tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 22

A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 22

byRob in AZ©

Going to bed early on Tuesday night was the best thing I could have done. I slept soundly and woke up refreshed and my dick was hard as a rock. And with my eyes wide open I got to watch Rhonda and Dawn as they slept peacefully in the bed beside me. I admired Rhonda's firm thighs and her solid buttocks. Her tan legs were parted slightly as she lay there on her tummy, and I could see the puckered skin around her asshole. Next to her Dawn was lying on her back with her legs apart. Her breasts were flat, save for her hard brown nipples, which rose softly as she breathed.

I felt Trish as she cuddled closely in our bed. I placed my arm around her and held her as I watched our girl friends sleeping. With my free hand I gripped my cock and held it tightly, contemplating masturbation. I resisted though, knowing that I would soon have my choice of morning sex partners. I could be patient and wait. I thought about Tracy and Teri back in Sedona, and wondered how they were getting along. Then I thought of Tom and Joe, and how they were probably enjoying the presence of their daughters and Teri and Tracy, in light of the new clothing optional policies in their homes. I grinned and laughed to myself, thinking that they might be handling their genitals in the same way that I was right now, but I was in the presence of their wives.

I felt the urge to pee, so I carefully removed my arm from Trish's shoulder and slipped out of bed. I closed the bathroom door so as not to wake the women. I wondered how late they might have stayed up last night after I went to bed. They were talking and laughing while I drifted into dreamland, recalling the day, my new golf clubs, and the wild shopping spree at Ally's lingerie store. And Patty the limo driver had provided more fun for us all. Thinking of the girls modeling all those sexy things made me realize that I was still pissing through my hard on. I flushed the toilet when I finished and then rinsed my hands at the sink. I splashed some water on my face and looked in the mirror. Beyond my image in the reflection were two luscious sets of vaginal lips. Rhonda's were visible beneath her asshole and those firm tan cheeks. And Dawn's puffy hairless lips lay open at the top of her long slender legs. I was thinking about how nice it would be to wake her with a kiss on her clitoris. I could almost taste her sweetness in my mouth.

My fantasy was interrupted by the sound of a knock on the door. I dried my hands and face and walked to the doorway. Peeking through the eyeglass, I saw our morning maid standing outside, smiling, with a breakfast tray on a rolling table. I grinned to myself as I remembered her promise from yesterday. Trish must have placed a breakfast order last night to be delivered in the morning.

I opened the door and welcomed our young waitress. I glanced at her name badge as she walked in past me.

'Good morning sir!' she smiled brightly as she stared at my raging cock.

'Good morning Lucinda.' I smiled back.

She looked around the empty living room. 'Where are your ladies?' she asked. Then looking beyond me into the bedroom she realized that they were still sleeping. Quietly she went on, 'You ready for breakfast, sir?'

She was pouring my black coffee, not really needing an answer. But as she stepped across the room to hand it to me, she looked down at my cock again.

'You ready for morning treatment!' she smiled seductively. She took my pole in her hand and held it gently as I sipped the hot brew. She released me and took the cup and saucer from my hand and set it on the table. Then she reached for the zipper at the top of her uniform dress and slowly pulled it down. She shrugged it off of her shoulders and stepped out of it, tossing it on the sofa behind me. She was wearing a lacy white bra and matching white lace thong panties. Her dark skin contrasted with the crisp white cotton and I could clearly see her nipples through the lace. They were about the size of a quarter and I guessed her breasts to be about a 34C. She reached behind her back and unhooked the clasp and the bra fell forward exposing her full, firm young mammaries. She held them in her hands, offering them to me. Then she dropped them and slipped her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She pushed them down and stepped out of them and stood naked before me. The hair above her pussy was neatly cropped in a perfect triangle with short black hair over her full vaginal lips.

Lucinda stepped close to me and leaned her face into my chest. She kissed and sucked on my nipple as she once again grabbed my cock. She pulled it to her pubic region and rubbed the tip between her lips.

'Ooh,' she purred as she pressed it hard against her clit. 'You are so hard! You want to fuck me? I want you to fuck me from behind. And you fuck my ass too!'

