tagLoving WivesA Wife To Be Used

A Wife To Be Used


Let me begin with a description of my wife Margaret (Margo), She is 5'5" tall with a voluptuous full figure and red shortish hair, a real woman with magnificent 36D breasts that have been affected by age and gravity but still breasts that make men stare.

When this occurred, Margo was fast approaching 50 and her lust for sex had slowly been increasing every year since about 40. We enjoyed many creative interludes in the bedroom and recently I had introduced role-play activities, inventing and introducing strangers into our sex talk. Over several weeks this had intensified her imagination and increased her orgasmic bliss to the extreme. Our conversations slowly and deliberately (on my part) had progressed to Margo being used by groups of strangers treating her like a slut and forcing her to submit to acts of humiliation and degradation. I was surprised how much Margo had accepted and enjoyed these games, to the point where she would ask me how many men I would introduce into our sex talk for our evenings activities and await my explanation of her humiliation.

Having been an avid wife-watching enthusiast in my private thoughts, I now had reason to further my cause and introduce my wife to sex with strangers. I have made many contacts over the past 5 years with many men friends either by meeting after chatting on the computer or just association through business. Some of these men have met Margo socially and have expressed their appreciation of her sex appeal, so it was not hard to move to the next level.

It was 3 weeks before Margo's 50th birthday when I first approached Noel. `He is 62 years of age, had a cock which measured 8 ½" and was a long time swinger. I told Noel of my plans to surprise Margo with a group gangbang for her birthday and for her need to be used. His reaction was priceless, exclaiming his desire to fuck her ever since he had met her and the thought of her full lips sucking his cock. Then I called up Kevin, who is 51 years old with a 7" thickish cock and told him the same story. He was even more vocal as to what he would do to her in front of me and how he looked forward to making her submit to him. Then I asked my long time friend Jim who is only 48 years old. Jim has an 8" cock and it is the thickest cock I have seen. He too was extremely impressed with the opportunity to use Margo every which way he could.

Next it was Terry who had only met Margo many years ago before he had moved interstate. Terry is 52 years old, and also around 8 ½" and thick. Terry was overjoyed that I would allow him to use my wife like this and had informed me that he had always had a secret desire to fuck Margo. Now to make the group complete. Finally, I asked Cameron who is the youngest in the group at 29 years of age. Cameron has a cock like a donkey, measuring a good 9 ½" long and almost as thick as Jim's. Cam had been telling me for the past year how I should introduce Margo to a threesome and that he should be the lucky one to fuck her. So when I explained my plan to him, he was instantly aroused and of course accepted my invitation.

The plan had now been formulated and it was time for the finishing touches. We had arranged to meet at Noel's farmhouse, which is set far from any neighbours so privacy would not be an issue. The guys would be waiting for Margo and I to arrive around 10pm. I had arranged to take Margo out to a very intimate restaurant located not far from the farm and ply her with sufficient drinks to ease her inhibitions. I would tell her that since we were in the area I could call around to collect some things that I had loaned Noel several weeks ago.

Friday night had finally arrived and I had been apprehensive about my plan and if I should have at least warned her about it. It was far to late now. I had asked Margo to dress as sexily as she could for me, since we would be away from our local area and no one would recognise her. I had also requested that she should not wear bra or panties. Margo told me I was a dirty old man but I assured her I would make it worth her while. She had asked me (smiling lustfully), would we be playing our games when we arrived home and I assured her we would.

When she came down stairs from the bedroom, Margo was wearing her low cut silver blouse that barely hung onto her shoulders but definitely highlighted her big breasts. She also had on her black high heel shoes and black knee length skirt that was split up both of her thighs. She oozed sex appeal and I began to feel my erection bulging in my pants. "You look so hot" I said. Margo just smiled and said "For an old lady". "No, you look hot for any age, anyone who sees you tonight will want to fuck you". Well she laughed and reminded me that we would be late for our dinner reservations.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated. A young waiter came over to take our orders and I could see him trying to peak down her top at her breasts. After he had gone away with the order, I told her that he was looking at her breast but she said I was imagining things. I dared her to lean forward when he returned so he could get a glimpse of her tits. She agreed but said that he wouldn't look.

