tagLoving WivesA Wife's Valentine

A Wife's Valentine


My name is Deborah, but everyone calls me Debbie. I've been married to my husband Brad going on 11 years. While I do love Brad with all my heart and consider him to be my soulmate, our marriage ran into a slump, especially where our sex life was concerned. Our lovemaking became more and more infrequent, and those few times when we did make love it was strictly missionary, in and out, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. It was over almost as fast as it begun. To say that we needed a change in our marriage, especially in the boudoir, would've been an understatement. Then she came into the picture.

Our next door neighbors, also a married couple, had an 18-year-old daughter named Terri. Terri was cute as a button, but she was precocious as hell. She would come over quite often and we would talk and talk. Sometimes she would be over when Brad came home from work. He would always act like a shy teenaged boy whenever he saw her as he would stutter and stammer and his face would turn all red when she said "hi" to him. He tried to hide it, but I knew he always got a huge boner every time he laid eyes on her. I thought it was kind of funny the way he would fumble all over himself as Terri flirted with him. I guess it made him feel young again to have an 18-year-old girl fawning all over him like Terri did. Of course, I knew Terri was just teasing him, which was something she seemed to be quite good at, and Brad just ate it up. I didn't really mind Terri flirting with my husband since it always seemed to put him in good spirits for a while after she left. I just wished I turned him on the same way Terri did.

It was coming up on Valentine's Day. To be honest, I was kind of dreading it this year. Nothing reminded me more of the awful slump our marriage was in than damned Valentine's Day. Brad would always bring home a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, and I would always feign loving appreciation for his gifts and give him a routine peck on the cheek. That became a typical Valentine's Day for us. Nothing more, nothing less. But the more I thought about it the more I was determined to make this Valentine's Day different and more special than any Valentine's Day Brad and I had ever shared during our marriage. The question was how I would go about accomplishing this task.

As lucky fate would have it, Terri came over on Valentine's Day just right before Brad came home from work. I was kind of surprised when she did come over, figuring that someone with her, let's say, charm would have a date planned for that evening. When I asked her about that, though, she shot back at me that she had just broken up with her boyfriend after catching him with her best friend, literally, in the back of his van. I decided that it might be best if we dropped the subject and talk about something else. We were chatting away how we always did whenever she came over when Brad walked in the door, carrying a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. Big surprise, huh? But Brad quickly forgot about giving me the flowers and candy or that I was even in the house the second he saw Terri sitting at the dining room table with me.

"Uh, hi, Terri," he stammered at her, standing in the doorway. "What are you doing here?"

Terri and I gave each other glances then we looked back at him and said to him almost at the same time, "Don't ask!"

Terri became giggly, which I think turned Brad on even more than what he already was. I glanced down at his crotch and saw the beginnings of a boner forming in his pants. I knew Terri saw it, too, which may have explained the big goofy grin on her face. Brad's face was turning a bright red, which, of course, may have explained the beeline he made for the kitchen, his walk a little more crooked than usual. While Brad was stumbling around in the kitchen trying to calm himself down, I leaned my head in closer to Terri and asked her only half-jokingly, "Would you like to fuck my husband, Terri?"

Terri gazed at me like I was out of my flipping mind. Well, maybe I was, but I started thinking that this young girl may be the spark that would ignite some fire and passion back into my stale marriage.

"Oh, come on," I said, coaxing her. "You know you want to do it."

Terri looked at me like I was joking, but, like I said, I don't think I was. Remember, I said I wanted to do something "special" for my husband on this Valentine's Day, and this might be it. Lord knows I was fresh out of any other ideas! When Terri saw that maybe I wasn't joking, it only took her a moment to ponder what I told her about wanting to fuck my husband.

"All right," she finally told me, patting her hand down on the table. "I'm calling your bluff."

With that, she got up from the table and went into the kitchen where Brad was at, still trying to calm himself down, I'm sure. The dining room was adjacent to the kitchen, so I was able to see and hear everything. My heart beat a little faster in my chest as I watched Terri step into the kitchen so she could seduce my husband. He had his back to her, so he didn't see her walking into the kitchen.

"Hello, Mr. Robinson," Terri cooed at him.

Brad swung around and gazed at her, a startled look on his face. From where I was sitting, I could plainly see Brad's erection sticking out of his trousers. Terri's eyes panned down to his crotch and smiled lustfully at the bulge between his legs. Her eyes locked with his again as she started her seduction.

"M-may I help you with something, Terri?" Brad sputtered at her. Whenever Brad gets nervous or excited, he has trouble speaking and starts stuttering. I almost felt sorry for him as he tried to speak straightly to his young girl standing only a couple of feet away from him. Almost. "W-would you like something to drink?"

"Why, yes, Mr. Robinson," Terri replied enthusiastically, smiling broadly and seductively at him. "I would like that very much."

Brad started walking towards the refrigerator, not knowing that Terri was walking close behind him. "What kind of drink would you like?"

He stopped to turn around and was again surprised to see Terri standing close to him; so close, in fact, that she was nearly touching him.

