tagMatureA Wet Reunion Ch. 02

A Wet Reunion Ch. 02


Two weeks passed from there and she visited him several more times to spend time together, whether it be watching television, just talking and of course, breastfeeding. They would also text and talk frequently on the phone when not together. At the moment, Will and Ashley were sitting on her couch, him starting to hang out at her house every so often. The young girl snatched his phone that was between the two and checked it.

"Hey." He frowned. "Ever heard of invasion of privacy?"

"That term is non-existent when you're fucking me." She smiled sweetly, then gave a frown of her own. "Geez, you and my mom talk a bit too much, don't you think?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

He gave a nervous swallow. We've been doing a lot more than that. The memories of all the breastfeeding and handjobs played in his mind. "She just checks up on me..."

The brown-haired milf walked into the front door at that moment, smiling at them with her nursing smocks on. "I thought that was Will's car in the driveway. How are you doing, sweetie?"

"Good." His expression brightened. "How was work?"

"I thought you were working until later tonight?" Ashley frowned.

"All my patients were discharged early." She strolled over and looked at the television. "Oh! I love this movie. I'll get changed and join you two in two seconds." She zipped away.

Her daughter sunk back into the sofa and let out a tired sigh. "There goes datenight."

Will smiled reassuringly and grabbed her hand to squeeze. "I'll make it up to you." He kissed her. "Promise."

She reluctantly smiled. "Okay..."

Susan came out in a tight t-shirt that barely contained her impressive bust and flimsy, gym shorts that hugged her thick thighs and wide hips.

Holy crap. His eyes scanned every inch of her.

The twenty-year-old also took note of her appearance. "Uh, Mom? What are you wearing?"

She checked herself as she stood in front of them. "What do you mean?"

"Argh, nevermind! You're interrupting the movie. Can you please sit down?"

She shrugged and did take the seat beside Will. "I hope this spot isn't taken?"

He laughed. "Nope, all yours."

"Shhh!" Ashley waved a hand at them, her eyes glued to the television out in front. "This is the good part."

Despite her enthusiasm, she was snoring only twenty minutes later.

"I'll never understand that girl; she's like a light switch." Her parent was leaning forward and watching her.

"Yeah. That's one thing I had to get used to. She literally fell asleep during one of our conversations once." He chuckled, also watching her.

The resumed watching the movie after, but Will quickly lost interest and stole glances at Susan's giant tits that protruded from her shirt. I really want to suck them. "Susan?"

She looked at him. "Yes, pumpkin?"

"I, uh... Y-You know what? Nevermind." He shook his head and focused back on the movie. I can't ask her with Ashley right there! What was I thinking?!

The older woman suddenly put her hand on his, forcing him to look back at her. "Do you want some milk?" She wore an easy smile.

He nodded with no hesitation.

She gave a quiet giggle. "Okay. But let's do it in my room. We don't want to wake up, Ash."

Once upstairs, they went down the hall and entered her bedroom.

Pulling his hand, she led him to the bed and sat down and waited for him to lay on the it so he could correctly breastfeed.

"Um, Susan? Do you think you could lay back? It might be easier for me that way..." He lied, instead wanting a reason to lay on top of her.

"Oh, of course, honey." She stood up to climb to the back on all fours, her big butt swaying until she was in position.

Will dick twitching, he followed to lay on top of her, then raised her top, causing her juicy melons free. He wasted no time and began breastfeeding, grabbing her boob at the same time. Milk trickled into his mouth after some suckling, filling his tongue with the warm, sweet liquid.

"Oh, sweetie... I love it when you drink my milk." She squirmed under him as she hugged his head even deeper into her bosom.

He kept on going until there was nothing else to drink. "Man, I swear I'll never get tired of sucking your milk." He mashed her tits together. "Good thing there seems to be an endless supply."

She giggled. "That's right. Just think of me as your own personal dairy farm."

He laughed, then glanced down. "Do you think you can use your hand again?"

The thirty-nine-year-old kissed his forehead. "You don't even have to ask."

He smiled happily and got off her so that they could switch places with him laying back and her scooting down to get on her knees between his open legs. Lowering his shorts to reveal his hard dick, she grabbed to begin jerking.