We had a few drinks before our dinner order was brought to us and as agreed Margo leaned forward when the waiter placed the food on the table. He just stared down her top and when Margo looked up at him, he blushed and left in a hurry.

"I told you" I said. She was surprised and asked me if they were really that impressive. Of course I told her the truth, "You have tits that men would fight over" and I winked at her. A few more drinks and Margo was getting a little tipsy so I looked at my watch and new it was time to settle the bill and leave. The waiter came back and still tried to sneak another peak but this time Margo allowed him a very good look as she leaned forward letting her blouse gape open. He looked satisfied when he left and so was I when we also left.

We got in the car and I reached between Margo's legs and was surprised to find how wet her pussy had become. With a giggle she parted her thighs and I gave her a few more rubs before telling her it was time to go. Whilst driving I mentioned how close we were to Noel's farm and asked if she would mind if we swung by to collect my things. She said that would be OK as long as we were quick as she wanted to get home and have some fun. We pulled into his driveway and drove up his long drive to the house where we parked the car. Noel came out to greet us.

'What are you doing here?" he said cheerfully. I told him we were in the area, so he invited us in for a drink. Margo got out of the car feeling the effects of the alcohol as she swayed up to the house. When we entered his darkened living room, Noel switched on the light and all the guys yelled "Surprise". Surprise it was and it almost made Margo jump out of her skin.

Margo asked "What are you all doing here?" and Noel was the first to say that they had a special present for her and the others all agreed. Noel dimmed the lights, Margo looked at me with a quizzical smile as all the guys sat down on the surrounding chairs. Margo stood in the middle of the room and looked around at all the men who were mentally stripping her. "What now?' she asked.

Kevin was the first to speak and said "Margo, we're here to make you our slut, you'll do as you're told when you're told. We'll use you like a whore because that's what you are, do you understand?'

Margo looked at me with an expression of bewilderment and shock, I just nodded and said ' this is what you have wanted for a long time and I have made this happen for your birthday, now don't disappoint the guys'.

Margo bowed her head and said 'Yes I understand sir'. Cam said "Take off your clothes bitch and hurry". Margo removed her blouse over her head, revealing her sumptuous breast.

"Look at those fucking tits' Terry exclaimed and Jim said 'fuck, they're gorgeous'. Next, Margo began to remove her skirt unzipping it and letting it drop to the ground. It left her neatly trimmed pussy exposed to the wanton stares of the group of men. 'Kneel slut' Kevin commanded and Margo knelt in the middle of the room. The guys got up and removed their clothing, exposing the array of stiff cocks as they moved towards her. They all began to grope her breasts, pinching her nipples and squeezing any flesh they could find. Cam bent forward and kissed Margo passionately, swirling his tongue into her mouth while others reached down to feel the wetness of her cunt.

When Cam had finished kissing her, Kevin reached out and grabbed Margo by the hair and pulled her to his cock. "Open" Kevin said and forced his cock into her open mouth. Kevin just started to pound that wet mouth with his cock. "You're a slut and sluts need their mouths fucked'. Terry wasn't waiting any longer and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees and Kevin adjusted his stance so he could continue to fuck that mouth. Terry drove his cock deep into Margo's pussy from behind; it slipped in with ease it was so wet. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard, ramming in and out like a man possessed.

Margo was in the throws of her first orgasm when Kevin grabbed her head and buried his cock deep into her throat, gushing a load cum deep into her belly. When Kevin withdrew, Noel took his place, gagging Margo with his big cock. "Slut. Fucking whore, choke on that you cock sucker' Noel yelled as he fucked her face and throat savagely.

Terry was now pumping his load into her pussy ramming his cock hard so the slapping of their bodies echoed around the room, 'Fuck, Fuck, Fuck' he said as he exploded a volcanic eruption inside her fucked pussy. Noel was brutal with his assault of Margo's mouth, his fingers gripping her red locks as he pumped his big cock deep into her gagging mouth.

