tagNonHumanA Were Story Ch. 06

A Were Story Ch. 06


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His touch was far more delicate than his build suggested.

Kylie watched Roy intently as he tended to her wound like a mother would tend to a child's injury. She still couldn't fathom why she wasn't scared of the man, she had been brought into this house by a wolf, but the first person that walked in after the wolf's exit was Roy. He hadn't said a lot to her at his entrance and she had asked him nothing. Even now, as he wrapped her sprained ankle in a bandage, he was eerily quiet and she was conflicted as to whether she should question him about his double identity or wait on him to tell her what he felt she needed to know at his own time

The only thing she could say for certain right now was that she trusted him, she trusted that he would keep her safe. Just being with him made her feel protected in a way she had never felt all her life. it was a similar feeling that had come upon her when the blonde wolf blocked her from the approaching brown wolf, she wasn't scared of the animal. She knew she was supposed to be, hell, she had been terrified by the brown wolf, but she felt nothing like that with the blonde wolf and there could only be one explanation for that.

He hit a particularly sore spot in her ankle and she sucked in a breath, he paused in his movements, but his eyes remained on her foot, "Sorry." He said after a while, "Did I...did I hurt you?" he asked. She could hear the concern in his voice and just a little bit of fear.

For someone so big, Kylie realized the man acted unsure of himself around her. from what she had been told of him, he was usually assertive and brimming with confidence, she had seen that when he first announced his presence in the foyer some days ago, but with her, he was much softer, "No, I'm fine." She replied.

With her assurance, he continued in his tending to her, but she found that she wasn't comfortable with his silence. She was very talkative in nature, and she wanted to talk to him, maybe find out a few things about him if he was willing to indulge her... but she found that she was similarly unsure of herself around him. still, his silence simply wouldn't do.

"How did you know I was injured?" she asked, eager to begin a conversation with him.

It took him a while to answer so that she almost thought he hadn't heard her question, "A friend told me." He replied, still not looking at her

"What friend?"

"Caleb." he replied

She raised her brow and smiled at his answer, "But Caleb wasn't there, it was just me and three werewolves. The blonde one brought me here, the one with fur very much similar to the hair on your head." She teased him. She was unsure of how he reacted to such things, but there was no harm in trying her luck, right?

He paused once again and then took her now bandaged foot off his leg, he grabbed a small pillow and placed it on the bed and put her sprained foot on the pillow, "You shouldn't walk around the garden alone." He said in a hard voice, totally ignoring her words

Kylie watched him rise to his feet and panic came upon her. she didn't want him gone, she wanted to spend some time with him. She couldn't place her finger on this man and it was driving her nuts how closed off he had become since they kissed. She had been convinced that he was her mate, but his subsequent behavior had caused her to question that conclusion. It was like he had been avoiding her and if not for this incident, he probably would have continued avoiding her like he had been doing these past few days.

"Roy." She called out before he could move away from the bed. She wanted to physically stop him, but her sprain ensured that her movement was limited. He paused in his movement and she continued, knowing she had his ear, "Look at me, please." She didn't know what she had been asking for, just a few days ago, she had wanted nothing more than to get away from his intense gaze, now, she was asking for it. she had missed it, missed him. it was an odd thing to feel for someone who was more or less a stranger, but it didn't stop the feeling. Having his attention today was more than she could ask for and she didn't want to lose it so quickly

She could see the way the muscles of his back flexed beneath his shirt, it was like he was indecisive, what had she done wrong to make him want to avoid her this much? Unwilling to just sit by and watch him leave, she moved her good leg off the bed and to the floor, she might as well get on her feet if she expected him to take her seriously.

"Don't do that." He said as he rushed to her side, he took her leg and placed it back on the bed, "Do you want to hurt yourself?" he asked.

She noticed once again that even as he helped her back into the bed, he wouldn't look at her. she felt slightly hurt by that, "I just want you to look at me." She replied, her frustration seeped into her tone. A frustration she couldn't explain, it was just there, somewhere in her heart, tearing at her and begging for his attention in more than just a passive form, "You don't get to just turn off your switch after kissing someone the way you kissed me."

