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A Whole New Light


Out of a steady stream of arrivals at the event, she was the only one that he didn't introduce me to. As I chatted to one of his work colleagues, I kept half an ear open and managed to register the words 'hello fellow Islander' (my husband is from an Island off the coast of Ireland) and I noted the fact that they turned away from each other sooner than would be deemed polite in such a setting. The sideward glance she then shot me told me two things: she knew who I was, and she didn't want to meet me.

My mind was already abuzz at that stage. Although my husband had worked in his organisation for 8 years, I was only now meeting most of his colleagues for the first time. The odd shifts worked in the industry didn't leave many opportunities for social gatherings...or at least that's what my husband had told me. I had known that most of the creative team he worked with were women, I just didn't realise that so many of them were young and attractive. One rather flirtatious young blonde that had been at the event for far longer than we had was using my husband to hold herself up. The ease between them as she did this revealed a whole new side to my husband's life that was unfamiliar to me. He was very popular with his not-at-all old female colleagues. I had forgotten how much of a flirt he could be as that particular gift was wasted on me...he had me at hello.

I was just starting to get my head around the visual revelations all around me and reminding myself that I am married to the most loyal and loving of men, when she walked in. Blonde, cascading curls (I'm brunette), early 30's, (I'm early 40's), voluptuous (I am not) and dressed to kill. I couldn't take my eyes off her and couldn't believe I had never heard of this 'fellow islander'. I forcefully quelled the pang of resentment I immediately felt with a large gulp of my G&T, and returned to conversing with those around me. She disappeared into the crowd, and it wasn't until her exit hours later via the same route that my suspicions were confirmed. Again, no introduction was forthcoming from him, and her hasty goodbye to everyone left me sure that at the very least there was a very strong attraction there.

What to do with this information? We had both been working really hard for months and I didn't want to ruin our night out with a string of neurotic questions, so I satisfied myself with just one for that night. A laughably casual 'who was the girl that you didn't introduce me to?' No pause...no trying to think who he hadn't introduced me to. He knew immediately because it had been deliberate. And so I learned her name. In just as laughably causal a manner, he said 'Oh that's Lynn. She's Scottish'. God damn it. I thought as a vocalist and voice over artist, at the very least I'd have a more seductive voice than her, but who can compete with a Scottish accent? As we lay in bed that night, I felt the slightest tingle of arousal at the idea that my wholesome husband, of whom I thought I knew everything, had some secrets after all.

When wanting to delve into other people's secrets, social media is your greatest friend, and the following morning I quickly became an armchair detective. I found her second name on the group email that had been circulated for the event and got to work. There were many photos of her in killer dresses, with visible confidence and smiling eyes. I could almost hear her voice. I was surprised to learn that she was not single, and in fact was a mother of two. Having cast her in the role of femme fatale in the very short erotic thriller playing on a loop in my head (you can guess the ending) this information changed things slightly. Could two married people so readily play with fire? I began to question my instinct and resolved to find out more in the hope that I had been mistaken all along. The tingling sensation I felt every time I got to a certain point in the movie playing in my head was telling me something different though. A part of me wished I was not imagining things, and that my husband was a sexual being capable of sleeping with a woman like her.

I turned my attention to the second blonde, Jo, who was single and whose profile was all silly faces, alcoholic beverages and cleavage. Although younger and seemingly more carefree and adventurous, I considered her less of a threat. My bisexuality sometimes clouds my vision though, and I can presume that because I don't find a woman attractive, neither does my husband. I have been proven wrong on many occasions. I still felt that the only way anything could ever have happened between them was if she offered herself up on a plate. Slowly getting to grips with just how popular my husband is, I decided there was in fact a remote possibility that she had seduced him, and I filed her as a person-of-interest.

I knew that at the very most I could ask one, maybe two more questions about either woman before my husband figured out that I had some suspicions, so I tried to make them count. I learned little more than his paths don't cross that often with the Scottish beauty, and cross all the time with the bubbly blonde. I was not satisfied with so little to go on, but very few avenues were left open to me that wouldn't cause immediate turmoil. I would have to find a sure-fire way to get more information out of him.

Myself and my husband had begun many years ago (at my initiation) talking about other women in bed to spice things up. My sexuality had always leant itself to exploration in our fantasies and we had happily exploited it on many occasions. I once described several women's breasts to him after a gym visit and watched him orgasm like I had never seen before. We've 'done' several celebrities, neighbours, and friends but have had to cool it a couple of times when I got a little jealous over too much focusing in on one person. The jealous pangs are more than worth the extra passion it brings, and as we were due to rekindle this element of our sex life, I decided to use it to my advantage.

As things got going in bed that night, I whispered in his ear ' I think that Scottish girl is hot'. He froze and I sensed that this could all go horribly wrong, so I made it clear that a blowjob was on the cards if we went down this route. It didn't take him long to open up. On my prompting, he described the loose clothing she wears in work, how her C cup breasts bounce more than any other woman's in there, how her voice is gorgeous and she is by far his favourite. A little more coaxing (I began the little ritual I do before I begin going down on him) and he was admitting that she is hugely flirtatious, he thinks she likes him and that's why he didn't introduce her to me. A little more (stop-start technique) and he was telling me how much he wants to fuck her and how he thinks about it every time he sees her.

I decided to push my luck and ask about the bubbly blonde. My husband was so turned on at this stage that he went straight to it and told me that she has huge tits with huge nipples and that he notices them often and would love to see them. He said although he's not as attracted to her he'd fuck her in a heartbeat.

I asked which of them he'd like to see me with and his answer was surprising. Rather than the one he is more attracted to, he said the bubbly blonde, because he'd love to see me suck her nipples. I floundered briefly, thinking that he must have more of an emotional attachment to the Scottish beauty and that's why he didn't say her, but I recovered and said I'd like to see him with them both and that I wanted him to try hard to make it happen.

This was all an incredible turn on for us both, and was like a gift to our marriage and sex life. Two attractive women whom he sees regularly to put our minds to work over. I didn't want my husband to regret his admissions so the next day I sent him some filthy words to remind him that I am OK with this, that it is healthy to want sex with other people, and that some day I would like to make it a reality for him.

In the mean time, I've set him some homework. Bubbly blonde will be getting a big hug the next time she comes in, so he can describe the feeling of her breasts against his chest. Scottish beauty is in for a long, slow seduction that will include repeatedly getting caught looking at her bouncing breasts, and that I hope will end with a lot of details for me.

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