"Drink my cum you 50 year old slut, swallow every drop you cum loving whore". With that his grip tightened on her hair and pumped copious amounts of hot boiling cum into her mouth and throat, making her struggle to swallow it all. But swallow she did.

Cam stood over her as Terry and Noel fell away exhausted, 'You are a slut aren't you?' Cam asked and Margo just knelt on all fours, head bowed. 'Slut I'm talking to you'.

"Yes sir, sorry sir, I am a slut" Margo replied meekly. Cam grabbed Margo's hair and dragged her over to the coffee table, pushing her onto her back so her head hung over one end and her legs over the other end. "You want me to fuck you don't you Slut, you want my big cock fucking your old cunt till you scream, don't you slut?" Cam barked.

Margo, with her eyes watering and cum dripping from her used mouth, looked up at Cam and said 'Yes sir, please fuck me; I'm nothing but an old slut that needs cock'. Margo then looked at his big 9 ½" cock and her eyes almost popped out of her head. Cam raised her legs a little and then began to push his monster into her worn and wet pussy. Almost instantly Margo began to moan, long and loud.

"Jim come and fuck this old whore's mouth to shut her up" Cam urged. Jim bent over her hanging face and began to feed his fat cock between her swollen lips and over her cum coated tongue. Margo's mouth was stretched and filled with the thickness of Jim's cock and she again convulsed into another explosive orgasm. This only spurred Cam and Jim to intensify the ferocity of their fucking of Margo. Jim's fat cock now ramming into her throat made Margo's mouth dribble saliva and leftover cum from the corners of her lips. At the same time Cam was slamming his enormous cock to the hilt in Margo's very used and very full Cunt.

Margo again orgasmed followed by another while young Cam rode her pussy like a bucking wild stallion. While Cam's enormous cock filled her pussy Jim's cock filled Margo's mouth and throat, distorting her face and cheeks with his thick cock. 'Slut, I'm cumming' screamed Jim as he held Margo's head while his load filled her mouth. Then pulling her off his cock he shot another load onto her face and hair. When Jim had finished he wiped his spent cock over her face and in her hair to clean it up. 'That's how a whore should be treated, isn't that right Slut? "Yes Sir, thank you Sir" was her submissive reply.

Now Cam was still pumping Margo's cunt while she continued to orgasm time and time again. Her body uncontrollably, her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she moaned and groaned her release into orgasmic bliss. Cam said 'You want me to fill your mouth with cum, whore? 'Yes Master' Margo moaned. 'Do you want to taste your pussy juices mixed with our cum, Slut?" Again Margo moaned 'Yes please Master".

Cam removed his big long cock from between the swollen lips of Margo's well fucked pussy, then bent over her face and said 'Open that cunt mouth of yours Slut'. When her mouth opened and Cam pushed his cock into her throat, Margo climaxed again. Cam could hold back no longer, seeing this sexy 50 year old redhead covered in copious amounts of cum, fucked and humiliated, laying there sucking his big cock all the way to his balls. His mates wife, what a slut, what a fucking whore...

"Oh shit I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming............fuck here it goes". Cam slammed his cock in and out of that fucked mouth while Margo climaxed again from a mouth fucking. Buckets of cum shot from Cam's young big cock, down this sluts throat and she was swallowing it all; loving it. 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES' he groaned as he fired more cum into her mouth. Just like Jim he pulled out and came over her sweet old face covering her eyes, splashing more cum onto her nose and into her hair before he to wiped his cock clean in her lovely thick red hair.

Margo wiped the cum out of her eyes and looked up at the group of men surrounding her. Her face had a happy, satisfied look and cum dribbled down her chin. She gasped slightly and said 'Thank you to all my new Masters'.

'Happy Birthday Slut' they all chorused.

'Well what do we do to her next?' I asked.

To be continued...

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