tagLoving WivesA Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 02

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 02


The next day was Friday and Bruce had to leave town for an overnight businesss trip. He knew that meant leaving his very sexy wife alone overnight with his two randy sons. There wasn't much he could do about it, so he left early the next morning for the short flight to Chicago. He had kissed Angela goodbye but she gave no signs of anything suspicious. The incident of the previous night occupied his thoughts during most of his meetings that day. Such unexpected smells when his wife had climbed into bed. After his meetings, his group went out to dinner and some of them wanted to continue the evening at a local bar. Bruce excused himself and said he wanted to turn in. Back at his hotel room, he stripped down and securely locked his door. The naked husband then turned on his laptop and clicked on one of his "Favorites", the Literotica website. He went to the "Loving Wives" section and clicked on one of the stories. He read about a hot wife who was dating other men with her husband's knowledge. As he read, his small, thin penis got stiffer and stiffer. Next was a hotwife having sex with a black man while her husband watched. After several similar stories, he switched to the "Incest/Taboo" section and found what he was looking for after a few minutes of searching. It was a story of a wife who was fucking her stepson, all with the knowledge and encouragement of her husband. This hubby only had a five-inch penis that couldn't satisfy his wife the way his son's much bigger dick could. Bruce had been hard for over an hour by now, and this story took him over the edge. He blasted his small load of cum all over his stomach as he thought about the odor of semen on his wife the previous night.

Meanwhile, back at home it had been a pretty quiet evening. Brett and Michael had gone out drinking and Angela stayed home and read. She waited up till the boys came home. Brett and Michael were both disappointed to see their stepmom dressed in a pair of shorts and a teeshirt rather than in a revealing nightgown. Brett decided she was being careful, since their dad was out of town, not to give the boys any ideas.

"Im going to take a shower and go to bed," Angela announced as she left the family room.

"Goodnight," both boys said. When Brett heard the shower running, he said, "I'm gonna head up too," and left Michael watching TV. At the top of the stairs, Brett turned towards the master bedroom rather than his own. He tried the knob on the closed bedroom door and found it unlocked. He stepped into the bedroom, closing the door quietly behind him. He saw light coming from the bathroom and was pleased to see Angela hadn't closed the bathroom door. He sat on the bed where he could see into the bathroom. The smoked glass on the shower door allowed Brett to see some of Angela's naked body but not alot of detail. He could see she had taken the shower massage and that she was directing it to her clit. Her legs were spread wide as she leaned against the wall. Her right hand was fondling her large right breast and tweaking the nipple. Suddenly she was cumming hard and Brett heard her moaning, "Uhhhhhnnnnnnngggg....ohhhh....."

A minute later she turned off the shower and stepped out to dry off. He admired her naked body for the first time in the light as she dried off her body and hair. Angela still hadn't seen her stepson yet. Her pussy lips were swollen and her clit still engorged from her masturbation session. Her big, beautiful natural tits bounced delightfully as she toweled off. Then she looked up and let out a little scream. She quickly put the towel around her, covering her cunt and tits. "What are you doing Brett? You can't be in here with your father gone. What would he think? What would your brother think if he heard us?"

Brett calmly sat on the bed and looked at his stepmother's beautiful face and eyes. "Angela, I just came for my goodnight kiss. You left us so abruptly downstairs. And, I've already seen you naked, so why don't you drop the towel for me?" Her stepson's alpha personality was coming out as he stared at her with his piercing blue eyes. His voice was so commanding and it sent a shiver down her spine. She looked into his eyes and unwrapped the towel, walking closer to him. She was now willingly showing her body to him. Brett's eyes wandered over her huge breasts, then he studied her beautiful pussy. "Let me see your ass, Angela," he said. Angela slowly turned around until her heart-shaped ass was nearly in Brett's face. "Oh my god, it's beautiful, Angela. You just have the hottest ass I've ever seen. Sit please," he ordered. She did as he requested,and her tits were within reach of his big hands. Are you uncomfortable that I'm dressed and you're naked?" he asked. She nodded. "Would you prefer that I be naked too?"

"No, Brett, please. If you get naked too, I may want you, and we just can't do that."

