tagMind ControlA Witch's Love

A Witch's Love


It was a normal day that Monday afternoon. Adam and Darlene Howard were waiting in their living room to interview their new housemaid. Their previous maid Alicia had worked for them for 10 years and now was ready to go live with her daughter. Adam and Darlene hated to see Alicia leave, but they knew she wanted to help her daughter out.

Adam and Darlene owned a huge two-story home. It was an old house and the most beautiful house in that small town in south Texas. Most homes in the town were secluded and yet the neighbors still knew each other quite well.

Adam looked out the window looking at the calm sky and peaceful environment. One thing that caught his eyes was a mysterious black bird flying around their garden. It was no ordinary bird. He couldn't tell what type of bird it was but something about that bird definitely caught his attention. He got distracted and lost sight of the bird as he heard footsteps. He saw a tall, thin and beautiful young lady coming up to the front porch. The Howard's rushed to the door. The young lady was something else. She had long dark raven hair past her shoulders and the most beautiful baby blue eyes imaginable. Before she could even knock on the door Adam had rushed out to meet the young beauty.

He felt his heart race as she looked at him. She smiled sweetly at him. "Excuse me, is this the Howard residence?" She asked in somewhat a Spanish accent.

Adam felt almost speechless. "Y-yes it is. Are you here for the housemaid interview?"

She nodded tossing her hair back. Adam still couldn't take his eyes off her. He loved his wife more than anything in the world, but this girl had some strange effect on him. "Well please come in..uh..what is your name?"

She laughed softly. "My name is Andrea."

"Well Andrea, please come in."

She stepped into the huge house looking around and seeing Darlene. Darlene was a tall and slim woman in her mid 40's. She had shoulder length red hair and piercing green eyes. Andrea had to admit that she and Adam made a really attractive couple. She sensed they'd been married a long time and still lusted after one another.

"Honey, this is Andrea. She's here for the interview," Adam said to his wife.

Darlene got a feeling that this girl would be the one to take over as housemaid. She seemed very down to earth and although she was quite attractive, Darlene felt no jealousy towards her and she somehow knew they'd be no chance of her trying to come on to Adam.

"Hello Andrea. I'm Darlene Howard and of course you've met my husband Adam. Please have a seat." Darlene pointed to the brown leather couch. "So care to tell us a little about yourself?"

Andrea sat down quietly adjusting herself on the couch making sure her knee length brown skirt would not ride up. "Well let's see, I'm 23 years old. I was originally born in Mexico City but have lived in the states since I was ten years old. My parents both passed away in a car accident when I was 17 and well I've been working ever since. I never really got a college education but that's why I want to work hard, so I can get a chance to go to college."

Darlene and Adam listened to her softly spoken words. She was going to get the job that was for sure. She looked them both straight in the eyes and spoke sincerely. She went on to tell them about her previous jobs and even had brought several references.

Darlene got up quickly extending her hand. "Well Andrea, congratulations. You got the job sweetie."

Andrea's eyes lit up and she shook Darlene's hand and Adams hand. It was time to change her ways and this time she was going to stay away from doing any harm.

Andrea worked hard always having meals prepared on time for her boss' and the house never looked more clean. She always went out and cut fresh flowers that decorated the table nicely during dinnertime. The Howard's never really talked much about their own lives, but Andrea noticed they had pictures all over their house of a very young handsome man. She'd often thought to ask them who he was but was afraid of being too nosy.


It was late one May afternoon and the Howard's were at work and Andrea was busy dusting in the living room. She heard a hard knock on the door and then the doorbell chimed loudly. As she got closer to the door she saw that same young man that was in the photographs. She gulped and opened the door. He stood there with his green eyes piercing at her. He was tall and muscular. His hair was brown with a small hint of red just like his mother's. Andrea was speechless never having seen such a gorgeous creature.

"Uh yes? May I-I help you?" Andrea stammered.

The young man looked confused. "Yes, I'm Darren Howard. Who are you?"

She felt her face go red. " I-I'm Andrea, the new housemaid."

Darren shook his head. "Oh well I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or sound rude. I just thought maybe you were a burglar or something."

Andrea laughed. "Oh no nothing like that. Please sir come in." She stepped back letting him inside. He walked in holding just one huge suitcase.

"Do you want me to take your suitcase up to your room?" Andrea asked politely.

