tagRomanceA Wild Birthday Month Ch. 05

A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 05


The Finale

DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is purely fictional. Any possible similarities between the characters and events with people in real life are purely coincidental.


This story doesn't begin on a Tuesday the way the others did. No walk to have lunch with my wealthy friend Robert. No moment of sharing a smile with his beautiful assistant Jacqueline.

No, today is actually Friday. I took the day off and have been cleaning up my house and getting things ready for a romantic evening. It's actually been a month now since my birthday, and things have changed for the better.

After my exhausting romp with four "nurses", I went to dinner with Jacqueline at that French bistro. We had a lovely dinner and talked for two more hours after that over a bottle of wine. Our second date was more typical...a movie. A new period piece drama was mentioned in the first date, so we made plans to go see it. Afterwards we ended up having drinks and talking late into the night, topped off by a short, but sweet goodnight kiss.

The third date is when the heat turned up. I scored two tickets to the theater for a big stage production show. Jacqueline looked stunning in one of her "little black dresses" with heels and a nice shawl. We saw the show and took a romantic walk in the park. A look into each others eyes turned into a kiss, then a deeper kiss, then making out under the moonlight.

Strangely enough...that night didn't end with us going to one of our respective homes and tearing each others clothes off. When we left the downtown area after our steamy makeout session in the park, Jacqueline asked me to just take her home, stating she was very tired and needed sleep. Now I could have thought she went cold and lost interest, but she did have a hard time getting herself to leave my car when we kissed goodnight.

Thankfully though, interest wasn't lost. She wanted to see me again, and thus I had suggested a more low-key night with a candlelit dinner at my place and she quickly accepted my invite. I did have hopes this night would be the moment we go all the way, but I'm a patient man and would wait for Jacqui.

So that leads us to today. I had taken the day off to prepare everything. I went to the market and picked up a beautiful fillet of salmon, some fresh asparagus, and a tantalizing dessert. Also picked up some white wine and the fixings for the martinis I kept seeing Jacqui order on our previous dates.

The rest of the day was spent getting the place together. It was also the time to clean my house of the remnants of my wild birthday month. I had tossed out the thongs Sarah and Elena left me, as well as a nurse's hat I found under the bed, and a half-used bottle of lube Zhanna probably left. With Ashley's box of condoms, I didn't want them going to waste, so I put six in my bedside table and hid the rest deep in my closet.

Six PM and I was all set. The asparagus was steamed and seasoned, the salmon ready for broiling, and the wine chilled. I was showered, dressed, and even a little nervous for Jacqueline's arrival...maybe more giddy. I was also happy it had been almost a month since my birthday...thus giving my body and especially genitals time to rest and recuperate.

6:30 and the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find my lovely lady awaiting me with a smile. She looked good, dressed in fitted jeans with a sexy top, her hair hanging long and silky, eyes that I could get lost in.

Jacqueline: "Hey handsome."

David: "Hey sweetie...come in. Welcome to my home."

I let Jacqui in as she took a moment to look around in awe.

Jacqueline: "Wow...this place is huge!"

It did seem big for just one person, but she knew my story about my past, my divorce...so a single divorced guy in a big house isn't all that abnormal. I noticed Jacqui was carrying a garment bag and a larger bag with it.

David: "Whoah...moving in already?"

Jacqueline (giggling): "No silly...unlike you I did have to work today. This is just my work clothes and some stuff to get ready for now. Can we stash these somewhere?"

David: "Of course. Here, let me."

I took her bags and placed them in the coat closet by the front door. Jacqueline then immediately proceeded to jump into my arms and kiss me deeply.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmmm...I missed you."

David: "I missed you too. Can I offer a lady a martini?"

After fixing us a few drinks, I gave Jacqui the nickel tour of the house. I showed her the downstairs, then upstairs. The guest room, then my home office before the master bedroom I hoped we would end up in.

Jacqueline was admiring my home office and a painting I had on the wall from a local artist she apparently knew. Small world. She passed over my desk and suddenly picked up what looked like a business card.

