A Whole Lotta Woman Ch. 04

byDreams of Desire©

"Are you going to take this up professionally?" she asked while I gathered more oil & rubbed my hands together.

"I'd not thought of that really" I confessed, placing one hand under the sole of her right foot with the other hand on top. "I took the course as I find the subject interesting - & get to fondle plenty of female flesh too" I amended with a big smile.

"I bet" she agreed, "but that's not the reason is it - you've got a great touch."

"Why thank you ma'am" I said modestly, "but I don't give the 'special treatment' to everyone y'know!" I continued, kneeling between her feet & placing the right on my thigh to spread the oil by moving both hands up to the heel & down to her big toe with repetitive strokes while keeping my palms flush with her foot. Then stroking each toe separately by running my fingers from the tip to the base as she settled more comfortably to watch how lovingly I caressed every inch of her body.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful" she asked suddenly.

Thoughtfully I continued stroking my palms up her leg in sweeping effleurage strokes & ran my fingers sensually alongside her bushy labia before answering simply, "yes."

"How so" she persisted, running her hands across her belly, "how do you find all this flab attractive?"

"Don't call it that!" I said forcefully, pausing to smack her thigh as I ran my hands back down her leg; "Haven't I already told you this isn't a sympathy fuck? I'm telling you this as your friend & as your lover that you have a beautiful heart which brings out the beauty of your body in a way many men find desirable. You've had enough lovers to prove that to you - no, I don't mean the one's who shoot & scoot" I insisted as she opened her mouth to deny what I was trying to say - "but those of us who truly love who you are as much as what you look like."

I moved over to her other leg as she absorbed what I said.

"You're a good friend" she whispered tearfully.

"Always will be Tracy" I said, stroking my thumbs into the taut muscle of her thigh. "you'll always have my respect & admiration for who you are, whether you go back to that jerk or not, I'll continue to support you through thick or thin - you know I'm not saying that just to get in your knickers, as I believe I managed that already" I stated, leering at her & ostentatiously licking my lips as I ran my fingers up her mushy slit to tickle the thick curls above her jutting clit, which brought a soft chuckle that exploded into laughter as I twirled them around a fingertip.

"I reckon you got a little more than most as well" she said, with renewed humour as I leaned over to kiss her silky bush that spread in a vee that started just below her belly then curled between her thick lips in a lush tangle of deep red hair that showed she was a natural.

"Have you ever shaved this?" I asked, running my fingers through the abundant curls.

"No, never have - never will" she said emphatically, "I've always kept it natural - feels more 'womanly' y'know?"

"You are a whole lotta woman" I concurred, parting her lips with my thumbs, "but smooth can be sexy too, I'd love to eat you like that as I never tasted pussy so fine."

"That tickles!" she giggled, as I blew softly over the throbbing bud, "you should eat out more!"

"I could eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner" I retorted with feeling, kissing her clit then sliding my tongue past her inner lips to feel her juices frothing deep inside.

"I like a man with a healthy appetite" she sighed, reaching up to squeeze her gorgeous tits as I leant back to admire her cunt which simmered with unslaked passion.

"Aye 'tis a tasty treat for sure ya sassy strumpet" I leched, "but I espy a pair of tasty morsels up yonder!"

"Oh la, sir" she cooed, batting her eyelashes playfully & slapping her tits together, "thee wouldn't be meaning these would ya?"

"Aye do indeed thou saucy mare" I chuckled, as she rolled the nipples between her fingers.

"You're daft as a brush sometimes" she grinned, watching as I took the bowl & held it about 12" above her tits before letting the rest of the oil stream onto them, then down across her belly in waves until the bowl was empty. "Makes 'em feel so supple" she commented, stroking her fingers across them sensuously.

"Aye, nice an' tender" I replied, running my palms over her stomach lightly as I shifted my weight forward to press my cock into the moist groove of her sex, rubbing the head onto her clit. "Play with 'em for me baby."

"Ooooh yesss" she hissed, taking a sharp breath while her clit kissed my cock sweetly, "that's the spot" she continued, while stroking over her tits until the oil soaked them completely.

Taking my cock in hand I softly slapped it onto her clit making her gasp & lift up a little while twisting her nipples into hard points; "Suck on them sweetheart" I insisted, sliding my shaft into that wet slit which hugged it while her clit throbbed harder on the tip of my prick.