"This is the kind of drink I want," Terri said to my husband, slapping her hand right on his crotch and massaging his fully-grown bulge. She was rubbing his protruding crotch as she leaned her head forward and said precociously to him, "I want to suck your cock until your eyes roll back in your head and drink your delicious come. I want to fuck the shit out of you until you can't walk any longer while your wife watches us." She leaned in closer. "Who knows? Maybe we'll even let her join in!" She was speaking in a tone so low I almost didn't catch what she said. Almost.

Terri looked over her shoulder at me to see my reaction to her feeling up my husband. I lifted my skirt and was massaging my pussy over my damp panties I was so turned on watching this young girl running her hand over my husband's groin. She smiled at me just as seductively as she smiled at Brad and winked at me and went back to tormenting my hubby. Brad put his hand on top of hers and tried to make her stop.

"P-please," I heard him beg her, "please stop doing this. My wife--"

She tightened her grip around his crotch and put her head right next to his ear. "Is the one who put me up to this," she said, finishing his sentence for him.

Brad glanced over at me, and I nodded my head. He looked back at Terri and removed his hand. The moment his hand was away, Terri quickly unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees along with his boxers. Terri jumped back a little when his boner flew out the top of his boxers like a snake getting ready to strike. She cradled his balls in one hand and slowly ran her other hand over the shaft of his prick, the lustful gleam in her eyes indicating that she was quite impressed with the size of my husband's dong. I, too, was impressed with how big and hard Brad had gotten from being fondled by this young girl. I can't remember the last time he'd gotten that hard for me! But, I've got to admit, watching that teenaged sexpot manhandling my husband the way she was doing was making me hotter than a firecracker! Terri dropped to her knees in front of Brad and grabbed his bobbing erection with both hands. She looked up at him and gave him this lusty gaze for a brief moment before taking his huge cock deep into her mouth and started blowing him like a kazoo. I just had to get a closer look at the action, so I got up from the dining room table and walked briskly into the kitchen where Terri was blowing my husband like there was no tomorrow! I got right behind Terri and got on my knees just as she was. I sat there mesmerized at how exuberantly Terri was sucking off my husband. I tell you what, that girl may have been only eighteen, but she could sure suck a mean dick! She was able to suck Brad's prick into her dainty little mouth all the way down to its base. That was certainly more than I could ever take in! Brad was also appreciating her cocksucking capabilities as he gripped the kitchen counter with both hands so hard his knuckles almost turned white. While she kept blowing my husband, before I was even aware of what I was doing, I unbottoned and pulled down the tight blue jeans Terri was wearing and ripped off her panties. I held her torn, wet panties up to my face and took in a big whiff. I had no idea how good a woman could smell! I laid her panties down on the floor and did something I never thought I'd ever do as I shoved two of my fingers into Terri's tight asshole and reached around with my other hand and rubbed my thumb rapidly over her hard-as-nails clit. Terri squealed with Brad's cock still buried deep in her mouth while I simultaneously finger-fucked her young asshole and thumbed her pointy clit. Terri returned the favor by reaching behind her with one hand while keeping her other hand wrapped tightly around Brad's dick and shoved her hand under my skirt and grabbed the crotch of my sopping wet panties and running her fingers up and down over my pussy. Soon the kitchen filled with the sounds of our passionate moaning as all three of us were either feeling up, sucking on or being sucked off by one another. Brad was the first one of us to come as he shot the thickest, whitest load I had ever seen him shoot all over Terri's pretty face. Terri and I were the next ones to come, first Terri, then myself. We took our hands away from each other's privates and kissed each other full on the lips. I licked off my husband's dripping love juice from Terri's face. When we had all calmed down, I suggested to Terri and Brad, "Why don't we all go to the bedroom and have some real fun?"

Before either Terri or Brad had a chance to respond to my kinky suggestion, I grabbed Terri by the hand and almost dragged her to our bedroom towards the back of the house. Brad had pulled up his pants and followed us in there where he walked in on us undressing one another. We were already naked by the time Brad's shock wore off enough for him to start undressing himself. Brad practically tore off his clothes he was so eager--and so horny!--to live out his fantasy of having a menage a trois with me and another younger woman. There was just one problem: his dick was limp. He tried to jack himself off back to erection, but it was no use. Terri's superb blowjob had apparently taken a lot out of him. But leave it to young Terri to save the day!

Terri took Brad by his hand and led him next to the bed. She made him turn around and bend over in front of us. She then grabbed me by my hand and made me get on my knees with her behind my husband. Brad had his hands on his knees looking back at us wondering what in the world we were about to do to him, I'm sure. Terri, without saying a word, stuck out her tongue and planted it firmly right on Brad's hairy asshole. His head jerked up and he grunted as Terri pushed in her tongue right into his asshole! She cocked an eye in my direction, and I knew what she wanted me to do without her having to come right out and say it. I stuck out my own tongue and put it alongside hers. I followed her lead and pushed my tongue into my husband's asshole, which was something else I'd never done before. Brad's bunghole had a distinctly unique flavor to it, kind of a bittersweet taste, and the taste and the aroma got even stronger the further Terri and I pushed in our tongues. Brad's grunts became louder and more intense the deeper our tongues went into his colon. Finally we had shoved our tongues all the way into his ass until our lips were touching his hairy butt cheeks. I could actually feel the tip of my tongue touching my husband's prostate! Both Terri and I ran the tips of our tongues back and forth over his prostate. I instantly saw why Terri had wanted us to do this to him as his previously limp dick immediately got rock-hard again, harder than before even when Terri was sucking him off. I'd heard or read somewhere how a man's G-spot was in his ass, but I didn't really believe it; that is, until I saw it for myself!