Jacqueline: "High Class Personnel – Finding the right fit for your needs"

Oh crap. That's the business card Zhanna left me when she kept trying to "sell" me on having her back. I tossed it on my desk and forgot about it last month. I grew a little nervous.

Jacqueline: "This is that service Robert uses to send high-priced escorts to clients. What are you doing with this?"

Before I could even answer, Jacqui's face went from bewildered to a mixed state of shock and upset.

Jacqueline: "Ohmygawd...you're that 'very important client' Robert was sending hookers to all last month???"

David: "Well I..."

Again, before I could formulate an answer, Jacqueline cut me off. She set her drink on my desk.

Jacqueline: "I'm out of here. I can't believe I fell in with another one. I thought you were different David."

David: "Jacqui wait..."

Jacqueline then headed into the hallway. I tried to grab her arm when she forcefully pulled it away.

Jacqueline: "DON'T TOUCH ME! What was your plan David? Get me into bed like those hookers? Another notch on your bedpost?"

That was the point when I had enough. I then stopped Jacqueline from leaving, holding her arms so I could get a word in.


Jacqueline: "Calm down? Fine. Just tell me the truth, were you this 'special client' Robert was sending women to all last month?"

David: "I'll tell you the truth, then I want you to hear me out rather than rush off on conclusions. Hear me out and then you're free to walk out of here and never see me again."

I gently released Jacqueline's arms and she took a step back. I calmed my voice and let loose.

David: "The truth is...yes, I was the person Robert had been sending escorts to over the course of a month. My birthday was late last month and Robert surprised me with all this."

Jacqueline: "And that's supposed to make me understand?"

David: "You know, I'm not going to apologize for having a past before we started dating. You know my story. I've spent so long trying to please everyone in my life and I ended up finding the person I was supposed to trust running around behind my back. You also know this reality from your own exes."

Jacqueline crossed her arms and looked down as I continued.

David: "Geez Jacqui. I could sit here and try to somehow paint all this in some way that makes you not believe whatever you think of me, but you know I'm not some pervert or player. The truth is that experience broke me out of a shell I've been trapped in ever since my ex betrayed me. You've seen it. I suddenly dress differently, gained a backbone, even broke down and asked you out when all I could do was share small talk before escaping into Robert's office."

"If I only saw you as some lay, I would have been trying to get you drunk that first night. I would have been driving some fancy car or doing the usual douchey things that I'm sure past men in your life have done."

"I won't lie. Sex with those girls was fun to an extent, but I would have given them all up to be with you. To have that lovely evening at Bordeaux. The intelligent conversation after the movie we saw. The show and that romantic walk through the park we had."

Jacqueline: "You're just saying that because I'm here."

David: "Jacqui, have I betrayed you?"

Jacqueline: "It's not the..."

David: "Have I betrayed you?"

Jacqueline stood there for a moment in silence before answering.

Jacqueline: "No. You didn't."

David: "I would not have gone through all this to just have sex. The real truth is...I love you. I've felt strongly for you the moment I first met you months ago. We could look at this past experience as me banging hired women...or the nudge that finally pushed me to take a chance and make us more than just idle chit-chat."

"You know in your heart I'm not a pervert or player. You know I'll never hurt you the way your exes have."

Jacqueline stood there for a moment. I guess I must have said something right because she didn't immediately leave. She was looking down, and I could see her lips trembling a little.

Before I knew it, she jumped into my arms again, kissing me deeply, holding me tight. We kissed for a few moments before she buried her head into my chest, my arms holding her.

Jacqueline: "I'm so sorry. You probably think I'm some crazy..."

David: "Shhhh...don't worry about it. In all honesty I can't blame you for getting upset at first."

She then looked into my eyes and said something I'll never forget.

Jacqueline: "I love you too David."

We kissed again...long and deep. I felt like time had stopped. I felt like a warrior who fought the good fight and won. I didn't back down, and was holding the love of my life in my arms.

Jacqueline then broke our kiss and said something else that I had waited eagerly to hear since I started dating her.

Jacqueline: "Make love to me...now."

With one arm around Jacqui's body, I took my other hand and cupped her cheek, bringing her lips to mine again. We kissed deeply, our tongues intertwined in a rite of passion. With my back to the master bedroom, I slowly began to pull Jacqueline towards the doorway. She was already unbuttoning my shirt.