"Aren't you hungry?" she teased, lifting both to slip her tongue over each nipple provocatively.

"Watching you do that is makin' my mouth water" I growled, slapping my cock onto her clit repeatedly as she trapped a nipple in her teeth to stretch it out before letting it snap back. My eyes widened at the erotic sight of her distended nipple glistening wetly while she took the other between her teeth for similar treatment, as I slid my hands down to roll her clit between my thumbs.

"You like that?" she teased, sliding her nipple between her teeth.

"I love it" I replied, slipping the tip of my prick between her pussy lips to feel her cunt wrap around the head in a friendly hug of 'welcome back' as I kept rolling my thumbs over her clit.

"You want more o' this? she invited, squeezing her tits & slapping them wetly together while my thumbs twisted around her clit as she gently rocked her arse around to urge me in deeper.

"I want it all" I insisted, sliding the head back & forth in her hot cunt to pull the lips right out with each stroke as I gently wanked her clit.

"It's all yours sexy" she offered, holding her tits up as I eased forward to kiss each nipple with a heartfelt groan as her cunt gripped wetly around me. Sliding my knees back to enable deeper strokes which she pushed up to receive while moving her hands to the back of my neck, I leant on my elbows for balance as I fed on her fat nipples. Then I stroked my fingertips around her slippery flesh, paying particular attention to the sensitive areole around the nipple until I glided my fingertips up to caress her face. I sucked harder to make them throb until I felt her arse smacking up to kiss my balls, while her fingertips tickled the nape of my neck to send shivers along my spine. Her eyes burned into mine as I clenched the muscles to hold my cock rock steady while grinding into her clit as she humped up to fuck it deeper inside.

Panting gasps fluttered from her open lips as our heat made the sweat pour from us & my fingers slid gently up her face from under her chin to circle around her eyes, wiping a bead of sweat away, then down her flushed cheeks & under her chin while my lips & teeth worked over every inch of those juicy tits before sliding up to kiss her throat. Moving my legs down to lay flush between her spreading thighs brought my cock sliding back to lodge the head just inside her cunt which gripped it tightly, making her grin as I ran my tongue up to duel with hers while she stroked her fingernails across my shoulders & along my arms before gripping her outstretched feet.

"Gotcha where I want ya now!" she crowed, licking a drop of sweat off my nose & squeezing my prick in the lush heat of her cunt that seemed to be sucking eagerly on the head. "All mine is it?"

"Yes love"

"Every inch?"

"Every - single - inch!" I affirmed, punctuating each word with a deeper stroke until I rested balls deep inside her sopping wet slit & held her head with my hands while we kissed, savouring the sensation of the moment.

"Then give it to me" she gasped as our lips parted, "gimme every inch o' that beautiful cock & fill me with hot spunk."

Pulling right back with a groan, I slammed my cock into her with enough force to bounce her arse down onto the mattress then ricochet up onto my pounding prick until the bed shook.

"YEESSSS" she cried in exultation, "THAT'S WHAT I NEED, COME ON - DO IT - RAM ME."

Sliding my hands down until they captured her swinging tits, I crushed her lips onto mine to elicit a series of muffled whimpers deep in her throat while my cock pumped in long smooth strokes to bring her arse up onto my balls. I growled in response, feeling nothing but a primal urge to fuck her senseless, forcing my tongue between her sucking lips to mimic the rhythm of my prick that plunged back & forth to make her cunt juices froth over my meat as I stuffed her full of hot cock, repeatedly squeezing, slapping & stroking her tits together.

Moving my hands from her tits to slide under her bouncing arse brought her legs around my waist as our kiss broke. Sucking in air gratefully, she slid her hands along my spine while I stroked the soft curves at the top of her thighs which quivered around my hips as I drove my cock up her without a pause in rhythm. The ecstasy took complete control of our bodies from this point & neither one of us could've stopped if a bomb had dropped on the house!

I rode her writhing body as I clenched her arse tighter, gritting my teeth & groaning in pained pleasure as she raked the flesh from my heaving back, drumming her feet on my pumping arse to force my cock into her cunt which drenched my balls in juices that poured from the pleasure/pain of our frenzied fucking while she demanded more of that treatment.

Crudely chanting "fuck me, fuck my pussy, pump it harder, harder you bastard, come on stick it up there, right up, fuck it with feelin', don't stop now, not ever, keep goin', yessss, do it, do me with that fuckin' cock, shove it in an' spunk me up."

