tagBDSMA Wild Widow and Widower Ch. 07

A Wild Widow and Widower Ch. 07


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Participants (all based on people known to the author. Names have been changed and ages have been altered to fit the scenarios.)

Len – 64 – widowed 3 years ago (traffic accident)

Tammi – Len calls her "T" – 56 - Len's next door neighbor – widowed 18 months ago (pancreatic cancer)

Jami – 49 – Tammi's sister

Kaili – 18 – Jami's daughter

Previously: (full story in Ch 1-6)

Widower Len had, over drinks, invited Widow Tammi – his next door neighbor - to enter into a sexual relationship. After a wild fuckfest in the Honeymoon Suite of a nice hotel, Len asked T to think about what their future relationship would be. Four days later T suggested that they start living together. In a discussion over their sexual preferences T had told Len she had a lesbian and incestual involvement with her sister while Jami (just 18) was still in high school. T had invited Jami over – after telling her of the new relationship with Len. Jami had eagerly agreed and had insisted she bring Kaili who was looking to expand her sexual experience – she was still a virgin. While Kaili watched, Len, T and Jami had entered into an intense ménage-a-trois. As the last chapter ended Len had, with Aunt T's and mom Jami's help, fucked virgin Kaili.

Chapter 7

For the week following Kail's deflowering Len and T had started preparing Len's house for the sales process. As an agent, Len knew that staging the house for a great first impression would reap a great return. That meant removing years of accumulated "stuff". With the aging population there was high market demand for single-level homes. Their plan was so sell Len's house and then T's. Then they would look for a nice RV – 24 to 26 feet with a slide out – and then head out to travel to explore the country. There was so much to see and, they expected, so many willing sex partners.

During the week T had called her sister several times, to visit and to check on Kaili's pussy.

The day after Kaili's first fantastic fuck, Jami reported "yes, she was pretty swollen and sore from Len's big dick stretching her tiny teen twat. But she used cool water in the douche bag you loaned her and she's feeling much better."

Two days later mom Jami updated Tammi. "Yup, she's all healed up. Yesterday I heard her using her vibrator – then I heard her squeal as she climaxed. This morning I was lying in bed and she came in to "snuggle." Neither of us could resist the heat build up and we ended up in a sixty-nine. We've made a nymphomaniac. All she wants to do is have sex - or at least talk about it."

"Oh, sis. She's just feeling those teen hormones and is enjoying the intense sexual highs that are so new to her. She'll be fine."

It was two days later when the phone rang. T answered and heard Kaili's voice.

"Hi, Aunt T. Hey I was wondering if I could stay at your house tomorrow night. Mom is going to be gone overnight and I really don't feel like staying alone."

"Of course, sweetie. You are always welcome here. But tell me. Is it because you'd be a little lonely, or is it more because you want another shot at some fun sex and Len's giant cock?"

"All right. I admit it. I really am craving another good man-fuck. He got me SO high."

"I know what you mean, hon. I think we can have a real fun time. Len told me about a sex game that he'd like to play. It involves tying him to a bed and teasing him in a lot of fun ways."

"Oh, Aunt T. I got a hot tingle in my sex box just from hearing that. But, will I get to climax too?"

"Of course, my little sex-starved niece. If nothing else, I've got several fun tools we can use to give each other a real HIGH time. Why don't you come over about 6?"

The next day Len went golfing in the late morning and T knew he wouldn't be home until late afternoon. She spent the day preparing for their evening activity. She took four of her deceased husband's old ties and fastened them to the four bed corners with rope. She strategically placed candles about the room and placed a vibrator and a butt plug on top of one side table. On the other side table she placed an ice bucket that she would fill just before Len came home. (He always called when he was on his way home). Finally she paced some tapirs with a lighter beside the ice bucket. Scissors were laid close at hand. T then closed the door to their bedroom and put a heart-shaped wreath on the door.

Kaili arrived about 20 minutes early.

"Kind of anxious are we?" T teased.

"Oh, yes. I'll admit – I AM. I've been wet and warm in my slit all day. It got worse – or better - as the time to come came closer. I guess I was really ready to come to cum!"

"Well, I'm glad you came early – but just don't cum too early" T chuckled. "Let me tell you about the game we are going to play. It is something he told me he has always wanted to do."