Just as we entered the bedroom, she broke our kiss and opened my shirt up, exposing my chest. Jacqui then lowered her head and began to plant kisses on my skin. Her lips felt soft, warm, and wet with every kiss she planted on my chest.

I slid my hands down to her waist and grabbed the end of her top, gently lifting it as she raised her arms to allow me to remove it. What I was presented with was a beautiful pair of breasts encased in a black lacey bra. If I had to guess I'd say Jacqueline was a full C cup. Tossing her top aside, I lowered my head and began to plant kisses and nibble on her neck.

My arms wrapped around her body, feeling her smooth skin as she breathed more deeply to my lips ravishing her sensitive neck. I caressed her back as my hands made their way over her bubbly heart-shaped ass and around the front to unbutton her jeans. She followed suit undoing my belt and opening my jeans as well. I fully opened her jeans and pulled them down, still planting kisses on her stomach as I revealed a pair of panties matching her bra. She let my own jeans fall to my feet, leaving me only in socks and my boxer-briefs.

With both of us still standing, Jacqueline and I brought our lips back together into a deep kiss. I felt her hands caressing my sides moving down to feel my manhood, already at full hardness. I felt her stroking my hardness through my underwear as we continued to kiss.

After a minute or two, Jacqueline broke our kiss and sensuously made her way to my bed, sitting her beautiful butt on it with an inviting smile on her face. I kicked off my jeans and removed my socks before joining my lovely lady on the bed.

I laid Jacqui back and went back to work on her neck with my lips, caressing every contour with kisses. My hands slid around her back and began undoing her bra. One clasp at a time before Jacqui felt her gorgeous tits free of their confines. She moved her arms to more easily remove said bra.

For a very long time, I had wondered what Jacqueline's breasts would look like, and I was not disappointed. All those workouts and good health did her body good. Her skin was soft, but you could feel her muscle tone. Her breasts were natural and nicely sized, but not huge like Sarah or Elena's. I went back down to kissing her chest and finally laying some attention to her swollen nipples with my tongue and lips.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmm that feels so good David."

I spent some time caressing her upper body with my hands, massaging her tits, and kissing her skin before moving down to gently and slowly slide those panties down her smooth legs. Jacqui raised her legs up a bit to allow me to remove her panties, now leaving her completely naked on my bed.

Crawling back up on top of her, I brought my lips to hers again. She wrapped her arms and legs around my body and made out with me, feeling my hardness pressing on her through my underwear. I felt Jacqueline slide her hands down and attempt to push my boxer-briefs down, trying to remove them. I lifted my body a little and helped her remove them, leaving me as naked as her.

We made out and caressed each other for a few more minutes before I could feel Jacqui move herself to show she wanted my hardness in her hot wet pussy. Wanting to be safe and respectful to her, I broke our kiss to do one last-minute preparation.

David: "Hold on a second."

I started to crawl off Jacqueline towards my nightstand. She stopped me though and held me.

Jacqueline: "Where are you going?"

David: "I was going to get a condom."

Jacqueline: "No. Don't."

David: "No? Are you sure?"

Jacqueline (smiling): "Last week more than anything I wanted to drag you up to my apartment and make love to you all night, but..."

David: "But?"

Jacqueline: "But my period decided to come in full swing earlier that day. Now that it's over, I want tonight to be extra special. I want you to cum in me and for us to feel every sensation without the rubber."

David: "Are you sure on that?"

Jacqueline: "Yeah. I'll get on the pill next week, but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine tonight. You didn't catch anything from those girls did you?"

David: "No. They were all pretty strict on using condoms."

Jacqueline: "Great...now put your hard cock in me now before I change my mind."

I kissed Jacqueline again as I felt her hands guide my hard cock to her moist opening. Slowly I inserted my manhood into her. Jacqui broke our kiss and let out a gasp as I entered her, continuing into a low moan as I slowly pushed inch by inch into her until I was at the hilt.