She moved over to the sofa and got on her knees. She pulled me over and dragged me behind her. Then she let go of me and put her hands on the back of the couch while I took hold of my dick and placed it between the cheeks of her ass. She pushed back into me and my cock slipped into her warm wet cunt. I held her hips as she moaned softly and took me deep inside her cavern. I began to pump her and together we settled into a slow, deep, doggy style fuck. We didn't talk. The silence of the room was disturbed only by the sound of my groin slapping against her butt and our heavy breathing as we slowly built towards our climax. She was so wet and slushy I could feel her juices running down over my balls. I wiped some of it with my finger and then ran my digit in the crack of her ass. I pressed at against her anus and it slipped in easily to the first knuckle. I withdrew it and continued to pound her cunt with my raging hard on.

I reached around and pinched her nipple and tugged on it. Lucinda removed one of her hands from the sofa and placed it between her legs. I could feel her playing with her clit as I kept on fucking her. She started to cry softly and I knew she was going to cum. I wiped my finger with her juice again and stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked on my fingers like a wild animal. I couldn't hold back any more.

I let loose a huge gob of cum in her cunt and sighed loudly as I did. My cock was so full, and so hard, it felt invincible as Lucinda thrust herself back into me. I felt her vaginal walls throb and a rush of her cum flooding over my tool. I kept up the pumping as she cried her muffled cries of ecstasy and I filled her with my seed. As her orgasm began to wane, she spit out my fingers and said, 'Fuck my ass! I want it in my ass!'

I was glad to oblige. I pulled my dick out of her sopping cunt and held it at the entrance to her rear. I was still rock solid and as I pressed myself into her anal hole, she opened right up. My cock slid in and her anus closed around it, squeezing it tightly, in contrast to the smooth loose opening of her pussy. Our pumping and fucking pace continued to build. The feeling of her tight anus pulling on my cock was incredible! I had never felt anything quite like it before and I was totally turned on. We were both breathing heavily and I heard her crying softly as I felt myself cumming again. She pressed herself back firmly against my groin when she felt my dick throbbing inside her butt. She used her anal walls to milk the last drops of my morning cum into her ass. We kept up the motion until I finally collapsed against her back and buried my face in her hair. I kissed her ear and she sighed with pleasure. I fondled her breast again and she pushed herself back into me. As my dick finally slipped out of her ass, I held both of her tits in my hands and she reached over her head to hug me in an awkward way. I backed my hips away and she turned around to face me.

'Mmm, you are very good sir! I like the way you fuck!'

'You're not so bad yourself!' I told Lucinda.

She got off the sofa and walked over to the breakfast table. She held up a bottle of champagne. 'You like a mimosa cocktail?'

'No thanks,' I said, 'but I will have some orange juice.'

She put down the bottle and poured a glass of juice from a carafe. She brought it over to me and stood very close. I could feel the warmth of her body as she handed me the glass.

'You like to fuck some more?' she asked.

'Let's wait a few minutes.'

'Maybe we should wake up your ladies.'

Now that idea appealed to me. The thought of waking them with soft kisses came back across my mind. I wanted to see Lucinda between their legs doing it too.

I put down my juice and took Lucinda's hand. I lead her into the bedroom. I could tell that she wanted some pussy too by the way she stared at Dawn's open legs. All three girls were still quietly sleeping. I let go of Lucinda and knelt on my bed between Trish's legs. I leaned forward and placed my mouth over her pussy. Then I did what I love to do. I licked and sucked her. I spread her labia with my tongue and exposed her clit and her gold ring. As I worked it I felt her hand on my head, guiding me. I wasn't sure if she was fully awake yet, but I knew she was loving it.

I turned my head just enough to see Lucinda on the next bed doing the same thing to Dawn. Dawn was sighing and already on the verge of cumming as she wakened. Lucinda held her and licked her mercilessly and as I heard Dawn start to speak, Trish began to buck beneath me. I tasted her cum as it flooded in my mouth. I focused on my dear sweet Trish as she rode my face in her drowsy morning haze. When she stopped bouncing up and down I looked up into her eyes and saw her warm sweet smile. Then I glanced over at Lucinda again and Trish's eyes followed mine. Lucinda had moved over between Rhonda's legs and was eating her ass and pussy from behind. Rhonda was pushing her ass back into Lucinda's face and Dawn had turned on her side to watch the whole show. She saw us and smiled a happy good morning our way. Lucinda was pushing her hand into Rhonda's cunt while she forced her tongue into her anus. Rhonda was making muffled sounds of joyful sex into the pillow. It was clear that she was cumming in our breakfast maid's face. When she finally turned her head enough to see us watching, she woke up enough to wonder who was eating her and strained to see Lucinda as she looked up from between the cheeks of Rhonda's ass to smile her morning greeting. Her face was slick with cum. She was a picture of sex!