"I understand," he replied. "MY father's a very, very lucky man to have a wife as gorgeous and sexy as you. I hope he appreciates this fabulous body--and often. If I were married to you, I'd have to fuck you every day."

His use of the word "fuck" shocked Angela a little. She had never heard either of her stepsons use it. Then the gravity of what Brett had just said sunk in. "Thank you...I think," she smiled. Does that mean he really wants to fuck me? she wondered. How can he sit there and not reach out and touch my tits...or my cunt? How much control does this young man have? Then she said, "Well, your dad may be a lucky man...but he sure doesn't...make love to me every day. In fact, once a week is pretty good for him."

"Oh my," Brett replied, pondering that statement. "So...is he really good for you when he does fu...make love to you?"

Angela thought about Brett's question for several moments. What exactly was he getting at? As if it's any of his business. She decided to explore his motive a little. Maybe he really cared and could be a good confidante. After all, she had no close friends she could talk to about this who wouldn't be judgmental. "First of all, Brett, please understand that I didn't marry your father because he was a stud in bed. There were lots of other reasons--mainly how much I love him and how he treats me. He makes me feel like the most important woman in he world. But to answer your question honestly...no,when we make love he doesn't really satisfy me, not in the way my first husband did."

"Why?" Brett asked. "What did your ex do...or have that Dad doesn't?" Again Agnela looked at her stepson trying to guess his motive for these questions.

Oh geez, what do I tell him? Angela blushed, then took a deep breath. "Well, Brett....Ken, he's my ex, had a much larger penis than your father does. More like your size, from what I've seen," she smiled at him. "A girl just really likes to have a man with size...something that fills her up." Brett nodded thoughtfully. "And," she went on, "oh God, I can't believe I'm telling you this," she said.

"Please go on," Brett urged. "I really am interested." He was now alternating between looking in Angela's beautiful eyes and looking at her big, beautiful breasts. Her nipples were getting stiffer in response to his wandering eyes. He looked down occasionally at her well-trimmed pubic hairs which made a small "v" above the lips of her pussy. Brett could not control the erection rising in his pants and Angela looked down and noticed it. But she was enjoying Brett's eyes roving all over her body.

"Okay," Angela replied. She lowered her voice. "Ken also had alot of...stamina, if you get my drift. And your dad, well, he has this anxiety problem when we....fuck. I read about it on the internet, something called 'premature ejaculation'."

"Oh yes," Brett perked up. "I've read about that too. So he cums way too quickly after penetration?"

Angela was surprised to hear how Brett stated it. She nodded, "Yes, I could probably deal with the size thing if he didn't have the other. You know....I've never had an orgasm with him inside me," she said, blushing.

"But the combination," Brett responded, "the little dick with the quick trigger just doesn't do it for you."

Angela giggled, "I didn't say 'little', you did."

"Yes, I did, Angela. "I saw Dad in the shower when we played basketball last week."

"Oh my," the blonde wife replied.

"Is he, like, five inches erect?" her stepson asked.

She blushed again but couldn't help smiling. "More like four."

"Wow!" Brett said. "You don't see many penises around that are that small. I have nine inches erect, Angela, in case you were wondering." They were both silent for a few moments. Then Brett said, "You did say you really love him alot, though. Would you do almost anything for him, you know, within reason?"

"Of course," she answered, smiling. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I'm working on this theory. It's something that could make you both very happy. Sexually happy, I mean."

"What is it exactly?" she inquired.

"I can't really tell you too much right now. But I will as the plan develops. I'll reveal what I can, when I can, to you. But you really have to trust me completely and agree to follow my lead in whatever transpires. Some of it you may object to or question, but I'd need you to agree to whatever I ask you to do. And I think I can guarantee that if my theory holds true, you will be a very sexually satisfied bride and Dad will be a very sexually happy husband."

Angela thought a few moments, then said, "I like you Brett...alot...and I think I can trust you. So just lead the way. But I need to ask you something."

"Okay," he smiled that winning smile. "What?"

"How can you just sit there fully clothed with me totally naked next to you all this time and not want to touch my...tits...or...my ass...or my...pussy...or not want to make....to fuck me?"