"No thank you. Actually it's kinda heavy and besides it's nothing but dirty clothes. I always come home from college for the summer."

"Well sir leave your suitcase here and I'll wash these clothes for you."

Darren smiled sweetly at the young girl. She was quite beautiful. "Thank you very much Andrea. Look I'm really tired from my trip so I'm going to go lay down for a while. Just be sure to let my parent's know I'm here. I'm sure they'll know anyway once they see my car outside."

Andrea nodded. "Yes sir. Are you hungry? Can I get you something to eat or drink?"

"No thank you. I'm just going to go get some rest. Oh and please don't call me sir, makes me feel old. Just call me Darren."

With that, he took off running upstairs leaving Andrea almost drooling. Stop it Andrea. Just stop it. Behave yourself. She reminded herself.

The next few weeks came and went quite quickly. Andrea grew fonder of Darren little by little. They'd spend a lot of time together since the Howard's worked during the day and Darren was stuck at home relaxing or sometimes going out with his friends. Most of the time he'd keep her company while she cleaned and entertain her with his crazy college stories. He really didn't say much about himself but Andrea had learned he did have a steady girlfriend named Kara. He'd been with her for almost three years and supposedly she was going to be the girl he'd marry.

Andrea knew that with Darren having a steady girlfriend, her chances of misbehaving were less. She was fighting hard not to fall in love with this sweet gentleman but it was almost impossible. She'd never met such an intelligent, caring and honest man in her life. He was only a year older and yet he seemed so wise.

"Kara is coming to stay with me for a week," Darren suddenly said one afternoon as he and Andrea chatted in the kitchen.

"Oh is that so? When does she arrive?" Andrea asked pretending not to care.

"She'll arrive the day after tomorrow. I can't wait to see her Andrea. She's so beautiful and I love her more than anything in the world."

Andrea felt a strong jealousy. "I'm sure she's good for you Darren. I only hope to find someone like you in the future."

Darren scoffed, "Yeah right, you mean to tell me that you haven't had all these guys line up for you?"

Andrea blushed. "No, I think I scare guys away actually."

"How is that possible? I mean you are a gorgeous woman Andrea. Any guy would be stupid to turn you down."

Then why don't you leave your girlfriend and runaway with me? Andrea felt like screaming out loud.

"Thanks Darren. You're too sweet to me."

They continued talking about other things and Andrea still couldn't get the fact that Kara was coming to visit Darren. She knew she'd have to put up with their possible love making during the day. It was only past two o'clock that afternoon, and Darren was in the living room watching some television. Andrea brought him some fruit salad to enjoy while relaxing.

"Andrea, that's really nice of you but you didn't have to make me fruit salad. I mean you've been so kind to me all this time I've been here."

Andrea sat next to him looking deep into his eyes. "I'm kind to you because I'm in love with you."

For a moment the room was silent and Darren was just hypnotized by this girls beautiful face and eyes. Andrea stared hard at him and she felt her powers taking over. This is what she did not want, but it was too late. She was deeply in love with Darren and now she was going to have him whether he liked it or not.

"Andrea, you l-love me?" Darren asked nervously.

"Yes I do Darren. I'm jealous that you have Kara coming over. I want you to myself."

Darren felt his eyes heavy and he couldn't take his eyes off Andrea's. He swears she saw small swirls in her eyes hypnotizing him and making him numb. He couldn't move and he was just entranced by Andrea.

"Andrea, what are you doing to me? What's happening to me?" Darren asked feeling frightened yet somewhat excited.

"I'm going to love to you Darren. I'm going to love you better than any woman ever will," She responded boldly.

She reached over and kissed Darren softly letting her lips glide on his so seductively. Darren finally closed his eyes letting this beautiful girl take complete control over him. She smelled incredible, it was an odor he'd never experienced. She moved closer to him putting her arms around him and kissing him deeper. Their tongues played with each other and Darren found his arms around Andrea's tiny waist. She sucked hard on his tongue and he tried as hard as he could to get away but he was completely spellbound by her kisses and touch.

Her hands slid down his muscular body grabbing his cock hard from his jeans. Darren gasped hard as her hand gripped his cock.

"Mmmmggghhhh," Darren moaned in agony and pleasure at the same time.

"Shhhh quiet now. You're mine Darren. All mine." Andrea whispered as she nibbled on his ear.

