tagInterracial LoveA Wife's Plan

A Wife's Plan


I watched as my wife Samantha as she pulled her stockings up tight around her thigh and hooked the clasps of her garter belt to the thin silk material. Samantha stretched her beautiful longs legs out making the material stretch, giving her enough material to hook the tiny clasps.

My name is Ryan and I love my wife Samantha dearly and much like many husbands' who love their wife, consider her the most beautiful and erotic woman on the planet. Samantha is adorable, having long blonde hair and long shapely legs with what I tease her about, "An adorable little round ass."

I watched as she clasped her bra and slipped it around cupping her nice tits into the C-cups and pulled the straps up over her shoulders. It was an enhancement style bra which pulled her tits up and together giving her a magnificent cleavage.

Samantha was old fashion in many ways, wearing the garter belt was one thing she loved to wear because it would remind her of the old pin-up girls during the 1940's. Samantha wasn't an old fashion woman by any means.

My wife was very clever and when it came to sex, she had the ability to seduce and drain me of every natural resource of energy in my body. Samantha could read my mind sort of speaking and had the ability to play on my weakness and could bring our emotions and sexual experiences to the highest.

Samantha and I had the deepest respect for one another and we always found exciting and different ways to enhance our marriage. We always left time for intimacy each day regardless of how busy either of us was and we would create situations each day to stimulate new interest.

After five years of marriage, Samantha would still make us both feel as if we were on our honeymoon. Samantha worked as a secretary and over the past several months would come home and tell me about one of the guys trying to make a pass at her or maybe a peek under her dress.

Each week I would listen to her stories and I began to encourage Samantha to go further and I would intensively listen to my wife as the stories got juicier and erotic each time she came home. It was fun listening to how she would explain a certain situation as to how she would tease and encourage one of the guys at the office until they were right at the edge.

Honesty has played a very important role in our successful marriage and one day after listening to one of Samantha's stories, I asked Samantha if she were interested in going further. I never got a direct answer from Samantha but knew she was interested because she would flirt with the idea over the next couple weeks during sex.

There were many times when I was screwing Samantha that she would tease me about seeing other men. We would imagine different scenarios on how Samantha would pick up a guy and she would go into detail on what she would do with him.

Samantha's fantasy story telling would get so intense that I thought she was actually in a relationship with another man. She would mentally take me right up to that edge like the men she worked with but instead of the frustration they would receive, I would enjoy the best sex this woman had to offer.

I'm sitting here in our bedroom right now watching my beautiful wife prepare herself for the ultimate sexual fantasy. My whole body was trembling with anticipation as I watched Samantha as she slipped into her dress. She was silent but smiled at me as she sat back on the stool and put on her spike heels.

Samantha was putting on a show for me and I was loving every minute as I watched her stand up and walk toward me and leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss. She moved her hand over my crotch and wiggled her fingers gently across my pants only allowing her long red finger nails to touch my pants.

Samantha smiled and kissed me again and walked into the bathroom to apply her makeup while I waited in the chair. I waited a few minutes until I knew she was about finished and walked in the bathroom when she was applying her lipstick.

I gently placed the palm of my hand on her nice round ass and moved it around as I felt her ass push against me. The lipstick disappeared into her purse as she reached for the small bottle of perfume. Samantha squirted a couple dabs around her tits than glanced at my reflection in the mirror as she hiked the front of her dress up and squirted her bare pussy mound.

I could see her bald pussy reflecting in the mirror and saw the straps from her garter belt attached to her silk stockings. Samantha lowered her dress and the little bottle of perfume vanished into the purse with the lipstick.

I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck as she poured some water into a tiny glass. I continued to gently kiss Samantha's neck causing her to shiver when I saw her reach into her purse and pull out a small packet.

I was watching over her shoulder and looked into the mirror where our eyes met and I watched my wife slid the little packet open and watched her punch one of the tiny birth control pills out with her fingers and placed it on her tongue.

Her eyes were still fixed on mine as she moved in slow motion allowing me to absorb what she was doing and picked up the glass of water and swallowed the tiny pill. I kept watching my wife in the mirror as she slowly replaced the packet inside her purse.

We had talked about the pills while we made our plans and I remembered Samantha telling me she would have to see her doctor about a prescription and like so many things dealing with this fantasy, and kept me guessing and wondering for the sack of surprise and eroticism. So, until this moment, I had no idea if Samantha had got the prescription.

My heart was beating fast as I placed my hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck again as I kept looking into her eyes in the mirror. She turned toward me and looked directly into my eyes and I could smell the sweat perfume along my wife's breasts. My eyes traveled down and looked at the top of her tits which were cradled and displayed for my pleasure and view.

I knew that they were intended for display to another man tonight. A man I didn't even know existed other then a name she had given me a few weeks ago. Samantha had corresponded with this man from an ad she had placed a few weeks ago and for the sack of eroticism, I knew nothing about him.

Knowing how my wife's mind worked, I knew she had spent much thought and time on the perfect man of her choice. Someone she would feel would heighten our fantasy to the fullest. I never asked because of the eroticism of the mystery of not knowing who he is or may look like and I wanted the surprise for me to be instantaneous.

