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A Wife's Turn


This is my entry to the Summer Contest, voting, comments and messages are always deeply appreciated. Thank you to Laura and Sophie who helped me find the balance between fact and fiction for this story. All characters are of course 18 and over. Enjoy.



I am a very lucky wife. Mark, my husband of seven years is everything you could wish for; tall and handsome, he's aging with increasing sex appeal as men in their forties seem to do. He's well travelled and compassionate, witty and intelligent. He started his career with a successful startup and when they finally went public three years ago, we went from comfortable to wealthy. We both went into semi-retirement, dedicating ourselves to other pursuits, doing occasional consulting work and travelling extensively. We had no children so we made the most of not needing a consistent base, sometimes spending months abroad.

I am also a jealous wife. It's a wicked consuming emotion that drives me to extremes, like an animal reacting to a territorial challenge. Early in our relationship, I noticed him flirting with a co-worker at an office party; it turned out I was better at flirting with her than he was. We took her home and made love to her, but it was always on my terms, my husband to share as I wish, my affair with a woman for my husband to watch. He accepted the rules gladly and our relationship grew stronger, my fear of losing him replaced with confidence that no other woman would be so open to sharing. I thought we couldn't be any happier.

And then, last summer, we met Mia. We had rented a private villa close to Bellagio on Lake Como; Mark had spent a semester in Italy while at school and wanted to go back. It was a beautiful destination full of beautiful people. If we weren't on the lake we would spend our days strolling through the cobbled lanes of cafes, drinking wine and savouring the romance. After seven years of marriage it was a welcome jolt. We held each other closer, we kissed in the street, we had relaxing sex by the pool. I wore more revealing clothing, adding to the attention a blonde gets in Italy; it felt like we were being seduced by the lake itself.

We stumbled upon Mia's wine bar by chance; we had eaten but we didn't want to head back to the villa just yet. She was German but could pass for an Italian, only her bright green eyes and hint of an accent gave her away. At first glance, she was pretty, but at the second she was beautiful and once she smiled and touched your arm warmly you were smitten, unable to tear your gaze away from her toned bronzed legs or the effortless curves that her sun dress draped over.

She was engaging too, a recent graduate, doing some summer work before moving to Berlin to work the rest of her life out. Despite being fifteen years younger than me and twenty younger than my husband it never felt that there was a generational divide and a chemistry developed between us easily. As we kissed goodbye, we promised to visit again and while in the taxi back to the villa I leant over and whispered in Mark's ear that I wanted her. I put my hand on his crotch to feel him grow as the idea went through his head. He smiled and kissed me. We barely made it to the front door before we were naked and he was inside me.

*** We returned two nights later, a little drunker this time, excited by what might happen. She was happy to see us again, remembering our names and treating us with the same affection as before. The bar was quiet and we encouraged Mia to drink with us, which she agreed to after we had moved past small talk and into more intimate subjects like her relationships. We were inwardly relieved to hear she didn't have a boyfriend, not that it had stopped us in the past but it would make things less complicated. We joked and were taught German swear words and eventually German words for sexual activities. We complimented her on her looks and her style and she returned the kind words, asking how I kept so fit. When it got late, I took the lead and invited her back to our place for a nightcap, she smiled knowingly, as if she knew it was coming and it was not the first time she had been propositioned. For a brief second I felt like she would say no without thinking, but after a pause she agreed coyly.

We kept the conversation light in the taxi, careful not to be overbearing. Once inside the villa with a glass of wine in her hand, we showed her around and then when the time felt right I motioned to Mark to give us a few minutes to ourselves. I turned and immediately placed a soft kiss on Mia's lips and held her cheek, whispering that she doesn't need to be nervous, that we wouldn't do anything she didn't wanted to.

"Have you been with a couple before?" She shook her head.

"Another woman, yes one time but not like this..." she said with heart melting tenderness.

