tagLoving WivesA Wife Gets Caught

A Wife Gets Caught


"Honey I'm home!" Greg threw his keys on the table and looked around for his wife. The living room was empty. He thought for sure he would find Kathryn passed out sleeping on the couch. It was her usual afternoon pastime. He wasn't really sure when his marriage turn south, but for the last year there was very little communication and no sex. Still, Greg took the "for better or for worse" part of his vows seriously and he was constantly trying to bring the spark and fun back into his relationship with Kathryn. That's why he walked through his front door at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon.

He thought about his young wife of five years as he sat down on the couch. She was 19 when they met and full of sexual energy. Always up for a tumble, it didn't matter if it was in the bedroom, the shower, kitchen or city park. She was an expert at giving head and loved to suck cock. He'll admit at 40 years old her youthful exuberance and zest for blow jobs attracted him more than anything else. Kathy was 5'4" tall with clear blue eyes, long silky blonde hair and great 36C tits. She was a cheerleader for her high school varsity football team. In short, she was everything a 40 year single man going through a midlife crisis could ask for.

He grabbed the remote on turned on Maury. Some pitiful woman was screaming that she was sure the man, the twelfth brought on the show, was her baby's daddy. Greg shook his head and got up to grab a a bottle of beer from the fridge. He popped the top and started back to watch someone else's misery. He heard some noise coming from the bedroom. "Great. Wherever she went she left the damn TV on." He put the beer down on the dining room table, walked in the bedroom to turn off the TV and found Kathryn naked on all fours sucking the cock of his best friend David. Her head was bobbing up and down and she was loudly slurping. David's eyes were closed and he had a huge smile on his face.

"You little bitch," Greg exploded. "This is why I'm paying for porn? I jerk off in the shower every morning because you are a frigid bitch with me and your fucking this asshole!"

"Umm ... I could explain," Katie stammered.

"Shut the fuck up. And you," Greg pointed at his former best friend, "get out. Get the fuck out of my house. I never want to see you or your pencil dick again."

David grabbed his clothes and left the bedroom. Greg heard the front door slam while he continued to seethe at his hussy wife. Kathryn was scared. She had never seen Greg this angry before. Still, her pussy was dripping. She was excited at his anger and at being caught.

"We are going to have to teach you a lesson, little girl." Greg roughly grabbed Kathryn by her hair and dragged her to the living room. Removing the belt from his pants he tied her hands to the back of the dining room chair. She was tied to the chair, her ass up in the air. Helpless. "You need to cool off bitch." Greg emptied his beer all over his wife's head, back and ass.

"Hey," Kathy protested. "What the fuck do you think your doing?"

Greg walked around and slapped her face hard. "Shut up, bitch. You deserve everything you get. I'll be right back." He walked to the bedroom and returned with another leather belt. Doubling it, he popped it loudly in the air. Kathryn jerked at the sound.

"You like being on your paws like a dog. I'll treat you like a dog." He lashed out at her ass with the belt. It hit with a loud smack.


"You bitch." Another smack from the belt.

"You little whore." And another.

"Fucking cunt." Again and again Greg spanked his wife with the belt. All the frustrations of the last year of his marriage coming out. Lash after lash after lash. Smack after smack after smack. Kathryn's ass was red and starting to welt. She was crying and pleading for him to stop.

"Stop. Please stop, Greg. I'm sorry. I'll do whatever you want, whenever you want."

"Fuck you. You want me to show compassion to the little fuckslut?"

"Please ..." she pleaded.

"How about I fuck your ass instead, bitch. Did David fuck your ass, your pussy, your mouth?" Greg dropped his pants and pressed his cock against Kathryn's anus. He rubbed his cock head against her puckered hole.

"Don't. Please don't. I'll do anything you you want." Kathryn begged.

"You're going to do anything anyway," Greg replied and shoved his dick deep inside his wife's ass.

"Shit," Kathryn screamed. "That hurts."

"Good. There's more punishment to come." Greg pounded his wife's ass hard. Kathryn was whimpering in pain and protest but he didn't care he just kept punching his cock into his wife's virgin hole.

"Tell me your a fucking whore."

"I'm a fucking whore."

"My whore likes her ass filled?"

"Yes." Kathryn didn't like to admit it but she was so turned on by this side of her husband. Her pussy was wet and she wished she could play with her clit. Her hands bound to the chair were hurting but not enough to erase the pleasure of having her ass filled. "Fuck my ass, Greg. Fuck your little whore's ass."

"You will never fuck another man again, bitch."

"Aggghh, no."

Greg grabbed his empty beer bottle and quickly inserted it in his wife's pussy neck first.

"Oh god. That feels good. Fuck my holes Greg. I'm your little fuckslut. Humiliate me, abuse me."

Greg fucked his wife's pussy with the bottle and continued to pound her ass. The bottle's neck slid all the way in. He pushed further and Kathryn's pussy widened to accept the fat body of the bottle. He pumped the bottle in and out his slut wife's pussy. He pulled his cock from Kathryn's ass but left beer bottle in her pussy. "Hold tight," he told her as he walked around to her face.

"Suck your ass juice off my cock, cunt." Greg forced his cock into his wife's mouth and started to face fuck her. Kathy relaxed her throat to accept him all the way down her throat. She was squeezing her pussy around the beer bottle and releasing. The bottle was fucking her with every one of her contractions.

"You little bitch. Suck me like you sucked that pencil dick."

Kathryn tried to get a rhythm with her mouth but it was difficult with her hands bound and her husband banging her mouth.

Greg felt his cum start to build and pulled out of her mouth.

"Please," Kathryn whimpered. "Please let me taste your cum."

"No. That's a gift for good girls, not cunt-whores. I'm going to cum over your face. Just like a slut. And you better keep your mouth closed and your eyes open."

Greg jerked his cock feeling his cum continue to rise. "You little bitch. I am going to cum over your bitch-whore face. Uhh ... Take my cum, you slut."

Greg's cum flew from his dick and coated Kathryn's face and neck. She smiled up at her husband with her frosted face.

Greg knew he had gotten the upper hand.

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