"U-Um, Susan? Do you think you could maybe use your mouth?" I actually asked! He'd been wanting her full lips on him since she first gave him a handjob.

"My mouth?"

"Yeah, it's just your hand is so intense and... you know..." What kind of logic is that?!

She huffed out an amused laugh through her nose. "I understand." Without hesitation, she opened wide to swallow up his entire length into her warm, wet mouth.

Will toes curled and he sharply inhaled at her bumpy tongue massaging him while she bobbed her head up and down. Her sucking soon covered him in slobber as spit dribbled from her mouth, some falling to his balls. Popping his cock out for a moment, she extended her tongue to flick it against the fat tip. It was taking all his willpower to keep from cumming as she blew him. Some minutes passed while she drew him in and out, the slurping sounds of the act the audible in the quiet room.

"I'm gonna cum, Susan...!" He sat up a bit, feeling the buildup of pleasure travel from his balls.

At his announcement, she increased the speed of her fellatio, causing more salvia to spill from her mouth. He bucked his hips up only a second later and emptied his load. She took every last drop of sperm straight from his urethra and swallowed.

"Wow. you swallowed it all..." He watched her in awe.

Susan laughed, standing up on her knees more. "You drink my milk all the time. It's only fair."

He laughed. "Touche."

Footsteps sounded from outside, forcing them both to flinch.

"It's Ashley!" Will's eyes were virtually the size of plates, staring at the woman in panic.

"Just try and relax, honey." She hurriedly got off the bed to snatch a photo album under it and sit at the foot. "Come sit next to me." She glanced back at him.

He yanked up his shorts to do as ordered.

His girlfriend appeared in the doorway a second later. "Uh... what are you two doing?"

"I-I was just about to show Will your baby pictures.." She looked at him with a forced smile. "Isn't that right?"

"A-Absolutely! That's what we were just about to do right now, at this moment." He laughed way too loud.

Ashley watched him for a second, then her mom. "With the lights off?" She waved around the dark room.

"Darn, I knew we were forgetting something." Susan joined in his laughter.

The younger girl sighed. "I'm surrounded by a buncha crazies." She then switched on the light and sat beside Will. "You better not show him the duck picture."

"Duck picture?" He turned his head to her. "You know that I totally have to see now, right?"


He and Susan laughed and exchanged relieved looks, lucky that their secret hadn't been discovered, and they could continue their relationship.

More time passed after that as Will got closer to both women. Right now, he was in Ashley's room, him in missionary on top of her when he felt a presence and looked up to see Susan's shocked face between the crack in the door ahead. She wasn't supposed to be home for at least two more hours according to the girl under him, but there she was in the flesh.

"Hey." She wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling mischievously. "You find something more interesting than fucking me?"

He looked back down at her. "Oh, uh, of course not..." His eyes flicked up one more time to see her gone.

"Then, get moving." She grinded her hips up, forcing his hardened cock to churn inside her wet pussy.

They cuddled once finished, but all he could think about was Susan and the stunned look on her face. Obviously he was dating her daughter, and their own relationship wasn't a romantic one despite the sexual acts the two had done countless times. However, he still felt a bit guilty. You're thinking too much. Susan would never see me in that way; I'll just always be someone to take of.

"Hey, I'm pretty hungry after all that vigorous activity, aren't you?" The tall cheerleader snuffled up into his side more, grinning.

Will turned his head to her. "Technically, you're hungry after any activity, vigorous or not. It's amazing how great a shape you're in anyway."

She bit his nipple with no warning.

"Ow!" A disbelieving chuckle left his mouth. "I was complimenting you, you know."

"And I was saying thank you." She gave an innocent smile and got climbed over him to fetch her clothes strewn across her bedroom floor.

"In what language?" He huffed out a tired laugh and openly watched her fit ass while she bent over, revealing the back of her pussy lips.

"Ashley language. It'll take some time to understand, but you'll learn someday." She turned her head back to him and grinned, her butt still pointed out. "Anyway, hurry up and get dressed. My mom might already be here, and I'd rather her not catch us in our birthday suits."

Yeah, I think that ship has sailed and is somewhere in the Atlantic. He remained quiet and did as suggested so they could go downstairs where they encountered Susan in the kitchen, tending to a pot on the stove.