"It's ok, we're just going to enjoy ourselves, we'll take things slow..." I followed it this time with a real kiss, strong and passionate, our lips smacking, our breathing matching our excitement. We locked in an embrace, our hands roaming our backs holding each other close. When Mark re-appeared with champagne he cracked a joke and we laughed, breaking the kiss and the tension lifted. Now that we knew it was happening, we could enjoy the tingling thrill of a new lover without rush.

"Let's take our time..." I told Mark as I moved over to kiss him. He nodded. He knew the drill; he had no power in this situation to control the tempo. He would have to be patient.

Mia and I moved to the couch to continue our kiss as Mark looked on, our hands found each other's breasts and our lips explored our necks. My neck felt another mouth on it, Mark moving behind me, unzipping my dress for it to fall off my torso, and then Mark and Mia's mouths finally met over my shoulder.

From there things seemed to click, an unspoken move from body to body, taking turns to stimulate with mouth and fingers. Clothing came off piece by piece until we were naked, finding new places to lick and stroke. Mark's stiffness soon became a focal point, needing our attention; Mia needed only the slightest of invitation before her lips were gliding up and down his shaft. It was to be my mouth that he would cum inside but I made sure that she tasted him on my lips. She responded by asking to taste me as well. I gave her what she wanted, straddling her face as I reached down to use my fingers on her. Her orgasm triggered mine, erupting on her muffled moans.

We were still for a while, letting the sweat cool, listening to the crickets outside. We eventually cleaned up and we offered a place to stay which she declined but was at pains to state she had no regrets. We agreed and called a cab for her, before she left she kissed both of us goodbye and told us to visit again to which we made an empty promise, my instinct to keep things as one special night only, an unwritten rule to avoid complications. But what is a vacation for if not to break rules?


There is always an awkwardness the morning after a third has been introduced to your marital bed, no matter how often it happens. A need to dissect things emotionally and physically, internally and externally. Sometimes you are left satisfied, sometimes you are disappointed and sometimes you are left wanting more. From the moment I woke up I was haunted by her eyes looking up at me as she licked my breasts; there was still much more that I wanted from her.

I never communicated this with Mark, but three nights later, without deciding together we seemed to be drawn back to Mia on our post prandial stroll. She was delighted to see us, squeezing my hand as she kissed both cheeks. Our small talk was brief as she already seemed tipsy. She soon brought up our encounter, telling us it was the sexiest thing she had ever done and how jealous she was of our relationship. She closed the bar early, this time there was no discussion of what would happen, she just got in the cab with us.

She was more confident, hungrier this time, happy to be the first one naked as the three of us stumbled to our bedroom. She pulled my dress off and pushed me onto the bed, smiling as she crawled between my legs, sucking my nipples and kissing down my torso to what she wanted to taste again.

"My husband is going to fuck you tonight," I told her, nodding at Mark as he knelt on the bed to enter her from behind. She groaned on my clit as she felt his length. I held Mia and my husband's gaze as he fucked her. After the intensity grew she pushed fingers inside me, reaching up with another hand to squeeze my breast as I held her face tight against my pussy. Mia was the first domino to fall, I followed shortly after with a high pitched moan filling the room and then Mark withdrew to empty himself on Mia's back. I rewarded her with a deep kiss, the taste of myself thick on her tongue.

We showered together and this time Mia stayed the night in our bed, curled up beside me. She left early in the morning and once again I vowed that it would be the last time, any more and we would be venturing into unknown territory where hazards of the heart lay.


Three days later, she was back. We had gone out for lunch and when we got back she was outside our door sitting on a suitcase, teary-eyed. The apartment where she had been staying had fallen through and she needed a place temporarily. We didn't give it a second thought; our villa was big enough for several more guests and it was the least we could do.

Our intentions had been pure, an earnest gesture to help Mia out without any conditions involved but whether she knew it or not she was such a temptress, and it was difficult for us to ignore such an erotic stimulus. When I caught Mark's gaze following her ass when she cleared the dishes that evening the jealousy arose within me and I asserted my position in our household.