I completely trusted my wife's ability to carefully select a man who would take her up to that edge as well as suit our needs. Samantha had started her search many weeks ago with many men and finally made her choice eliminating the other men and during the past four weeks she focused on a man I've only known as. "David."

Samantha and David had corresponded over that period on the internet and sometimes spoke on the phone. I had taken many glamour style photos' of my wife the past few weeks so she could send them to David. Recently, Samantha had been more daring in her poses which included a few shots in baby dolls or garter belts with heels and bra type shots.

Apparently, this man called, "David" has been doing the same thing with my wife and the last pictures my wife had received had excited and stimulated her curiosity.

I followed Samantha out of the bathroom watching her ass sway with each step that she made. I looked at the back of her heels as she walked out into our great room and picked up the phone and said. "Ryan. Could you give me a moment alone while I call David and tell him what time he can pick me up?"

I walked outside near our pool and watched the water falling down the rocks at the waterfall while I waited for Samantha to confirm a time for David to pick her up. A few moments later, Samantha walked outside and nervously smiled at me and said. "David will be here in thirty minutes so its time for you to leave."

This was the first sign I've seen in Samantha since we had begun planning for this day many weeks ago that she was nervous. Samantha put her arms around me and I did the same and held her tight.

I rubbed my hand along her back as I thought that we were actually going to go through with this tonight after so many months of preparation.

We gently kissed being careful not to smear her lipstick and exchanged a few comments as I told Samantha how much I loved her and she replied the same thing to me. I looked at my watch knowing I had to leave and gave my wife a final hug before walking to the garage and looked back at her and said. "Be careful."

I opened the garage door and started the car and backed out and as I pulled away I could see Samantha standing in the front window watching my car pull away. I knew she was excited and nervous and I had thoughts about sticking around and following them to wherever they were going.

I had made a promise to Samantha that I wouldn't ruin our fantasy and stuck to our plans and continued to drive south as I kept watching the time. I kept driving until twenty minutes had passed and circled around the block and slowly drove into the direction of my house.

I kept pacing myself until I was within two blocks of our home and checked the time and saw that forty-five minutes had passed and continued to drive straight. I slowed my car when I saw a white Mercedes backing out of our driveway. The sun was going down and the windows were tinted on the car and I couldn't see anyone inside of that car.

I saw the car turn and go straight for the highway at a fast speed and watched until it disappeared completely out of sight. I pulled into our driveway and pressed the garage door button and pulled inside the garage. I quickly closed the door and got out thinking that maybe Samantha had changed her mind at the last moment and she maybe waiting inside for me.

I walked inside the house and could still smell my wife's perfume and followed the scent into the great room and toward the foyer. I detected the faint smell of cologne a man would wear near the front entrance and saw flowers sitting on the dinning room table that he had brought for my wife.

My heart was racing at the thought she actually gone through with our fantasy and maybe hoped in the back of my mind that she might change her mind but that wasn't going to happen tonight.

We had planned everything out to the last tiny detail and Samantha would bring her date home and if everything went as well as expected, she would bring him into our suit tonight. She would allow this man to get intimate with her knowing that her husband was only a few feet away.

Samantha had said if there were any last minute changes that she would post a note on the refrigerator and I quickly walked into the kitchen and saw a small note taped to the door. It read. "Ryan. I was forced to change our plans when I realized how I'd come across to David if he knew the truth about me. You'll find the answer to what I'm referring to in the top left drawer of our dresser."

I could feel my heart beating faster and could actually feel each beat as I walked into our bedroom and slowly opened the drawer. I opened the drawer and saw a tiny red jewelry box and picked it up and opened it. Inside the box was Samantha's wedding band and engagement ring glistening in the dim light of the room.

Samantha knew I would find this very stimulating and erotic knowing that this man she were out with would think she was a single woman and available. I did find the thought exciting but at the same time it made me very nervous.

I closed the tiny box and placed it back in the drawer and walked across the room checking the sliding glass doors facing the pool. Samantha had planned on keeping the shades open so Ryan would have a full view of the room if she brought this man in here.

Samantha had kept quit about any details concerning her goals or plans with this man on her first date. She wanted to make everything as stimulating as possible for Ryan for him not knowing her exact plans.

The anxiety was building as the minutes passed and became hours and Ryan looked at the time and saw that it was 9:00 P.M. which was the planned time that Samantha said she would call him and let him know the status of her date.

Soon, ten minutes had passed and there was no phone call and Ryan began to worry as he thought of anything and everything that could go wrong. Ryan stood up and walked toward the window looking toward the street when the phone finally rang and he ran over and picked it up.

Ryan was relieved to hear Samantha's voice on the other end of the phone as she indicated that everything was going as planned and she would be home within an hour. It was a relief hearing her voice and finally telling him that she loved him just before ending the conversation.

Ryan prepared himself by taking himself a drink into the bedroom he would be staying. The two extra bedrooms were on the other side of the house with the great room in the center. There were sliding glass doors facing the back screened pool area of the entire house.