"Len isn't home yet. When he gets home he'll need a shower. I will ban him from the bedroom until he does and will instruct him that when he dries all he is going to put on is some older, raggedy underwear. When he comes out I am going to lead him to our bedroom. The bed is set up so we can tie him up spread-eagle. He will not be able to reach anything with his hands or feet; not us, not his own body."

"When we get him tied up you and I will start doing a strip tease and then we will start seducing each other. I will prop Len's head up so he will be able to see us, both directly and in the ceiling mirrors."

"After our little tease we are going to start playing with him. Everything will be done slow, slow, slow. After blind folding him we will use our hands and mouths all over him and then we will start dripping melted ice and candle way in strategic locations."

"The object is to get him as close to shooting his wad as we can – then we back off. We hope to get his balls and mind into ecstatic misery. When he finally begs and pleads with us to pop his cock I'll let you fuck him from on top while he is still tied. After he pops we will play it by ear – or cock and cunts – until we finally untie him. I am guessing he will be ready to cum again very quickly. Later, maybe you or I or both can be tied up. And don't forget we have vibrators and a butt plug."

"What does a butt plug do?"

"Oh, sweetie. You've got so much to learn. Not far inside a man's butt is his prostate gland. It helps with sex. Obviously, I've obviously never had one done but my deceased husband told me that to check a prostate for cancer a doctor has to stick his finger inside to feel for bumps on it. He also once told me that a doctor had showed him how the doctor could have complete control of the patient just by putting small pressure on the prostate – and that the doctor could make the patient cum just by playing with it. From what I understand, gays have sex that way. The one being ass-fucked gets his pleasure from the other's dick sliding in an out of his shit-hole, stimulating his prostate."

T had Kaili go outside to the covered deck, giving her a glass of lemonade – with just a short shot of gin to keep her loose. The deck was not visible from the main bath where Len would shower. Based on Len's earlier phone call T knew he would be arriving in less than ten minutes.

"Hi ya, sweet" Len said as he walked in the front door.

"You're sure happy. You must've had a good round."

"92. But if could putt I'd be dangerous. Played with a couple who looked to be mid-fifties. Their names were Kathi and Marcus. Nice people. He was a little dark – maybe French - and she was HOT. Long blond hair. She wore some pretty tight shorts and had a gorgeous ass. We agreed to play next week at the same time. They invited us over for drinks after we play golf next week."

"No wonder you couldn't putt. You probably couldn't keep your head down, looking at her covered ass and crotch he whole time. Men!!"

"Yeah – well I need a shower – maybe a cold one."

"Well I wouldn't do that. I have a surprise for you. Here are your shower instructions. Take it in the main bath, not the master. Your towel, shaving gear, aftershave are all in there. After you shower put on the pair of old underwear I left for you. Then come out. NO!! No questions. I hope you have a little energy left. Here's a nice cold beer and there are cheese and crackers waiting for you. Now scat!!"

When Len closed the door to the main bath T went to the patio and told Kaili to come in. They went into the Master Bedroom. T said

"Take your clothes off. Here is a new bra. Yesterday I called your mom and got your size – 34B just as I thought. Then I went to Victoria's Secret and got you this special outfit. The bra has peek holes where your nipples stick out. The matching black thong – Len loves black – has a removable crotch. When Len comes in and sees you with your little nips sticking out he will go crazy. While you wait, play with your tits and twat while you think dirty thoughts about how you are going to give Len pain-pleasure. That will keep your nipples hard and your sex box wet."

Len was in the bath for about 15 minutes. When he came out his hair was wet and slicked back; he looked fresh and refreshed. He was wearing the old undies that were already tenting.

"OK – what is this big surprise you have for me? Can I grab another beer?"

"Let's wait on the beer and head into the bedroom."

"Wow, T. You must really be hot to trot. "

As Len approached their bedroom door he saw the welcome sign T had posted.

"Hmmm. I wonder what is behind door #1. I think I'll try that door."

Len slowly started to open the door – peeked in – then fully opened it.

"Oh, my God!! Kaili! And what are you wearing – not much I guess."

"Hi, Uncle Len. Aunt T said I could spend the night at your house and when I got here she had me put on these new undies and come in here. Look, the crotch of the panties comes off. Don't you like my new bra, too –with my nips sticking out."

"Kiddo, not only can you spend the night in my house, you can spend it in my bed." Turning to T he asked "what's this stuff spread all over?"