'So I guess breakfast is here' Trish said sarcastically.

We all laughed but Lucinda stopped and asked, 'You want breakfast? I'll go get it!'

'No, no no!' said Rhonda. 'I like you right where you are!'

'This hotel has the best room service I've ever seen!' said Dawn. 'I don't want to have to leave here! And how can I possibly tell Tom about all this?'

'You don't have to tell him everything at once.' Trish told her. 'If he likes hearing stories like this, you have enough material to last for a long time! Milk it for all you can! I can just imagine how many times you'll be able to enjoy that foot long tool of his!'

Lucinda's ears perked up when she heard 'foot long'. 'How big you say?' She looked at Dawn. 'Your husband have one a foot long? Oh, you are very lucky lady!' She moved over and kissed Dawn's crack again, as if out of respect for what she could handle. We all laughed.

'You know,' said Rhonda, 'we haven't even bothered to call our husbands to see how they're doing. Do you think they miss us?'

'Well I know that Tom probably misses me,' Dawn replied, 'but he's got two teenagers in the house who both showed him that they can take his whole dick in their mouths. What do you suppose he's been doing?'

Trish giggled. 'Do you think that he's been taking advantage of my daughter like that?'

'Well I know for a fact that Joe loves watching Tammi walk around the house without any clothes,' Rhonda said, 'so I bet that she and Tracy are giving him a real show! If they aren't in his bed with him, then he's probably jacking off and wishing that they were!'

Dawn agreed, 'Well at the very least, I guess they'll have some stories for us too, when we get back home.'

Lucinda was laying there, listening to us all. She understood everything that we were saying, but I think she was finding it hard to believe that the girls were talking about their own teenage daughters having sex with their husbands. She looked at me and asked, 'So you are married to this lady?' and she nodded at Trish.

'No,' I answered, 'but we will be soon.'

'And you ladies are married but you left your men at home to have sex with your daughters?' she asked incredulously.

They nodded as Trish told her, 'Yes and my daughters are there too. Do you think we're all crazy?'

'No no,' said Lucinda, 'not crazy. But lots of fun! Do you think your husbands would like to have sex with me too?'

We all laughed. 'Would you like to come visit us in Sedona some day and see?' Trish asked.

'Sedona? Oh my sister, she lives in Sedona. We are twins. She not married. I go there many times. I can come see you next time I visit her. You would like her too. She just like me!'

The thought of Lucinda and her twin sister made my dick twitch. 'You can definitely call us the next time you come to Sedona!' I told her. 'We'll have a big party!'

Trish grinned and added, 'We'd love to have you come and stay with us. Can you bring breakfast?'

That got us all laughing. 'Oh! I get your breakfast now!' she said, as if she'd forgotten that she brought it.

'Oh no. Not yet.' Said Rhonda. 'I have a little something I want to taste for breakfast first.' She crawled around on the bed and pushed Lucinda backwards. Then she got between Lucinda's legs and put her mouth on her pussy. As she began to lick it and tasted my cum oozing out, she exclaimed, 'Why Rob, it tastes like you've already been here! What did I miss while I was sleeping?'

I looked at Trish and feigned embarrassment at having been found out. 'Well somebody had to answer the door! You were all sleeping!'

Again we all laughed. Rhonda kept on lapping at Lucinda's puss and Lucinda laid back to enjoy it. Dawn leaned over and started to suck on Lucinda's nipple. Trish and I got out of our bed and Trish began to kiss Lucinda while she played with her other breast. I stood beside her and massaged her neck and head. She loved the way she was being pampered and within just a couple of minutes, she began to cry out and buck her hips as the waves of her orgasm flowed through her body.

