tagLoving WivesA Whole New Light Ch. 02

A Whole New Light Ch. 02


I was finally going to see his wife in person. It was hard to place my feelings in a category. I knew it had to happen. I badly needed to see her, to confirm all the things I imagined from the few photos publicly available on social media. A slightly blurred profile pic suggested someone wishing they looked younger. I guessed that a loose fitting top worn in a tagged college reunion photo disguised some weight around her middle. The one proudly displayed photo in which she did look very pretty was taken ten years ago at a family wedding. I convinced myself that bearing two children, and a decade's worth of gravity would surely have altered a lot of what she had then been proud of.

Another part of me dreaded this night. Would my feelings be immediately transparent? Would she look at me and know straight away that I was in love with her husband? I have never put so much thought into what I have worn before. Job interviews...first dates...dinner dances all passed without this much time and effort choosing the right outfit. I know what my assets are (32DDs and toned legs) and normally play to their advantage without a second thought, but that night was different. Already fearful that a large neon sign saying 'Slut' would appear above my head as I walked in, I didn't feel like dressing to the stereotype. Nor, however, did I want to be met with puzzled looks from my colleagues who know I would never underdress for any occasion.

I settled on a skater style dress, more flirty than sexy. Its bold block colours (red on top, electric blue skirt) emphasised my top-heavy shape without the need for any cleavage, so I was satisfied that all I had was available for viewing, but also not in anyone's face. There would certainly be girls dressed more sexily than I (Jo never missed a chance to put her breasts on display) so surely his wife would not pick me out as a vixen amongst the pack.

I deliberately arrived late, thinking that everyone would have bedded down in conversations giving me a chance to slip in and find a group to lie low with. I couldn't believe it when my eyes met his within seconds of entering. It seemed most of our department had got no further than the free bar and had decided to stand within ordering distance rather than seek out seats further into the venue. He was talking to our mutual boss, and a guy that had left last year for freelance work. There was no sign of his wife. Had she decided not to come?

A strange disappointment came over me, and I said a quick hello to him with our usual 'fellow Islander' routine then I turned to seek out refuge with a glass of wine and Jo if I could find her. Instead, my eyes met hers. His wife. Oh my God. I looked away as quickly as I could, but my eyes wanted to linger. He had never said she was unattractive, so why had I painted her as such? Yes, she was years older than me, but with far more personality to her face. She had big brown eyes that weren't as obvious in the few photos I had seen, high cheekbones and long, dark, hair with a dramatic fringe. The biggest shock was her height. She was over six foot in her heels, and (not being in the position of trying not to look too sexy) she was wearing a figure hugging red dress that she looked simply amazing in. My quick glance told me that while she lacked curves in places where I had them, she also had them in places I did not.

I was starting to shake. Where the hell was Jo? I looked long into the venue and spotted her stumbling towards the restroom, quite drunk with breasts pushed up towards her chin as usual. I quickly followed her and joined her in the queue of waiting women.

'Oh my God, did you see Aiden's wife?' she asked me.

'Yeah...I did.'

'She's like a bloody super-model' she replied.

I'm ashamed to say my sharp answer almost gave the game away.

'She could model for anti-wrinkle cream...or control underwear I suppose.'

Thankfully, the alcohol seemed to dull Jo's sense of perception, and she skipped over my comment, saying 'All the guys are talking about her. He kept it quiet how gorgeous she is. Aiden has toned down the banter tonight though. I didn't even get a hug...seems he behaves when those brown eyes are around.'

I bit my tongue, but I could feel something rising in me, determined to test his ability to behave despite his wife being present.

The night was not going at all how I'd thought. I have no interest in breaking up a marriage (either Aiden's or my own) and nothing physical had ever passed between us before that night apart from a longer than appropriate hug, but lots had been said. Too much. We were, you could say, emotionally involved and the attraction between us was intense. Now that she was here in front of my eyes, I couldn't stand it any longer, and I wanted to touch him more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. At work, I felt like he was more mine than anyone else's (yes, Jo loved to flirt with and touch him) but now there was this barrier between us. I could not just walk up to him, dance with him or whisper in his ear. Only one person could do that tonight and the fact that the whole room was talking about her was making it all the harder.

I readied myself to steal a moment with him. I positioned myself within a group giving myself a view of the bar in a mirror and I waited for the inevitable trip to the restroom he would eventually have to make. I would have to move faster than him to make sure we arrived in the corridor together. Loitering to meet him as he exited would be too obvious. Even I didn't know what would happen when we met, but it seemed that my body was leading the way. I grabbed his hand, spun him towards the wall and pressed myself to him in what was more than a hug. My right leg was between his, and my arms slipped inside his suit jacket leaving just a thin shirt between his skin and my grasping hands. I pressed myself into him, wishing we could merge on the spot, never to separate again. What happened next stunned me.

His hands firmly grabbed my shoulders and he moved me backwards saying 'Lynn, what the hell are you doing?'

'I can't take it anymore Aiden. How can you take it any longer?'

'Can't take what Lynn...what are you talking about?'

'Seeing her Aiden...your wife...it made me realise how much I want you...want us to...'

'Hold on a second Lynn, let me stop you there. We have good fun in work, but that's all it is...fun. I love my wife and I think you may have got the wrong idea somewhere along the line. You are an attractive woman, but my wife is the only one for me. I'm sorry.'

