tagLoving WivesA Wife's Fantasy

A Wife's Fantasy


Life was fairly good for Amanda. At 25 she had been married for just over 2 years to her one and only lover, she had a reasonable job as a receptionist in the city centre and her husband also had a reasonable job too so they felt they were luckier than many others. Their home was small but adequate and they were approaching the time when thoughts of starting a family were becoming prominent. They each still kept in touch with their friends, usually going out on Friday evenings with their respective friends, but otherwise also went out at least once a week together. During Amanda's girly nights out one of her friends talked about the internet and chat rooms, and about chatting to unknown men. All the girls chatted on MSN but until now Amanda didn't realise anyone extended their audience. Curiosity got the better of her and when she could, she began entering chat rooms and adding a few new chat friends to her contact list. Some chats eventually extended into roleplays and after initial shock Amanda found herself enjoying the chats. She made a rule that she wouldn't meet anyone but on one occasion she logged on after her husband came home steaming drunk from an evening with his friends. He was so drunk he just crashed out on the bed causing her to go into a temporary rage and vent her anger by complaining to whoever would listen on the chat site that night.

It was at this point that one of her male contacts, Billy, began chatting, and the conversation eventually turned to fantasies. Before long, Amanda had allowed herself to discuss in depth the potential activities that would be involved in a threesome, and furthermore had allowed herself to actually fantasise about her participation in such a situation. Billy expertly guided the conversation to a point where Amanda found herself agreeing that she was actually interested in a threesome moving from fantasy to reality. Her heart-rate increased as she thought through the endless possibilities in her head. Coupled with intrigue and excitement as well as anger towards her husband, Amanda agreed to meet Billy and his friend Dave. Immediately upon logging off she regretted her actions that evening, but after further pestering and encouragement from Billy over the next few weeks, she agreed that she could and would go ahead with the arrangement as a one off. After all Billy was also married and they had agreed that no one would ever need to know. Amanda knew from the details she had received and the pictures she had seen that Billy and Dave were a couple of inches taller than her husband at 5'10, and a couple of years older than him at 30 and 31, they both had dark hair and Dave was a little overweight. They both lived 50-60 miles from Amanda and had booked a twin room with one of the popular chains that provide room accommodation along the motorway network. Amanda knew the location and agreed it was near enough for her to get to yet far enough away to reduce the chances of anyone recognising her. The guys wanted an honest assurance that Amanda was going to turn up if they were going to pay for a room for the night. Having arranged the date and time the guys arrived at their room well in advance of the time they were to meet Amanda in the pub next door, intending to stay the night whatever happened. Amanda had promised she would arrive between 7:45 and 8pm but would need to leave at 10:30 latest to avoid her husband asking any awkward questions. Starting on their second pint at the bar the guys began to doubt that Amanda was going to show as the time approached 8pm.

"Fuck, we're on," Billy suddenly exclaimed as he recognised Amanda slowly walk through the double door entrance.

"Wow, is that her," Dave added, having only ever heard Billy's descriptions of her before.

Amanda allowed herself a half-smile as she recognised Billy and made her way towards him. She had dressed as she said she would, short white skirt, white slip-on shoes, pink blouse and white cotton jacket. They both soaked in the sight of her as she neared them, her dark curly hair framing her pretty face, her nice legs, and prominent bulges at the front of her blouse. Her lipstick and eye-shadow were subtle yet noticeable, and her 5'2 height and cute face made her look a lot younger than 25.

Billy greeted her with outstretched hand and a kiss on the cheek and introduced Dave who introduced himself in the same way.

"Lets go sit over there," Billy directed, pointing to a bench seat large enough for three and facing away from the view of most of the bar.

"What would you like to drink?" Billy asked, and then nodding to Dave to go to the bar for Amanda's white wine and lemonade.

Billy and Amanda exchanged small talk while Dave was at the bar, as though they were all casual friends or workmates even, no-one would ever guess that this young attractive married girl was meeting these two guys as the centre of attention for an evening of sex. Dave joined them and Billy asked him what he thought of Amanda.

