A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 05


David: "Oh?"

Jacqueline (giggling): "I'm hungry. Is dinner still on?"

David: "Of course!"

My grand plans for a candlelit dinner at my dining room table were tossed away as we instead opted for a more casual, naked dinner in the living room. I fired up the broiler to cook the salmon and heated up the asparagus in the microwave. Jacqueline lit candles in the living room as I got a fire going in the fireplace.

Eating naked with a gorgeous woman is a trip. I suggest you all try it if you have the chance.

After dinner, we decided to put on a movie and cuddle naked on the couch. I don't remember much of the movie though, as things started off with me sitting and Jacqui cuddled next to me. Caressing lead to an occasional kiss, then making out, and finally Jacqui pulling me to the floor in front of the fireplace.

Jacqueline: "Lay down mister...it's my turn."

Jacqueline threw a leg over my body, straddling me as she took my now hard cock and placed it at her opening before slowly sinking down. With her beautiful ass on my thighs, she placed her hands on my chest and first began to lightly grind her clit on my body, letting my hardness root around inside her.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmmmm..."

She let out a purr as she began to slowly raise her body and lower it on my hardness. This moment didn't seem like the typical "riding" I experienced with the likes of these other girls. It more felt like some scene in a "Skinemax" film. Sensual and sexual.

Jacqueline threw her head back, eyes closed, moaning and breathing heavily as she raised and lowered herself on me, grinding her clit on my body with each time she came down. She was lost in this moment, feeling the warmth of the nearby fire, my hardness stretching her, my hands caressing her thighs.

She then fell forward, placing her hands on either side of my head, smiling and staring into my eyes as she continued to sensually ride me. I smiled and slid my hands up her thighs, over her sides, and cupped her beautiful tits...massaging them in my hands and playing with her nipples with my thumbs.

Jacqueline: "Ohhhhh...."

This only inspired Jacqui further as she picked up the pace. I felt her gorgeous ass plop down on my thighs as she continued to ride me up and down. I kept gently massaging her breasts until she placed her hands on top of mine...grabbing my wrists.

Jacqui then pulled my hands away and came forward, sliding my hands around to her butt. She brought her lips to mine, her hair all around my head, kissing me as she ground herself on my body. She whispered in my ear.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmm...I could just ride you all night long."

Hold her butt, I helped her move back and forth on me as I could feel her body tensing up...another orgasm coming on. I held her body on mine as she continued to rub herself towards climax.

Jacqueline: "Mmph...mmph...oh...Oh...Oh...I'm gonna cum again baby."

She was so hot and felt like my cock was inside a furnace with her. She laid on top of me, grinding and fucking me relentlessly until she finally let loose.

Jacqueline: "Mmph...fuck...OH...gawd...yeah..."

I felt a stream of juices soak my pelvic area as she came for me a second time tonight. Breathing heavy, Jacqui continued to grind on me as her climax rampaged through her. When it seemed finished, she sat up and kept grinding on me with a sexy smile.

Jacqueline: "We're not done yet handsome. I still want more of your cum in me."

On that note, she leaned back and put her hands on my thighs, then started to ride me a little faster. I could tell this was merely about pushing me over the edge, and my goddess was making that happen very easily.

I felt Jacqui's ass slam on me as she put her hands on my chest and kept fucking me over and over. My balls tightened as I could feel another load ready to fire.

David: "Oh Jacqui, I'm going to cum again for you baby."

Jacqui had a devilish smile as she tossed her hair back and picked up her pace even more until I finally let loose. I let out a grunt and a moan as my cock fired another load of sperm into her hungry pussy. She moaned and kept bouncing until I finally was finished. then collapsed on top of me.

I don't remember much after that. Somehow the two of us made our way upstairs and into the bed. I woke up the next morning lying there on my back with my beautiful Jacqui curled up next to me. I smiled and laid there, lighting caressing her hair. About ten minutes later Jacqueline awoke.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmm...good morning."

David: "Good morning."