"Remember that little tie-me-up game you said you'd like to try? Today's the day. Except, instead of having one girl put the Terrific Tease on you, so are going to have two."

With that T dropped her shorts and pulled her top over her head, revealing that she was wearing an outfit that was identical to Kaili's.

"Come on, mister. Lie down on the bed. Be a good boy. No resistance."

With that Kaili moved from the bed and Len lay down."

"Spread your arms and legs. Kaili, tie him up on your side. Pull those ties tight and use the knot I showed you."

As Len lay on his back and lost his ability to move his arms and legs his cock got rock hard, tenting his ragged shorts even more.

"Hey, Kaili. Looks like we might need a fifth rope – to tie his cock down."

Kaili chuckled.

T propped Len's head on a pillow.

"Come on, Miss K. Let's start the show."

The aunt and niece stood at the foot of the bed and T gently kissed Kaili. Kaili returned the kiss with some deep passion. She had been waiting for this for over a day and the last hour had been filed with sex fantasies; her slit was already started to moisten with the sexual heat that had been building.

T tweeked and nibbled on Kaili's pointed but teen-tiny nipples.

"Hey, Lennie boy. Look at this."

She turned Kaili to face the bed, then knelt beside her. Her hand moved to Kaili's crotch and slowly pulled the detachable cunt cover off the thong.

Len groaned and twisted his hips. "Oh, my God. I want that young pussy."

"You've got a long way to go before you get there. Come on Kaili. Lets get you up on the bed to give Len a better look."

She held Kaili's hand and helped her up on the bed; then had her slowly walk until her legs were on either side of Len's face.

"Show him more, girl. Spread that slit wide open."

Kaili obliged and use her hands to slide over her box, then spreading the labia wide. Her young cunt was rosy pink inside; Len saw her little pearl-white, developing clit at the top of her cunt lips. He reflected back. Just over a week he had been the first man to stick his dick into that treasure. His shorts tented more as his dick became fully engorged. He thrust his hips up and down.

"You've got lots more to feel before you get anywhere close to that fresh pussy. Kaili, I think it is time to get rid of those briefs that are restricting Len's fuck pole, don't you?"

T got the scissors she had laid out. Kaili turned around so she could watch as T slowly and carefully cut the briefs off Len.

"Now K, we are going to sign on. I want you to drop down to your knees and ruby your pussy all over Len's face, nose and mouth. Give him a good taste and smell of your honey pot and juices. That's right. Good girl. You are a natural."

After Kaili had sat on Len's face for a couple of minutes, T stood on the bed over Len's eyes. Her nipples were now also sticking out like probes and she dropped her crotch cover from her thong; then used her fingers to spread her slit wide open, revealing her fully erect, pearly-white clit.

"Want me to pee on your face, my man?"

"Yes, please. PLEASE!.

"Maybe later if you are a good boy. But then I guess you don't have much choice. Kaili, it's my turn to sign on. Why don't you move on down to that wonderful fuck tool and start using your mouth on our incapacitated toy. Just start licking, pretending it is an ice cream cone. You can put some of it down your throat, but make sure you don't suck too much. We've got a lot more teasing to do before we let him cum. Wait just a second – let me show you what to do if he gets really close to erupting."

T nudged Kaili out of the way. Len's dick head was still trying to climb to the ceiling. T reached her open hand out and slapped Len's prick hard.

"Owww" he screamed. "what did you do that for?"

"Just a little pain – you'll be getting more of that. And it will keep you from spurting for quite a while more. You like it don't you?"

"No – it hurt!!"

T quickly slapped his prick again – twice, in rapid succession.

"Owww" Len yelled again. Then "yes – of yes. Hurt me more."

T grabbed his dick head and squeezed hard. Len whimpered, then sighed. T felt his hard-on ebb just a bit. She moved her dripping twat back up to Len's nose and mouth and watched as Kaili took hold of Len's balls and cock base. She then started licking up and down the shaft, occasionally sucking the head fully into her mouth.

T felt Len start to thrust his hips up and down – then he tried to reach his hands over to touch the women, but the four restrains all held tight. After a few minutes of that T decided to move on. She got the butt plug and handed it to Kaili.

"Put some of your pussy juice on this. Turn the vibrator on medium and slowly stick it up Len's ass."

Len let out a few more groans from the anal insertion, but then went back to mews of pleasure, trying to move his bound legs to move the plug to exactly the right place.