Brett knew those were hard words for Angela to say. He grinned at her. "Believe me, Angela, it's very difficult. I do want to feel those beautiful tits and that fabulous ass, and that luscious cunt. I'd love to sink my big cock deep in your pussy, but not tonight. You need to trust me and follow my lead."

"Alright," she smiled at him and felt a warm glow over her whole body. She really was attracted to Brett and liked the way he took charge.

"Now one more thing," Brett said. "There's another man in this house we haven't discussed who is as crazy about your body as I am. And he's got a cock nearly as big as mine. And you do realize he hasn't seen nearly as much of your wonderful charms as I have. Don't you think we need to do something about that?"

The thought of exposing her body to Michael worried her, but at the same time made her pussy tingle again. "Where?...when?" she asked, almost a little too eager, Brett thought.

"How about we all take a swim tomorrow before Dad gets home? What time does his plane get in?"

"Around 5:00," she replied.

At 1:00 pm the next day,Brett and Michael went for a swim in the pool. They did a couple laps, then lay down on their towels on two of the lounge chairs. "Beers?" Angela called from the kitchen window. Hearing an affirmative answer from both young men, she walked out the door with a tray holding two beers and her martini. She had a wrap around her bottom and the smallest bikini top Brett and Michael had ever seen. It was two triangular patches, one over each nipple tied together with a string. She set down the drinks, took a big drink of her third martini of the day. Then she stood in front of Michael and undid her wrap. It fell awat to reveal a thong bikini that only covered the crack of her ass and the triangle of her pussy. She smiled at Michael and said, "You like?" She pirhouetted and the boys' eyes took in all her curves. When she looked down at their speedos, she saw two very prominent tents forming rapidly. "Oh, you DO like," she cooed.

Angela did two quick laps in the pool, then walked dripping wet to the the lounge chair next to Michael. She lay down on her stomach and handed him the sunblock. "Michael, be a dear and put some of this on my back, legs...and butt," she smiled sweetly. Brett was amazed at how forward Angela was being as he watched his brother lathering her shoulders, back and legs. Then he began rubbing the cheeks of her ass with the lotion. "Oh, yes, put that on the sensitive areas," she giggled, so Michael took his time rubbing his hands all over her delectable butt.

Then she rolled over onto her back and her barely-covered breasts were pointing up. Michael was staring at her huge melons and holding the lotion. "Now my front, Michael, and please make sure my tits get alot too. They're very sensitive to the sun." As she said this, she was staring into Brett's eyes and grinning. As Michael eagerly rubbed the lotion all over most of her breasts, both he and his brother developed full hard-ons in their speedos.

"Is this too much for you boys?" she asked innocently. She laughed as they both blushed. She then sat up and finished her martini. The boys both gulped their beers down as they stared at her body. Then Angela stood up and walked toward the house with the tray and her glass, giving her nearly naked ass an extra wiggle as she walked.

"Wow! I'm so hard," Michael said.

"Me too," Brett sighed. "Can you believe that body of hers?"

"It's like she wants us to fuck her or something," Michael said.

When Angela returned from the house with more drinks, Brett and Michael watched her sexy body with her tits bouncing and her ass wiggling. She loved them staring at her and their eyes, plus her four martinis, had her very horny. She set down the drinks and said, "What now?"

"I think it's time for the three of us to enjoy a nude swim, don't you, Michael?" Brett said. His brother nodded with his tongue practically hanging out. "Why don't you lose the bikini?" he said firmly to Angela, as he and Michael stripped off their speedos. Angela was now staring at two semi-hard cocks, both enormous compared to her husband's.

"Wow!" she said, trying to catch her breath. Then she reached behind her and unfastened her bikini top, letting it fall to the pool deck, her bountiful tits spilling out into view. Both boys stared as her hard nipples stuck straight out from her breasts. Then she unhooked and dropped the thong, letting her cunt come completely into view. She turn around once so the boys could admire her ass and she heard two wolf whistles. Then she dived in the pool and they followed. All three came up together at the far end of the pool, holding onto the side. Her breasts were floating on top of the water, and the guys admired her charms.