Hearing her lewdly urging me on like that drove me wild & I could only reply with harder thrusts as I moaned around a mouthful of shaking tit-flesh, sucking & biting it while she held my head firmly in place for me to feast on her. The slap-slapping of our bodies coupling only added to the squelching excitement of hot, sweating flesh which burned in absolute bliss. A high pitched squeal rent from her lips as I bit around her nipple hard, then another as I bit down harder beside it which descended into a wailing groan while I suckled into the spot to brand her with my teeth.

"Oh my fuckin' God, do that again" she begged breathlessly, lifting her legs as I lunged between them. Scraping my nails into the soft flesh of her arse that dripped with juices spilling from her cunt, I did just that & nipped her nipple before biting down beside it to make her legs flail helplessly above me as she went into meltdown. Panting, "fuck, fuck, fuck" her body rose up to meet mine as her cunt locked onto my cock to hold it with an unrelenting grip. I slid my hands around her arse to hold the top of her thighs & press them down while she lifted her legs back alongside her head, then shifted her arms behind the knees to hold herself in utter submission to my unrelenting passion as her body hurtled into a cascading orgasm which washed over my cock. Squeezing into her thighs with splayed fingers to help me balance while shifting the weight onto my knees I slipped the head to the edge of her sopping wet

pussy & gasped in amazement at the copious gushes of love juice streaming along my shaft & between her cheeks that glowed red with the heat of my tight grip on them. Looking up at me through half open eyes glazed with lust she begged; "Take me there again babe," cupping her tits as her tongue snaked over each nipple.

"You want more o' this?" I teased, rubbing the sex-soaked tip of my throbbing cock over her clit, along her slit then down to rim it round her ring, before slipping it back up to stroke her clit.

"Oh fuck yeah - anywhere ya like!"

"Anywhere?" I continued, rubbing it alongside her pussy.

"Any - fuckin' - where" she breathed, giving me a meaningful look as I stroked her arse with my slick prick.

"Right there" I breathed back, feeding the head into her ring which buckled easily to accept the swollen head.

"Right up" she urged, saucily winking as she licked her jutting nipples.

"All the fuckin' way babe" I promised, pushing forward into the buttery heat of her arsehole which puckered snugly around the shaft as a couple of inches stretched it while I looked down, groaning in determination to fit it further with each thrust.

"You like watchin' your cock disappearin' in that tight little hole baby?" she panted feeling me reaching the halfway mark.

"Fuck yeah, it looks so fuckin' good" I gasped pushing deeper, "feels so fuckin' hot & tight" I groaned, feeling her arse relent to accept the full length as I looked up to see her mouth open in a silent scream as she gave me more than any other man before. I pulled back a couple of inches & a 'whooosh' of breath burst from her lungs in momentary relief.

"Oh my God, that hurt so bad - but felt so fuckin' goood!" she whispered in amazement. "I'm gonna screw your arse off until you beg for my juice" I said thickly, watching as I pulled her puckered ring back along the shaft before pushing in harder, deeper, then faster as I slapped her thighs with each stroke in building up a rhythm.

"Take it alllllllllll!" she yelled, as her body shook with desire. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeee..." she shrilled as her voice broke into an incoherent series of screams as I began to ream her arsehole with long, deep strokes that sent my balls swinging onto her upturned cheeks. Moving one hand from her thigh to slide three fingers into her gaping gash, then the other which frigged her clit hard as I mercilessly took her arsehole with everything I'd got. Her cunt splashed lovejuices over my hand as it wriggled four fingers into her boiling depths & when I began to pull her slippery clit up with my fingers as I stuffed my thick meat into her quivering arse, she gave a soulful scream & threw her legs apart to burst with a torrent of creamy cumm that fountained over me to stream down my stomach then onto my balls which slapped wetly on her cheeks as I slid up her arse that slurped obscenely around my pumping prick. Her head thrashed from side to side as I curled my fingers in that steamy cunt to rub behind her clit while pinching & pulling it to prolong her explosive orgasm, feeling my cock oozing precumm deep in her arse while it squeezed me tighter with incredible pressure. Pulling my slickened fingers out of that spurting cunt, I sucked each one avidly; drinking in the sight of her pulsing ring wrapped tightly around my prick as I flexed the full length right inside it, frigging her clit to further intensify the series of orgasms erupting through her rippling body that shook uncontrollably. The lips of her cunt flapped in the storm of lovejuices gushing forth as I leant back to pump into her arse at such an angle that pushed up her into the thin membrane, stretching her taint while running my eyes all over her body. Her eyes rolled as she went into rapture & flung her arms out to grip the tangled sheet while arching her back in feeling another wave of pure ecstasy pour from her fiery cunt, mingling with the precumm which dripped down her crack until my balls splashed within a pool of lovejuices.