After getting himself settled in the room, Ryan tried to settle himself pouring himself a drink as he waited for Samantha to return. The anxiety was unbelievable and Ryn couldn't sit still on the bed as he crossed his legs and took another swig of his drink.

Finally, Ryan had heard a door being closed and heard Samantha's voice and felt some relief that his wife had finally returned home. Ryan stood up and walked to the door and tried to listen to the conversation but could only hear rattling of glasses and figured that Samantha was preparing drinks in the kitchen.

Ryan heard their voices for the next forty-five minutes with spurts of silence and a few outbursts of laughter and more recently within the last few minutes he heard Samantha giggling and the faint sound of possibly kissing.

The anxiety was killing him wondering what they were doing so Ryan decided to sneak out the sliding glass door and take a look into the great room and see for himself. Ryan gently slid the door open in its track and walked out onto the cement patio and walked toward the sliding glass doors where the great room was located.

The curtain was half open and Ryan could see the light on next to the sofa and walked closer and saw the man's legs from the knee's down but was afraid to lean over any closer in fear that he would be seen.

Samantha was walking around the room and he saw a flicker of light and wondered what it could be when suddenly the lamp was turned off making the room extremely dark. That's when Ryan noticed there had been two candles lit which explained the flickering light he had seen a moment ago.

Ryan was able to move and get a better look into the room and saw Samantha sitting next to the man but still couldn't see much detail. One candle was placed on the dinning room table which was thirty feet from the sofa and the other candle was sitting on a shelf on the other side of the room which made it very hard to see anything in great detail.

Ryan could see their figures sitting together on the sofa and with the doors shut, he couldn't hear anything being said inside the room. Samantha suddenly stood up and laughed at something and walked toward their bedroom door.

Trying to get a better look into the room, Ryan slowly walked past the door trying to see the man's face but could only see the dark clothing David was wearing and what looked like black hair. It was just too darn dark in the room to see his face so Ryan slowly walked past the doorway and walked toward the bedroom doors.

Ryan's heart pounded faster as he walked in front of the bedroom doors and saw his wife stripping naked. Samantha was taking her dress off and her bra and garter belt and opened the drawer and pulled out a short black transparent teddy.

Samantha slipped the teddy over her head and sat down on the stool and put her heels back on and stood up and walked over to the doors. The light was turned on in the bedroom so Ryan doubted that she could see him standing out there but figured she had a good idea that he was and smiled as she tugged the thin material down which barely covered her ass.

Samantha leaned forward looking at her reflection in the glass doors and fluffed her hair back over her shoulders. Ryan wanted to speak to her and even possibly kiss his wife but she moved away from the doors.

Ryan had seen every detail on her body including her hard nipples poking out from the thin material of her teddy. Before leaving the bedroom, Samantha lit some candles and placed them on the dresser before turning out the light and walking back into the great room.

Ryan slowly stepped back toward the doors in the great room and could see their figures in the room. David was standing in front of the sofa with his back turned toward Ryan and he could only see that the man was very tall and had dark hair.

Ryan saw the shirt tossed onto the sofa and saw David kicking off his shoes and the pants dropped to the floor a few seconds later and realized that Samantha was standing in front of David taking off his clothing.

Ryan could see his wife's arms around David and they appeared to be kissing until David sat back down onto the sofa and Samantha walked past the doors and leaned down next to the CD player and turned on some music.

Samantha began seductively moving toward David who was sitting on the sofa and began grinding her hips like an exotic dancer. Ryan watched his wife move her hips to the beat of the song and moved to where David was sitting and turned her back toward him as she slowly rotated her hips making her ass move.

Samantha's hands were moving as well and moved them from her hips than over her head as her body swayed to the music. David was getting a first class show from Samantha as well as Ryan as he kept watching his wife dance seductively for her date.

Ryan could see some movement on the sofa and finally figured out that David was removing his under shorts and tossed them on his shirt and sat naked waiting for Samantha to finish her dance and join him.

Samantha's routine was very professional as she kept dancing in the room watching the way she stretched her legs and the way she posed herself in front of David. Ryan would have had her down on the sofa by this time as he watched his wife entice this man that would soon become her lover.

Ryan's own cock was ready to burst in his pants because he and Samantha had refrained from having sex the past couple weeks to build up more excitement for this night. Ryan's heart continued to beat at a fast rate as he watched Samantha finishing her routine.

Another song began to play which was much slower in rhythm and Samantha began moving her body in slow motion to the song and backed herself near David and watched as the tall man took hold of the thin teddy and started to pull it up over Samantha's head.

Samantha was completely naked except for the heels as she continued to move her hips as David stood behind her and placed his arms around her waist. He appeared to be much darker than Samantha in the dim light and Ryan was trying to see the man's face which was buried under Samantha's flowing blonde hair at the moment.

Ryan could see David's hand slid over Samantha's pussy mound and the other hand cupping her tit. His hands were very large and although he appeared very dark, Ryan still could see his face in the dim light.

Samantha's hands were covering David's and she seemed to be pushing his hand tightly into her mound. The music ended and Samantha broke free of David's grip and hurriedly walked toward the CD player and switched on a small lamp on the table and pressed the button until a particular song played and walked back to where David was standing.

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