We laid there and snuggled for a while, sharing some pillow talk that didn't involve mentions of my wild birthday month. I was hoping that Jacqui wasn't feeling insecure about it all. I meant what I said. Sex with her is on a whole other level than the sex with those escorts.

With the morning fully underway, I excused myself to fix my lovely lady coffee and breakfast in bed. It felt like every fantasy I had of Jacqui was coming true, or sort of true. A beautiful naked girl having breakfast in bed with you is a wonderful fantasy for any man.

David: "So what's your story today?"

Jacqueline: "I didn't make any plans to do anything, other than stay here with you."

David: "Funny...that sounds like how I planned my Saturday."

Jacqueline: "That hot tub of yours is looking very inviting. Maybe we could take a long soak together."

Unfortunately...reality struck as my smartphone beeped. I picked up the phone and found a text from my boss.

David: "Shit."

Jacqueline: "What's wrong?"

David: "It's my boss. He's in Atlanta this weekend to make a presentation to a potential client. He wants me to change some figures on the Excel spreadsheet, re-amortize the numbers, and send it back soon."

Jacqueline: "Do you want me to go?"

David: "Go? No way! I'd rather spend the whole weekend with you before the reality of our jobs sets back in. Tell you what. This will only take me around two hours to take care of. Why don't I set up the hot tub for you and you take a nice, long soak. After that, I'm all yours."

Jacqueline: "Mmmmm...sounds good."

I got up and put my robe on before filling up the tub with water. I went into my home office and fired up my laptop before coming back to get the tub fully up and running.

David: "It's all set Jacqui. You can control the jets here."

I showed Jacqui the controls while she put her hair up. Then she walked over to me, fully naked, wrapping her arms around me.

Jacqueline: "Don't keep a girl waiting too long...or else I might have to come distract you."

She gave me a peck on my lips before sliding herself into the tub. My robe thankfully covered my growing hardness as I made my way to my home office, shutting the door. I was not happy I had to interrupt my day with Jacqueline to do work, but that's the price I pay for the high salary, VP title, and corner office.

Two hours later, I had finally finished editing and tweaking that Excel spreadsheet before emailing it to my boss. I closed my laptop, feeling happy to be free again to be with Jacqui, although I wondered if she was ok. It was awfully quiet until I heard a knock at my office door.

David: "Jacqui? Is that you?"

The door opened, and my jaw dropped at what I saw. Jacqueline was standing there, dressed in what seemed more as Robert's Executive Assistant. She was clad in a short black skirt with a matching suit jacket that hugged her body well, and the heels she wore to work. She had put her hair up, glasses on, and did her makeup as if she was at work.

She came into my office carrying a cup of coffee, setting it down on my desk.

David: "What's this?"

Jacqueline: "It's the coffee you asked for Mr. Connors."

By the way, my last name is Connors.

David (chuckling): "Mr. Connors? That was sweet of you Jacqui. You didn't have to do all this."

Jacqui then made her way around my side of the desk. I'll admit I felt like a slob, unshowered and only in a robe while she's all dolled up. She ran a finger up my arm.

Jacqueline: "It was my pleasure Mr. Connors. You work so hard...and get so tense."

She then put her hands on my shoulders and proceeded to massage them. I don't know where this side of Jacqui came from, but I'm certainly enjoying it.

Jacqueline: "You always need good people around you to help. Whether it's just coffee or relieving tension."

Jacqui then came around my chair and sat in my lap. I was intoxicated with the smell of her perfume.

Jacqueline: "I think you need to take a break. Allow me to help you relieve that stress from all your hard work."

She then grabbed the phone receiver on my desk and made a beeping noise as she pretended to press buttons.

Jacqueline: "Liz...hold all of Mr Connors' calls for the next hour. We'll be in a private meeting."

She then hung up the phone and placed one of her arms around my neck and shoulders. She caressed my chest with her other hand, sliding it inside my robe.

Jacqueline: "Now that we won't be distracted, allow me to help you relax. Just sit there and let me take care of you Mr. Connors. You know I only live to serve."