When it was finally over, we all just sat there enjoying the afterglow of Lucinda's moment. As we began to stir and move about, I offered to get coffee or mimosas for the ladies. Lucinda remembered that it was her job and quickly jumped out of bed to help me. The others followed and we all sat naked in the living room enjoying fruit and pastries. Trish, Dawn and Rhonda all sipped their champagne cocktails and it was decided that rather than shower this morning, we should all go to the pool and soak in one of the poolside hot tubs. We took turns in the bathrooms, brushing our teeth and doing a minimal bit of morning grooming. As the girls put on their Wicked Weasel bikinis, Lucinda marveled at the scanty nature of their swimwear. I was reminded of how sexy they all are when they're dressed in next to nothing, and the thought of appearing in public with them all this way, was getting me excited.

Lucinda finally got dressed and thanked us all for a fun time. She had been in the room for over an hour. I wondered if she might be questioned about her whereabouts, but she assured us, she had herself covered. Trish gave her all of our contact information and made her promise that she would call us, the next time she was coming to Sedona. I felt confident that she would.

We said goodbye and as soon as Lucinda was gone the girls and I headed for the pool.

There were a few other couples lounging by the pool when we got there. The waiter was busy serving bloody marys and mimosas. I saw several people watching as we walked across the deck to the hot tub. Even I couldn't resist watching the girls strip off their cover-ups before they stepped down into the spa. Their tan bodies were concealed only by the tiny patches of lycra that barely passed as swimsuits. And of course, the fabric became transparent once it got wet.

We sat together in the bubbling water talking and giggling about our special wake up service. We all agreed that it would be a lot of fun to see her and her sister at our home in Sedona. As we talked, I felt Trish's hand on my left thigh and Rhonda's on my right. I pretended not to notice as they both moved upward towards my crotch. But when their hands met on my dick, there was no more pretending. They turned and faced each other and began to laugh. I smiled sheepishly and Dawn looked at us questioningly. But then when Trish started to push down my trunks, Dawn understood what was happening and smiled at me. Rhonda wasted no time and grabbed my cock as it floated in the swirling water. Trish got a hold on it too, and together they started pumping it. Dawn got off of her seat and moved over between my legs. I felt her hand cup my balls and wondered what to do as the three of them worked me over.

'Rob honey, you seem to have something here that we all want.' Trish said into my ear.

'Mmm, I know. But you have to all share. There's only so much of me to go around!'

'You know,' said Rhonda, 'I think I'd like to feel this hot cock inside of me right now!'

'Rhonda! There are people all around us! We can't do it here!'

Rhonda was already moving around and trading places with Dawn. She straddled my legs and pulled her thong to the side as she sat in my lap. Trish made no effort to stop her. In fact, she helped guide my dick into Rhonda's waiting pussy. I tried to act nonchalant. Rhonda sunk herself down and I slipped deep inside of her. She leaned back and I realized that from a distance it probably just looked like she was sitting in front of me. It was hard for me not to notice though, the way she was thrusting her hips and fucking me under the water. There were hardly any extra splashes that I could see.

Trish and Dawn had leaned into my ears and together they were kissing me and whispering words of encouragement.

'Oh yeah baby. Fuck Rhonda with your stiff dick!'

'Mmm, I want to be next. You're the best at satisfying us all!'

I closed my eyes and felt Rhonda rocking on my pelvis. Trish was pinching my nipple and her tongue was licking my ear. Dawn kept whispering sexy things to me and I felt my orgasm approaching. Trish knew it. She senses everything about me. So she reached over and pinched Rhonda's clit. She knew just how to roll it and pull on it, and in a matter of seconds, Rhonda was sighing and cumming. That set me off and I let loose a load of cum that shot deep inside her cunt. I pumped upward and she was bouncing up and down in the small pool. We weren't talking but I heard noise all around me. The sound of the water, Dawn's whispers, Rhonda's moans, the motors that powered the jets, and then as I opened my eyes and saw Patty standing above us…

'My Rob! It looks like you've got more than you can handle here! Shall I just wait in the car?'

I was startled to see our limo driver, and shocked for a moment about getting caught having sex in the hot tub, but relieved that it was only Patty. Then I remembered that we had told Patty to be here at 10:30. It wasn't that we had forgotten, it was just that we weren't paying attention to the time.

Rhonda was still impaled on my shaft as she looked up at Patty.

'Oh Patty! Can you join us here in the spa?'

Patty looked back and giggled saying, 'It looks like you've already taken the best seat! Besides, I don't have my swimsuit on.'

Rhonda laughed. 'Yeah this seat does offer a little something special. But I've got to get out of here before I start dripping cum in the pool!'

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