tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Wilde Encounter Ch. 02

A Wilde Encounter Ch. 02


This is a follow up to my story "A Wilde Encounter" I would advise you read the previous chapter, which leads directly into this story. I hope you enjoy the story. Another chapter will follow.


Chapter 2

Olivia grabbed me and led me to the bathroom. Once inside she let go of my hand and swayed her ass to the shower door and opened it, she then switched on the shower and stepped inside. As she did that, I slipped off my pants and tossed it out the still wide open door.

The water began to flow over her body. Her body was wet as the water continued to flow over gorgeous curves. She then looked at me and curled her finger gesturing me to join her and naturally I obliged without any hesitation.

Once under the water I pulled her close to me and we embraced and then kissed, keeping our lips locked in a passionate lovers embrace. The water, the heat, and the lust we felt for one another, from our bodies all came together to unleash our sexual beasts as it were.

I then started to plant kisses along her body as she remained standing and I moved closer to her gorgeous pussy.I gestured her to spread her legs and she obliged. I started to rub the outside of her pussy and soon spread her pussy and buried my tongue as deep as I could go. Olivia gasped in pleasure as she seemed to appreciate my technique and as such I stuck with it. I kept going, flicked my tongue, darted it about her gorgeous pink flesh.

I had my hands grasped around her soft and tender ass, as I kept my face buried in her vagina. I explored the outside of her rather tight asshole as I probed it with my finger, which garnered a spirited response from Olivia.

I then withdrew my tongue from Olivia's vagina and then began to finger fuck her. I started slowly then increased my pace to something simply mesmerising and Olivia seemed to be heading to orgasm and vocally expressed that rather clearly. I continued to move my fingers in out as fast as possible and Olivia could hold on only so long and eventually let her orgasm surge through her body.

Olivia then let the orgasm subside and then switched off the shower. We were clean but still oh so dirty. Olivia stepped out and led me along as she grasped my cock, she then instructed me on to the floor and I followed her instructions.

Olivia then straddled me and swung her gorgeous ass around for my viewing pleasure. Olivia then started to give my cock some tender loving care and affection. As I went for another round with her gorgeous pussy, she sucked on my cock, made it wet and taking my hard member all the way to the back of her throat.

I keep my tongue rampaging through her vagina while she kept my cock inside her mouth. Locked in a 69 we gave and received pleasure in equal amounts. Our wet bodies continued to drip water onto the floor and left quite the mess.

"I want that this in my pussy," Olivia demanded.

"Well come and ride me like you did that horse,"

I responded.

"You're a cheeky bastard," Olivia replied as she straddled me and began to lower her pussy onto my cock and began taking it in. She fixed her gaze onto me and with her eyes seemingly gazed into my very soul. It made me lust for her even more and made my cock even harder, if that was possible at that point. Olivia placed both hands on my chest and steadied herself as she rode me like a bucking, fucking bronco.

"Fuck that feels good," Olivia purred.

"Fuck yes it does," I replied with gusto as we

began picking up the pace and wanting to reach another orgasm.

Olivia began to fuck faster and harder and I responded in order to keep up and get there with her. She sensed that as well, and her body responded. She fucked, I fucked and eventually we reached the tipping point and let our orgasms take control. It was beautiful and once the orgasm had resided, we laid on the tiled bathroom floor and staring at the ceiling catching our breath.

Olivia then gazed over at me and ran the back of her hand down my right shoulder. I looked toward her and without saying a word we both spoke volumes to one another in that moment. After a while we got up from the floor and began to dry one another off. Olivia moved the towel down my body, giving special attention to my cock.

I then returned the favour and paid careful attention to every part of her body. It may have been still like a dream, but for any other person on the planet the sensation would have been similar.

"Thank you, Bill," Olivia said with beautiful smile adorning her face.

"Thank you Olivia that was beyond my wildest dreams, forgive me if that sounds a little cheesy," I responded.

"Bill, you are an amazing man, showing such care, any woman would be lucky to have you like I just did."

"Thank you."

We both then stepped out of the bathroom; I found my pants where it landed and the rest of my clothes. I then got dressed as Olivia slipped on a rather simple, yet sexy, ensemble of a pair of blue skinny jeans, and a rather sexy top with a plunging neckline. I turned to Olivia again admiring her sexy form and gathering my thoughts.

"I guess this means we must part ways."

"It would seem so, Bill."

"Well Olivia, you are amazing, I'll probably end up seeing you again on the big screen."

"Maybe in person again, I would certainly like that."

"You truly leave the world better than you found it."