His eyes suddenly shot up to her face when she mentioned their kiss and Kylie felt her heart stop beating momentarily when those blue eyes fell on her, "That was a mistake, I shouldn't...I shouldn't have taken advantage of you like that."

Those words felt like a slap to Kylie

Here she was daydreaming about their kiss every single day since it occurred. She had been excited by it even, she had walked around with a silly smile on her face every time it came to her mind, she had thought for sure it meant something, and here was telling her it shouldn't have happened? The only thing he felt concerning their kiss was guilt and it made her feel disappointed that he wasn't as excited by it as she had been. Then again, what had she expected? She was some impressionable teenager and it was obvious this man had been with far more experienced ladies, he was no spring chicken after all, she wasn't likely to be memorable to him. She swallowed the large ball of disappointment that seemed stuck in her throat and prepared herself for a second blow as she forced out her next question, "And when you said I was yours? Was that a mistake as well?" she enquired.

It was his turn to freeze this time, he stared at her for what felt like over a minute, but he was unable to utter a word, the longer he stayed mute, the more hope grew in Kylie's heart. If it was a mistake, he would have blurted it out immediately, but it wasn't, it hadn't been. His reaction was all the confirmation she needed.

She reached for his arm and wrapped her tiny hand around it, loving the feel of his toned arm in her hand, she pulled him closer and he moved toward her of his own volition until their faces were inches apart and she could see every emotion in those eyes of his. Kylie had never been this bold, she was more of the timid girl than the bold one, she never thought she had the balls to be this close to a guy, even less be the one to bring him this close, but here she was, doing just what she thought herself incapable of, "Am I your mate, Roy?" she asked softly.

Even before the words left his lips, his arm snaked around her waist and pulled her to him, "Yes, Kylie, you are my mate." His declaration was sealed with a passionate kiss on her lips. Kylie felt he current zip through her the minute his lips found hers, sending her body into a frenzy, it was just like the last time, maybe better. Her body molded onto his as he kissed her like a man possessed, a tiny moan tearing through her when his tongue found its way into her mouth. She felt moistness pool between her thighs and a delicious, but unfamiliar ache rest in her nether regions, was this what arousal felt like?

She felt him lower her body to the bed as his followed her until he was lying on top her, she knew he made sure not to put his full weight on her body, but it felt good to have him so close...it felt very good. His hand slid from her waist to her fleshy butt, he filled his palm with the generous flesh, causing her to whimper softly as her legs parted in invitation, that tiny movement on her part led to him sinking between her soft thighs so that his hard length came in contact with her heated core through the fabric of their clothes.

Roy growled into her mouth and his hand squeezed her bum as he stroked his length against that maddening heat. Kylie shuddered against him, a loud moan tearing out of her throat even as she parted her thighs further to feel more of him. His lips left hers and he placed large, wet kisses against her neck as his hand moved from her ass to her thigh, he wrapped one leg around his waist and stroked himself against her core, wanting so much to rid themselves of the clothes that denied him full access to his mate's willing body.

Kylie's fingers were buried in his blonde mane as her free hand roamed over his muscular body, her back arched off the bed whenever she felt him hit a particularly delicious spot. She had never imagined herself with a man, this was as close to sex as she had ever gotten and it was turning out to be quite the experience. She was heady with arousal and her entire body felt like it would combust.

"Kylie I heard you were....."

Just like that, her veil of pleasure was broken by the entrance of Kennedy into her room.

"What the fuck are you doing on my sister?" Kennedy shrieked loud enough for the whole compound to hear.

Kylie was mortified, her eyes were wide with fear and her whole body frozen in place

"Get off her!" Kennedy shouted when neither of them seemed to be moving away from each other.

Kylie watched Kenned y approach them in an angry fit and her voice suddenly returned to her, "Kennedy, wait...."

The words had barely left her lips when Kennedy basically put her hands on Roy and began the arduous, impossible task of moving him off Kylie, "You big oaf, leave my sister alone."

"Kennedy, stop." Kylie said even as Roy reluctantly got off her to rest on the bed, "Kennedy." She reached for her sister, but Kennedy was having none of that

"Don't touch me Kylie, what has gotten into you?" she asked, she began hitting a still unmoving Roy, "You bloody pedophile, sexual abuser, I warned you not to touch her."

