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A Wife's Sexy Secret...


After nearly 14 years of keeping this encounter a secret from my husband, I finally decided to do the right thing and clear my conscience. Recently I told my husband everything below, and I am so glad I did. After finally confessing my transgressions, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how turned on my husband was by my experience. He encouraged me to write everything down so he could "relive" the moment whenever he felt the urge. I realize this story might sound a little incredible at first, but believe me every word of it is true. Incidentally, I have changed all the names for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy -- there just might be another story if some things work out as I hope they will!

My name is Karen, and my husband's name is James. We had been married for about two years when we were invited to an annual overnight event to be held at the local community center where I used to work -- we had been to the same all-night event the previous 2 years. Some of the other staff were invited to the event, as well. James and I were in out mid-twenties at the time, while Stacy and JB, fellow co-workers, were attending college. Stacy was a good friend of mine, but she is not much of a night owl, and she doesn't figure much in this story. JB on the other hand, was an extremely handsome, tall, athletic guy who worked part-time as a lifeguard at the community center's indoor pool. I saw him on occasion at work, but he was somewhat shy, and he didn't talk much.

Stacy had always insisted that he had a crush on me, but I could not ever confirm this, and I didn't take her teasing very seriously. Besides, JB had this incredibly pretty girlfriend -- tall, blond, and thin as a rail. What would he want with someone like me? Still, I admit that I found JB interesting, but I was happily married and straying never entered my mind.

Anyway, the day of this overnight event came, and James was rather excited. We had started a tradition a couple of years before that James was very much looking forward to: When everyone had gone to bed, James and I would sneak into the pool and go skinny-dipping. These little sessions always ended with us having hot sex either in the pool or on the pool deck.

We always left the lights off, but the street lights from outside gave the pool just the right romantic glow perfect for our liaisons. Plus, we didn't want to attract attention to ourselves. James couldn't stop talking about it -- he loves having sex in outrageous places. I guess I must admit that I enjoy it, too.

The event itself was a little boring, but the thought of being in the pool later that night did keep me going. James came up to me when everyone was finding their way to bed and whispered in my ear that he had a little surprise for me. I thought I knew what he was referring to -- except James is far from little. Much bigger than my high school boyfriend, James is definitely above average in the male equipment department. I only dated one other guy before James and I got together, and the sexual chemistry between this other guy and me was never right. Of course, I didn't know at the time how much better physical intimacy could be, but James turned that around in a hurry!

I suppose I have always been very interested in sex, for a female, but I've never been ashamed of this fact. James can definitely keep up, and I cannot imagine there being a more talented, giving partner where sex is concerned. The thought of him inside me later that night was making me juicy all by itself.

James and I pretended to camp out with everyone else at about 1:00 in the morning. That's our usual plan -- pretend to be asleep and then sneak downstairs to the pool one-at- a-time a little while later. I saw James get up and slip out of the darkened dorm room around 2:00. I left a few minutes later. When I got down to the locker room, I passed the door to the pool area, and I could see James already in the water. I hurriedly grabbed my towel out of my locker and undressed. I wrapped my big swim towel around me and pulled my hair up. I then made my way to the pool.

James was already stark naked, and he was jumping off the diving board at the opposite end of the pool. The light from outside was reflecting off the surface of the rippling water casting wavy lines of light all over the ceiling. Some moon glow was also shining in giving the whole atmosphere a kind of spooky ambience. I sat down on the edge of the shallow end and put my feet into the warm water. Leaning back, I stared at the lights dancing above me as James splashed around enjoying himself. I was suddenly startled out of my relaxed state with the sound of the pool door swinging open. With a jump I nervously looked at who was coming in. I was more than a little surprised to see JB stroll toward me, a white towel wrapped tightly around his waist.

I must admit that the sight of his sexy abs was easy on the eyes, but I began to feel a little uncomfortable by his presence. In the meantime, James swam up to where I was sitting with a devilish grin on his face. He then announced triumphantly that JB would be joining us, if that was okay with me. JB was now standing to my left sticking a toe in the water, his face looking a little apprehensive.