I took my tongue out of Brad's ass once he'd gotten hard again and sat on the edge of the bed right in front of him. With Terri still rimming the hell out of him, I wrapped my hand around his schlong and gave my husband the most enthusiastic blowjob I had ever given him during our marriage. While I was still blowing my husband, Terri also took her tongue out of Brad's ass and crawled on her hands and knees under him toward me. I spread my legs apart, and she planted her mouth right smack dab on my pussy. I felt a jolt of incredible pleasure go through me the second I felt that young girl's lips slap on my clam. I took my mouth off my husband's prong and jacked him off as I looked down and watched Terri eating out my pussy. I never had my pussy eaten by another woman before--and vice versa--so this was something new for me. I looked up at Brad to see him drooling as he watched Terri lapping wildly at my quim with her mouth and tongue, which was, probably needless to say, another fantasy of his to see me get my pussy licked and sucked on by another, preferably younger, woman (and vice versa!). It turned him on so much that he got down on his knees behind Terri and mounted her from behind. He fucked her doggy-style while she kept eating out my hot cunt. Every time he slammed his prick into Terri her face would slam that much deeper into me. Not only was Terri an excellent cocksucker, she also knew how to lick a pussy! I writhed and panted like a dog in heat the more I felt her tongue slithering around inside my box like a snake. Brad seemed to be enjoying himself, too, as he rammed his enormous cock in and out of Terri's dripping twat. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to pull himself out of her right before he had a chance to come. I guess he, like me, wanted to make this last as long as possible and probably didn't think he would have the strength to get it up a third time. So he backed off to let himself cool down until he got his second wind. The second he'd gotten said wind, he got up off the bedroom floor and laid down on top of the bed on his back, pointing his still-erect cock in the air. Brad didn't have to say a word to either of us to know what he wanted as both Terri and I already seemed to know what to do. We got up ourselves and joined him on the bed. Terri and I were facing each other as we crawled on top of Brad. I sat on Brad's face while Terri straddled his throbbing cock. Brad ate out my pussy and fucked the bejesus out of Terri at the same time. Being inside an 18-year-old girl again must've felt extraordinary to him judging by the way he was driving his rod in her to the hilt, lifting her up several inches off the bed with each thrust. It turns out I was paying more attention to my husband fucking the living shit out of this girl than the suck job he was giving me. Not that he was sucking my pussy badly, mind you, but I was really mesmerized watching my husband fuck another woman for the first time since we got married (not counting the ones he's probably fucked behind my back, of course!).

Terri did something totally unexpected as she suddenly got off Brad's dick and sat on her legs right below his shriveled balls. She grabbed his cock and started rubbing it over her asshole. My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when I saw her sit down on my husband's prick until his schlong disappeared into her colon. She leaned backwards and held on to the bedpost at the foot of the bed with both hands and rode his cock like she was riding a bucking bronco. She was fucking herself so hard and so fast on my husband's cock that I thought it was going to break off inside of her ass! I lowered myself down and, with my husband's mouth still wrapped around my clam and his dick still imbedded in Terri's ass, started eating out Terri's hot little cunt that was dripping with her juice. Like I pointed out previously, I'd never eaten out another woman before. Her pussy, I must say, had a distinctive flavor and aroma to it, sort of like Brad's asshole had (but, of course, totally different!). With Terri thrusting her sweet ass up and down on my hubby's prong and with me munching on her sweet pussy, it didn't take long for Brad's balls to recede all the way into his body then all of a sudden he took his mouth away from my flaming beaver and yelled out, "Oh, girls! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

With those words, Terri quickly got off his schlong and started beating him off furiously. We both held our faces over the swollen purple head of his cock and he ended up spraying our faces with the heaviest stream of spunk I had ever seen my husband shoot, and that included the wad he shot earlier in the kitchen! Wads and wads of his beautiful sperm shot out of his dickhole and flew into the air where it landed in our hair and on our faces. Brad's entire body jerked and spasmed as he had what must've been the most earth-shattering orgasm he'd ever had in his life! As Brad was starting to calm down a little, Terri and I were kissing each other fully on the lips and licking our faces clean like we were a couple of cats of my husband's thick, salty splooge. Terri licked off the final traces of Brad's hot come off her face and fingers before getting out of bed entirely. I laid down next to my sweating, heaving husband while Terri put on her clothes, sans panties which were still lying on the kitchen floor! She looked at us as we looked at her, blew us a kiss and said those magical three words:

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Brad and I both smiled at her and watched her walk out of our bedroom and out of our house, only to return again and again . . .

And again!

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