tagLoving WivesA Well Planned Quickie

A Well Planned Quickie


Note: This is my story, I wrote it, stealing is lame. If you don't like it, don't read it. Thanks for any feedback and favorites. Feel free to e-mail me with any mistakes you find. This story got a ton of views and votes, so it has been tweaked and re-submitted; therefore, all feedback was potentially valid at the time of posting. Hope you enjoy.

A Well Planned Quickie, Or: The Science of the Quickie.

"Oh my lord!" Melody was yelling; she couldn't believe it. "What time do you think it is...?!" This never happened to her, ever. "..I'm probably so fucking late!" The movements resembled that of a gazelle as she leapt out of the bed now containing only her smiling husband. "Idiot digital clocks!"

"Relax, Lovesong, it's not a big deal if the boss shows up late, and you're the boss. Do you have a meeting or something?" Ruprect had asked this question before, but apparently she didn't remember. His calm demeanor was her doppelganger.

"No! But that's not the point!" Melody was running around their bedroom, shedding sleepwear and grabbing fresh clothes at a frantic pace. The moment her tits bounced freely, but her panties remained, her husband spoke.

"You know I think you are the most beautiful thing in the world, right?" He was watching her body move as he spoke from the bed, and his hand was rubbing his special place through the sheet they had been under.

Melody stopped; confused while her brain tried to recognized what he was saying to her through the fog of her hurry. She stopped only for an instant to turn and look at him quizzically, smiles in both directions.

Melody winked at him, his favorite. Yet her pause did not last; hurry took her mind away yet again, and sent it back towards the shower for work.

"We should have sex. Right now, Lovesong. Maybe a couple of times in a row." His smile was infectious, but Melody was resisting; she had other things on her mind.

"You're so crazy, babe," was thrown over her shoulder as she dove into the bathroom, starting the shower. Melody had plans of washing her hair this morning, the hair would have to wait, and the clock in the bathroom was blinking.

She almost felt hopeless.

"Well," Ruprect said aloud to himself, alone in the bed, "now or never." The camel's back was broken; it could take no more straw. Ruprect knew this had to be done, he missed his real wife, and he wanted her back, damnit. He arose and stripped, heading towards the sound of the shower as he did so.


Melody was scrubbing herself at a speed she had not known she could, though still enjoying the heat of the water and the clarity it brought to the fog.

Even on her best days it would take her an hour to be ready on top the thirty minute drive to work. To throw the situation off a cliff, she still had no idea what time it was and she had no clue of how to style her unwashed, but clean, black hair. The sound of the shower door brought her thoughts from her mind; the appearance of her husband's smile brought hers with it.

"We don't have time for this, babe, we really don't..." Melody's hands had stopped soaping on her own breasts as she spoke. The intention, or reason they were there, was not known.

"Doesn't matter? Time is relative, Lovesong, and you need this. You want this - don't lie. You work too hard." Ruprect was sashaying to his wife as he spoke, greatening her smile. He was built like iron and just as hard. The sight of his naked, beautiful, and soapy wife was only heightening his desire.

"Baby, no, we can't, I have to go..." Melody trailed off as she saw his body and silly dance. She trailed off because she knew she didn't have a chance; she did want it, him, and his cock. The hardness of his member and the hot water were turning her on; the hands on her perfect breasts only added to it.

"You love me, don't you?" Ruprect cocked his head to the side as he asked her. It was a genuine question she had not expected in the least; nor right then. "You know I love you, right? More than anything?" He stopped moving.

He was waiting for her answer.

"I know baby, I do, but..." Melody never had a chance to finish. She was tongue kissing her only love before the final words were released. She tasted the mouthwash he had used. He was a good husband.

Melody's nipples were poking her palms as she felt his tongue through the water at her shoulder and ear. At the same time Ruprect pinched the curve of her bubble butt where the leg joined her rump. She let out a moan as he pushed the buttons on her that he had found long ago. They both knew the secrets of their lover, found in the years of their marriage.

"Oh.. please.. Just please be quick." Melody was speaking between moans in syllable-less mumbles. Ruprect had her too hot already to speak the truth, only the lies were coming out now. She had dropped the loofa, and the water was rinsing her flawless skin clean.