I told her to undress in front of us, she barely flinched at the order, letting her dress drop and pushing her panties down to expose herself. I shifted in my seat and pulled my own dress up over my hips, pulling my underwear aside as an invitation. She understood fully and dropped to her knees, smiling seductively as she crawled in between my legs. Mark could only watch as she pleasured me; perhaps waiting for a sign I wanted him to join but I denied him this night, these were the rules if she were to stay and Mia understood.


She never really looked for another place to stay after that. We were happy to have her, sex aside she was good company, always trying to make us happy. She made us dinner on nights she wasn't working. She would bring us little trinkets back as gifts and personally, Mia and I became close friends. We went shopping together, grabbed lunch or lazed by the pool sharing stories and memories.

Sexually we were going further than even Mark and I had done before, unafraid to explore things that were previously only in the realm of fantasy. She was happy to be used as an object, to take orders, always desperate to please us, to make us feel sexy. She would often just stop mid sentence and stare sadly into space for a second before telling us how incredibly lucky she was to have met us, following it with a kiss and a hug.

We would make love to one another while the odd one out watched. For the first time I watched my husband with another woman with my only involvement being my eyes drinking in their sexuality, Mia straddling his length, her breasts being sucked, her head thrown back. The jealousy was still there but it seemed to bury itself into my crotch making me hungry for more. After they had cum and Mia went to the bathroom I knelt in front of Mark to take him in my mouth, relishing the taste of her on my husband.


Almost two weeks after she had moved in, Mark had gone to town and we were chatting about her future on the couch when the familiar sad gaze returned. She told me how she didn't want to go back to Germany, how she didn't want the summer to end and then with tears welling in her beautiful green eyes she told me she was in love with me.

I kissed her deeply because I felt it too. Perhaps it was the sun or the lake or Italy, but for the first time since I met Mark, I had that nauseating lump in my stomach of needing to be around another person, the sleepless sickness of losing control of your emotions and the gnawing desire of wanting to melt into them.

And so I made love to her, this time just the two of us, no games, just two women that had fallen for each other. We peeled each other's clothes off, our eyes staring deep into the other's, I kissed my way down her torso and began to lick her with a passionate tenderness, taking my time to express my affection for her with every stroke of my tongue.

When the door opened my heart froze; I was cheating on my husband but to hide my infidelity there was no other option but to continue, a sign our lovemaking was still for his titillation and not a stolen moment unintentionally shared. She came shortly after, crying out as her thighs clenched my face, her eyes always on mine. I looked up and smiled at Mark as if it was a planned treat and we both kneeled in front of him for what he wanted.


The following days were spent finding the time to be alone with Mia, she would squeeze my hand discreetly or we would share a kiss in the hallway if Mark wasn't around. We stayed up after he had fallen asleep to spend time in each other's arms. When Mark announced he had to go back to New York for a conference for a couple weeks I had a guilty rush of excitement to finally have Mia to myself.

Something changed once Mark left for the airport, it was as if we were placed in a bubble, devoid of time and consequence. I felt more like a teenager during her first summer romance than a wife in my late thirties. We were rarely apart: we slept together, showered and got ready together, we explored the rest of the lake, often hand in hand as Italians do. We opened up to each other, even more than I had with Mark, confessing my anxieties and darkest thoughts, laying bare my sensitivities.

Our sex was frequent and intense, Mia would always want to go further and do more, experimenting as I had at her age. On the third day we added the most intimate of acts, Mia turning me around in the shower as her mouth made its way down to my ass, her fingers inside me, the cold tiles against my breasts as her tongue toyed with an area I had let few touch before.

The first week was barely over before the thought of Mark returning filled me with melancholy. I was cheating on him, emotionally and physically, and truth be told I wasn't sure I wanted him to come back. But I knew that what I had with Mia was finite, that in the end Mark was my husband; I would be with him and after the summer things would return to normal with time to heal.

The sadness was tangible between us on the night before Mark was due to return. Mia suggested we let loose and hit some of the nightlife spots in town. I wasn't really in the mood but I went along with it as we put the effort into beautifying ourselves for an evening out. We went to a lakeside resort full of the glamourous with cheesy euro disco music blaring; I was already a little tipsy as we had warmed up with some wine at the villa. We fended off suitors at the bar while we got some cocktails and then found a quieter couch overlooking the lake.