I believe I let out a little nervous giggle, and I shrugged my shoulders. I looked up at JB and told him that it was okay with me if it was alright with him. He seemed a little shyer than usual, and James began to taunt the two of us, demanding that we take off our towels and join him in the water. I reminded James gently that I was not the exhibitionist that he was, but his taunting only grew more insistent.

I must admit that the idea of being naked in front of JB was more than a little unnerving, and I began to have some second thoughts. JB appeared as if he were doing the same. I looked up at him to gauge his reaction to James' pleas when I noticed that JB was getting a little, how should I say it, excited. The towel stretched over his waist and thighs was bulging a bit right in the middle, and I blushed with some embarrassment.

I assumed JB was hesitating to remove his towel given his arousal. Maybe what Stacy had been saying was true? Maybe JB was just a little smitten with me. I chalked up his reaction to the whole forbidden fruit thing -- I was attractive by the fact I wasn't available. Regardless, I wasn't quite willing to discard my towel, and JB wasn't making any moves to remove his, either.

By now James was getting downright abusive. Pretending to be mad at us, he threatened to pull the towels from both of us if we were too "chicken" to do so ourselves. This latest threat was serious -- James swam right up to me and began splashing water on me while making grabs at the front of my towel. I leaned back and tried to shield myself from the water coming my way. JB just stood there silently and smiled.

James switched tactics, explaining in mock seriousness that he was going to count to 3 and then pull our towels off simultaneously. Realizing the inevitability of it all, I braced myself for the awkward moment. Playfully, James reached up and grabbed the end of each of our towels while counting down. On the count of 2, however, James cheated and yanked our towels away with a wide sweeping motion.

There I sat, totally exposed in front of a man other than my husband. I looked to my left and noticed JB hadn't moved a muscle. As I glanced up, I received the shock of a lifetime -- yes, JB was completely naked, but oh-my-God! I found myself eye-level with the most perfect, obscenely large penis a girl could ever wish for! This thing wasn't big -- it was huge. Deliciously huge. I had never seen a more fantastically well-hung man in my life. His manhood was simply fantastic - smooth and thick and perfect.

The head was the most impressive part, very prominent and mouth-wateringly plump. I stared with amazement as it hung heavily between JB's muscular thighs, the length growing slowly, the width expanding impressively...

(Now, girls, let's be honest. If given a choice between a thin five inches or a massively thick, tantalizingly long manly specimen, most of us are going for the larger one every time. The funny thing was I had nothing to complain about before seeing JB in all his glory -- James was both long and thick. Just not quite as long or quite as thick.)

I know I gasped loudly as I watched JB's enormous penis dangle in front of my upturned face, and I remember placing my hand over my gaping mouth. The rest is kind of fuzzy, though. I believe JB dove into the pool, soaking me in the process. I do remember sliding into the pool suddenly very aware of my nudity. I also remember James just standing there awestruck watching JB swim the length of the pool. I threw my arms around James and hugged him whispering a big "thank you" into his ear. James quickly assured me that he had no idea what JB was packing under his towel.

James did tease me about being a size-queen, however. Even though I never considered myself to be one before, I understood at that moment that I was definitely a girl in love with the idea of being with a larger man. James broke our embrace and headed for the deep end leaving me alone to watch these two hunky guys cavorting around in all their glory.

As I swam toward the middle of the pool, I watched breathlessly as JB started to climb the ladder by the diving board. I watched intently as his taut, well-toned body ascended the metal ladder. I could see his shapely backside moving rhythmically as he walked to the diving board. And then he jumped out of the shadows and up on to the board.

I gazed at his magnificent member as it flopped around with each move of his body, the thick flaccid appendage suspended from a tiny mound of curly blond hair, bobbing heavily between his muscular thighs. As he dove into the dark water below, I'm sure I sighed deeply as his god-like form disappeared below the surface.