"No promises, Lovesong," he said as he pulled a hand away from her left breast and inhaled her flesh, his tongue darting to her nipple. He knew his wife, and he knew this would do her in. The moment her hand hit his wet hair, he flicked his mouth muscle over the surface as fast as he could.

For once he was glad for the girly female soaps in the bathroom as this one did not taste half bad.

Melody was losing her balance at his ministrations, and she was at her boiling point in moments. She and her husband had seldom made love in the shower, she couldn't remember the last time it was anywhere but their bed. Now though, she was losing even that thought as her husband played her body.

She came the moment he sunk two fingers into her and hit her clit with his thumb. The sounds of her scream, and his sucking, echoed off of the shower walls.

Ruprect knew she was pent up, knew she needed release; but this - this was something else entirely. He could not remember the last time she came so hard, or the last time she was so wet.

He began to think this should have happened a year ago, until her hand grabbed his shaft with ferocity. He stopped thinking then. She was working his length and squeezing hard, her lust for his morning wood was now obvious.

"Turn around, Lovesong, and brace yourself," Ruprect said to her as she massaged his cock while he pinched the pair of her nipples at once, both lovers twisting slightly.

Melody didn't speak in response to her husband - she simply opened her dreamy eyes and nodded, following his command. She was trying to think of the last time they had not done it in the missionary way. Ruprect's hands on her breasts made this further thinking nearly impossible.

She fully turned and braced herself with her hands on either side of the nozzle above her head.

Ruprect smacked the top curve of her wet ass, making her coo. "Do it, babe. Do it," she said to him in a husky voice, she wanted him inside. He had never smacked her ass before, and she loved it; so much so, that Melody did not know whether the water or her own juices were running down her legs. He had her on edge like only husbands can do to wives, and her shivers gave him confidence.

"If that's what you want, Lovesong, I will, but I thought you needed to go to work?" His hand was holding his tip right at her edges, feeling her heat over the water and the hand the wrapped the shaft. It took everything he had to not plow in.

Ruprect was on a mission, he was doing all of this for a reason. Slowly he ran his free hand down her dripping back, right down her spine while he waited for his real wife to answer.

"Stick that dick in me now or I'm cutting it off." Her brown eyes were throwing fire at his equally browns, over her shoulder. It was the response he wanted and was waiting for. Melody didn't know where it came from, (and) but it was out.

Ruprect let go of his resistance and pushed into her as hard as he could. She screamed again, but not in pain. Pleasure overwhelmed her senses as her hands slipped down the slick shower wall. She used her elbows as levers to begin pushing back at her love with her might, as best as she could.

"Faster you son of a bitch... mmm... harder." This was his wife; this is what he missed. Her dirty talk and swaying movements only spurning him on. He grabbed her breasts from behind, pulling as hard as he knew she could stand, just before another wet slap on her fine rear.

"ohgod..." Melody was coming again in less than a minute; thoughts of her younger husband and their early romance flooded her mind: This is how they used to fuck.

She was shivering, and now hanging off of the shower nozzle with one hand. She would have fallen down had he not held her by her chest. He never slowed his in and out, only a grunt at her inside muscles clamping.

"B--- bed--- bedroom..." was all she could stutter as his hanging balls continuously slapped her clit. It was the only thing she could think of when her mind said she had somewhere to be.

"If you want to go, then turn off the water." Melody did as well as she could to follow her husband's command. The water was barely dripping and running when she turned the handles to 'almost off' as fast as she was able. It didn't matter to her in the least. This fuck and her next orgasm were now dominant in her mind.

Ruprect saw his wife - his real wife - overtaken by pleasure and he could only smile.

He knew what to do next, his plan had run its course, pleasure was now in charge. He slammed into her and held himself deep with a hand on her hip. He used the other to open the shower door. Together, with him still inside, they twisted to step out of the shower, and move towards the bedroom.

At least Melody was heading for the bedroom, Ruprect had other ideas. He held her by the waist as she tried to leave the bathroom, losing her balance. He caught her balance, pushing her forward, his cock still lodged deep as she softly fell to her hands and knees on the bathroom rug.

"Oh you dirty bastard," she said to him over her shoulder, her smile ear to ear.

"You know it, Lovesong," he replied, resuming his frantic pounding and planting another firm slap on her ass.

"Uhnm.... why didn't you do that years ago..." she moaned while referring to his ass slaps. She was about to come again for the third time in a row and both of them knew it.

