh yeah, that feels so good.'

When I tried to move back to Rhonda's cunt, she turned around and shoved her butt in my face. Then the others turned too. I found my head trapped inside of six butt cheeks! They were pressing themselves together and I barely had room to turn my head. But my face was right in the middle of Rhonda's ass.

'That's it! Lick my ass! I want to feel your tongue inside me!'

I stuck out my tongue and pushed it as far as I could into her hole. I heard all the girls giggling over the sound of the water. Then they stepped sideways and suddenly I had a new ass in my face! I didn't even know whose it was. But I wasted no time in giving her the same treatment. The moan that I heard next told me that it was Dawn.

'Oh yeah! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Mmm, I love that!'

A minute later I was in a position to lick Trish's asshole clean and I did the best job that I could. It must have been good, because when they finally released me from the triple butt trap, they pulled me up and then all three of them went down on me! Trish and Dawn were passing my cock back and forth from mouth to mouth. And Rhonda was busy scrubbing my ass and when she got it all clean and rinsed, she pushed my legs apart and drove her tongue into my asshole and gave me a wet rim job! It felt fantastic.

After about five minutes of allowing the three of them to suck and orally fuck me, I told them that we had to get out of the shower and dry off. The champagne would be delivered soon. They stood up, we turned off the water, and grabbed a few towels. It wasn't thirty seconds later that there was a knock on the door.

'Room service!' We heard the familiar greeting.

Rhonda handed me her towel and went to answer the door, naked and wet.

We all quieted down so we could hear what was happening.

'Oh, excuse me. Should I come back in a few minutes?' the man asked.

'No, just bring it in.' Rhonda told him. 'You can put it all right here on the table.'

The bathroom door was open and I saw the waiter walk by with a tray with a bucket and glasses on it. His head turned quickly when he saw me and Dawn and Trish in the mirror.

Trish walked boldly out and into the living room. The waiter appeared to be a little nervous and anxious to leave. He held the check for one of them to sign. Trish took it and turned and bent over at the desk to sign it.

Rhonda touched his arm and said, 'Oh, will you open it please?'

Dawn and I were watching and chuckled together at Rhonda's game. The waiter loosened he cork, and we heard it pop.

'Shall I pour two glasses, ladies?'

'No, pour three please.' Trish said as she handed him the signed check.

At that point, Dawn and I walked out and he just about fainted. His hand was shaking as he poured the three glasses. We all stood watching.

'Is there anything else you need?' He asked nervously.

'That's all for now. Thank you very much.' Rhonda walked him to the door. 'Bye bye now.' She waved and smiled as he exited into the hallway.

After the door was closed we all broke into laughter.

Trish handed a glass to Dawn and to Rhonda. 'Here's to more fun and games!' She held up her glass and they all sipped.

I poured myself a soda from the mini-bar and sat down on the sofa to watch my three naked beauties. They were excited about the little game they just played with the waiter and I could tell that there would be more to come. Dawn came over and sat down next to me.

'Rob, I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep this all a secret from Tom.'

'Why's that?' I asked.

'I'm afraid that he'll be so jealous, he won't let me go away with you all again! I mean, how is it that you get to be the lucky one? Isn't this what every man dreams about, but nobody ever gets to do?'

I looked into Dawn's eyes and smiled. 'Pinch me please.' Then I kissed her. She kissed back in a very romantic and sensuous way.

We kept it up for at least a minute until I heard Trish saying, 'Hey! What's good for one is good for us all! Do you have enough of those kisses to go around?'

We broke our kiss and looked over at Trish and Rhonda. They looked so sexy standing side by side, glasses in their hands, and I could just see Trish's gold clit ring, dangling between her legs.

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