James and JB swam and dove for at least an hour, while I hung out quietly near the middle of the pool just taking it all in. Each time JB exited the pool, my heart skipped a beat, and I concentrated on seeing all there was to see. At one point, James was wrestling with me trying to coerce me into taking a turn on the diving board. I resisted as long as I could, but James eventually asked JB for some assistance.

My pulse quickened considerably as I saw JB glide beneath the water to where James and I were clowning around, and then I felt his body brush against my leg as he swam past us. While James was holding my arms over my head, I felt a pair of strong hands lift me out of the water effortlessly. JB launched me several feet into the air, and I'm sure he received an eyeful as I crashed into the water. His hands on my body were electric -- I could feel a surge of energy race through my body when he was holding on to me for that brief moment....

Believe it or not, James was the first one to call it quits. He had been up since 5:00 A.M. due to his work schedule, and he was clearly running out of gas. I watched appreciatively as he stood by the pool and toweled off, his manhood excited just short of full arousal. I suspected JB's presence was having an erotic effect on my hubby as well as me. Sheepishly, I asked James for my towel, which he flatly refused to throw to me. I knew he would not be satisfied until I climbed out of the pool and walked across the deck to retrieve my own towel. Knowing it was unavoidable I took a deep breath and pulled myself up the ladder.

I ran to my towel and wrapped it around me as fast as I could. Of course I had to tolerate the cat calls and whistles coming from my 2 swimming companions, but I would live. JB mentioned that he was going to do a couple of laps before hitting the sauna -- apparently he was meeting his girlfriend somewhere before the night was over. Slightly disappointed, I headed toward the locker rooms with James.

When we had left the pool area, James turned to me with a broad smile plastered on his mischievous face -- he asked me light-heartedly why I had thanked him after I had jumped into the pool. As nonchalantly as I could, I told him that swimming with 2 devastatingly handsome men had always been my dream, and he had made my dream a reality. As he began to answer back, I pushed past him into the women's locker room dropping my towel as I breezed through the swinging door. James was too much of a Boy Scout to follow me in. I heard him push the men's door open as he went to grab a shower before turning in.

This part is somewhat difficult to write considering what I did next. I gathered up my things preparing for a long, hot shower. My overnight bag was full of all my personal items including my plastic toothbrush holder. My toothbrush holder served a dual purpose, and its shape was perfect for taking care of business when James wasn't available, if you know what I mean.

It was smooth plastic, about 8 inches long, and rounded on each end. I unscrewed the middle of it, tossed my toothbrush on the counter, and screwed the holder back together. After running the shower as hot as I could stand, I stepped into the billowing clouds of steam with my toothbrush holder in hand. The tile ledge surrounding the shower was situated nicely about two feet off the floor, and I leaned back against the warm tile in the corner while placing my left foot up on the ledge. I shut my eyes and imagined I was once again sitting on the edge of the pool watching JB's penis swaying only inches from face.

My plastic friend began his assault on my moist sex as my fingers caressed my swollen sweet spot. Over the course of several minutes I eased several inches of my makeshift dildo into my aching opening. With slow deliberation I moved it in and out of me, a little bit deeper with each thrust. The hot water was cascading down my breasts and onto my fingers as they continued to work their magic.

Just as I felt that familiar pressure begin to swell deep within me, I opened my eyes with a start -- I could have sworn I heard something. I looked anxiously to my right and through the thick fog I could see JB standing outside the open shower watching me with amusement. I turned my back to him and clutched my plastic friend to my chest. Looking over my shoulder I could see that he was also naked, and his beautiful penis was on display for my pleasure alone.

JB cleared his throat and apologized for interrupting my shower. I'm certain he saw what I was doing, but I was too mortified to try to explain myself. I tried to adopt a casual tone of voice as I asked him what he was up to -- I also added that he had scared the daylights out of me. He politely asked if he could borrow some of my shampoo as he had managed to lose his somewhere during the evening. I reached over to the ledge where my foot had been resting, and I picked up one of the bottles of my best shampoo.