Wow did she feel great. I haven't fucked a woman without a condom since my ex-wife, but Jacqui's pussy felt even better in my opinion. My hard cock felt as if it was enveloped in warm, wet silk. She stared into my eyes.

Jacqueline: "I love you David."

David: "I love you too Jacqui."

We laid there for a moment with me deep inside her. I could feel her vaginal muscles flex and squeeze on my manhood as I nibbled on Jacqui's neck. She hooked her legs around my thighs and held me in her arms. Her eyes closed...lost in the moment.

Holding my beautiful woman, I began to slowly grind my pelvis on her clit, my cock moving around inside her. Jacqui's breathing became deeper and more vocal. I could feel her fingernails lightly pressing on my back as I slowly increased the pressure in my grinding.

Jacqueline: "Ohmygawd David, that feels so wonderful. I want you to fuck me. Cum in me. Make love to me all night long."

I needed no further encouragement as I began to pick up my pace a little bit. I would move in a medium speed, sliding my hardness out and then back in, grinding my body on Jacqui's sensitive clit with every motion. I could feel her fingernails digging deeper into my skin as her pussy squeezed my cock harder.

After a few minutes, I pushed my cock back into her all the way, going back to just grinding. I moved my face down a bit, taking her left nipple into my mouth, sucking on her tit and hearing her gasp.

Jacqueline: "OH! Keep doing that and you'll make me cum! Fuck me David. Cum inside me. I want to feel your heat in my pussy as I cum."

Increasing the pace, I went back to pushing my hardness in and out of Jacqui as she held me tight and moaned louder. I was feeling my own orgasm swelling up inside me. My body was tingling with excitement and energy as I pushed in and out of my beautiful Jacqueline.

David: "You feel so amazing Jacqui."

Jacqueline: "Oh! Oh! Oh! Don't stop David! Fuck me...cum for me!"

My pelvis was now pistoning in and out of Jacqueline's hot wet pussy as my cock began to swell and grow bigger. I felt it was going to happen and I pushed myself deep inside Jacqui, rubbing my pelvis on her as I drove myself over the edge.

Jacqueline: "Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OHHH! UHHH!! Oh fuck! I'm cuming! Don't stop! OH!"


My whole body tensed up as my cock shot load after load of hot semen into my beautiful Jacqueline. I continued to grind as Jacqui climaxed, screaming loudly. I felt like time stopped and this moment could last forever. Not to just praise my now girlfriend, but this felt better than any of the sex I had over those four weeks.

With our respective climaxes coming down, I laid there on top of Jacqui. Both of us breathing hard as if we ran a sprint, holding each other close. Sweat glistened on our skin as Jacqui caressed my back with her hands, my cock still deep inside her and her legs not letting me go free.

After a minute or two, I looked Jacqueline in the eyes before giving her another passionate kiss. We made out for a few minutes as my cock softened and slipped out of Jacqui's cum-filled pussy.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmm...that was wonderful."

David: "You were amazing."

I rolled off Jacqueline and onto my back as she rolled on to her side. Curling up next to me with her head on my chest. I caressed her back and ran my hand through her hair.

Jacqueline: "Do you mean that? Were those other girls any good?"

David: "I dunno. I won't say they were terrible. After a long dry spell, having sex did feel good...but..."

Jacqueline: "But?"

David: "It was just...empty. They all seemed sweet, friendly, and fun, but they were paid by Robert to be there. It felt more like watching a porn film. Just going through the motions."

I looked at Jacqui in the eyes.

David: "With you I get to make love to you not only with my cock, but with my mind, heart, and soul. It was something way more deeper than what those girls could ever give."

Jacqueline smiled.

"I'll also tell you this...and it'll probably sound royally creepy. The first two weeks were fun, again because I had been in a long dry spell. However, after that it just didn't seem exciting anymore. At several points I honestly had trouble getting aroused with these women. Then you would pop into my head and my heart would be on fire."

Jacqueline (giggling): "You're right...that is pretty creepy, but under these circumstances it's also quite flattering that I could turn you on like that."

Jacqui slithered up to kiss me again. Our tongues dancing together. After a few moments we broke said kiss.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmm...I'd love more than anything to get you hard again and ride you all night, but we have a problem."

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