"Andrea no. Please stop. I have a girlfriend remember?"

She laughed wickedly. "She's not here Darren. I am."

Andrea began to trail kisses down Darren's neck. He could feel her nice supple lips brushing on his skin driving him wild! Her tongue bathed him and he felt his eyes close never have enjoyed a woman's touch so much until now. He felt her tug at his shirt until every button came undone. His chest was now bare and her hungry mouth began to kiss it and lick it. Her long dark hair traveled down his body as she got on her knees in front of him.

She looked up at him smiling devilishly. His eyes were small and full of lust now. He wanted to stop her but yet he couldn't. He loved the control he was in. Her hands quickly found his zipper letting it almost rip as her anxious hands searched for his cock. Darren was panting not knowing what Andrea was about to do.

She stood back and took her top off and let Darren stared at her in her white lacey bra. She smiled at him as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra letting her sexy breasts fall out. She took his breath away no doubt about that. Her nipples were huge and a dark pink color. They were erect and looked so ready to suck on.

"Do you like my tits Darren?" She asked as she arched her back showing him her beautiful big breasts.

Darren almost felt drool fall out of his mouth as he looked at a pair of the sexiest tits he'd ever seen. "Uh huh yes I like your tits. Oh fuck!" He wailed as Andrea began to pull his hard cock out of his pants.

She grabbed his cock hard in her hands and stroked it gently never taking her eyes off him. Darren tossed his head back almost squirming on the couch as her sexy touch was driving him wild!

"Oooh yes! Touch it. Stroke it. Oh God fuck it!" He panted as Andrea increased her stroking.

"You want me to suck it too?" She asked in a devious tone.

"Yes! Oh God yes! Put it in your mouth!"

She held his cock in her hand and rubbed the head of it on her lips smearing all the precum on her lips. She licked her lips tasting the salty flavor of her lover's juice. Her supple lips quickly wrapped around the head of Darren's cock making him grip the couch pillows hard.

"Fuck yes! Oh shove it all in your mouth, you beautiful whore!" He shouted out.

Andrea felt her heart race as he called her nasty little names. He seemed like such an innocent young man too, and now he was going to get nasty with her, just the way she wanted him.

She put his whole dick in her mouth deep down her throat. She knew how talented she was and she even managed to put his balls in her mouth as well. Her lover's cock was drowning her mouth. She licked his balls feeling them pulse with each lick.

Darren looked down grabbing her hair and making her look up at him. His eyes were full of fire. He seemed to shove his cock deeper into her mouth almost hoping to choke her with it but she was much too powerful to choke on a cock. Her mouth was made to take big cocks like Darren's.

"That's right, suck it bitch. Oh fuck drink my cum because I'm gonna shoot my load in a minute now. Mmmmgggggghhhh!" He moaned loudly.

Andrea's head bobbed back and forth savoring her lover's taste. His pulsating cock was now beginning to twitch in her mouth and suddenly she felt the splash of warm cum spurting out of his cock and into her mouth.

"Arrrrrgggghhh ooooh fuck!" He grunted hard as he came.

She had to fight hard to swallow the huge load of cum that was floating in her mouth. The briny taste was so sexy and she couldn't get enough of it! She slowly pulled his cock and balls out of her mouth. His breath was short and he looked down at Andrea who had a huge grin on her face as she wiped the remaining cum off her lips with her tongue.

"You're delicious Darren. You're so fuckin' good!" She was crawling her way up to him.

Darren was speechless once again never having cum so hard before. No other girl had ever drank his cum and he felt so turned on that this beauty had guzzled down all his manly juice.

"Andrea I feel so weak," Darren said as she was starting to pull up her long dress and sliding down her white panties.

"Well after I fuck you, you're going to fall in a deep sleep and you won't remember any of this my love."

"But I wanna remember it. I wanna remember it all."

She nodded. "No it's going to be a powerful fuck. Too powerful. Now lay back and let me love you."

Darren laid himself down slouching on the couch and Andrea began to straddle his cock. He felt her super tight pussy swallowing up his cock. Darren tossed his head back never having felt such a tight pussy on his cock. Andrea's eyes closed feeling her lover's cock enter her, stretch her.

"Oh yes! Fuck you're tight! You're so fuckin' tight!" Darren cried out putting his hands on Andrea's waist and moving her little body to the rhythm of pleasuring his cock.