Mia soon spotted someone she knew and called her over to join us. She was introduced to me as Haniah, another stunning vacationer up from Milan. I always got awkward when Mia would talk to others in Italian; I could barely pick up anything as they made little effort to slow their conversation down. From what Mia told me in between long bursts of chatter between the two, Haniah was a model unsurprisingly, half-Italian, half-Ghanaian. She was all graceful limbs and slender curves with an intoxicating chocolate complexion.

She was nice to look at but I didn't particularly like her. Perhaps it was the booze but it soon dawned on me that her relationship with Mia was not entirely platonic, at least Haniah didn't want it to be based on the way she she would rub Mia's shoulder or lay a hand on her knee. When she finally acknowledged me, she confidently looked me up and down in a way I was more use to from men and then they burst into laughter while I could only have another sip of my drink.

"She says you have a beautiful body," Mia translated. I smiled curtly and held up my wedding ring in an apologetic way. Haniah tutted, smiling, wagging a finger at me like it didn't matter. She got up to go to the bathroom and Mia wasted no time in gushing over her.

"She's sooo sexy, isn't she?" I nodded, stiffening with familiar jealousy.

"Did you guys ever...?" Mia shook her head and laughed.

"Wow, I wish, no we only met when I was working once before," Good, Haniah was fishing and all I had to do was ward her off. The alcohol made me get up and tackle the problem head on while she was still in the bathroom; I found her freshening up in front of a mirror.

"Mia is mine," it was meant to sound threatening but I realized how silly it might sound to an Italian and it came out as a question. Haniah swivelled and smiled as if she practiced every motion. She stepped closer to me and put a manicured finger under my chin like an adult does to a child to make sure they look them in the eye.

"If I like, I take," her heavily accented English came out in a whisper as her other hand, roughly reached around me to squeeze my ass. I was supposed to push her hand away and march off but I didn't, I only froze and allowed her to treat me like a piece of meat, half hoping she might do more. I came in to assert control but I had failed and was being reminded of my place.

She went back to the mirror and snapped her clutch shut. Taking me by the hand, she led me out and back to Mia. She bent over her and said something in Italian before placing a hand on her cheek and and giving her a sensuous kiss on the lips, I was struck by the sensation of falling as I watched, Mia smiling in surprised delight after they broke. They said their goodbyes and Haniah walked past me with a grin, her exhibition complete.

We were too drunk for sex when we got back home, instead holding each other in bed as we drifted off to sleep. Mia went before me, the sensation of falling still with me, not knowing where to land.


The days after Mark returned felt strained between the three of us. Mark was always with me again and I was short with him as my frustration grew that I couldn't spend more time with Mia alone. I would feign tiredness, spend time in my room so I could clear my head of my emotions.

Although I hated myself for it, I also was becoming very needy of Mia's attention; the incident with Haniah gave me glimpse into her finding someone new. I sought a knowing look or a smile from her whenever I got the chance, needing confirmation that our affair hadn't died with Mark's return. She was elusive, taking more nights at the bar which churned my jealous daydreams, visions of Haniah visiting her at work.

The three of us finally found time for sex after almost a week, a lazy Saturday afternoon where after a swim our towels slipped off and Mia took her chance to crawl on top of me and kiss me. After weeks we had found our favorite routine, Mia on top either kissing me or letting me suckle on her breasts; it was just a matter of time before Mark would enter her from behind, her face creasing with pleasure. I would whisper to her as I pinched her nipples, ask her how much she loved my husband inside her as my hand would creep down her stomach to rub her clit.

This time I simply cradled her cheeks and repeated how much I loved her under my breath, staring into those green eyes as she began to pant and rock through my husbands thrusts. Through gasps, she mercifully responded and said she loved me too, seemingly triggering her orgasm, her words replaced with a high pitched shriek of her climax.

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