"Because... you...ughn... had to work." Ruprect was really going into her now, but he was becoming erratic.

Occasionally he felt her fingers touch him as she was rubbing her clit as hard as she could. He didn't have long as he watched her body move like a dancer on ands and knees, plush rug beneath.

Looking up for a moment, he mouthed a silent prayer to the gods, a 'thank you' for a mutual orgasm, as his fluids built to their maximum. He was also thanking them for finding his wife and giving her back.

"Oooohhh Ruuuuuuuu!" She lost it at his losing it. The orgasm was hard enough to make the happily married pair fall to the bathroom floor in unison, panting and blind. It was the best orgasm either could remember. They lay for a long time, together on the floor and small carpet; their heaving breaths pushing each other closer. Ruprect was placing small kisses along the back of her damp neck, nibbling here and there.

"So, want to do it again?" Ruprect had directed his wife's chin to face his own, his brown eyes were sparkling with love.

"Ok, baby, but I have to brush my hair and call work." She was glowing at him, mirroring his love; she had forgotten what it was like to feel this way.

"For what?" Ruprect suddenly had a look of fear all over his face, Melody couldn't help but laugh at him, he must have planned this. She decided to play back at him.

"Because it's all wet and tangled, silly man." She was smiling so hard in his direction that it came with gravity.

"No, I mean, why do you have to call work?" He was worried as he spoke full of fear. His plan suddenly fell into the toilet even though the lid was down. Ruprect was scrambling to think of what else he could do to fix this.

Melody, his loving wife, was suddenly laughing at him like he was a comedian. Sometimes, to her, he was too Pythagorean; it always brought out her tease from knowing how he would react. He was too factual for his own good sometimes, and she had forgotten how she loved to play with him.

"Because, silly man, I have to tell them I'm taking a week off for a family emergency," Melody had a hard time speaking through the laughter; the relief on his face was only an escalation to it.

"Oh, thank the gods," he spoke after he let out the breath he was holding, and it was quite a large breath. "I'll call your job, you get on that hair." After a pause, and when he finished standing up, helping her do the same, he spoke again. "Um, Lovesong... meet me in the dining room in 5 minutes, ok?" He was smiling once more by the time he finished speaking.

"But... I'm not hungry..." Melody was confused now, she had no idea what he was saying; she wanted to fuck.

"Me neither," he said to her as he placed a kiss on her cheek and bounded out of the bathroom, towards the stairs and the kitchen phone, completely naked.


"Are you awake, Lovesong?" It was late, and Ruprect had just settled into the bed, next to his lovely, perfect wife. He was horny, very much so, and she had only layed down an hour ago. He was praying she was still awake.

"nomn, i'mn not ruerrrr.." Melody wasn't, she was out. Ruprect couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. He loved her habit of speaking while she slept. She was that kind of woman, always sexy even if she didn't want sex.

"Do you have a meeting tomorrow, Lovesong?" He knew he would get an answer, and he had had enough.

They hadn't slept together in weeks. Work and life had taken over, slowly muscling out the sex from their marriage. It was no one's fault specifically; they both knew that. Ruprect blamed time. He and time were about to have it out.

"normnmrn i onrly havne tho ..... rnot imprtntmnrnmmm.." Melody worked so much, that even in sleep, she knew her schedule.

"Ok, Lovesong, sorry I woke you," Ruprect said as he kissed his warm and snuggling wife on the cheek to a sleepy smile.

"mnomn prb ...lm... love you rue." Her mumbled response was barely a whisper as Ruprect slowly crept out of the bed towards the bedroom door. He turned to drink in her sheeted form at the bedroom doorway before he left and went down the stairs.

When he arrived in the basement via the second set of steps, he made his way towards the fuse box with the plan totally formed in his mind.

Slowly he opened the rectangular metal door and hit the main breaker, the one at the top. He was smiling as broad as his face would allow as he counted to ten and turned it back on. Every clock and alarm in the house would be inaccurate and reset.

"Einstein was right," he said as he walked out of the basement flicking the light switch on his way.

"Fuck time, I want my wife back." Ruprect was smiling and speaking to himself as he unplugged the house phone, turning to make his way to her cell charging on the counter to turn it off before heading to bed.

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