"Great, lovely," Dave answered as they both smiled at her. Amanda smiled back, calm yet excited that she had agreed to meet them to act out her and Billy's fantasy chat in real life.

Billy placed his left hand on the bare leg above her knee, and then Dave followed by placing his right hand in the same position on her right leg, both eagerly looking forward to time when they could start touching this cute little married girl in other places. Amanda giggled, partly from nervousness but partly because their fingers were actually tickling her. Dave watched as Billy leant forward and kissed her, watching her soft lips meeting his, hoping his turn would come soon. He saw Billy's hand move under her already high skirt and heard Amanda softly moan. He let his hand move upwards too, raising her skirt as he did and noticing that Billy's wrist and hand were now between Amanda's legs.

Then it was his turn to kiss Amanda as Billy slowly withdrew his hand and moved away from her. Dave gasped at the softness of Amanda's lips, and her willingness to kiss him.

"Why don't we all go to our room," Billy interrupted.

Everyone agreed and with two of them trying to hide their erections all three made their way to the door, Amanda taking a few last gulps of her drink before clutching her small handbag and leaving the half full glass on the table.

Entering the room Amanda noticed the typical two single beds and bathroom. Billy took her coat and hung it up and Amanda calmly asked to use the bathroom. Checking her makeup and applying a quick spray of more perfume, she wasn't aware of the guys taking their shoes and socks off and smiling at each other, hardly believing their luck that Amanda was going to let them have a threesome with her.

Walking back into the room and placing her handbag on one of the beds the three of them stood nervously smiling at each other for a few moments before Billy broke the silence by asking Amanda for a kiss. They went into a long kiss, Billy stroking her body and gripping her buttocks as he firmly kissed her before nodding to Dave to come over. Dave eagerly took Billy's place and kissed with the same passion, as Billy sidled his right hand between them and began groping Amanda's right breast. As Dave slowly moved to Amanda's left, Billy took over the kissing, and began unbuttoning Amanda's blouse while Dave began groping Amanda's left breast. As the buttons became open both guys were kissing Amanda's neck and cheek and shoulder as their hands found their way to her bra and exposed cleavage. Amanda gasped as her nipples responded to the groping she was receiving.

"Take her blouse off," Billy ordered an obedient Dave and then pulled both bra straps down off her shoulders. Amanda withdrew her arms through the straps and resumed her kissing with Billy who pulled the material further down until both her full breasts were exposed. Dave stroked her back and shoulders as Billy roughly squeezed her beautiful naked breasts causing more soft moans to leave her lips. Placing his hands on her exposed waist Billy bent down and began kissing and sucking her right breast and nipple, allowing Dave to eagerly grab at the briefly unattended left breast.

"Take her skirt off," Billy ordered as he moved his mouth to her left breast.

Dave eagerly unbuttoned and unzipped the back of Amanda's little skirt then eased it down, taking a good look at her sexy white panties covering a small part of her shapely ass as he moved the skirt past her smooth sexy little legs until Amanda stepped out of it. Billy darted his hands into the back of her panties roughly gripping her ass cheeks and kissing her while Dave reached round to fondle her breasts again. Both men were now pressing their erections against her body, and when they started swaying Amanda began to moan softly again as she felt two erections pressing against her.

"Shall I take her knickers off," Dave asked.

"No I'll pull them off later," Billy replied before sliding his right hand around to the front of her body, making her moan out louder than she had done so far.

"Oh yes, what a sweet little cunt she's got Dave," Billy reported. "Get your hand down here."

Dave reached round and slid his right hand into her knickers and collided with Billy's hand as Amanda wriggled with the sensation of two hands in the front of her panties unable to work out who's fingers were doing what. Dave also unhooked her bra at this point and threw it to where Amanda had left her hangbag. She was now moaning regularly as the men pleasured themselves and aroused her at the same time.

