tagLoving WivesA Wife's Last Request

A Wife's Last Request


We had celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary and been retired about five years when my wife Betty became ill. This unexpected and unfortunate event disrupted all our plans and activities. My poor housekeeping skills and the need to care for Betty necessitated that we hire a housekeeper to clean and keep the house organized.

Donna was recommended by a friend. We hired her to come once a week and give our home a sense of order. Donna was thirty-something, married and had one child. A blond with a slight build, I wondered how she could lift and carry all her cleaning equipment.

Donna did a wonderful job of keeping the house clean and orderly, even after I had a week of messing things up. She is a sweet girl (I can call her a girl because she is young enough to be my daughter or even granddaughter.) After she completed her chores she would put her equipment away and return to spend time with my housebound wife, on her own time. They chatted for an hour or so while I stayed busy in the yard or my workshop.

Donna always had a smile and kind word for me. On many occasions she expressed her sorrow about our situation. At the end of each visit she would pat my arm and ask if there was anything else she could do. I always said no and thanked her.

This arrangement continued for ten months or so until Betty passed away. Her loss was and continues to be painful. After the funeral, I felt the need to get away. I traveled out of town, visiting various friends and family members.

Upon my return, six months later, I contacted Donna to see if she would be willing to resume her cleaning and housekeeping role. She was available and we agreed on an every two week schedule.

Donna arrived with a smile and all her cleaning paraphernalia. The weather had turned warm boarding on hot so Donna was wearing a pair of rather tight shorts and a tank top. I noted no bra. I didn't want to stare but I couldn't help but notice the nipples of perky breast poking against the cotton material. Greeting her, I excused myself and headed for my workshop as she began her chores.

Several times Donna came to my workshop to ask if I wanted one thing or another done differently. She smiled as she turned away, giving me a good look at her tight little ass. I knew I shouldn't be thinking what I was but she was having such an effect on me. I kept rubbing my erection.

An hour or so later Donna came to tell me she was finished. As she gathered her equipment, with a smile she asked,

"Is there anything else I can do for you Bob?"

"Well what else do you think needs to be done?" I blurted out.

Donna had been perspiring as she worked, causing her tank top to cling to her body. Her erect nipples and the darkness of her areolas were showing through.

"I don't know, I know this is a rough time for you and .... You seem so tense. You know I give massages..... do you think you would like that? ...... It would relax you some."

I nodded yes, immediately have second thoughts. With my response Donna grabbed her supplies and headed out the door.

"Let me put these in my car.... I'll be right back."

She returned with a rolled up pad and several bottles of oils. I watched as this petite blond rolled out the mat on the living room floor.

Kneeling next to the pad she patted it and said,

"Lay down here, let my fingers release your tension.... You better take off your shirt or it will get all oily."

I pulled my shirt over my head and lay on my stomach. Donna poured the warm liquid down the middle of my back, rubbing it across my shoulders and down my back. I felt her rise from kneeling beside me to straddling my hips.

"My ... Bob.... You're big guy I need to get on top of you if I'm going to reach your whole body."

Donna rubbed, kneaded and stroked, massaging my back. It felt so good. As she extended her fingers to my neck, I felt her body press against mine her hard nipples pressed into my back. What was I doing? How did I let this get out of hand?

Sliding to my side, Donna said, "Why don't you roll over and let me work on those Pecs?"

I rolled on to my back as Donna straddled my thighs. She clearly saw my cock pressing against my shorts. Smiling she reached up and slid her top off revealing her well shaped tits with her erect pink nipples.

"Donna, I......I..... I don't know...... I just loss...."

Putting her finger to my lips she said, "Shhhhh..... Don't worry. You know all those talks I had with Betty? She loved you so much and was so worried about you. We talked about your life together and particularly your sex life.

Betty knew what you had given up due to her illness. She asked me if I felt comfortable and willing, to give you some pleasure and sexual healing. I told her I really didn't know... but I had so much respect and love for the two of you, I told her I would do what I could....

Seeing how lonely you are now, I can't help but try to fulfill her request. THAT WOMEN LOVED YOU SO MUCH!"

I didn't know what to say. I lay there as Donna undid my pant. Lowering my zipper, she freed my ridged rod. Pouring oil on the crimson head she began stroking my cock. Oh how wonderful it felt to have someone other than myself rub my dick.

I reached up and fondled her tits, pinching and pulling her pink nipples. Donna cupped my balls in her hand and lowered her head licking the pre-cum from my knob, licking down my shaft to my balls then engulfing my manhood between her loving lips.

As the pace of her sucking and licking hastened I reached for her crotch and began rubbing her camel-toe through her tight shorts,feeling her moisture as I fingered her.

I clumsily unbuttoned her shorts and somehow she wiggled out of them. Pushing her thong to the side, I began to finger her neatly trimmed blond pussy. Her hot juices flowed down my fingers as I rubbed my thumb against her clit.

"OH..... Oh..... Yes..... Oh yes..... Right there..... Right there... oh finger fuck me Oh yes... Ohhhh."

I was about to cum myself when she rose and swung around lowering her pussy on my face, taking my cock back in her mouth. She sucked... I licked and nestled my nose against her clit as I tongue fucked her she quickened her sucking of my shaft.

Donna pressed and ground her cunt down on my face as she climaxed. Within seconds I shot my cum into her mouth. She gasped once and swallowed the whole load.

We lay on the mat holding each other. With a smile in her voice she said,

"You know this is not one of the 'services' I provide for my clients..... Your Betty was so sweet and so concerned about you and you clearly need some intimacy.... Are you okay with this Bob?"

I nodded, "You don't know what this has meant to me Donna..... Thank You."

Donna jumped up. "Oh shit I have another house to clean today..... I gotta go!"

I kissed my cum from her lips as she struggled to pull on her shorts and top. Rolling up the mat she said,

"In two weeks then?"

"No.... I think this needs to be cleaned up at least once a week. What do you think?"

Smiling she nodded yes, "There are a few more things we can do to release your tension. See you next week!"

With that she blew me a kiss and went out the door.

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