Pulling my meat from her ring with a sucking squelch, I stuffed it into the seething heat of her cunt, then slid out to pump it back up her arse; alternating between both holes as I felt the pressure in my balls become unbearable. Pushing my legs back to raise up on my toes & using a sweaty handful of her heaving tits for support, I shafted her arse with everything I had in a rutting frenzy while tongue fucking her gasping mouth. Oblivious to anything but our primal fucking, she wrapped her arms & legs around my body to take each stroke as I banged away, blissfully aware of my tightening balls smacking her beautiful arse which bounced up to meet each downward lunge. She raked her fingernails along my spine & I crushed her tits possessively in my rushing lust, while our sucking lips parted to gasp desperately for air.Breathing what tasted like pure sex only heightened the erotic stimulus & as her heels dug into my clenched arse cheeks, I buried my face in her neck to bite it while her nails stripped more skin off my back & her teeth locked into my shoulder when she felt a hot splash of cumm burst from my balls; tearing at each other like animals as I poured the spunk she craved up her arse which squeezed each spurt until it ran down my pumping shaft to ooze into the pool of lovejuices that splattered liquidly between us. Ripping my teeth from her neck as her head fell back, we gave a rending cry in feeling the love washing over us while our hearts pounded wildly; overwhelmed with ecstasy her whole body stiffened as she struggled to breathe, then fell back utterly spent, slipping herself free of my still stiff cock which dripped with spunk down her crack before a reflexive thrust took it right up her saturated cunt where I sent a final surge of spunk that shook me to the core.

Looking down to see her softly smiling face as she floated in dreamland made my heart melt & I gently kissed her lips, her nipples then ran my tongue down to wriggle into her navel & finally around her clit in homage for the pleasure she'd given me before kneeling back to admire her body in the flickering candlelight, as they burned down to the quick. A sliver of daylight shone through a crack in the curtain & I peered at the clock to see it had just gone 6am: "Breakfast time!" I chuckled, running my fingers along each side of her swollen cunt lips that gleamed pinkly through the cumm soaked tangle of her bush.

Placing both feet on the floor at the foot of the bed, I rested her thighs on each shoulder as I wrapped my arms over them until my hands were within reach to peel her labia open. Breathing the intoxicating aroma of her sex & my spunk as I watched it seep through the deep pink/red folds of her hot cunt, slipping my tongue in a sinewy path along every nook & cranny as I licked her out with slurps of relish, rolling the juices around before they slid down my throat. Tracy shifted slightly as she gave a whispering sigh & I savoured her softly tangy texture mingling with the sharper, salty taste of my spunk; pulling her love lips wider while suckling the juices along my curling tongue as I inhaled deeply to fetch a savoury sauce of thick cumm trickling down my gulping throat, bringing a low groan from her as she gently rolled her hips to push round on my lips while I ate her slowly; licking around the walls of her well fucked hole to scoop up more love juices as I ran my fingers along her lips to stroke them through the abundant bush over & above her clit. Running my fingers under her arse, I gripped a cheek in each hand to pull her crack open & lap up more of the pungently sticky juices; licking her from ring to clit, then kissing over her slit, alongside her lips which were sucked clean with a slurp of satisfaction that brought a loud gasp from her as she stirred more alertly. I rubbed a thumb over the moist softness of her arsehole & lapped like a dog around her pussy as I moved my other hand to rub tenderly onto her clit until the deep, long breaths of sleep shortened into shallow gasps of passion which rose higher in response to my tongue fucking inside her. Sensing the moment to perfection, I slid the thumb inside that soft ring as her arse bounced up & down to rub her cunt into my face as she held my head to feed me a mouthful of fresh cumm while I flicked her clit to bring her fully awake in the best way possible.

As her tremors subsided she gave a lingering sigh while I lovingly French kissed her sexy pussy. "You know how to wake a girl up" she groaned, stroking my hair as I kissed along her slit to lick around her clit before looking up into her half open eyes.

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