Without warning Billy slung Amanda into the centre of one of the beds and leant over her pulling her panties down as Dave stood by watching in surprise. Amanda let out a short scream before composing herself.

"Ohhh look at that cute pussy Dave," Billy crudely commented as Amanda's panties disappeared down her legs and were dumped on the floor, joined by her shoes too.

"Aaargh," Amanda cried out in surprise as Billy roughly pushed her legs apart and began moving his face into the space he had created. Dave watched with wide eyes as Amanda's beautiful naked body lay before him and his friend began giving her oral sex.

"Ohhhh," Amanda called out as Billy showed he knew where to hit the button.

"Get your clothes off and get onto the bed with her," Billy ordered Dave before resuming his licking of Amanda.

Dave quickly stripped naked and began kissing and fondling Amanda who soon began jerking her body and moaning aloud, finally crashing into her first orgasm of the evening.

"Do you want a lick," Billy asked Dave as he got off the bed and began stripping.

Dave gingerly moved into position and tentatively licked at Amanda's wet entrance, while Billy completed his strip and began to sit across Amanda's body. Not exactly enjoying the view of Billy's arse Dave began sliding his tongue and finger into Amanda.

"You hold 'em now babe," Billy softly spoke as Dave noticed his ass cheeks tensing and relaxing. Keeping a finger in Amanda but moving his head so he could see past Billy, the sight he saw caused him to press his finger harder into Amanda, causing her to moan out. Billy's cock was between her tits as Amanda held them around it occasionally sliding her thumbs over her stiff nipples.

"Kiss it," Billy ordered as his cock protruded beyond her breasts towards her chin on every forward thrust. Amanda did as she was told, and then again when asked to take it in her mouth. As her head relaxed back to the pillow Billy followed with his cock remaining in her mouth, his cock becoming free of contact with her breasts as she continued to hold them while Billy fucked her mouth.

"Hold Dave's cock," Billy ordered and Amanda reached for Dave who had to move closer to pass the baton from his hand to hers before he grabbed the now free right tit.

"Do you want a go Dave," Billy asked his friend, both of them knowing what the answer would be. As Billy moved to Amanda's left Dave leant forward so that Amanda could take his cock in her mouth, which she eagerly did. Dave contemplated moving over her, to have a turn at fucking her tits but Billy had other ideas as he started getting on top of Amanda's naked little body. As his knees parted her legs a little wider Amanda moaned "nnnng" with a mouthful of cock as she realised Billy was preparing to fuck her. Dave watched as Billy guided his cock towards Amanda, who stopped sucking and moaned out as Billy's cock had obviously begun its penetration of her. She grabbed Dave's cock as Billy started to fuck her, Dave enjoying the sight of Billy fucking her and Amanda's breasts shaking in response to the pounding she was taking. Amanda's left arm was outstretched and gripping the bedsheet as she moaned in response to almost every inward thrust.

"Put your finger in girl," Billy commented in between his own gasps and grunts.

"Come on Amanda get you finger in," he added.

Amanda looked at Dave, with an almost "don't let him make me do this" look on her face.

Dave wasn't sure what was being asked but then Amanda released his cock and slid her hand between her and Billy.

"Good girl," Billy almost growled as Amanda did what he wanted.

"Oh yes, your loving this aren't you darling, is it bigger than what your used to?" Billy asked whilst still pounding away at her.

"Y-yes, ohh, ohh," Amanda replied. Amanda started moaning aloud until her body spasmed and she crashed through another orgasm. Billy closely followed growling and grunting as he pumped his load into her.

"Your turn," Billy almost breathlessly gasped to Dave.