For some reason, Roy only blocked off her assault but made no move to stop her from hitting him. Kylie was unsure of whether to stop her sister or protect Roy as all of her pleadings fell on deaf ears.

So immersed were they in their own little drama, they didn't notice Rinaldi's entrance until he reached Kennedy and pulled her off of Roy, "Leave him alone Kennedy."

Kennedy pulled her arm out of Rinaldi's grasp, "Don't touch me." She was breathing heavily and glaring at Roy and Kylie, "You better get your things ready Kylie because we're leaving this house today." Kennedy said in finality before barging out of the room.

Kylie felt her heart sink at Kennedy's declaration. She wasn't ready to leave, but she wasn't sure how she would face her elder sister after being caught in such a compromising situation.


"Here you go." Caleb handed Cassandra a glass of warm water and she took it with shaky hands.

"Thanks." She murmured just before the glass touched her lips and she drank up the water to the last drop while he watched her. he took the cup from her and dropped it on the side table.

"How do you feel?" he asked, it wasn't the first time he had asked her the question, once she had woken up after changing, it was the first question he had asked her, this was her third glass of water in half an hour and every time he got her a glass, he asked the same question. He was worried about her, greatly so. Once again, she was unable to control her wolf or the transformation, he was yet to ask her what led to the emergence of her wolf and he figured that he would save such a question for later, for now, he was concerned about her strength and of course, these random transformations she had to go through. He knew he had promised her that he would help her understand her wolf more with time, but he needed to hasten this process as it was obvious the animal would keep making its presence known with or without her permission if she didn't learn how to control it.

"Tired." She replied softly.

He smiled at her, "Yeah, morphing does that to you when you're new to it." he replied trying to lighten her mood.

If she was supposed to smile at his joke, she certainly didn't get it, "I couldn't control it...again. Is that how they always are?" she inquired

"No, love. With time and some training, you'll learn how to control your wolf." He replied. She nodded half-heartedly, but he could tell she wasn't convinced by his words, "When can you start teaching me how to control it?" she asked

"Whenever you're ready." Nothing would give him more joy than to teach his mate how to control her wolf. Granted, he had lost the opportunity to change her, but he still had this to compensate for that.

"This evening then?" she asked eagerly.

His smile waned a little, "Are you sure you'll be strong enough for that?"

She nodded, "Yes, I better be. I don't want to keep zoning out like that. Everything felt like a dream, one minute I was talking to a lady, and the next...." her eyes suddenly grew wide with alarm, "...Oh my goodness! Kylie..." she tossed the bed cover from her form and flew out of the bed, "...is Kylie okay?"

Caleb would have readily given an answer to cease her worry if he wasn't momentarily distracted by the sight of her nude form, okay, so he had kind of skipped the trouble of wearing any clothes on her when he had brought her in and she obviously hadn't realized that earlier.

He couldn't stop his hungry eyes from devouring her slender, curvy form while she stood frozen in place, the air was stiff between them, him preventing himself from reaching for her and doing as he pleased to that sensual form and she just staring at him as if waiting for his next move. He could hear his wolf in his head, urging him to grab their mate, fuck! She was just standing there, he needed to move fast. He forced his gaze to move from those pert breasts with the dusky nipples pointing straight at him, he looked at her face, his eyes seeking her permission. He still wasn't as free as he wished to be with her and he didn't know just how long that would take, perhaps once he had successfully trained her to adapt to her wolf, she would let him in more.

She looked like she was all set to give him the go-ahead, he could have sworn she had even nodded slightly, but almost as soon as he thought he had seen that, she was running back under the protection of the covers. Suffice it to say. His wolf was absolutely peeved at the human's need to constantly seek permission from his mate, but Caleb knew the situation he had found himself was precarious. He had to constantly remind himself and his beast that their mate had been raped and that was traumatizing enough for anyone, pouncing on her before she was okay with it would only worsen the situation.

"How is Kylie?" she asked in a muted voice.

Caleb coughed, "She's fine, she has a light sprain, but Roy's handling that." he supplied.

"I should go and see her."

"When you're feeling better."

"I am."