"Very nice tits," Brett said.

Angela smiled and said, "Thank you. I think I saw a couple of outstanding cocks, and I mean that literally," she laughed. After a short time in the pool, Angela said, "Anyone feel like hot tubbing?"

Brett looked at his watch and said, "Dad will be home soon, but we should have a good hour or so."

With that, both stepmother and stepsons climbed out of the pool and walked towards the hot tub, grabbing their drinks on the way. Angela was now very comfortable being nude in the presence of her two younger men. In the tub they all took big gulps of their drinks, then she settled in between the two brothers. In a few minutes she felt Brett's hand on her left breast as he gently tweaked the nipple. Brett looked over at Michael and gave him a smile and nod to let him know it was okay to play with Angela's right tit. Michael took the cue and reached his hand up to cup her full breast, weighing it in his hand. "Fabulous," he sighed. Angela looked at him and smiled, then she looked over at Brett. Feeling one hand on each of her tits, she leaned towards her older stepson and pressed her lips to his. Brett opened his mouth, and soon his tongue was intertwined with his stepmom's as they continued the passionate, deep French kiss.

When they finally broke the kiss, Brett said, "That was a long time coming. I've wanted you to do that from the moment I met you."

"I've wanted to do it for quite awhile now myself," she said. Then she looked over at Michael who looked like a lost soul. She smiled at him and leaned towards him as he gave her nipple a little tweak. Her lips found his and she began a deep French kiss with the younger brother.

As Angela continued her deep kiss with Michael, she had turned in the tub so that her luscious butt was facing toward Brett. He moved his hand down over the smooth curves of her heart-shaped ass. So nice and smooth, he marvelled to himself. Her butt's like a 20-year old's, not a 36-year old's.

When Angela felt Brett's hand on her ass, she squirmed under the water to give him a better angle. The alcohol had now removed all her inhibitions as she turned away from Michael and said to Brett, "That feels so good, honey." then to Brett's surprise, he felt her small, soft hand searching in the water for his cock. Soon it was fully wrapped around his semi-erect penis. Her right hand was doing the same with Michael. She alternated between fondling their pricks and their big balls. Soon she had both men fully erect.

"Oh my god!" Angela exclaimed. She was holding two stiff dicks that were every bit as big as her ex-husband's. She could not wrap her fingers fully around either cock. "How can you two be so much longer and thicker than your dad?"

"We got most of our genes from Mom's side," Michael smiled. "We think Grandpa must have been really well-hung."

"Yeah," agreed Brett. "OUr body types are like his, and he has big hands and feet like we have."

"Wow! These just feel so wonderful...and so sexy," she cooed. "Your girlfriends must be very happy ladies."

"Brett's sure is," Michael replied. "Mine never had that thrill before we split. She was a little reserved."

"Well, certainly your previous girlfriends did."

Brett jumped in. "Michael was pretty shy in high school and didn't date any girls steadily.."

"Do you mean...are you a virgin, Michael?" she asked. Michael nodded sheepishly, looking pretty embarrased. "That's okay, Michael. The right one will come along for you," Angela smiled.

"Maybe she already has," Brett suggested, giving Angela a serious look.

"Well," Angela said, "I've got to go get cleaned up for your father."

"You go ahead first, Michael," Brett said. "I want a word with Angela." Michael stood up, his cock still fully erect and slowly exited the tub. Angela couldn't take her eyes off his 8-inch, thick dick. Michael retrieved his suit, dried off, and walked into the house.

Brett asked Angela, "Did all this make you really horny?"

"Yes," she admitted, biting her lower lip. "I haven't held cocks that big in a very long time. And nobody's seen me naked--or felt my tits--except your dad for two years. Well, except for you during the past week."

"Then Angela, I want you to be sure to let Dad fuck you tonight."

"Why?" she inquired.

"Just trust me, okay? I have a method to my madness."

"Okay, Brett. But I'll probably be thinking about your and Michael's cocks so I can at least get halfway turned on." Brett grinned at that comment. Then he and Angela both stepped out of the tub and dried off their naked bodies.

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