I offered it to him, and he stepped forward to take it from me. As he accepted the bottle, our fingers touched and he was now partially in the streams of hot water spraying from the overhead nozzles. He hesitated for a just a second before stepping back out of the shower.

I chanced a quick glance down and noticed his massive penis growing in size - I was shocked to realize that the tip was hanging only a few inches above the tops of his knees. The bulbous head was now a deep purple color, and it seemed like the entire length of him was throbbing. I recognized that subtle twitch a penis makes as it begins to harden, and JB was on his way to a full-fledged erection. As I looked up once again, JB turned and pulled open the door separating the two locker rooms. He called out a cheerful "thank you" as he made his escape. So many thoughts and emotions were welling up within me as I watched the door swing shut!

Feeling a bit dazed and more than a little confused, I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. My heart was pounding in my chest, and my stomach was in knots. I resumed my shower, my head full of thoughts about JB. I could picture him standing in the men's shower at that very moment running his fingers through his hair, rubbing in my sweet-smelling shampoo. I could also vividly imagine his stupendous endowment swinging gracefully from side to side, the head sticky and wet, pulsing with every beat of his heart, the hot water dripping from the fleshy tip.

I turned the lever on the wall stopping the water and the noise of the spray along with it. As I reached for my towel, I could hear the sound of water running from the next room. Without further hesitation, I knew what I had to do. How many times does a girl get a chance like this? James wouldn't mind -- he'd probably like to watch, knowing him. This was just too much to pass up.

I rummaged through my bag and found a clip to hold my hair back. I clumsily put it on and opened the locker room door. I passed through the little hallway between the locker rooms and reached for the door handle in front of me. Pulling the door open I was enveloped in steam once again. The men's locker room was much smaller than the women's, and JB had all the showers turned on hot. To my left I could see the entrance to the shower, my big bottle of shampoo sitting on the tile floor. Throwing all caution to the wind, I loosened my towel and approached the opening to the shower.

Turning the corner, I peeked in. JB was standing with his back to me rinsing his hair. I cleared my throat and he looked over his shoulder with some alarm. Seeing me he smiled warmly and turned to face me. As I stepped into the shower, I noticed his penis was already fully erect, stunning in its proportions, a priceless work of art. I was completely taken aback by the way it protruded expansively at a 90 degree angle from his thin frame, reaching out so invitingly. I allowed myself to look at it intently, and I found the size of it strangely intimidating. I automatically reached out to touch it, my self-control uncharacteristically absent -- my fingers lightly squeezed its hardness as it jerked slightly with the pressure of my touch. Growing more bold I used both hands to caress it, to fondle it, to weigh it in the palm of my hand, my body electrified by the feel of him.

Never had skin turned me on so much in my life. I never took my eyes off of it, and I'm not even sure that I blinked. The only thing I felt like doing was getting an even closer look. So, without waiting for a proper invitation, I placed both of my hands on JB's hips and lowered myself onto my knees.

While the hot water streamed down upon me, I cradled his immense scrotum in my hands. With my face just a couple of inches away, I parted my lips and extended my tongue until it made contact with the spot just under the tip of JB's penis. I could taste the saltiness of his expectation, and I hungrily ran my tongue along the underside for what seemed like forever until I reached the base of his shaft.

I wrapped both of my hands around his penis and slid them down to the base -- I was amazed to find a good 3 inches of penis still exposed beyond my grip. I did the mental calculation that he had to be at least ten inches in length. Without further deliberation I opened my mouth as wide as I could manage, and I took in as much of the scrumptious head as possible.

At this point let's just say that I gave JB the blowjob of his life. I greedily sucked and nibbled his giant penis with abandon devouring as much of him as I could. Honestly, I was unable to place more than half of him into my mouth, but I desperately wanted to consume the whole delectable thing. He really responded when I flicked my tongue forcefully against the head while I fondled his massive balls. My labor of love continued for several minutes as JB began to run his long fingers through my wet hair, something I love dearly.

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