"Thank you, it's a lifelong calling."

"I respect you for that, you are changing the world."

"I appreciate that."

"So this is where we say goodbye."

Olivia wrapped herself around me and we embraced once more. I then stepped out of the hotel room to find the bodyguard from yesterday resuming his post. He nodded, knowing what went on, on the other side of the door. I then walked off to the elevator and took it down to the lobby.

It seemed to sparkle even more, than it did yesterday. It would seem to Parisian air had me intoxicated to the fullest extent. I stepped through the doors of the hotel into the Parisian streets.

I felt in awe of the sights, the sky seemed bluer, air crisper, horns blared, birds chirped, but none of that compared to what had happened in that hotel room. I looked around at the people walking around and I knew that none of them had any idea what had just happened to me. I grabbed a taxi and made my way through Paris.

I did wonder if I would see her again, I deemed it unlikely, seemingly a singular occurrence which, would remain with me forever. Only time would tell if our paths would ever cross again. I knew then that I would have quite the tale to tell.

(Two Weeks Later)

I looked out the airplane window at the bustling

city in the distance. Morocco a place steeped in history. The plane made its final approach and soon it had landed. Once I had stepped out of the plane, there was a distinct scent that seemed to identify it as Morocco. I made my through the terminal and got into a taxi to a hotel. A rather fancy placed in the heart of Casablanca.

The hustle and bustle of the city loomed about; it was beginning to get dark as it had been a few hours since I had landed. I settled in and caught up on some sleep. The next morning I awoke a little earlier than usual and watched the sunrise as I sipped on some coffee.

I saw a beautiful sight as the sun rose into the North African sky. It made me think of Olivia, I thought it would be coincidental but still unbelievable if I had bumped into her again.

I eventually got dressed and made my way into the streets. I made my way around heading for the markets within the city. A lot of the ancient architecture remained intact, much of it for a few thousands of years. Most of the streets were narrow, the inevitable clash of ancient with the modern occurs in this region in just about every direction.

As I walked through the narrow streets, I listened to the bustle of the city. People went about their business. The city felt like it was alive, an organism, a being in its own right, it felt good, to experience something different yet familiar. We are all humans it would seem, sometimes circumstances have made us forget that, even though it should not be the case.

I walked among hordes of people each going about their business. I saw the faces so many people, amongst the throng of people I saw a face behind sunglasses, a familiar face, so I looked again and to my surprise it was Olivia. She soon was aware of my presence and made her way toward to me. She was dressed in a pair skinny blue jeans and a low cut white top.

"Well, well, we meet again."

"Indeed we do, Olivia"

"So what brings you here?"

"Adventure and a history lesson."

"Nostalgic much?"

"It's a mystery, the ancient past, just getting a


"Interesting, a fascination of mine as well."

"I'm assuming you are here saving world."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well your philanthropic endeavours, you are

pretty much Wonder Woman."

"Well, thank you."

"So are you busy right now."

"No just exploring the city like you, it would seem."

"Any destination in particular?"

"Not really seeing where the wind takes me, and I'm enjoying where it has brought me."

"I feel the same way."

"Shall we?" I asked, whilst offering my arm.

"Let's," Olivia replied, whilst curling her arm around mine.

We wandered through the ancient streets and felt millennia of human history still lingering around. I looked toward her and she seemed happy in my company, glowing even. It was something that I noticed the entire morning. We continued our little journey, surprisingly unnoticed my most of the populace. We took it all in, like any other couple who might visit Morocco.

We eventually found ourselves back at my hotel.

"Well, it has been a wonderful morning, I've enjoyed our time together, it was amazing to meet you in Paris however, seeing you again leads me to believe that I am still dreaming."

"Trust me; you are very much in the realm of reality."

"Thank you, well this is my hotel, would you like to come up?"

"I thought you would never ask, of course."

Olivia and I then made our way back up to my room. Once through the door, we sat and relaxed looking to enjoy one another's company.

"It's a beautiful city," Olivia began.

"A classic beauty and very mysterious as well," I responded.

"Are you talking about the city Bill?"

"Well Olivia what do you think?"

Olivia simply laughed in response rather naughtily, I might add.

"We haven't gotten to know each other that well, I think we should."

"I agree Olivia."

"Why don't you start?"

"Of course."

Our banter continued for a few more hours and by the time the sun went down we had become more than acquainted with our respective origins. I had since opened the windows as the night was as hot and humid as the day. The bustling lights of Casablanca lay before us in the distance and we soaked up the sights and savoured the sounds coming from the streets below. We had since gotten rather frisky with one another.