"Oh, hey, Mom. We didn't know you were here." The twenty-year-old walked over to give her a hug when she turned around.

"Hi, sweetie. I just got back not too long ago." She smiled and then looked at Will. "You're not gonna make an old woman beg for a hug, are you?"

"O-Oh, of course not." He went to her and squeezed her before backing up again. I guess it really wasn't a big deal after all.

"Are you staying for dinner, honey? I'm making my special tonight."

He nodded eagerly. "Your special? Is that even a question?"

"You really know how to stroke a woman's ego, don't you?" Susan giggled.

The three settled down at the dinner table several minutes later, both women to the left and right of Will.

"Sweetie, I was thinking of taking you somewhere special for all the birthdays I've missed." Susan announced midway through the meal.

"You don't have to do that, really." He put down his spoon and looked at her.

"I thought you would've known by now that you're not going to win these types of battles." She fixed him with a sheepish smile.

He chuckled. "Right, right. Sorry. So, what kind of special place, if you don't mind me asking?"

Her mom looked at her. "To the space museum in the next town. I remember you wanting to go before..." She glanced at the younger girl. "Before you were discharged from my care. Would you still like to?"

Will gasped, leaning towards her. "Are you kidding? I'd love to!" His expression got hesitant. "But aren't the tickets super expensive? Last time I checked, it was like three hundred bucks for a single person."

She reached out and put a hand on his, rubbing. "There's no price I wouldn't pay to see you happy. Besides, this is a special occasion."

"You're the best, Susan!" he got up to hug her, her shifting in her chair to hug him.

"What about me?" Ashley frowned. "I wanna go."

"Sorry, honey. But I only have enough right now for us two." The thirty-nine-year-old shook her head.

"Boo." She held up a thumbs down. "Well, whatever. Just take care of my man, alright?"

Susan peered up into his eyes with a warm smile. "I will."

The day arrived in a flash, and Will and his former wet nurse visited the spacious museum, him taking in all the sights with childish enthusiasm.

Currently, he stood in front of a black orb that sat on a platform, her right next to him.

"What is this, sweetheart?" She tilted her head to the side, studying it.

"It's a quantum entanglement communicator!" His wide eyes scanned every inch of the object. "I didn't know that had a prototype on display!"

"A what now?"

Will shook his head. "Basically, entanglement happens when a pair of particles like photons, interact with each other and they can be separated by a really long distance." He held out both arms. "By even hundreds of miles."

She giggled, watching him.

"S-Sorry. Didn't mean to go on one of my rants again."

"I really like it when you do. You look so happy, so it makes me really happy."

He blushed. "Anyway, let's check out the other stuff."

Some hours ticked by as he dragged her to practically every sight to see in the museum until the place closed and they returned to Susan's car in the parking lot.

"This was seriously the greatest birthday present ever. Thank you so much, Susan." He was turned in the passenger seat to her.

She put a hand on the side of his face, smiling. "I'm glad you had such a good time, pumpkin."

Will nodded and sat forward to check the car's clock, also stealing a glance at the full moon hanging high in the starry sky. "It's getting pretty late though, so we should probably get back to town."

"Actually, I was thinking it would be better if we spend the night here. It's pretty late, and the drive back is at least a couple hours." She shook her head. "Driving such a long way in the dark just makes me anxious with all that could go wrong."

"Yeah... you have a good point." He nodded. "Should we call Ashley to let her know we're staying overnight?"

"Don't worry; I'll call her later on once we check into a hotel." She smiled and started the car.

Driving from the space museum, they went to a nearby hotel to check-in.

"This room is pretty small for a hundred bucks." Will walked in to see two beds on either side and a window with curtains further in the back.

"No kidding. I think my bathroom back home is bigger than this." She laughed, following him. "Anyway, why don't you go get cleaned up for bed? I'll shower after you."

"Okay." He bathed and put on his shirt and boxers to walk out into the bedroom again.

"You're wearing your old clothes?" Susan was sitting on the edge of the bed. "We've been walking around all day. Why don't you just use one of the bathrobes, sweetheart?"

"Oh, okay... I'll be right back then." He adorned the white robe in the bathroom and returned. I kinda feel weird being totally naked under this thing... though the breeze on my balls is pleasant.