I was getting so horny now. My cock was growing like a tree under Jacqui's skirt-covered ass as I admired her sexy legs draped over my knee. Her touch on my chest set me on fire.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmm...is it me? Or is it so hot in here?"

Jacqui then took her hands back and opened her jacket, removing it to reveal only her lacy black bra from last night. She placed the jacket on my desk and wrapped her arms around me again.

Jacqueline: "That's better. Do you like me Mr. Connors? Do I turn you on?"

I decided to get in on this little game.

David: "You know you do. I'm lucky you never called HR on me with all the times you caught me checking you out."

Jacqueline: "Mmmmm...I love when you stare at me. I feel your eyes on me...undressing me. It makes me so hot."

Jacqui then rubbed her ass on my hardness under her.

Jacqueline: "And I can tell someone else is turned on. You sit here and relax Mr. Connors. Let me take care of him."

Jacqui then slid off my lap and on to her knees in front of me. She undid my robe and found my happy hard manhood springing to attention for her. She wrapped her fingers around him and gently stroked him a few times before bringing her mouth down to lick the head. I felt her slide her tongue all over the head before plunging my hard cock into her mouth, sucking on the head with those wonderful lips of hers.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmmmmmm"

David: "Ohhhhhhh"

Jacqui continued to lavish my cock with her warm wet mouth and soft tongue on the underside. I felt her hand stroke the lower half of my hardness while she pleasured the upper half in her mouth. However, the lack of space between myself and my desk wasn't helping. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and just gently stroked him.

Jacqueline: "Why don't we move over to the couch where I can serve you better?"

David: "That would be just fine Ms. Rydell."

We moved over to the couch where Jacqui had me sit. She then got up next to me on her knees, just clad in her bra, skirt, and heels, and went back to work on my cock. Her little skirt was inching up her thighs and showed the lower part of her pretty butt in that position. She sucked and bobbed on my manhood for a while, and it felt so good. I honestly did feel the tension and stress of my working morning lift away.

David: "Oh Jacqui...you make all my stress go away so easily. I should give you a promotion."

Jacqueline: "Really?"

Jacqui then sat up on her knees.

Jacqueline: "You know I would do anything to grow here."

Jacqui then pulled her skirt up a bit more to expose the fact she was not wearing panties. Her skirt now was all bunched around her waist like a belt, and she then proceeded to straddle my body.

Jacqueline: "Why don't I show you how well I can earn that promotion...and a bonus?"

She then placed my cock at her opening and sank down on me again. She felt as wonderful now as she did yesterday. When I was buried to the hilt inside Jacqui, she took her glasses off and reached around to undo her bra, twirling and tossing it away before pulling my face into her cleavage.

I wrapped my arms around her body and gorged myself on her wonderful cleavage as she undid her hair and let it hang freely. She ground herself on my body as I continued to feast on her chest and caress my hands over her back and ass.

Jacqueline: "Oh Mr Connors...you keep that up and you'll make me cum."

I decided to have a little fun and take this in a different direction.

David: "That sounds like a good idea."

I then surprised Jacqueline by grabbing her thighs and standing up with her still impaled on my cock.

Jacqueline: "Whoah! Mr. Connors what are you doing?"

I took a few steps forward and set Jacqui's beautiful butt on the edge of my desk before gently pushing everything out of the way and laying her down on her back.

I then held her legs and proceeded to grind my pelvic region on her clit, wanting nothing more than to make her climax.

Jacqueline: "Oh Mr Connors! I'm supposed to be serving you though!"

David: "And you are Ms Rydell. First rule of corporate life is to follow orders from your superiors. Right now, those orders are to cover my manhood with your cum."

Jacqueline: "Oh! Yes sir!"

I continued my pelvic assault on Jacqueline's clit as my hands slid up her side and onto her breasts. I massaged them and gently squeezed her nipples as Jacqui's moans grew louder and louder.

Jacqueline: "Oh! Oh! OH! OHH!"

She arched her back and pulled me in tight with her legs as I felt her come to orgasm. I maintained my pelvic grinding and breast massage all throughout her climax until she slowed down to panting, lying on my desk with me inside her.