T reached over to her bedside table and got the sleep mask she kept there.

"Time for more fun!"

She slipped the mask over Len's eyes. Then she motioned Kaili into the master bath so they could whisper without Len hearing.

Before speaking quietly T kissed Kaili deep and hard.

"I don't know about you but this game is REALLY getting me hot."

"Me, too. I could really use a good suck on my clit or a big cock in my slot."

"It won't be long sissy. We're going to start the ice and candle wax now. We can both use both. Just try not to give Len any idea of what is coming next or where it is going to hit him. Aim for the face, the cock and balls, the tummy, even his feet. You might even use the candles on the soles of his feet, but be careful not to burn him."

"Let's go, Auntie. I am really anxious to get my cunt settled on that long, hard pole of his."

T lit the small candles for them both and they each got an ice cube. The wax was ready first and Kaili hit him with a drip on the cheek. T followed with a drip right on his balls.

Len yipped – then shuddered. Then he got a couple of cold drops. They continued to drip wax and ice water all over his body with no pattern of location or wet and cold. Len moaned in anticipation trying to guess where the next drop would hit him. The tantalization continued for about ten minutes. He writhed and twisted against the ropes harder and hard.

"My God. My balls are aching and my cock is ready to burst."

Kaili – as instructed by T – slapped Len's rigid prick. Hard. Twice.

"Fuck girl. You are mean." Len moaned. But his prick tension easy just a bit.

"Ok, Kaili. You keep on with the ice and wax.."

T grabbed her vibrator from her table. She turned the ass stimulator up over medium, which caused Len to moan and writhe even more. She turned her vibrator on low and started working it on Len's body. She hit his nipples first and then moved down to the base of his cock. After moving it up and down a few times, she increased the intensity and started moving it up and down from base to head more quickly, pausing to move the vibe around on the massive veil at the bottom of his dick head..

"Oh, yes!! Please let me cum. My balls ache so badly. Please get me off".

T whispered in Kaili's ear "are you ready for your ride?"

"Oh, yes. My God I'm about as hot as he is."

T pulled her mask off Len's eyes.

"Oh, My God. If you don't let me come soon I'm going to have a heart attack."

Kaili stood up on the bed just over Len's waist. Her cunt was dripping, juices running down her thighs since she had already dropped the flap on her teensy panties. Her nipples were sticking through the holes in her lacy, racy bra. She reached behind her and undid her bra clasp; then slowly – ever so slowly – lowered her bra showing of her round teen globes to Len.

"Hi, Uncle Len. Ready for me to ride you off into oblivion?" And she lowered her hot box down to the top of Len's prick.

"Oh, fuck, Kaili. Yes – fuck me, pump me, milk me. Hard, FAST, NOW!!:"

T spread a little lube on the massive cock and Kaili started slowly down absorbing it in her wet pussy.

"Ugh." She uttered. Even though Len had fucked her just a week before his cock still felt massive to her, like she would never be able to get it into her love channel without ripping herself wide open.

"Just take your time, sweetie" T said softly. Then T kissed Kaili deeply and started massaging her breast with one hand while she gently rubbed her clit with the other.

Slowly Kaili lowered herself. Len could not move his arms and legs, but he was able to thrust with his hips. Up and down they went, slowly at first,; then his thrusts became longer and harder.

"Oh – oh – oh" Kaili muttered, first in pain, then in pleasure. "Oh yes. Fuck me Len. I want to cum with you again."

They both were just moments away from another mutual, magnificent orgasm. Meanwhile T was sitting on the bed watching the young teen and mature 64 year-old move together with a well-coordinated fuck. T turned the vibrator on her own hot, drippy sex pot, finding the sweet spot on her clit very easily.

"God -God – God. I'm going to cum". Kaili screamed.

"I am ... SOOO close. I am going to shoot ropes into your wonderful teen vagina. I am cuuuuuuminggggg."

"I am there, too" T joined in. "Yes, Yes, Yes!!"

T spurted a nice flow of cunt juice. Kaili let flow with her sweet juices, then sent pee flying onto Len's stomach and chest. Len jerked and thrust and jerked and thrust as ropes of ejaculate covered the inner walls of Kaili's slit penetrating all the way to her cervix.

The aunt, niece and almost uncle collapsed into each other arms, sweating and panting.

"How was that, lover?" T asked.

"Everything I thought it would be –- and much more" was the answer.

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