She smiled in satisfaction. "Much better. I'll go and hop in the shower, too. I'll be right back."

While she did, he got in one of the beds to watch television. I wonder if she's too tired to breastfeed me tonight?

She came out the bathroom a second later, sporting the same robe he had on, although the appearance was significantly different on her voluptuous body. Her curvy hips and fat ass jutted out, and her tits also were sticking out, barely covered.

The busty milf noticed him staring and checked herself. "It's a lot... tighter than I'd been expecting. Guess I'm not the hot stuff I used to be." She gave a self-deprecating laugh.

"No, you're still sexy!" He blurted out, then blushed. "I-I meant beautiful..."

The brown-haired lady laughed and moved over to his cheek. "Thank you, Will. It's nice to hear that I'm still desirable from a man."

She called me a man. He cleared his throat. "I'm only telling the truth."

She watched him with loving eyes. "Can I cuddle with you, sweetie?"

"Of course." He nodded, smiling.

With permission, she laid down to hug up to his side, her head on his chest as they watched television. And after a while, she ran her fingers along his chest. Will gazed down at her to see she was focused on the television out in front. I think she's doing it subconsciously and it's not sexual, but my cock is still getting hard.

Of course, she noticed the sizable bulge growing and flicked her large, green eyes up at him, a knowing smile etched on her. "Looks like we have a guest."

"I'm sorry..."

She put a finger to his lips. "Stop that. I've told you before that it's perfectly normal." She then reached down and rubbed, making his hard-on some to life even more. "I'm going to suck it for you, okay?"

"Okay." He tried to keep excitement from affecting his voice.

Standing up, Susan turned around to get on all fours over him; her big ass pointed straight at his face while her head was down over at his crotch.

He was shocked by the unexpected position, never having seen her in it before. "S-Susan? What are you doing?"

"I thought we might do things a little different since it's your special day." She smiled back at him and noticed his nervous expression. "Just relax, baby. I'm going to make you feel good in a second." As promised, she faced forward once more and placed his entire rod in her warm, wet mouth.

His own mouth opened as a sigh of pleasure escaped. He was still a bit nervous about the more sexual act of the position gave, but it was soon dissipating as he felt her tongue wrap around to slide up and down his shaft. The blowjob got even more intense when she grabbed him with one hand to start jerking while she sucked. After a minute, her other hand reached back to lift up the back of her robe and rub her pussy.

Will was shocked again by the action, but instead of nerves taking hold, he was mesmerized by the sight of her plump vaginal lips and the hardened nub that was her clit. Soft moans came from her as she massaged, juices dripping down and hitting his chest and chin. The older woman continued blowing him and masturbating herself for a while longer until the inevitable orgasm forced him to tense up.

"Susan...!" He inhaled sharply.

At once, she stopped everything to turn around on her knees and face him. "I want to taste your milk with this today..." She fully undid the robe to display her jugs and pretty pussy, a patch of triangular-shaped pubic hair at the top, then touched the lips. "Would you like that, too, baby?"

He gulped the spit in his throat and nodded hard.

Smiling, she squatted to position herself directly above his standing dick. "Do you love me?"

"I do love you, Susan." His tone was tinged with desperation, watching where they almost were connected.

"More than Ashley?" She made eye contact.

"Yes. I love you more than anything. I've always loved you, ever since I was a kid." He confessed without thinking.

Her smile grew wider. "Then, you're only allowed to do this with me from now on, okay? You can't do it with anyone else."

So, that look on her face was shock... and jealously. Will was ecstatic that she saw him as a man. "I promise. I'll only ever do this with you."

"That makes me very happy, baby." She took hold of his meat and pointed it right at her moist entrance. "Now I'm going to stick your dick in my pussy." She wasted no more time and slowly sunk down on him, her narrow hole stretched open with his wide tip immediately. "Oh Will, sweetie... you're so big."

He gritted his teeth as each inch of him was submerged, her walls squeezing and gripping him tight the whole time.

"Feel good?" She paused to ask him.

All he could muster was a weak nod; she giggled and resumed moving, her messy pussy coating his cock in sticky secretions as she repeatedly squatted, making him stab deep into her each time. Squishing and lewd noises sounded from the collisions of their privates.

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