Jacqueline (panting): "But...I didn't finish you..."

David: "Calm down Ms Rydell. You earned that promotion regardless. You always work that pretty little butt off here."

Jacqueline smiled and then sat up and let me go. My hard cock slid out of her soaking wet pussy. She stood on her high heels and turned around, holding the edge of the desk with her hands, presenting her gorgeous ass to me.

Jacqueline: "This...pretty little butt?"

David: "Oh yeah."

She then started to grind her hips left and right. My hard cock was caressing her butt cheeks as she pressed herself back on me...teasing me.

Jacqueline: "You like this pretty little butt? I know you do. I deliberately put those files in the lowest drawer, just do you can see me bend over at the waist to get them."

David: "I always wondered..."

Jacqueline: "I always hoped one day you would just walk over, pull out your cock, hike my skirt up, pull my panties aside, and just stick that hardness right in me...and then fuck me."

David: "Like this?"

I then placed my cock at her vaginal entrance and slowly pushed all the way in until her butt was resting on my body.

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmm yeah. You'd fuck me and fuck me and fuck me until you'd cum right in my pussy."

David: "Oh really? And then what?"

Jacqueline: "I'd simply fix my panties and skirt, go back to my desk, and finish the day with you oozing out of me. Then come to your place later for some of what I like to call 'private dick-tation'."

Dear lord I was so hot and turned on now. I love my sweet smart sexy Jacqui, but I also love this naughty side of her. I can't imagine how any guy would cheat on her.

I grabbed her hips and proceeded to pull myself out and push myself back in.

David: "Fuck you and fuck you and fuck you...like this?"

Jacqueline: "Mmmmmm yeah...til you cum!"

I increased my pace, drowning my cock in her wetness over and over as her scent intoxicated me. I was lost in her moans as my hard manhood drilled deeper and deeper into her pussy. I worked myself on Jacqui as she would hold my desk and push her ass back on me, wanting to make me cum hard.

After several minutes of increasing pace and heat, I felt my orgasm welling up inside me. My balls felt like they grew double in size and my cock was throbbing inside Jacqui.

David: "Oh Jacqui...I'm going to cum!"

Jacqueline: "Oh fuck me Mr. Connors! I want my bonus!"

I finally pulled Jacqui's ass on me, my cock deep in her as I grunted, panted and pumped load after load out of me into her hungry pussy. I felt blessed at this all period thing delaying our sex, because it just felt wonderful going bareback like this.

When my climax subsided, I was panting. Jacqueline let my softening manhood slip out of her before turning around and leaning her pretty butt on my desk, throwing her arms around my neck and one leg around my thigh.

She kissed me, and I could feel all the emotion and energy run between us. I felt like I found my soulmate. Emotionally and sexually, and I hope to spend my life with her.

Jacqueline: "Did you like that baby?"

David: "Oh dear Lord. You blew my mind! I never had sex that good."

Jacqueline: "I'm glad. I wanted to surprise you with something special."

We kissed again. Long, sensual, passionate. After a few minutes we broke the kiss.

David: "I love you Jacqueline."

Jacqueline: "I love you too...and apparently so does someone else."

We looked down to find my manhood grew to full hardness again.

Jacqueline: "Wow...you're ready for more already?"

David: "I can't help it. You're like a drug. I can't get enough of you. I'm an addict and I want more!"

I proceeded to pick up Jacqueline in my arms with her giving a playful yelp of surprise before carrying her off to the bedroom to continue making love to her...as much as our bodies could handle.

So how does this story end? Put it this way. Ten years and two kids later, Jacqueline (also now known as Mrs. Connors) and I can't keep our hands off each other. I wouldn't be surprised if when our kids get into teenage years they'll complain how their parents won't act like "old people".

Also on an interesting note, while Jacqui's roleplay moment was loads of fun, we both found our sexual thrill more in what could be called "destination sex". Sex in exotic romantic places. Two years after tying the knot, I used a bonus to fly us to Bora Bora, where we ended up making passionate love on a secluded beach under the moonlight. I have a feeling that's where we conceived our first child.


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