"Mmmmmggggghhhhmmm," Andrea wailed out in pure ecstasy as she began to grind her pussy on Darren's cock and soaking his cock.

Andrea's pussy was sliding up and down her lover's hard cock and he grabbed her tits in his hands pulling her closer to him as he sucked hard on her nipples. Darren was almost breathless never having felt such a warm pussy wrapped so tightly around his throbbing cock. It was a powerful fuck that was so true. He didn't want this wonderful fuck to end just wanted to stay inside this girl forever.

"I love your cock Darren! I want you to cum in me lover! Plant your seed in me!" Andrea cooed.

Darren already felt close to cumming once again but he knew this time his orgasm would be extremely hard. This pussy was like no other; it was so indescribable. God if this is a dream let me never wake up! He thought.

Andrea felt herself start to climax on her lover's cock. He's so handsome, so innocent now he'll be mine forever She thought wickedly. She never had intentions of putting a spell on him but she was so in love with him, she had to do it at least this once. Hopefully after tonight he would forget all of this and yet she'd always have the memory.

Darren felt his cock twitch hard and suddenly a blast of cum shot right into Andrea's pussy. He held her body down hard as she came spurts of cum.

"Ahhhhhh fuck! Mmmmgggrrrrhhhh!" Darren cried out loudly. He'd shot his seed in her and she'd taken it all.

Andrea tossed her head back feeling her lover's cum enter her. She too felt the room spinning as she climaxed on Darren's hard cock that remained inside of her. Her pussy muscles tightened around Darren's prick and she came wailing out her cries of pleasure so loud that they filled the house.

Darren felt Andrea stop moving and get up slowly letting his cock slide out of her pussy. He couldn't believe he was still hard. She put her panties back on and her top. Darren wanted to tell her to stay naked he was so ready to fuck her again and again. At least that's the way he felt. But he couldn't talk, he was left silent from such a great fuck.

Andrea leaned down and gave him a nice soft kiss helping his cock back in his pants and zipping him back up. She loved the way he had came in her pussy and mouth. The taste of his cum still lingered in her mouth and she could feel his cum swimming in her belly.

"Darren I'm going to bring you back to reality. Like I said you will not remember any of this. Only I will. On the count of three. 1, 2, 3." Andrea looked deeply into his eyes muttering strange words that made no sense.

* * *

Darren opened his eyes and he laid on his bed. He couldn't remember how he'd gotten up to his room or even what day it was. The sun outside was already setting and he heard his parents downstairs. Feeling groggy, he got up slowly and looked down seeing his cock was hard as a rock. Oh Kara I need you here right now! He said out loud thinking about his true love.

He went to wash up and headed downstairs while his parents had dinner. He saw Andrea serving them with a big smile on her face.

"Sweetheart it's about time you wake up. Andrea said you been asleep since noon time." Mrs. Howard announced.

Darren frowned feeling so confused. "Well I guess I have been. I don't even remember falling asleep."

"Well you did fall fast asleep Darren. I told you to go up to your room because you were falling asleep and then you never came back down since then." Andrea added.

For some odd reason Darren didn't believe he fell asleep. He still remembered watching TV and he saw visions of the fruit salad that Andrea made for him. After that, everything was still a blur.

* * *

The next day Kara arrived to the house. It was past noontime and Andrea heard her and Darren laughing loudly in the living room. She was making them some sandwiches for lunch and heard their cheerful laughs.

She had to admit Kara was a looker. She was taller than Andrea and with long dirty blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Kara looked basically like the girl next-door type. But she seemed very materialistic. Andrea could see her designer handbag and shoes. Her clothes looked expensive too. Her tanned skin was probably that way from visiting the famous tan salons Andrea had heard Darren talk about.

"So I told that woman at the shop to shut up because my shoes were better than hers," Kara said giggling loudly obviously telling Darren some lame story.

"Here you go. I brought you both some sandwiches," Andrea said never taking her eyes off Darren.

"Thanks Andrea, they look good!" Darren said sweetly.

Andrea saw the look of disgust in Kara's face. "What kind of sandwiches are those?" She asked with a snobby tone.

"They're ham and cheese." Andrea replied proudly.

Kara looked at Darren with vengeful eyes. "I'm sorry I don't eat meat. I can't eat these sandwiches. Sorry."

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