Caleb nodded, however, he wasn't willing to leave the room without clarifying something she had mentioned, "You said you were talking to a lady, what lady?" he asked. It was clear whoever she had been talking to must have triggered her wolf to come out, it was imperative he found out who exactly it was to ensure such never repeated its self

Her brows creased in thought, "I don't think I got her name, but she was really pretty and tall, I think she was...."

There was a sudden raucous from outside the room that caused them both to look towards the entrance, Caleb wanted to grunt at the interruption, who the hell was making so much noise now? There was certainly a very angry female screaming at someone, "Is that Kennedy?"

Caleb got on his feet and went to the door, he opened it only slightly, only for a slew of course words to come flying in....oh that was definitely Kennedy.

Cassandra pulled the sheets tighter to her body, "Caleb, can you get me a tunic?" she asked.

He closed the door behind him and rushed over to her closet, he grabbed the first thing he saw and handed it to her. Cassandra quickly pulled the dress over her head and was right behind Caleb as he hurried out of the room.

They walked right into Kennedy who seemed to have been marching to Cassandra's room, "Kennedy, what's the...."

"Get your things Cassie, we're leaving."


Kennedy grabbed Cassandra by her wrist and dragged her to her room only to pause, "Wait a minute, you don't even have anything here. That's even better."

"Kennedy, what's going on?" Cassandra asked as Rinaldi and Roy joined them along with an obviously injured Kylie who was being assisted by Roy.

"I'll tell you what's going on, I found this blonde brute mauling Kylie...."

"He wasn't..."

"Shut up Kylie! Anyway, we're leaving. I think we've experienced enough of the wild and downright impossible to last us a lifetime." Kennedy tried once again to drag Cassandra, but her cousin wasn't moving n inch

Cassandra shook her head, "No, Kenny, we're not going anywhere. We can't leave."

Kennedy turned an incredulous gaze to Cassandra, "Excuse me?"

"We're not leaving."

"What the hell Cassie? Are you high on the same thing Kylie's high on? is there something in the water in this place?" for the life of her she couldn't begin to imagine why Cassandra would object to their leaving this place, if there was anyone of the three of them who was least comfortable in strange places, it had to be Cassandra. She was never one to 'explore' and she was always eager to leave places she wasn't very much familiar with, considering the circumstances in which she found herself in this place, Cassandra ought to have been the first of them to hightail it out of this crazy joint, yet, here she was, telling her they wouldn't leave. Surely there was some spell here that she was immune to

"Kennedy, we can't leave."

"Why?" Kennedy asked pointedly. She noticed Cassandra's gaze shift to Caleb, she looked nervous, it was like they were communicating to each other for over a minute as Kennedy stood, waiting for some really strong reason why she should keep enjoying this unnecessary vacation, "Well?" she asked, folding her arms across her chest as her patience wore thin

Cassandra sighed as she turned her gaze back to her cousins, it was obvious Kennedy wasn't the only one awaiting her response. She had thought for sure she would break this news to them in a different situation. She wanted to get a good grasp of it, she wanted to have all the answers before he would spill everything to them, but Kennedy had forced her hand, so she would have to tell it as she knew and hopefully, Caleb would assist her with whatever grey areas she missed out on

"I....I'm not like you guys anymore." She began warily

Kennedy raised her brows, "What does that even mean?" she asked. When Cassandra wasn't forthcoming with a reply, she scoffed and turned around, "That's it, we're leaving." She made her way to her room, even if they didn't pick any items for Cassandra and Kylie, she was certain the clothes they had back home would suffice, once again, it wasn't like Cassandra had a stitch of clothing in this place anyway.

"Kennedy, I'm a werewolf." Cassandra blurted out. She noticed Kylie's eyes widen as if in recognition.

Kennedy was frozen in place for a few minutes before she finally turned around to face her cousin, "You're a what?"

Cassandra swallowed to wet her parched throat, she could feel Caleb's nearness and somehow, it soothed her. Having him close by always put her at peace, "A werewolf, I woke up in this house some months ago and noticed that there was something different about me. Initially, I didn't pay it too much attention, then I started hearing these voices in my head and....I found out there's some other...being inside me, it shares my body and my conscious. I'm still learning about it, but I just know, I'm not fully human anymore and I can't just go back to the human world like you guys."

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