Olivia stood up and then slowly and seductively began to strip away her clothes. She started with her top tugging, twirling and eventually pulling it over her head to reveal her white lace bra encasing her gorgeous breasts. Her jeans looked even sexier alongside her bare midriff. Olivia turned away from me and looked back me and with a curl of her finger lured me over to undo her bra and let it slip to the floor.

She turned to face me and with a firm hand led me back onto the couch and began to straddle me and further enticing me with a passionate kiss. I reciprocated and returned the gesture. This seemed to have driven Olivia wild as she vocalised her appreciation. All the while I had my hands all over her exposed upper body. Her breasts felt soft and tender as one would expect.

Olive then ripped my shirt open and began to move toward my crotch. Her hands swiftly unbuckled my pants and soon my erect member was standing at attention. Olivia licked her lips before wrapping them around my cock and taking it into her mouth. She rolled her eyes up to face mine and her green orbs were kept locked onto me as our eyes engaged in their own lustful dance, while she gave my cock tender loving care.

Olivia's free hands were fondling my balls enhancing the sensation I felt at that moment. My mind was simply going crazy at that point. Sex with Olivia Wilde the first time around as unbelievable for lack of a better word, however meeting her again and seeing that was beyond my wildest dreams, and even beyond what happened in Paris.

After some time her sucking led me to an orgasm shooting my hot sticky load in her mouth.

I gestured Olivia to stand, once she had swallowed all my cum, after she did so I then undid her jeans pulled them down to her ankles. I then reached around and dipped my thumb into her gorgeous asshole and followed that with my tongue going to work on her shaved pussy.

Olivia kept her head tilted back as she uttered her appreciation for my actions. My tongue continued to dart about and stimulate her pussy, and to start getting her wet in her most sensitive of spots. It felt as though I was listening to Beethoven's Ode to Joy only the orchestra was Olivia's pussy and my tongue was the conductor's baton.

After bringing more joy to both our lives, Olivia began to moan a little louder indicating an inevitable orgasm on its way. As the 'orchestra' had concluded Olivia let loose an orgasm and her pussy juices shot forth as I lapped them up savouring the taste, the smell, and where I was at that moment in time.

However Olivia wanted more, she pulled me up to my feet on pure sexual lust. She got me onto the couch and began to ride me like she was a cowgirl in a rodeo. She was enjoying reenergised cock inside her as she held onto me as I drilled my cock deep inside her. Were both one orgasm done but still wanted more, and we both obliged one another.

Olivia continued her riding, lustful moaning, and naughty grin. She bucked and gyrated going up down on my cock. I got a firm grasp on Olivia's ass and kept it there she fucked the shit out of me.

We then both got off the couch and Olivia then bent over and placed two hands firmly on the heavy wooden coffee table front of the couch and wiggled her ass at me, indicating exactly what she wanted. I slid in behind her and Olivia then lifted a hand and pointed her index finger at her asshole.

I then moved my cock in front of her asshole and then slowly slide it in, Olivia let out moans as it made its way through. She was most likely wide eyed at that point. Her body, like mine was covered in sweat at that point, which the humid night simply added too.

As her asshole began to loosen up and accommodate my cock inside, I begun to build up momentum, increasing slowly so as to continually savour the moment as it happened. My pace soon quickened and I was sliding in an out of Olivia's asshole with consummate ease. My grasp on her hips remained as touching her tender flesh was an aphrodisiac for me.

The flesh of a woman I had lusted for I don't know how long was in my grasp and I was enjoying the moment as much as was humanly possible. Even though this was not the first time it was still unbelievably special. Was I in love, in lust, or both and I did not know at the time. Olivia was enjoying every bit of time that my cock was deep inside her asshole and I enjoyed having it inside her asshole.

We were at it for quite some time covered in sweat and bodily fluids however were not done yet. Olivia moved over to the large window placed her outstretched hands on the glass and spread her luscious legs apart and arched her back. I moved up behind her and grasped her thighs as my cock went back into her awaiting pussy and I fucked her, furiously.

Our bodies collided as my cock rapidly went in and out her our bodies still sweaty still dirty. It was sure send us both over the edge and after some time it was soon coming, and it seemed that our orgasms would be mutual. Just as the thought entered my mind, an orgasms entered our bodies.

Olivia's pussy juices collided with my cock shooting its load and we both felt the effects and continued to fuck away until our orgasms had finally subsided. We both collapsed onto the floor exhausted beyond belief panting and trying to catch our breath.

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