Dave hesitated yet knew his hard cock needed one thing. Amanda looked at him, expressionless, her breasts heaving as though she'd just run a sprint race and her legs apart with traces of Billy's, and probably hers, juices oozing out of her. Despite this Dave knew he had to do what he came for and mounted her in the same way that Billy had. He smiled as he heard Amanda moan as he penetrated her. They briefly kissed but as Amanda was so small Dave found it uncomfortable arching his back to reach down to kiss her so abandoned that idea, instead he slid his hands under her body to grip the tops of her shoulders. Unlike Billy who shielded some of his weight off Amanda Dave was less considerate and Amanda's moans were a combination of the effects of his weight on her as well as his thrusting into her. Billy gripped her left ankle and lifted her leg upwards, gaining a good view of Dave's cock plunging in and out of her.

"Go on Dave, fuck her," Billy encouraged, although encouragement wasn't needed as Dave could feel himself about to come.

"Come on Dave fuck her, harder, she's loving it" he continued as he held her ankle, smiling at the sight of her naked body being used by him and his friend, and listening to the grunting and gasping coming from them both. Dave suddenly groaned and came, Amanda gasping for breath beneath him.

"Was that good?" Billy enquired.

"Sure was," Dave replied.

"Have you enjoyed the evening miss?" Billy asked Amanda.

Amanda smiled and nodded her head.

"Lets go wash our cocks and let her have a breather," Billy told Dave.

"Oh, ok, have we finished now," Dave replied.

"No, we'll double end her next," Billy calmly stated.

"B-but, I think I've had enough now," Amanda declared, still a little short of breath as she lay naked on the bed.

"Just a bit longer sweety, it's got to be a proper threesome so we both have to do you at the same time," Billy explained.

Billy and Dave disappeared into the bathroom for a very short while, emerging with limp cocks to see Amanda standing by the bed slipping her panties over her second foot.

"Hey, what's happening babe," Billy asked.

"I should be getting going now," Amanda replied as she tried to pull up her tiny panties.

But Billy and then Dave both got hold of her, feeling her breasts, shoulders, legs, arms and in no time at all Amanda's panties were removed and she was back on the bed having been unable to compete with 4 hands against her 2.

The requirement to be slightly forceful had aroused the guys and their cocks were limp no more.

"Get on your hands and knees," Billy directed.

"Guys I really need to be getting home," Amanda pleaded.

"It wont take long darling, just a bit longer, come on," Billy replied, forcibly pulling her into position on the bed as he got into position behind her.

"Come on Dave, get your cock in her mouth," Billy continued.

Amanda moaned as both men appeared to penetrate her at the same time. With her eyes closed she couldn't be sure of who was doing what, her breasts were being groped as they swung beneath her as Billy fucked her from behind, and she did her best to hold Dave's cock from pushing too far into her mouth, hands ran over her body and pulled her hair too. After a short while Billy interrupted the moaning and gasping that was being created by the three of them as he directed Dave to change positions with him. Amanda didn't appreciate the taste of his cock yet was given no chance to object as the pounding of her mouth and vagina began again. It was only at this point that Amanda's thoughts drifted to her husband, wondering what he might be doing while she was having sex with 2 guys she hardly knew. But Billy interrupted her thoughts as he ordered Dave to change positions again. Dave objected, stating that he was almost about to come. But Billy told him he was too and that they should change. Amanda reluctantly accepted Dave's cock again and Billy fumbled behind her until he penetrated her yet again. His thrusts were even more forceful than before and he began to groan. Amanda thought how she despised him for being so rough with her yet, within seconds of thinking that, she realised she too was about to come. With Dave's cock falling out of her mouth as she and Billy began to lose control, Dave furiously wanked at his cock, spurting globs of come onto Amanda's face and hair until all three were totally spent. After a short while in a naked threesome heap, Amanda stated that she really had to go now, and went to the bathroom to clean herself up a little. Like little schoolboys looking for mischief, Billy and Dave picked up Amanda's bra and panties respectively and wiped their cocks on them before placing them on the other bed with the rest of her clothes. Amanda was pleased they allowed her to dress, unaware of what they had been doing. They each quickly dressed and then kissed and groped Amanda goodnight before standing with her outside until her taxi arrived. "We'll have to do that again sometime," Billy concluded.

"Maybe," Amanda replied as she smiled and jumped into her taxi.

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