He was gone before I could answer, leaving me alone with little choice but to continue on to the restroom. I shut myself into a cubicle and was just about to let a well of angry tears flow when I heard somebody clearly crying in the next cubicle. I recognised the short cough in between sobs as being that of Jo, and I called her name, and asked her to let me in.

'Nobody notices me' she confided. 'I spent €150 on this dress, just as much on my underwear. I prepared all week for this night, and all anyone can talk about is Aiden's wife. It's like I'm invisible to them.'

I felt for her, and decided that honesty was the best policy. 'Jo, don't you think that perhaps it's all a little much, a little upfront?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, there's no doubting that you have amazing breasts.' She blushed and looked down at them spilling over her plunging neckline. 'It's just that...well; the guys have seen a lot of them. It kind of lessens their...eh...excitement value perhaps.'

Her eyes welled up. 'They may know what they look like clothed, but they don't know what they look like naked, or what they feel like, or that I have amazing nipples too.' We both blushed now.

'I'm sorry', she said. 'It's just that I'm so horny, and lonely and I feel like no matter what I do, I never get the attention I deserve.'

I don't know if it was the wine, the fact that my own arousal was still waning from my experience in the corridor, or a small taste for revenge, but I leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth, lightly touching my tongue to her lips as I pulled away. She stood there, rocking slightly, with her eyes closed.

'Keep them closed', I said.

I lifted her blonde hair from her shoulders and slowly kissed up her neck, lingering at her ear lobe until I heard soft moans.

'Jo, you are going to have to be really quiet' I whispered. She nodded, eyes still closed.

She smelled divine - a floral scent liberally applied - and my mind let go. I started to devour her skin, working my way down towards her breasts, my goal being the nipples she had boasted of moments before. I roughly pulled the front of her dress down and just as roughly pushed aside one cup of her bra. She hadn't been lying. Her large breasts were a milky white and were crowned with the lightest pink puffy nipples. My tongue was on her nipple instantly, and she let out a loud moan. I flushed the toilet, allowing her ten seconds of vocalising, then I put a finger on her lips to silence her and slowed the pace down.

There is no doubt that her unhindered responses to my touch felt empowering after the incredible rejection I had just been subjected to, and I started to take control in a way I never had with anyone before. I freed her other breast and continued to kiss, lick and suck her nipples while slowly moving one hand up her dress and resting it very near (not on) her pussy. It didn't take long for her pussy to try to find my hand and she began to grind against it hard. I kept my hand perfectly still and let her grind harder and faster. I could feel wetness seeping through her underwear and she began to moan once more.

I flushed the toilet again. Leaning in to her, I whispered, 'Jo, if you are really good and don't make any more noise, I'm going to take off your underwear and touch your pussy. Then I'm going to put my fingers inside you and let you do the rest. If you stay quiet, you are going to come. If you make a noise, I'm going to walk out of here and leave you horny and alone. Understood?'

She nodded, trembling. I eased her underwear down, then slowly explored her labia, finally reaching her clit and circling it until she whimpered. I immediately stopped, and as I did, I heard two women's voices came into focus as they chatted by the sinks.

'Hi. You must be Aiden's wife. I'm Lisa.'

'Yes. I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you.'

Her voice was incredibly sexy, low and confident.

They exchanged a few more pleasantries before Lisa said 'It must be nice to finally put faces to names for you.'

'Well actually, I know this sounds bad, but Aiden doesn't really talk about work at home. He has always been that way, keeps everything clear-cut. We lead such busy lives and work on other projects together, but yes, it's lovely to meet everyone finally.'

The words cut deep, and I forgot my immediate situation wondering how I could have assessed myself and Aiden's relationship as meaningful, yet his wife had never even heard of me. All that effort I had put into not appearing too sexy was wasted. His wife clearly trusted him so much she was happy to know absolutely nothing about his working life.

The two women exited the bathroom, and Jo trembled slightly against me, bringing my mind back to the task at hand, which now seemed somewhat of an annoyance. I thrust two fingers inside Jo, and whispered to her 'It's time for you to do the rest honey.'

Jo rose up and down on my static fingers with increasing violence, finally leaning forward onto my shoulder as a shuddering orgasm spread outwards from her core. I left her head on my shoulder for several minutes, and then spoke directly into her ear as she rearranged her clothing.

'You are a very sexy girl Jo. Just remember...less is more.' A quick kiss, and I was gone.

There was no way that I could rejoin a group and converse as if nothing had happened. I decided to leave, but knew that I would have to pass Aiden and his wife on the way out. As I approached them from behind, I saw his arm around her, not quite on her round ass, but heading that way. I so badly wanted to push them apart, but instead I walked hastily around them. His eyes caught mine in the mirror as I did so and he immediately looked away and pulled her tighter to him. I uttered a general goodbye to all and made my way to the door and outside for some much needed air.

My walk home was a blur. Traffic noises...music spilling from pubs...laughter in the distance, it all seemed just outside of my reality. Everything had changed that night...between myself and Aiden, myself and Jo, possibly between my husband and I. Yet everything remained the same between Aiden and his wife...or so I thought at the time.

I would find out how wrong I was the very next day at work.

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